The Worst Marriage Ever...

6 apr. 2021
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The Worst Marriage Ever...
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90 day fiance was insane, now I see why Pewdiepie watches it.

  • Feels sorry for her yet completely ignores the fact she cheated on him 😂

    BumNuggetz JrBumNuggetz Jr29 minuten geleden
  • 3:59 *Me asking my mate dumb questions when I'm stoned*

    BumNuggetz JrBumNuggetz Jr40 minuten geleden
  • 1:40 as a guy whose 5’7, Jay brought me up a bit.

    Donovan BrownDonovan Brown2 uur geleden
  • "He looks like he makes tiktoks of him walking slow to dubstep" wtf 🤣🤣

    Mikey92Mikey928 uur geleden
  • Man said “ if ur a man and ur under 5’7, ur finished” I felt that😭

    D Rekk53D Rekk53Dag geleden
    • 😂

      BumNuggetz JrBumNuggetz Jr35 minuten geleden
  • I love how as he said were gonna have a chill one he acts like not even a second ago he had a stroke

    Ian LoweIan LoweDag geleden
  • 4:46 great so they can pick which chicken they want to die thats terrible

    Karen MastersKaren MastersDag geleden
  • Lol As an american I agree with everything other countries say about us.... Aannndddd I Love it 😂😆

    Ray1994Ray1994Dag geleden
  • Oiii manz from Jamaica fam Waa Gwaan

    FlameFlameDag geleden
  • do more videos like this, u should do micheal and angela next

    Nina HollandNina HollandDag geleden
  • Still the marriage looks stronger than luke’s hairline you know.

    Kris MartinKris Martin3 dagen geleden
  • Yoooo, I swear the guy on 3:49 looks like the Simpsons officer on 2:44

    Raf van DuurenRaf van Duuren3 dagen geleden
  • I've literally arrived at the same airport. Not gonna lie, most beautiful airport I've seen so far!!

    Raf van DuurenRaf van Duuren3 dagen geleden
  • COME ON give us something bro hahahah such a low key excellent line

    The Luckiest StingrayThe Luckiest Stingray3 dagen geleden
  • bang elbow to the jaw just after bart gets a fist to the jaw

    CrowderCrowder3 dagen geleden
  • He ordered her off wish

    Shxgz IXShxgz IX4 dagen geleden
  • 'the msg in chick fille aged this woman for about 10 years' im cryingggg right now broo

    Martinos LeontiouMartinos Leontiou4 dagen geleden
  • This guy is the worst NLworldr ever, totally pretending to have charisma, constantly fluffs his rehearsed lines, lines are dull and he amplifies his voice to cover the fact he has a weak point. Complete chav

    Truth TellerTruth Teller4 dagen geleden
  • U think that is bad my dad was 30 when he started dating my mum and she was 19

    Charlie GreenlandCharlie Greenland4 dagen geleden
  • fat bit mate not fit bit

    Nicely NiceNicely Nice4 dagen geleden
  • Tbf he's got a point she has to respect there culture, classic Americans

    Sambradders 0605Sambradders 06055 dagen geleden
  • Thought the subtiltles were in another language but they were just backwards

    itz_abdulmagiditz_abdulmagid5 dagen geleden
  • 4:00 that wot fat people would say though

    UKOLUKOL5 dagen geleden
  • he knows if he takes her desert shel lose weight

    AgentOrangeAgentOrange5 dagen geleden
  • tell me why i looked in the description to look for her borthers youtube channel loOOOoool

    KazzYKazzY5 dagen geleden
  • Simpsons in the background Jay ;)

    ShimonzuShimonzu5 dagen geleden
  • 4:01 Is she dumb 😂😂😂

    Jay BevomanJay Bevoman5 dagen geleden
  • 3:30 Jay's reaction 😂😂

    Jay BevomanJay Bevoman5 dagen geleden
  • @jayswingler and @OiiLuke you are both legends thank you for all the laughs you have made me smile and helped me through my darkest times

    Harry FieldingHarry Fielding6 dagen geleden
  • Someone needs to tell him bootlegs DVD’s are international my g it’s not Moroccan culture

    Lewis DaviesLewis Davies6 dagen geleden
  • Love all your vids bro these are poppin off 👊🏻👊🏻

    Sophià Jáy xxxSophià Jáy xxx6 dagen geleden
  • Tgf better spend alot of money on the wedding

    OpticalOptical6 dagen geleden
  • Bro, get rid of the simpsons. I seriously couldnt concentrate on the actual video 🤣

    Tyson FriendTyson Friend6 dagen geleden
  • Are we gonna talk about that the entire video is backwards , Jay??

