The Wellermen - LIVE STREAM: Performance and Live Q&A

15 feb. 2021
141 770 Weergaven

The Wellermen - LIVE!
Singing songs from the sea, straight to you at home.
Join us on Monday at 17.30 (GMT) for a sea shanty serenade followed by a Live Q&A session with Sam Pope, Jonny Stewart, Luke Taylor and Bobby Waters aka The Wellermen. All proceeds to The Marine Conservation Society UK
Download/Stream Wellerman now:
Download the official sheet music:

  • i love the wellerman

    Carolyn CowanCarolyn Cowan7 uur geleden
  • Вы где

    UnicornZUnicornZ12 uur geleden
  • More please!

    Too JulieToo Julie2 dagen geleden
  • All I heard was Bobby and uhm,

    Siimply_bear* miraculous*lolbitSiimply_bear* miraculous*lolbit3 dagen geleden
    • That’s it!

      Siimply_bear* miraculous*lolbitSiimply_bear* miraculous*lolbit3 dagen geleden
  • Wow I like all there voices

    Siimply_bear* miraculous*lolbitSiimply_bear* miraculous*lolbit3 dagen geleden
  • Fucking goosebumps amazing

    Frost WolfFrost Wolf4 dagen geleden
  • Enjoyable ,light entertainment.

    Cynthia HaneyCynthia Haney5 dagen geleden
  • My sleep song🌛

    Vega LenehangVega Lenehang5 dagen geleden
  • I am sure you all have seen a zillion requests, but I can tell you that I would love to see a cover of “A hull full of oil of bone,” by Listing Ship. I love a good whaling song that tells a story.

    ChampionofSolaris7ChampionofSolaris76 dagen geleden

  • Starts at 4:44.

    Lexie MadzLexie Madz8 dagen geleden
  • ❤❤❤👏👏👏👏💥💥

    Rebecca DeeRebecca Dee9 dagen geleden
  • what? so cool guys! go on...

    Pascal SeggingerPascal Segginger10 dagen geleden
  • If you have another stream, you really should enable superchats.

    IkaramTheCyborgIkaramTheCyborg11 dagen geleden
  • 19:40 Luke: What is he doing?

    IkaramTheCyborgIkaramTheCyborg11 dagen geleden
  • My friends we need more videos... Hugs

    Cauê OliveiraCauê Oliveira14 dagen geleden
    • More music

      Cauê OliveiraCauê Oliveira14 dagen geleden
  • What a bass🤤 Orgasmic timbre😍

    Kosto4kinaKosto4kina16 dagen geleden
  • Avi Kaplan may have found someone capable of competing with him xD

    Selene2kSelene2k19 dagen geleden
  • The cherub (Luke?) with the rosy cheeks is the youngest AND lowest bass. STILL haven't figured out who's doing high notes. Looking at their throats to determine. Not a woman.👍 Made Wellermen chorus a ringtone on my cell for a fellow musician in the building. I hope he appreciates the respect😇

    Daniel LaPlanteDaniel LaPlante21 dag geleden
    • At 18:08 they address this directly. Bobby Waters is the lowest bass, although largely on the strength of his technique.

      C. Y. HollanderC. Y. Hollander12 dagen geleden
  • that base is awesome

    Derva Kommt von hintenDerva Kommt von hinten21 dag geleden
  • Bobby should go to LA and be in the movies. 😍😍

    NeeChee100NeeChee10021 dag geleden
  • Fas vinte 20 vidios por semanas

    luis filipe franciscoluis filipe francisco22 dagen geleden
  • my desk was shaking couse of the bass

    ANGRY boyANGRY boy23 dagen geleden
  • Luke is god gifted with his voice

    RobinRobin24 dagen geleden
  • I’m am the only bass in my choir class for 8th grade

  • Wait, one of these guys is from MA? LESSS GOOOO!!!

    TheGrayWolfTheGrayWolf25 dagen geleden
  • So glad you posted this since I missed it live, great to hear from you guys. Sam, I don’t think seals are cuddly but hey go for it 🤣

    Shawn WithamShawn Witham26 dagen geleden
  • best!!!!

    дмитрий авдеевдмитрий авдеев27 dagen geleden
  • Bass and Baritone voices are so under-rated. It would be nice to hear more voices like yours in the mainstream.

