The World’s Wildest Rapper | Gangsta Rap International - Poland

3 dec. 2019
11 789 957 Weergaven

In the first episode of Noisey’s new global rap series, host Chuckie goes to Poland to meet Popek Monster, the man with the reputation as the wildest rapper on the planet.

Growing up in a life of criminality, Popek found fame with a rap crew called Firma and then launched a long and successful solo career. More than the music, he is known for his extracurricular activities such as having his face scarred, his eyes tattooed, spending over a year in a coma, becoming an MMA fighter as well as a ballroom dancer. Oh and he loves guns, drugs and fast cars.

Future episodes will see Chuckie go everywhere from Israel to Ireland to see how gangsta rap imagery has spread around the world.
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  • WATCH NEXT: Chuckie is back for the second season of Noisey’s global rap series ‘Gangsta Rap International’. This time round he’s in Nigeria to meet the most celebrated and controversial rapper, Naira Marley:

    NoiseyNoisey3 maanden geleden
    • rhe wildest poland is "D's Vosk Docta" ... "Gedz"

      ____Maand geleden
    • p

      Klex is WantedKlex is Wanted2 maanden geleden
  • Why they talking out in the Sun like that, go get some shadow smh

    GuizaumGuizaumDag geleden
  • If he was born during ww2 it would have been over in minutes

    BrhyaneBrhyane2 dagen geleden
  • This guy is a black air force

    BrhyaneBrhyane2 dagen geleden
  • "my family is the most important thing in my life, I don't want to lose them" *drives 40 past the speed limit*

    coricori2 dagen geleden
  • Lmao it's Poland damn. Of course it's white as snow

    Kermit LKermit L2 dagen geleden
  • Hes albanian 🇦🇱 🇽🇰

    Roland HoxhajRoland Hoxhaj2 dagen geleden
  • He looks like the type of person that does this type of things just for ppl to think hes crazy

    Rob MitRob Mit2 dagen geleden
  • he looks like a guy that's genuinely fun to be around

    Hood Soldier ENTHood Soldier ENT3 dagen geleden
  • I have been raised in the hood.. Compton also south central.. And i swear this guy scares me more than all those hooligans in the hood. Not even joking.

    Chino ScarsChino Scars3 dagen geleden
  • Where’s the mf who gon say “Yb better”

    Thanoid McNuggetThanoid McNugget4 dagen geleden

    4 EYES4 EYES4 dagen geleden
  • When popek was 18 his parents moved out

    Miro jezekMiro jezek4 dagen geleden
  • This guy has my respect for just being so down to earth and humble.

    A TurtleA Turtle5 dagen geleden
  • sucesso pra voce de sua amiga do brasil

    julio simoesjulio simoes5 dagen geleden
  • Popek build a hospital and born in it

    Włodek 1410Włodek 14105 dagen geleden
  • Hes the type of dude who If he gets killed gets a 2 nd Boss-phase.

    ༒ easternkidd ༒༒ easternkidd ༒5 dagen geleden

    Abel Paré De BellefeuilleAbel Paré De Bellefeuille5 dagen geleden
  • He seems a bit sad

    darkskulldarkskull6 dagen geleden
  • Yooooooo madness

    darkskulldarkskull6 dagen geleden
    • Lol

      darkskulldarkskull6 dagen geleden
  • LATINOAMÉRICA in one person

    Santi ButtarelliSanti Buttarelli6 dagen geleden
  • Popek:”In my left I have flowers and in the right hand I have a kalashnikov, that’s me.”

    Young Alien_420Young Alien_4206 dagen geleden
  • This why you don't do drugs right here

    SauccySauccy7 dagen geleden
  • I’d love to see this guy wrestle with a bear

    NikoNiko7 dagen geleden
  • LOL!

    tomtesting99tomtesting997 dagen geleden
  • This video is older than a year

    Cheek Clapper IIICheek Clapper III8 dagen geleden
  • Check out: Intruz :) And ofc underground rappers, like Jarecki ZDW, its a lot of guys in my country what're doing rap at corner, you wouldnt even count it. Bonus RPK, etc.

    eunljfyyeunljfyy8 dagen geleden
  • to me hes a russian version of 6ix9ine

    SheepsharkSheepshark8 dagen geleden
  • You have a jinn inside of you popek.

    E.H.E.HE.H.E.H9 dagen geleden
  • I'm Albanian and I'm so confused but intrigued as to why his group is called "Albanian Gang"??? I mean it's sick but like why hahaha

    rrezet_rrezet_10 dagen geleden
  • This guy is my friend best person in the world u wanna have fun go to him he got you 100

    Arian CrowleyArian Crowley10 dagen geleden
  • Bro has albanian gang posters tho 🇦🇱

    The_LitaThe_Lita11 dagen geleden
  • Popek is the guy late at night people cross the street too avoid.