    Grim ReaperGrim Reaper6 dagen geleden
  • That's why i would never marry or date someone from a different culture.

    BRemOBRemO6 dagen geleden
  • just seen ur forest hunt video that was the shitt

    ShineShine6 dagen geleden
  • Oi oi oi 🤣 set her up with Ed who was with that thai looking bird. Be like Mr and Mrs jubba the hut

    Hockey UnboxingHockey Unboxing6 dagen geleden
  • How many people looked for the random kids NLworld when he said subscribe to tom

    Dylan FieldDylan Field6 dagen geleden
  • Love watching Jays reaction videos 👌🏼

    nick joelnick joel6 dagen geleden
  • jay and romell need to do a wedding video

    SavgeoSlayerSavgeoSlayer7 dagen geleden
  • "Things were good before I cheated Now after I cheated things aren't as good." Ah yes, the floor is made out of floor

    Sully OSully O7 dagen geleden
  • am dead

    hafid saidhafid said7 dagen geleden
  • these are actually so entertaining, keep making these bro!

    RickyyRickyy7 dagen geleden
  • Bro I'm just saying yeah why tf are people hating on people who are under 5'7

    Frenchie's ArmyFrenchie's Army7 dagen geleden
  • Jay why the subs and there names on screen flipped can you fix it next time please bro

    kushcloudkushcloud7 dagen geleden
  • React to my strange addiction

    Riley MaherRiley Maher7 dagen geleden
  • I felt a bit sorry for her until I found out she cheated

    Josh HustonJosh Huston7 dagen geleden
  • yh i want to marry you, you just need to change your whole personality and looks first 😂🤣 your not wanting to marry me then , its a whole new person you just invented in your head 😂

    Poppy GwynnePoppy Gwynne7 dagen geleden
  • Morocco have good food not sure about chic/fill-a but McDonald’s is cheap there they even gave me a free sweet / dessert in McDonald’s which was surprising because I’ve never had anything free in a big chain restaurant like McDonald’s or kfc it tasted great the thing they gave me I think it was an almond or nut based sweet I can’t remember the name if anyone has an idea lmk not sure if it’s exclusive to Morocco but it tastes good the only thing strange was that the king is in every building even big companies like McDonald’s the taxis are also good price but I’d negotiate as some will try and make more from tourists McDonald’s also tastes better probably due to being halal ‘I’m not Muslim btw it just had a better meat quality to it imo’ all round it’s a great country the people there are very friendly the only recent bad stuff was in 2010-11 but that happens everywhere there’s also a mix of a few cultures there and in certain areas make for a great holiday with beautiful sand and sea. Oh and other things relating to food are that the Cheese isn’t as good there due to location and from my experience they use a lot of salt.

    Big SmokeBig Smoke7 dagen geleden
  • You had loads of fat jokes for the man on the other video you reacted to of this why arent you calling her fat? Bit of a double standard there mate

    AspaVigo Forex MentorsAspaVigo Forex Mentors7 dagen geleden
  • If she wasn't fat there wouldn't be a problem

    Oban PadgettOban Padgett7 dagen geleden
  • Them 90 dislikes are actually childish

    Harvey LongleyHarvey Longley8 dagen geleden
  • this huy had me at the amount of MSG aged her naaaah thats a violation right there

    threestop3threestop38 dagen geleden
  • I want to see family guy in the back ground you get meeeeeeeee

    Evil PlayinEvil Playin8 dagen geleden
  • Yo jay shut up bro I’m tryin to watch the simpsons behind you

    Death hDeath h8 dagen geleden
  • Bruh she probably rolled of the sand dune 😂

    Armaan khanArmaan khan8 dagen geleden
  • “Before I cheated on him things were normal , but after ...”: what a dumb bitch man , what did she think was gonna happen 😂

    Haatim ShandHaatim Shand8 dagen geleden
  • Soon as she said she cheated it all made sense , ( unless she meant on her diet ) 😶

    br8leybr8ley8 dagen geleden
  • I really felt for her until she said she cheated. Doesn't justify his actions, but she sucks too huh

    BriarVBriarV8 dagen geleden
  • React to Micheal and Angela 90 day fiance

    Officialrihh xOfficialrihh x8 dagen geleden
  • *EIGHT* blood cells lined up like a game of connect *FOUR*

    LamboMOTLamboMOT8 dagen geleden
  • You and rommel should do live shows

    LilSquishy98LilSquishy988 dagen geleden
  • She cheated on him. That guy deserves better than samus the whale.

    transpeter97transpeter978 dagen geleden
  • 13:16 she said everything was fine until I cheeted😂

    Vincent.16sVincent.16s8 dagen geleden
  • too fuckin funny love ya bro

    illusionzZillusionzZ9 dagen geleden
  • She would crush him in bed tho 💀

    LukeLuke9 dagen geleden
  • Why are the chickens moving😭😭😭

    charl 05charl 059 dagen geleden
  • Part two?