    Rob PritzlaffRob Pritzlaff28 dagen geleden
  • I so badly wanna see u guys sing lotr or skyrim

    KINGOFDRAGONS 415KINGOFDRAGONS 41529 dagen geleden
  • List of songs I think you guys would sound really good at: Mingulay Boat Song John Kanaka The Padstow Leaving Shanty South Australia New York Girls Shanty Man Cape Cod Girls Leaving of Liverpool Thank you guys for making the current times better

    Johnny TarrJohnny TarrMaand geleden
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this doesnt write this singing

    Claire MossClaire MossMaand geleden
  • Pretty radical having Luke Taylor as the lead (melody) on your first selection! I love it.

    Rev. Paul L. VasquezRev. Paul L. VasquezMaand geleden
  • I expect the youngest to be 25...the oldest 40 and the middle one 30...

    fahed yamoutfahed yamoutMaand geleden
  • Anybody knows what brand/model of microphone Luke Tayler and Bobby Waters use? (the two with amazing deep bass voices) Looking for something good for that kind of vocal range.

    zirco77zirco77Maand geleden
  • The Bassus is just amazing !

    maxp129maxp129Maand geleden
  • i sing the wellerman

    Rudolph Allen SisonRudolph Allen SisonMaand geleden
  • I think the youngest is corpse ---

    Jadrian LongJadrian LongMaand geleden
  • 05:10

    XmanSullyXmanSullyMaand geleden
  • Amazing! 💜💜💜💜 Спасибо вам огромное!

    What is it?What is it?Maand geleden
  • Those two bass guys sound incredible

    TheDigitalRealmTheDigitalRealmMaand geleden
  • 8:39 nice F1 Bobby 😳

    Marcello BassMarcello BassMaand geleden
    • but of course you are here

      Mitchell BMitchell B24 dagen geleden
  • ya likeee WHAAAAAATTTTT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Devangi JoshiDevangi JoshiMaand geleden
  • guys could read the telefon book all day long and I d happily listen... sooo nice to hear so many deep tones

    Biene königinBiene königinMaand geleden
  • so prety voice

    mr bobanmr bobanMaand geleden
  • WHERE DA FRICK IS Aaron?! HE’S LITERALLY PART OF DIS GROUP! If you watch the cover of Wellerman done by these guys, ya know who I’m talkin about. Why’s that; BECAUSE THERE R 5 GUYS IN DAT VID, N HE’S 1 OF EM!!! Y HE NOT IN DA LIVESTREAM?!?!

    Da Real Mr. CheeseDa Real Mr. CheeseMaand geleden
    • His schooling commitments conflicted. They go over it.

      Douglas WorthenDouglas WorthenMaand geleden
  • This.deep.voice. Wow. I want him to sing 24/7...please 🤤

    Maxi GajowiyMaxi GajowiyMaand geleden
  • Wonderful, but where is Nathan?

    M ZM ZMaand geleden
  • You are the Best!!! Bois!!!

    Volyn_ CvuVolyn_ CvuMaand geleden
  • Crazy covid. This is is just awesome to come out of it. Really makes our day. Grats mates. You’re really fun. I hope you can push this forward!!

    KPKozeKPKozeMaand geleden
  • Omg first guy has amazing voice !

    Amberstia SetAmberstia SetMaand geleden
  • damn i live in kent which one of them is the one who lives in kent :o

    uwu Tunesuwu TunesMaand geleden
    • never mind got the answer now. cool! :)

      uwu Tunesuwu TunesMaand geleden
  • wow

    Irene BaggettoIrene BaggettoMaand geleden
  • The era of the boy band is dead. Make way for the man band!

    sarco64sarco64Maand geleden
    • You're kinda right buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Luke.

      IkaramTheCyborgIkaramTheCyborg14 dagen geleden
    • This made my day.