    Benny B.Benny B.11 dagen geleden
  • I could of done without a glimpse of his butt crack thanks. 😳

    libbadlibbad11 dagen geleden
  • 10:46 Name of this background music?

    BlyatimirBlyatimir12 dagen geleden
  • This guy has no blood he has acid

    Hab deine Mom genommenHab deine Mom genommen12 dagen geleden
  • no nie

    magodidjmagodidj12 dagen geleden
  • It's funny popek seems more chill than any rapper we have in the is

    RazRaz12 dagen geleden
  • albania gangg

    Ilaz KrasniqiIlaz Krasniqi13 dagen geleden
  • Interviewer: "For a rap show, it is whiter than a snowstorm". You are in Poland. If you go to a Chinese restaurant, you won't see many Chinese people eating there.

    namaiogiwrghsnamaiogiwrghs13 dagen geleden
  • Popek shadowbands NLworld from itself

    Unicorn's OrgasmUnicorn's Orgasm14 dagen geleden
  • Puts gun on baby chair 😅

    Jim HubautJim Hubaut14 dagen geleden
  • He looks like Minotaur from modern warfare, but like drunken veteran

    Unknown SamoanUnknown Samoan14 dagen geleden
  • When popek smokes they take down the no smoking poster

    Γεώργιος ΚουβέρταςΓεώργιος Κουβέρτας15 dagen geleden
  • GZUZ is smoking nervously nearby

    BuzzardmusicBuzzardmusic15 dagen geleden
  • ich bin hier wegen @inscope21

    Zora StuderZora Studer15 dagen geleden
  • And i thought gzuz was extreme

    Jon BexhetiJon Bexheti15 dagen geleden
  • Do you really want to know who he is ? No one ! Everything about him in this documentary is a total bullshit. He is not even in 1% a gangster. Everything about him is just a stage image. Total bullshit.

    Lukasz WinckiewiczLukasz Winckiewicz16 dagen geleden
    • ml😄😄🤡🤡

      pieczka85pieczka853 dagen geleden
  • I love it when people take the craziest people in a country and try to make it seem like that's ho the whole country is.

    ____________________________________________________________________16 dagen geleden
  • Him screaming “WHO WANTS TO DIE!!!” and scream laughing in Chuckies face whilst speed driving a mega monster truck is killing me. He’s really a character

    AmiaAmia16 dagen geleden
  • he absolutely needs to be a character in gta 6.

    The NamelessThe Nameless16 dagen geleden
  • My mans laugh in the limo was as if he was in Mad Max

    Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson16 dagen geleden
  • This guy is more crazy than my gta character

    Ea bay ports ChrisEa bay ports Chris16 dagen geleden
  • wtfffffffffffffff

    Jean Carl Lopez HernandezJean Carl Lopez Hernandez16 dagen geleden
  • The black guy should have left when he came out waving a pistol on bout chuckle but 2get in the car twice then a big ol truck

    The Crimson DiddlerThe Crimson Diddler16 dagen geleden

    LeeLoe aka KING LEONIDASLeeLoe aka KING LEONIDAS17 dagen geleden
    • Popek got songs with Stitches

      SzYmOnSzYmOn11 dagen geleden
  • 2pac is my musicall inspiration as well !!!!

    LeeLoe aka KING LEONIDASLeeLoe aka KING LEONIDAS17 dagen geleden
  • Popek you are a fucking legend

    Anthony BartekAnthony Bartek17 dagen geleden
  • Block 6 vs this guy who'd win

    Anti-matter ProductionsAnti-matter Productions17 dagen geleden
  • He sets his handgun on the baby chair lmao 🤣 thats raw

    Jon_Darez !Jon_Darez !18 dagen geleden
  • Zillakami better

    DIRTYYGERMDIRTYYGERM18 dagen geleden
  • Love at 1:43 he put the gun down on a KID'S Highchair LOL....

    Andrew LanphierAndrew Lanphier18 dagen geleden
  • Gzuz is best

    Pillo MofaPillo Mofa18 dagen geleden
  • Wait he gave himself a dace scar? Lol

    michael foxmichael fox18 dagen geleden
  • Did a polish rapper say f the fbi? ... does he know the friend is an American thing or...

    skip slickskip slick19 dagen geleden
  • More testosterone than all of vice lol

    anton levayanton levay19 dagen geleden
  • The only thing comes to my mind from Poland Nergal from Behemoth black metal .

