The Volvo 300 series Story

19 feb. 2021
65 750 Weergaven

The Volvo 300 series was a common sight on British roads in the 1980s, due to its popularity amongst practical people to buy a safe, affordable car. But many of these slow-driving, flat capped drivers weren’t aware that this car didn’t start out life as a Volvo at all, and rather than being Swedish built, it was built in the Netherlands. They also probably weren’t aware this pedestrian car would go on to win in Rallycross. So just where did this car come from?
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  • Look to the left, a Daf 66 delivery. Only 7 left in the Netherlands.

    Ortwin BellekomOrtwin Bellekom34 minuten geleden
  • I loooove your channel, but lose the bloopers. Dom DeLuise you are not❤

    Tracy PanaviaTracy PanaviaUur geleden
  • Had no idea this car had this kind of following. As I remember it, it was seen as a corny little car for elderly women. People called it "Laban", presumably because they though it looked like a dog house.

    Herr BönkHerr Bönk2 uur geleden
  • My dad had a black Y-reg 360GLT. It was the sportiest car he's ever owned!

    Brassic GamerBrassic Gamer3 uur geleden
  • great channel, i love the video's! i would be very interested in a story about the bmw e24 6-series, and about the rover 400/45 series thanx in advance!

    President CamachoPresident Camacho5 uur geleden
    • @Big Car ow cool, i'll check that one out then, thanx ;) and i did own a 1976 Karmann built bmw 633csi, but there were quite some issues between karmann and bmw about that one, it might make for an interesting story ;)

      President CamachoPresident Camacho2 uur geleden
    • The 400/45 was covered in the Rover 200 video. I did think of the 6-series, but other cars to do first.

      Big CarBig Car3 uur geleden
  • My Uncles 340 was rear ended by a mondeo years ago.. We got out and the 340s rear bumper had come off its clips. The mondeo driver, a guy, was in tears, his front end was smashed to all recognition, the bonnet was a nice V shape and coolant all over the place.. Great memories

    miamimo70miamimo705 uur geleden
  • My parents has one back in the 80's. As a backseat passenger, I liked it. It's number plate was GAN..... So we called it Gan. We all loved Blake's 7.

    Alex GuestAlex Guest9 uur geleden
  • My Dad bought a DAF46 in 1976. It had an air-cooled twin cylinder engine of 800cc. It had a single CVT drive belt or "rubber band" as we used to call it. More powerful engines used 2 drive belts. It chewed up a lot of rubber bands and we got very good at replacing them over the 14years we kept the car! It also had a simple but effective centrifugal clutch, rather than a torque converter. It drove quite nicely at motorway speeds for an 800cc - I presume the CVT transmission gave it a wide gearing range.

    Peter MacLeodPeter MacLeod13 uur geleden
  • My parents went shopping for a Citroën BX. Then got home with a 345. Ouch! It was terrible. Absolutely no character, badly made and an sickening interior smell. I now own a Renault 16, on which the Volvo 300 was clearly inspired. Except the Renault has more character in every inch. It also had powered windows 25 years before the Volvo got it.

    drfisheyedrfisheye19 uur geleden
  • Iedere maf rijdt in een DAF Heuveltje op heuveltje af

    Ste JerSte Jer23 uur geleden
  • I owned a 1982 343 and a 1991 340 with LPG tank. The 1991 had a 5 speed transmission, which worked, but wasn't too well with the car. The 1982 one had the 4 speed manual gearbox, and this was a perfect match. A turning radius of less than 10 metres, superbly flexible interior with loads of space, very comfy seats and very decent economy made me love it. The easy maintainability was another factor I was thankful for as I did all of those jobs on my own. On snow or ice covered streets, there's no better car. Full Stop. When I had my 1982 one, I worked for a company the boss of which owned an Audi A8. The road to the office went slightly downhill and was in a remote spot where snow wasn't cleared. Where the Audi had to have its traction control turned off and struggled and screamed and roared with all four wheel slipping and spinning wildly to slowly creep uphill, the 343 drove up like it was a dry road. In ice rain, when all the ABS and ESP equipped cars had to hide in their garages, I went to play on spacious parking lots, drifting in eights around the lamp posts. Without any electronics, the 340 was superbly controllable in such manoevers. A brilliant, brilliant little car that I would _love_ to have again. F*** VW Golf, f*** Astras, f*** front wheel drive and electronic helpers. That wee bugger did it all right.