      KuestenjungKuestenjung15 dagen geleden
    • Yessss

      TechX _YTTechX _YT21 dag geleden
  • Where the other guy , i thought 5 man

    Ryuji KanzakiRyuji KanzakiMaand geleden
  • Wew

    //•yourchild• zeon•//•yourchild• zeon•Maand geleden
  • Y’all gotta do an official version of leave her Johnny leave her

    solomon gaudiasolomon gaudiaMaand geleden
  • Assassin's Creed Black Flag vibes ❤️❤️

    ArovianArovianMaand geleden
  • When im a movie star and a producer ima add the music in the movie 🎥

    Bedolla FamilyBedolla FamilyMaand geleden
  • minute 5:27 this voice is the best I ever heard

    Christoph MaußnerChristoph MaußnerMaand geleden
    • @Gigan2004 I wasn’t defending the person who said CORPSE was good, I was just pointing out that he does, in fact, sing. I see now where the confusion comes from.

      Marka RagnosMarka Ragnos17 dagen geleden
    • @Marka Ragnos That’s not really good singing though. He has a cool taking voice but there’s no actual singing talent involved.

      Gigan2004Gigan200417 dagen geleden
    • @Nick Pelloni

      Marka RagnosMarka RagnosMaand geleden
    • @Marka Ragnos Wait he does?

      Nick PelloniNick PelloniMaand geleden
    • @Nick Pelloni I really hope you’re joking.

      Marka RagnosMarka RagnosMaand geleden
  • Спасибо за ваше творчество, жду следующее видео.

    Stick EnigmaStick EnigmaMaand geleden
  • so cool i lOve u

    Adam werasusAdam werasusMaand geleden
  • The first guy when they started singing Leave her Johnny. You are great singer! I love your voice!

  • their ''Leave Her Johnny'' sounds sad but that makes me love it more

    idontcareidontcareMaand geleden
  • Please chop the performance tracks out of this and make them available as a playlist so I can loop it forever

    Nick MancusoNick MancusoMaand geleden
  • Petition to make Johnny the lead on their official Leave Her Johnny version.

    IkaramTheCyborgIkaramTheCyborgMaand geleden
  • Well done lads!

    Ellie BellsEllie BellsMaand geleden
  • It's like Scottish soul

    Ellie BellsEllie BellsMaand geleden
  • I love the Baritone/ Bass voice

    Ellie BellsEllie BellsMaand geleden
  • Oh guys I have goose bumps

    Kirsten VittKirsten VittMaand geleden
  • Is there a way of seeing this performance, post live?

    Julie StoneJulie StoneMaand geleden
    • 4:40

      András RáczAndrás RáczMaand geleden
  • amazing stuff! Enjoyed! You do excellent work for sea shanties popularity.

    Radek ŻurekRadek ŻurekMaand geleden
  • 16 . 2 is my BIRTHDAY O.O

    Yuna - ChanYuna - ChanMaand geleden
  • a

    • ITS JAYME •• ITS JAYME •Maand geleden
  • the first guy when they started singing Leave her Johnny i was like "holy sh!t his voice is deep"

    midnight lily.midnight lily.Maand geleden
    • His voice really don't fit his head, it mind broke me too

      Caporal BlackCaporal BlackMaand geleden
    • The Deep Voices are so Great !!! ❤️❤️

      Melly 72Melly 72Maand geleden
  • wow. Iam from Germany, and love these north Sounds ! WOW

    C CC CMaand geleden
  • You should include Misty Mountain in your album. Also Luke you would be a great country singer and I would listen to you for sure country music is amazing!

    Pray without ceasingPray without ceasingMaand geleden
    • YES!

      Adrian AlkvistAdrian AlkvistMaand geleden
  • A Drop of Nelson's Blood please please please!

    Jacqueline GarbuttJacqueline GarbuttMaand geleden
  • the youngest one has the deepest voice. like what

    kaiCastkaiCastMaand geleden
    • @Brage Helgen hes 12 and you can’t change my mind.

      SonOfChlarSonOfChlar9 dagen geleden
    • *ikr

      Chloe BeverlyChloe Beverly25 dagen geleden
    • Ikt

      Chloe BeverlyChloe Beverly25 dagen geleden
    • @Nick Pelloni 2+2

      Your ModeratorYour Moderator27 dagen geleden
    • He is 26 year old

      Brage HelgenBrage Helgen27 dagen geleden
  • As Nathan Evans was the person who brought Sea Shanties to the fore, was he asked to participate.... as his voice is more authentic

    grandpopstvgrandpopstvMaand geleden
    • Authentic in relation to what? He’s a Scotsman, so he has that accent, but Scots weren’t the only British sailors doing shanties when they were being used as work songs. Nathan does a great lead (melody), but there are others on tik tok just as talented, and Sam Pope is a great one.

