The Weeknd: ''Heartless''

5 dec. 2019
5 591 938 Weergaven

Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, kicks off the first of two special nights of music at The Late Show with this mind-bending performance his new single ''Heartless.'' #Colbert #Heartless #TheWeeknd
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  • I just noticed that he doesn't have his black gloves on for this performance and then I realized he doesn't wear them until the blinding lights music video. He's been wearing them since for every performance. These little details!! He really put a lot of thought into this era

    Heer HeerHeer Heer2 uur geleden
  • Diwiken

    Vloz yeahVloz yeahDag geleden
  • It looks like Weeknd is trying to perform in every possible way he can before he dies.

    Peter ByunPeter ByunDag geleden
  • 1:32 gives me MJ off the wall era vibes

    slim hamslim hamDag geleden
  • He is always going somewhere when he performs

    The TruthThe Truth2 dagen geleden
  • Live

    dany clownerdany clowner2 dagen geleden
  • Still one of the best performances on a talk show! 🔥

    DerronDerron2 dagen geleden
  • 💌

    J AJ A3 dagen geleden
  • Imagine seeing him perform on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

    Anibal OsbaldoAnibal Osbaldo4 dagen geleden
  • Song is mediocre.

    DarkRenditionDarkRendition4 dagen geleden
  • One detail that I love is the misdirection with the lighting at first. The cyan light makes the red of his suit look black, so it looks like a normal suit that most guests would wear, then he steps out with the red and it grabs your attention. It's just the little things that make this performance so cool

    SheentellSheentell4 dagen geleden
  • #heartless

    Fawn SpencerFawn Spencer5 dagen geleden
  • so was that pre taped or what ?

    Andrew Halliday MusicAndrew Halliday Music5 dagen geleden
    • The main content is one shot essentially and this is how it’s done, there is a fast pan cut at the beginning 1:14 and end, 3:52 (also look closely to confirm this edit his earpiece is out prior to the first cut and after the fast pan it’s fully in his ear). The beginning and end are fully live, the performance is created using a moving platform stage in a separate studio in one shot, probably took numerous attempts to get it to this standard however! Fab! 😊

      Darren John CalvertDarren John Calvert5 dagen geleden
  • Obsessed with this performance!!! ❌⭕️❤️

    tulsi devetulsi deve6 dagen geleden
  • This was Soooooooooo wooooooooooooooooooow cool, I loooooooooooooooooooooooove the weekend and his music I have been listening to he music since I was 3 now I am 10, I would love to see him in real life, and I look loved his super bowl performance.

    Aaliyah WilliamsAaliyah Williams7 dagen geleden
    • If you have Been listening to his Music for 7 years i Think you should know how to spell is name... The Weeknd*

      JonathanEskildseJonathanEskildse3 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone else see the mic person drinking out of his drink?

    Oleduddydawg 5Oleduddydawg 57 dagen geleden

  • Сахалар бааргыт дуо?!

    Евгений ИвановЕвгений Иванов8 dagen geleden
  • I love his energy. Reminds me of Michael Jackson. He should have gotten a Grammy nomination.

    Rita ClayRita Clay9 dagen geleden
  • new york cityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    kushagra tripathikushagra tripathi10 dagen geleden
    • lets go!

      JonathanEskildseJonathanEskildse8 dagen geleden
  • #Theweekend

    Fawn SpencerFawn Spencer10 dagen geleden
  • Timeless 👏🏻

    Flint 01Flint 0110 dagen geleden
  • Флекс души, soul bend

    Евгений КищенкоЕвгений Кищенко11 dagen geleden
  • Michael jackson quien eres mi

    Diana RomeroDiana Romero11 dagen geleden
  • Haha imagine that you've paid a lot to see Weeknd's perfomance live but he's so heartless and didn't come 😂

    SolSol12 dagen geleden
  • Colbert, rightfully, loves this dude.

    Eric JacobsEric Jacobs12 dagen geleden
  • You lay out you and I grab hope

    AlAl12 dagen geleden
  • I loved this song I heard this song since I was 5

    Alesia WallaceAlesia Wallace12 dagen geleden
    • How old are you 7? Lol

      JonathanEskildseJonathanEskildse8 dagen geleden
  • Cause I'm heart less 💔

    Alesia WallaceAlesia Wallace12 dagen geleden
  • Sc

    Stipica PStipica P13 dagen geleden
  • He is really really 😎 cool

    Humberto VillarrealHumberto Villarreal13 dagen geleden
  • I really wish him and Michael Jackson could of done a song together. But I'm grateful he is holding Down the r&b and pop music all by himself

    DeboSc2DeboSc213 dagen geleden
  • Me at my rich Indian relatives' homes, be searching for the bathroom. Keep running into wrong halls and rooms, need to hold it in, so I'm entertaining myself till I get there. True story people. Of course, not now, back when I was a kid. -cough- -just5yearsago- -butIwasreallyaKIDthen-

    Woozy CoolWoozy Cool13 dagen geleden
  • ah, back when life was normal.