    Zweispur MoppedZweispur MoppedDag geleden
  • Great video. I also like admiring your technic collection. I used to have that motorcycle (@Mum, what did you do with it?). I need that Caterham!

    Oliver HaleOliver HaleDag geleden
  • Had one on rent in around 1980, drove it from Gothenburg to Malmo, very smooth but arrived late for my meeting with the Rent a Car District Manager. He glanced at the car and remarked 'Now I know why you are late.' .Brought mine in 1989, Volvo had pulled out the quality to get the price competitive with the Golf. Kept it for nine years as family hack, and sold it to a colleague for £300 as I thought the engine had developed expensive problems. Six years later same colleague remarked that his son was selling it that week, did I want it back!

    VictorGateVictorGateDag geleden
  • I regularly look for a 360 GLT. Best little car I ever had. The engine oil seal went and I didn’t have money to fix it. It was a ripper on the motorway. Had a 244DL. Great car too.

    nickdryadnickdryadDag geleden
  • Excellent video as usual - waiting for a Humbre Sceptre video

    Nigella MacciniNigella MacciniDag geleden
  • I had a 1982 Y 360GLS in which I used to travel every weekend back and forth from Cardiff to London for nearly a year. It only cost me £520. It would cruise along at 80mph/3200rpm and did 30mpg. What a great car.

    Tom BartramTom BartramDag geleden
  • Watched this beginning to end, even rewound a few times. If you end up doing a video on the 440/460, you have one guaranteed viewer with me. I bought a 460 in 2010 for £300 and I really appreciated the quality and value. Thankfully, it was severely ugly, which probably helped with the £300 price!

    Scott TooleyScott TooleyDag geleden
    • @Big Car nice, thanks!

      Scott TooleyScott Tooley18 uur geleden
    • I’ll probably do the 400 series at some point.

      Big CarBig CarDag geleden
  • Nice video! This car was immensely popular with the elderly here in The Netherlands. My mom also drove one in the 80s, a 340 DL Automatic. Noisy and clunky but built like a tank. It had no power steering though, parking could be a bit of a challenge.

    TygoTygoDag geleden
  • The 1.7 litre engine was not an enlarged version of the OHV 1.4 engine, it was a version of the 1.7 (1721cc) OHC unit fitted in many Renault's from the 5 GTX to the R21 and a few others, this was the unit fitted in the Volvo 480 with a turbo conversion engineered by Porsche.

    Robin O'ConnorRobin O'ConnorDag geleden
  • Remember the DAFs well. My godfather was a DAF dealer in Northumberland.

    Peter SpearmanPeter SpearmanDag geleden
  • i know someone with a 340GL he takes rallying, last time i heard i think he had a Renalt 5 turbo engine in it, he has a 480 too.

    ted thebearted thebearDag geleden
  • Gosh, forgot about these.

    Baybee KBaybee KDag geleden
  • An volvo renault motor car.340 GL GLE were correct but not attractive as 740 GLE at this period. I was fan of 740 models. 9xx were not accessible. Next models with angles less abrupt were mess attractive for me. The 3 doors wit renault volvo with modern design had an original body in 80'. 740 GL GLE models were expensive. Too much for an professor as my mother. The 740 models with leathers were very nice inside with an good quality. The indestructible model was the 240 model available a long time in the brand but not cheap for an old model at end of 80'. The model I preferred till today are the 7xx models. V6 let dreaming with a lot of space inside. Gazole models were a little bit noisy however 'super' models were higher for my point of view about silence and class. I wanted that my mother buy an volvo younger but only 7xx interested me and 300 version were not competitive about price for my point of view. I had leaflets of 300 and 700 series I asked to an dealer and opened them often to make my choice before advise my mother. I made my choice beetween 3 brands at this period with leaflets and bought from 7 years old every year worlwide car magazine I REALLY KNEW EVERY YEAR BY HEART.