    NICHTSNICHTS20 dagen geleden
  • he pulls over the cops

    kodak whitekodak white20 dagen geleden
  • POV: Du kommst von Hungriger Hugo oder Reaction Kanal und willst sehen warum inscope weggeschalten hat

    Luca BianchiLuca Bianchi20 dagen geleden
  • "we spend a quorter of our jurney on the wrong side of the road" His laugh after that killed me,you just know that's real hahaha

    Desinteressiert !Desinteressiert !20 dagen geleden
  • No one notice how he put his gun on the baby’s high chair 🤣🤯

    UnknownC 77UnknownC 7720 dagen geleden
  • i bet he can dribble a bowling ball

    Auto Hypnotic HdAuto Hypnotic Hd21 dag geleden
  • 14:02 I mean it's Poland shouldn't it be?

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ21 dag geleden
  • Must've been some strong acid never heard of anyone going into a coma from acid I'm thinking maybe it wasn't the acid and he's got a legit issue with his brain😂

    Juan800 PimpbotJuan800 Pimpbot21 dag geleden
    • It was like 99.9999999999% not acid it was something else that is a kind of substitute for acid (forgot the name) but it's much more dangerous

      ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻18 dagen geleden
  • I am from Poland thx for this video created witch poland i love you man

    gekuygekuy21 dag geleden
  • He's literally a real life cartoon character. Man, I love this guy!

    High KitHigh Kit21 dag geleden
  • *Tri paloski*

    Daily Reaction DoseDaily Reaction Dose21 dag geleden
  • Casually putting his gun on the kids chair

    GHANTHIGHANTHI21 dag geleden
  • When popek gets pulled over the cops show him their license and registration

    7Holes7Holes21 dag geleden
  • There is a reason why black nationalists from Haiti gave a pass to Polish people. The white niggas of Europe in the context of Popek has a deeper meaning...

    ProudPolishHerbsmanProudPolishHerbsman22 dagen geleden
  • Code-Eerlijk 🎧👂🎤👂🎧

    King RatKing Rat22 dagen geleden
  • He is not gangster he is just idiot. And evryone in Poland know that he is an idiot. Thats the whole story.

    MICHAŁ KROCMICHAŁ KROC22 dagen geleden
  • Kiedy polskie napisy ??

    MichaelMichael22 dagen geleden
  • This guy ain't rapper at all , it's just a tipical tv polish puppet .......another thing mate - this car can't drive with 280miles😂😂😂 that was a lil bit exaggerate

    Bass IllBass Ill22 dagen geleden
  • oahhh jA! Das ist auf jeden fall ne gute Dokomentation, die werde ich denke mal morgen reinziehen!!

    EinfachKeks ``ノEinfachKeks ``ノ22 dagen geleden
  • Jak chcesz, to pociesz mojego, bo On myśli, że ja poszłam na spacer do miasta. A ja Mu koszulki z Polski zworzę. Niespozianek moooc!

  • Praticamente uguale a Fedez!!!

    Crazy_Dog_IvyCrazy_Dog_Ivy22 dagen geleden
  • Spawneo la Monster truck como en el gta.

  • Zu wild! Hrrrrrrr

    Greyz 1412Greyz 141223 dagen geleden
  • Kto z projekt plaża z Dynowa 😂

    Fortunatus MurdocFortunatus Murdoc23 dagen geleden
  • If GG Allin was a gangster rapper

    JeevanJeevan23 dagen geleden
  • Yeah popek get very popular in te midle of tenth years becaose of middle schoolers if it cames to hip hop or rap it isnt so good. He get so popular because of his being. In poland it was something new, we didnt have tatooed gs dancing on the burning cash with bunch of twerking hoes. If it comes to popularity popek is well known for his controversy.

    Sławek StokłosaSławek Stokłosa23 dagen geleden
  • He has a dedication to Albanian Mafia A.L ❤

    SamuraiSamurai23 dagen geleden
  • I loved when he said : Dont play for the others , play for yourself .

    SamuraiSamurai23 dagen geleden
  • ,,I don’t give a fck what music type it’s is. I will just do it.” Aight big guy I wanna see a kpop song from you

    JesseJesse23 dagen geleden
    • Bro you're talking to a guy that fck his eyes for fun

      3lDb3lDb5 dagen geleden
  • 8:45 this part I felt😔

    MixedBwoy MusicMixedBwoy Music23 dagen geleden
  • Jesus he looks like he's got 3 days left to live If he's lucky

    NarcøleptiKNarcøleptiK23 dagen geleden
  • "im not getting in it" "WHO WANTS TO DIE?! WHO WANTS TO DIE?! LMFAOOOOOOO

    rzNrzN23 dagen geleden
  • He looks like an oovoo javer

    ǝ ʞ ǝ Zǝ ʞ ǝ Z24 dagen geleden
  • 4:23 nome canzone?😇😤

    Davide ValentiDavide Valenti24 dagen geleden