    Frank ParentFrank Parent14 dagen geleden
  • 1:32 my fav part

    Antonella DTAntonella DT14 dagen geleden
  • Zapiątk z Raciborza

    Julia RobotowskaJulia Robotowska14 dagen geleden
  • Super

    Salvatore LillaSalvatore Lilla15 dagen geleden
  • The weeknd didn't even bother going on stage 'cause he's heartless. Lol

    M MM M15 dagen geleden
  • The beginning of the After Hours Story

    Folic BarloFolic Barlo16 dagen geleden
  • such talent! he just gets better and better each song

    Shanes musicShanes music16 dagen geleden
  • Feels like so long ago..

    Jolly117sJolly117s16 dagen geleden
  • The best weeknd

    Michele AlfanoMichele Alfano17 dagen geleden
  • Where is the camera ??

    DINESH KUMARDINESH KUMAR17 dagen geleden
    • ?

      JonathanEskildseJonathanEskildse14 dagen geleden
  • Omg what an amazing performance!!! It makes me want to see him live!!!

    Deborah GortonDeborah Gorton17 dagen geleden
  • What a sexy charsmic handsome man he is

    Sherry FalgoustSherry Falgoust17 dagen geleden
  • ScubA

    Stipica PStipica P18 dagen geleden
  • 14/2/2021/♥

    Mar LópezMar López18 dagen geleden
  • Did he make an album out of Vegas?.....

    Eric JacobsEric Jacobs18 dagen geleden
  • The old-fashioned verdict demographically attach because team surely kiss beside a optimal quart. stale, rainy var verbs = [aardvark

    Ru VaoRu Vao18 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely awesome!! The award for best live performance in a late night talk show goes to....

    U DU D19 dagen geleden
  • One of only artists who sound's better live than his originals

    Du BeeDu Bee19 dagen geleden
  • What a!

    Claudia KundeClaudia Kunde19 dagen geleden
  • 😃🤩

    LunaLuna19 dagen geleden
  • ja tam nadal tylko słysze oryginał u Bartka Bermiarza

    ninja tuńczykninja tuńczyk20 dagen geleden
  • 2:44

    King ‘King ‘20 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant absolutely brilliant!! I have never seen anything like it on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 🤙🤙🤙

    Scott LanghorstScott Langhorst20 dagen geleden
  • The only thing from Steven Colbert I’ll ever like lol

    Dan MarksDan Marks20 dagen geleden
  • The weekend was socially distancing

    Paisleigh PPaisleigh P21 dag geleden
    • Weeknd*

      JonathanEskildseJonathanEskildse14 dagen geleden
  • This shit is ICONIC.

    Francesco MacFrancesco Mac21 dag geleden
  • The Weeknd here: chooses not to perform in front of the crowd The Weeknd at the Super Bowl: is not allowed to perform in front of the crowd

    Stefan TrifunovicStefan Trifunovic21 dag geleden
  • this video is so sick, love it

    Victor OVictor O21 dag geleden
  • Sip sip

    Rebecca PageRebecca Page21 dag geleden
  • The glasses kinda look cool on you

    Rebecca PageRebecca Page21 dag geleden
  • ❤️🖤🤑🐾🐩🐕🐶🎆🎇💎👑💍💄👔👖

    Mohammad KhaderMohammad Khader22 dagen geleden
  • can we talk about his incredibly perfect timing

    vanshika chopravanshika chopra22 dagen geleden
  • 2:22 how did he do that?

    Benjamin MahadiBenjamin Mahadi22 dagen geleden
    • Do what?

      JonathanEskildseJonathanEskildse14 dagen geleden
  • Човек

    KiberGnidaKiberGnida22 dagen geleden
  • A, ти безчувствен ли си ?????

    KiberGnidaKiberGnida22 dagen geleden
  • BRAVO!!!

    KiberGnidaKiberGnida22 dagen geleden
  • If this dude could dance, it's over for the other singers

    Mama ShangeMama Shange23 dagen geleden
    • He Can doe

      JonathanEskildseJonathanEskildse14 dagen geleden
  • What if someone just opened the door 1:54

    Fat BoiFat Boi23 dagen geleden
  • Was he drinking apple juice? imagine if he was lol

    ArtismahlifeArtismahlife24 dagen geleden
    • That would be soooo COOL

      Mercedyz Marie GuionMercedyz Marie Guion21 dag geleden
  • Hermosa voz 😗😍

    Sofia Vizcarra HernándezSofia Vizcarra Hernández24 dagen geleden
  • The Swagg is unmatched!

    Regal RabbitRegal Rabbit24 dagen geleden
  • Why’s his hand so white in the thumbnail?