    Pierre LucasPierre LucasDag geleden
  • You may already know this. When Volvo discontinued the 66, they did not have a "small car" to match their competitors. I was told that the Renault Clio - launched in 1991 (I think?) was developed for Volvo, and was supposed to be their new "small car". Your commentary where you mention the 300 series having Renault engines kinds of adds weight to this story and a possible joint venture. Had a Clio RT 1300 (mk1) as a family car brand new in September 1991, and was very pleased with the spec. (Did the French Government subsidise the Clio generation?) I used to know a community/district nurse who used a Volvo 300 as her "daily driver". Never let her down. Thank you for the video. Keep up the good work. Stay safe and well.

    Mark MiwurdzMark Miwurdz2 dagen geleden
    • I hadn't heard that. When I do the Clio story we'll find out!

      Big CarBig Car2 dagen geleden
  • My first ever volvo was a 340gl - reg B591LSA....beautiful solid car like a tank...i then bought a newer one followed by a 480 ltd edition (best volvo ive ever owned) followed by an 850 estate (awesome) then a v70 then an s40 then a mercedes C CLASS (very nice) and currently own a V40 D4....the saying volvo for life is true but im thinking mercedes again next.

    geoffdundeegeoffdundee2 dagen geleden
  • I worked for a Volvo dealership many moons ago when the 300 series was still in production. On a fairly regular basis, we used to get panicked phone calls from elderly owners of the CVT models after they had demolished their garages, or a neighbouring property when they first started the car. Full on reverse or forwards can have spectacular results! Ah, fond memories 😂😂

    BoneshakerBoneshaker2 dagen geleden
  • The build quality of the very early ones was allegedly so bad that Volvo demanded that any that were traded in were scrapped.

    RapidAssistantRapidAssistant2 dagen geleden
  • Why they putted the gearbox in the back?

    Mile TiničMile Tinič2 dagen geleden
  • My first car was a Renault 11 TXE it used that 1.7ltr engine as well as a lot of other 300 series parts. It was a very quick car, too quick for a firt car it turned out

    Ness MonkeyNess Monkey2 dagen geleden
  • I bought a used 1978 340 in 1988. It spent more time in the repair shop than driving it. Lots of bad memories. Once I took it to a mechanic that worked only on Volvos. He didn't even want to look at it. "That's not a Volvo" he said.

    Alberto WachsmanAlberto Wachsman2 dagen geleden
  • My parents had a 1985 Volvo 360 GLT. Great car!

    Mark O’ReillyMark O’Reilly2 dagen geleden
  • Nice one, I remembered hearing about the BMW involvement, but couldn’t find any info on it. Your research is superb, keep up the good work.

    E28 ForeverE28 Forever2 dagen geleden
  • Man, imagine the insanity that would've been if they built the 343 CS. even more with the 2.8 Turbo from the Alpine A610 or even the 242's Turbo 4. If these came to Puerto Rico, they'd be having Rotary swaps or something.

    Stryker RedStryker Red2 dagen geleden
  • I love my 340. Fitted with a 480 turbo engine, a roll cage out of a fiat strada and welded differential. Great fun.

    Chas EvansChas Evans2 dagen geleden
  • I had a 340 with the 1.7 engine. A really solid, enjoyable car but with a still underpowered and thirsty engine.

    Paul JenkinsPaul Jenkins2 dagen geleden
  • God do I hate the modern day DAF trucks, they're just a sign of mediocrecy, I genuinely hate them so much

    Jimmy McGillJimmy McGill2 dagen geleden
  • I had a 440 and a S40 (older model) and the 440 was better .. S40 looked the part but more problems

    Rambling RobRambling Rob2 dagen geleden
  • I love the bit wear the Volvo pulls the trailer full of volvo's. That 's what ads can't do nowdays surprise people.

    Rambling RobRambling Rob2 dagen geleden
  • What’s with the ridiculous pronunciation of Citroen, Peugeot and Renault!? Really informative clips but incredibly frustrating to listen to!!!

    Russell Outen-CoeRussell Outen-Coe2 dagen geleden
    • @Big Car lol. American Leicester! 😂 keep up the good work pardner! 😂

      Russell Outen-CoeRussell Outen-Coe2 dagen geleden
    • @Russell Outen-Coe Well, I am American...