    Darwin galacticDarwin galactic9 dagen geleden
  • Ive been to Marroco the food tho EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. "its banging"

    Darwin galacticDarwin galactic9 dagen geleden
  • I was severely disappointed to find out that jay didn’t put the link to her brothers minecraft NLworld channel in the description

    Mason HallimanMason Halliman9 dagen geleden
  • Sick

    Just an ordinary British kidJust an ordinary British kid9 dagen geleden
  • “Why is the chicken moving “

    Jordan BushJordan Bush9 dagen geleden
  • She abit pshyco

    Chris TownsendChris Townsend9 dagen geleden

    Sutinderpal RandhwaSutinderpal Randhwa9 dagen geleden
  • My man has the subtitles backwards thought I would was reading holy scriptures

    Sebastian LealSebastian Leal9 dagen geleden
  • 2:13 Is that madeleine mccann?

    Its PeekehboooIts Peekehbooo10 dagen geleden
  • I hate America but she doesn’t fit into the American stereotype. She honestly seems so sweet :( I feel so bad for her

    Maisie UtubeMaisie Utube10 dagen geleden
  • Bro Morocco have such nice fooooood 😍

    Maisie UtubeMaisie Utube10 dagen geleden
  • Jay swinger I fucking love u man 😂😂😂😂😂 ur the best guy in the planet ❤️

    ScopeZ MScopeZ M10 dagen geleden
  • Why you hate America so much

    True ExposureTrue Exposure10 dagen geleden
  • Nice to hear a guy say size. Don't matter :)

    Amy GAmy G10 dagen geleden
  • Everyone’s already watched this like 50 times over by every single NLworldr ever....

    kelly cosgrovekelly cosgrove10 dagen geleden
  • i actually went to the description to look for thomas' challenge

    im areim are10 dagen geleden
  • 13:17 Jay's face when he realizes she cheated is hilarious

    Jayson KusumaJayson Kusuma10 dagen geleden
  • Bruh jay is just throwing shots after shots at us Americans just chillllll lol.

    xpatsfan72xxpatsfan72x10 dagen geleden
  • The inverted video 🤦‍♂️

    Liam PattersonLiam Patterson11 dagen geleden
  • Out of all the content i watch, on youtube, Netflix, Facebook etc, nothing really makes me laugh but Jay makes me die every video, absolute legend😂

    Joshua GaleJoshua Gale11 dagen geleden
  • you cant be talkin trash about us Americans' lmao

    Skirrty :DSkirrty :D11 dagen geleden
  • Yo what brand is that hoodie I’ve since it before? It’s pissing me off

    Alex SnookAlex Snook11 dagen geleden
  • She isn’t with us bruv Florida is a whole different country

    Meme GoddMeme Godd11 dagen geleden
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    some random guy on the internetsome random guy on the internet11 dagen geleden
  • She said cheat

    EmeraldDeadlineEmeraldDeadline11 dagen geleden
  • tbf morocco is a very modest place so him saying to her not to hug or kiss her in public is common sense she should’ve noticed lol but his just peak talking about her body

    Zara MZara M11 dagen geleden
  • Her daughter was in the small suitcase that she dropped at the beginning 😂😂🤣🤣

    Keane WoodKeane Wood11 dagen geleden
  • 3.05 says diet instead of direct 🤣🤣

    andy leeandy lee11 dagen geleden
  • for fuck sake jay being greedy and over eating isnt a disease, she wasnt born this way, its un healthy. stop acting like she has no power over the way she is. i stopped watching.

    Tapin SapienTapin Sapien11 dagen geleden
  • you make funny videos and i like to watch them so thank you for putting a smile on my face

    Chris HoggChris Hogg11 dagen geleden
  • "Before I cheated, everything was amazing, after I cheated, it changed"

    Bottom TextBottom Text12 dagen geleden
  • jay pls continue these, they’re hilarious 🤪

    issyologyissyology12 dagen geleden
  • Im 14

    IIBluezIIIIBluezII12 dagen geleden