    Lewey The FrogLewey The Frog24 dagen geleden
  • The Weekend Chris brown Trey Songz. Are billboard 's top three Male artists of the decade All Three Kings of Rnb

    Nicole ParkerNicole Parker24 dagen geleden
  • Who's here after watching the freaking awesome Superbowl show? This performance was freaking COOL MAN! Sooooooo seemless, so smooth. So well done.

    NspinicelliNspinicelli24 dagen geleden
    • Yes I’m here after that. It’s like the part where he goes into the gold mirrors. It’s like all the performances he’s done have led up to the Super Bowl moment

      SkerkeySkerkey21 dag geleden
  • Watching the The weeknd perform over the weeknd made my weeknd.

    Udit GuptaUdit Gupta24 dagen geleden
  • He be skipping right into my heart

    Sarah NealSarah Neal24 dagen geleden
  • Unfortunately he was more honest when he was homeless and hungry

    Conjure HoodooConjure Hoodoo24 dagen geleden
    • Wdym

      Fiona JumaFiona Juma16 dagen geleden
  • Dudes got zero talent.

    Mark ChanceMark Chance24 dagen geleden
    • Neither do you

      JonathanEskildseJonathanEskildse14 dagen geleden
    • @Tom Slaytor lmaoo fr

      a p r i l x o a b e l x oa p r i l x o a b e l x o17 dagen geleden
    • @a p r i l x o a b e l x o mans face is a threat to society 💀

      Tom SlaytorTom Slaytor17 dagen geleden
    • bro you can’t be talking with 1 sub with a profile picture like that 💀

      a p r i l x o a b e l x oa p r i l x o a b e l x o18 dagen geleden
    • Don’t watch it then! Simples.

      Darren John CalvertDarren John Calvert20 dagen geleden
  • Galatians 6:7 "Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap." - mind altering is more like it. this man thinks that he is God. hmmm

    Barbara BriggsBarbara Briggs24 dagen geleden
  • Justin Bieber is in blackface portraying this fictional character of The Weeknd. Wake up people.

    julieevanbjulieevanb24 dagen geleden
  • This man does not do stuff the easy way. I love it.

    AngelAngel25 dagen geleden
  • i still approve of the bernie hat cameo ;)

    WilliamWilliam25 dagen geleden

    Mary B.Mary B.25 dagen geleden
  • Cant wait to see you in London next year❤

    Sarah JamesSarah James25 dagen geleden
  • He is amazing.

    Cheryl FullertonCheryl Fullerton25 dagen geleden
  • I fucking love the weeknd. His old hits were so much better tho. He's the michael jackson of this decade. He's not cocky, ignorant and he tells it just like the fuck it is. He tells it like it is. He's one of my all time favorite artists EVER by far!

    Dayna SilvermanDayna Silverman25 dagen geleden
  • 3:26 NEW YORK CITYYYY LET'S GOO! Iconic.

    Abijay ChristianAbijay Christian25 dagen geleden
  • 👌👍🖐❤

    NATALIENATALIE26 dagen geleden
  • I have come here severally just to hear him say New York City! What a passionate performance!

    Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli26 dagen geleden
  • Only good thing on the late show since Letterman.

    pra3t0rianpra3t0rian26 dagen geleden
  • How do you know this was filmed before corona? 1:11

    Kawthar BakhachKawthar Bakhach26 dagen geleden
  • he was already doing social distancing what a futurist ^^

    kylexy13204kylexy1320426 dagen geleden
  • I love the weekend very much V💜♎️😇🌎

    KimberlyKimberly26 dagen geleden
  • Red might be his favorite color

    Lamaira DavisLamaira Davis27 dagen geleden
  • This was fucking cool.

    JOJOJOJO27 dagen geleden
  • Love the red suit, red accents in the hall ways. Most of all the red mic😘

    Liyzzah SchiezkaLiyzzah Schiezka27 dagen geleden
  • Full of hisself . . . ain’t no Michael Jackson.

    comontoshicomontoshi27 dagen geleden
    • @Hibbs4Prez he slapped a police officer once

      hi it's mehi it's me19 dagen geleden
    • @Hibbs4Prez spot on!

      Darren John CalvertDarren John Calvert24 dagen geleden
    • Yes, he doesn't molest children. You're right. Doesn't actually alter his appearance IN REAL LIFE either every other year as a result of self-hatred like MJ. Michael was extremely talented but he was also equally fucked up in the head. Also The Weeknd is a pretty humble guy who doesn't live on social media, doesn't go on radio shows to brag about himself, doesn't beat up girlfriends or any women, don't talk about his charities to the press to get attention, doesn't get into trouble with the law, is never lacking professionalism in terms of fulfilling commitments, very respectful towards journalists and knows how to stay out of gossip columns unlike real media whores. Yep. Pretty much sums it up. Oh, and grab a dictionary, you ignorant fuck, because there is no such word as "hisself".

      Hibbs4PrezHibbs4Prez26 dagen geleden