      Big CarBig Car2 dagen geleden
    • @Big Car I hear what you’re trying to do. But it’s not consistent and becomes a huge distraction and sounds like you’re trying to appeal to the American viewers rather than French! But Really love the style of Big Car but I’d stick with your natural pronunciation! Great job.

      Russell Outen-CoeRussell Outen-Coe2 dagen geleden
    • It's how people say them where they come from. Likewise French people should say "London", and not "Londres". English-speaking people are saying those French car names wrong. I have an international audience, so I thought I'd try to get them right.

      Big CarBig Car2 dagen geleden
  • Owned a 340dl auto! It was a brilliant car! Comfortable and reliable! I'm a retired Volvo and Lexus master tech!Best cars on the road LEXUS AND VOLVO!!!!!!!

    Tommy KiddTommy Kidd2 dagen geleden
  • When I was 17, I once drove a 1981 W reg Volvo 343 1.4 auto and it had a buzzer that used to sound whenever you opened the doors or moved the selector gear lever through its positions, It was also very heavy to steer as it had no power steering !!! I ended up buying a 1984 B reg Austin Maestro Vanden Plas which had the same 1.6 S series carb engine from the Montego and a 3 speed VW auto gearbox, Compared to the Volvo it felt faster ! It was much more comfortable than the Volvo with nicer velour seats and that fake walnut wood trim everywhere !!... and that talking trip computer and solid state green digital dash was so cool ! and space age ! Sadly, like all Maestros it got eaten by rust ! :( What a shame...

    Joseph DJoseph D2 dagen geleden
  • The 340 1.4 cleon engine B.14 was also used in Renault Trafic 1 phase from 1982-1985

    Traia TiesTraia Ties3 dagen geleden
  • I really hate the Volvo 300-series cars, but I really love Big Car videos, so naturally, I had so see this. As always, the outtakes at the end are hilarious. Thank you very much for including them! The outtakes are soo funny and, we all know you are a very nice person, but the outtakes prove you are! Thank you.

    EBMBobEBMBob3 dagen geleden
  • Any chance you can do the peugeot 406?

    Bruce SievewrightBruce Sievewright3 dagen geleden
    • At some point - so many cars to do!

      Big CarBig Car3 dagen geleden
  • Great video and I like the many connections back in it's family tree. I was taken with the brochure image at 10:30 with the mirror writing Volvo R on the front spoiler, or was that a proofing failure that crept through to publication?

    BoycottdigbyBoycottdigby3 dagen geleden
  • To my understanding a 340 has a Renault engine and a 360 has a Volvo engine.

    Einar SteinssonEinar Steinsson3 dagen geleden
  • Love these cars, I had a 343 and a 360GLT and loved them 😊👍🏻

    KRAM2462KRAM24623 dagen geleden
  • As far as I remember, it had leaf-spring rear suspension.

    Филипп ЛыковФилипп Лыков3 dagen geleden
  • It's another great video, I really like to learn about cars we don't get here

    David PistekDavid Pistek3 dagen geleden
  • a bit of info from a volvo nerd -The 2 litre engined cars quite often stripped the splines on the torque tube shaft ( they didn’t use a conventional drive shaft ) due to them being to weak to cope with the extra power also there were a lot of people destroying the CVT gearboxes by Revving them up in park. I love this channel keep up the good work big car 👍

    dave jonesdave jones3 dagen geleden
  • Reminds me of a Chevy Chevette.

    Patrick RadcliffePatrick Radcliffe3 dagen geleden
  • Pleased you had the original DAF 77 pic. The DAF owner's club had that one. It almost looks like a VW Scirocco in that.

    Patrick WPatrick W3 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant!

    European MediaEuropean Media3 dagen geleden
  • Ah, I remember these! My mum had one, a 343 DL in royal blue, with the 1.4 litre engine. It was slow and a bit noisy, but at least it was a manual and it was very comfy. My dad chopped it in for a Fiat Uno when I was 17 (despite my mum’s protests) because it was cheaper to insure me on it. It had a 1.6 in it and it went like a greased weasel in comparison. She hated it.

    leopoldleopold3 dagen geleden
  • Loved the side moving front seat backs to aid entry to the back seats- loved the 300.