      Rev. Paul L. VasquezRev. Paul L. VasquezMaand geleden
    • im 100% sure Nathan Evans is doing his own thing and didnt ask anyone else if they wanted to participate, soooooooo

      DrStaubDrStaubMaand geleden
  • Y'all should also check out the parody of The Wellerman by The Trailer Park Boys. It's a Kittyman Sea Shanty! :)

    John AndrewsJohn AndrewsMaand geleden
    • That one is hilarious

      Bill61Bill61Maand geleden
  • I'm a bit confused. Did Nathan Evans do this The Wellerman first? or was it you guys?

    John AndrewsJohn AndrewsMaand geleden
    • I mean technically them. A lot of people did the whole Wellerman before Nathan.

      IkaramTheCyborgIkaramTheCyborg11 dagen geleden
    • @Genesis Acosta Cool. I was just curious. Doesn't really matter who was first really I guess. It is just so awesome that people can do something like this and have other talented people add to it. Folks need to work together, esp in these times. Kudos to everyone that participates in sharing good vibes!

      John AndrewsJohn AndrewsMaand geleden
    • the one that started it is nathan evans there were just the people who dueted the video

      Genesis AcostaGenesis AcostaMaand geleden
  • The songs you guys do are beautiful it doesnt matter witch one you pick

    jacob johnsonjacob johnsonMaand geleden
  • you guys actually bring so much joy! amazing

    chimpy666chimpy666Maand geleden
  • Timestamps: Leave her johnny: 5:27 Drunken sailor: 7:18 Wellerman: 9:19 Start of QnA(The laggy bit without audio): 10:28 Audio begins at: 10:58 but still has a lot of lag

    SninsSninsMaand geleden
    • thankyou good sir

      kishore kunalkishore kunal24 dagen geleden
    • Thank you sir

      Novaldi KingNovaldi KingMaand geleden
    • Thank you for making this

      Clark ClarkClark ClarkMaand geleden
    • Bless you

      Kr HKr HMaand geleden
  • Fantastic! Continue with your music. I Love it! Hope to hear more from you. Greetings from the North of Germany. The home of german shanty.

    Andrea WenderAndrea WenderMaand geleden
  • I want to hear drunken sailor other then this video

    XxxTTVDaRealRyanxxXXxxTTVDaRealRyanxxXMaand geleden
  • can you re;eas a video of the separate parts caus i wana learn em all lol

    Felix PFelix PMaand geleden
  • Sam Pope - Barrett's Privateers is another of my favorites as well. - another sing in the car song for me. :-D

    westie97westie97Maand geleden
  • Jonny Stewart - Mingulay Boat Song is one of my absolute favorites. I have multiple versions of it and it is one of my "sing in the car while driving home from work" songs

    westie97westie97Maand geleden
  • A collab with the Longest Johns would be ace!

    sianchildsianchildMaand geleden
  • mal jemand der bissechen deutsch spricht

    musikbananemusikbananeMaand geleden
  • OMG i really love when they song leave her johnny 😆

    Novaldi KingNovaldi KingMaand geleden
  • Please, please, PLEASE do "Row me bully boys" on your album!!!

    Jacob ZachJacob ZachMaand geleden
  • oh please please please continue, make a CD or sth like that. I am addicted to your voices!

    Evelyn HellebrandtEvelyn HellebrandtMaand geleden
  • the one that has the deep voice almost sounds like CORPSE

    keadan70keadan70Maand geleden
  • You guys a awesome! I’ve sent your video to everyone I know!!!

    Rebecca ZappenRebecca ZappenMaand geleden
  • You guys are just so cool 😂

    ItsJayKItsJayKMaand geleden
  • Please do a collab with Sean Dagher (the most recognizable voice in the assassin's creed sea shanties, he does "the shanty of the week" on his youtube), it would be so awesome. And he knows dozens of shanties !

    QuelKin12QuelKin12Maand geleden
  • What’s happened with the audio?

    Bits Of BenBits Of Ben2 maanden geleden
    • 4:40 it starts

      András RáczAndrás RáczMaand geleden