    Steven LawrieSteven Lawrie3 dagen geleden
  • I owned one of these briefly - a 5-door 1.4 litre manual transmission car in white. There were 3 problems with the car - although none of these were mechanical problems. The issues were as follows: 1) I found the drivers' seat VERY uncomfortable - no lumbar support whatsoever. 2) This car was designed to be Left Hand Drive. The transmission turret was VERY intrusive and in RHD form, there was NOWHERE to put you foot to the left of the clutch pedal. I suspect that in LHD form, it would have been fine. 3) In the wet, the tail was VERY prone to sliding out from under you. One had to drive with a good deal of caution. Other than the above, a great little car.

    Tim ElwellTim Elwell3 dagen geleden
  • Happy memories of my 360 GLT into which we stuffed the 2.3l redblock turbo out of a 740, with a bit of boost fetling it pushed out around 250bhp, nothing to write home about today, but in 1992, more than enough to leave the average 325i driver wondering what the heck had just happened as a volvo left them for dead..... :-)

    Max TorqueMax Torque3 dagen geleden
  • I was born in the Province of Limburg, the most southern one of The Netherlands (The appendix). The very same factory actually still exists there today. Many other cars have been built there since, including Mitsubishi's and Smarts. I was in my teens when the 300 series was introduced. Of course we didn't like that the DAF name disappeared but the Dutch are a practical lot if nothing else and it would after all guarantee badly needed jobs after the closure of the regions coal mines (Sounds familiar, what?). Of course DAF still makes trucks, the smaller ones are, as far as I know, actually still being produced in England. I was untill quite recently however not aware that especially the English warmed so much to these slow passenger gallopies. Still it somehow figures though! :-)

    Marc BrasséMarc Brassé3 dagen geleden
  • Our daughter learned to drive in our 360 series, in was bomb proof she even managed to start off in forth gear occasionally and it never stalled

    Magnus WalkerMagnus Walker3 dagen geleden
  • My uncle drove a green Volvo 343 until it rusted away.

    richard343srichard343s3 dagen geleden
  • Always puzzles me.why we never got a diesel ie the Renault one 50mpg in that, would have been a great taxi

    Charity CharityCharity Charity3 dagen geleden
  • 1:14 America guides Europe...

    RonJohn63RonJohn633 dagen geleden
  • Been waiting ages for this, have one that I’m restoring, needs a lot of work but I can’t wait to get it on the road one day

    Oh BuggerOh Bugger3 dagen geleden
  • Brought my first F reg 340gle blueline 1.7 with 137k mls in 2003 from a car auction for £80. It passed its MOT with flying colours the next day, mechanic said there's not a thing wrong with this car, I got 7k more miles out of it before suffering fuel problems. Got a X reg 345 DL 1.4 in 2007 for £125 as a 25th present to myself, it was registered 11/5/82, 11 days after I was born. That had a lot of carb issues (lead replacement for the fuel) that car met an embankment, tyre pressure too low and I was going too quick. F36 GYC & FGJ 284X. If I hadn't been seduced by a 91 3series BMW I would have had another Volvo, guess I've missed that boat.

    saun Lloydsaun Lloyd3 dagen geleden
  • Google Translator will help you pronouncing "Oettinger" the faster German pronouciation is (hard to believe) a direct hit ;-) A american aircraftmechanic gave me his DAF66 when returning back to the states, but without TÜV ;-( Nevermind that, those were 2 weeks full of fun. If it was for price I'd had a Skada 105L.

    MrNickelbrilleMrNickelbrille3 dagen geleden
  • The 480 was immensely good looking.

    mr2gtimr2gti4 dagen geleden
  • Love the FS1E imitation in the out takes.

    robert woodliffrobert woodliff4 dagen geleden
  • Drivers used to take them onto frozen Swedish lakes doing donuts. They become particularly spectacular going backwards at full speed!

    Bo HenrikssonBo Henriksson4 dagen geleden
  • You are right on the spot! To all manufactures (hard and soft): Fix the problems before you introduce new problems via new features.

    John DueJohn Due4 dagen geleden
  • These always reminded me of the 70's Mazda 323

    Tacoma98Tacoma984 dagen geleden
  • One of my colleagues bought a 1977 343 in 1982. When he pressure-washed this five year old car, he went straight through the rusted panels and had to do a lot of welding to repair it. This welding job led to him setting fire to the car, but that's another story! Anyway, his experience put me off these cars.

    Howard's Guitar CoversHoward's Guitar Covers4 dagen geleden
  • For part of the 80s I worked on the spanners at a Volvo dealers. The 340/360 series proved popular. Apart from a rattle from the rear seat back catches which could be fixed on PDI they were generally fairly trouble free. The 1400 engine tended to develop a bit of piston slap at 20k plus. But having said that the engines would then seem to just run & run. The 360 was also a cracking car. Went like stink & handled like a dream. Formula Ferguson had a place near by & word on the street was that they used a 360 as a benchmark when it came to handling. The only real weakness with the 360 GLT was the lower ball joint on the front suspension which would often wear out at around 30k. The joint was fine on the 340s. There was talk of Volvo intending to up rate the joint. The dealership had a good relationship with Volvo’s training centre at Daventry. I occasionally popped down to carry out the odd job. One time the CVT trainer had needed to leave without giving notice. I went to show them how to change the belts & at the same time illustrate that dealers had correctly claimed the ‘book time’ was not long enough to carry out the work correctly. But to give Volvo their due they were very keen on mechanics training. At the time they used to run an annual ‘Top tech’ competition. It was very much based around time spent poring through the workshop manuals to answer mostly multi choice questions. The questions were first answered at a dealership level. This went on for months & the lowest scoring dealers would be illuminated as time went on. It then moved onto grading each tech from the best performing dealership. We had hour long lunch breaks at that time. A group of you sat round I the tea room could learn quite a lot in an hour. I liked Volvo’s knowledge ethos so why did I leave the dealership. They took on a Financial Controller who watched every penny. On my way home from work one Monday night someone pulled out of a side road in front of me. I walked away unscathed but my car had been rendered un-drivable. I asked if I may borrow a part-ex car to get to work for a few days while I found/purchased a replacement. The answer was no. A Peugeot dealer heard of my plight. They loaned me a car and offered me a job. I don’t think it will not come as a surprise to hear that I took up their offer.

    Dave CooperDave Cooper4 dagen geleden
  • My dad had one of these, surprisingly nimble. not seen one in ages.

    Drewster OriginalsDrewster Originals4 dagen geleden
  • My dad had one of these. Happy memories!

    Awm JoeyjoejoeAwm Joeyjoejoe4 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for this video that sheds light on DAF - so many cars today have CVT transmissions, and can trace their origins to the DAF Variomatic transmission.

    LeeJccLeeJcc4 dagen geleden
  • had a 340 and a 360GLT, were great cars, when it was very gold my 340 doors wouldnt latch,so I had a bungee cord inside from door handle to door handle across my lap....ha ha

    coom0004coom00044 dagen geleden
  • Another good and interesting video. Remembered the Volvo 300 was from the Netherlands but had forgotten they were essentially DAF cars. I didn't even realise the early 343s had CVT. The CVT was a good design concept but obviously didn't work out in practice.

    Steve GM0HUUSteve GM0HUU4 dagen geleden
  • Ah my first car in 1993 , 1985 340 gl 3dr blue , so much better than my mates fiestas ,metros and Uno's. Kept going back to them after Cavaliers and escorts rotted away and had another 2. Great to see them finally get some appreciation 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    calarossa15calarossa154 dagen geleden
  • Had a 360 GLT in Black. Loved it. It was a fantastic car.

    Mountain_DelMountain_Del4 dagen geleden
  • Wim & Hub who where the brothers ,if my memory serves me correctly They started of with trailers and got in to manufacturing truck /cars as they where repairing the car of a brewery manager ....I am trying to remember what i was told when on a tour of the Eindhoven factory in he mid 90s...The Museum is their workshop where they started

    norb0254norb02544 dagen geleden
  • First DAF was "Van Doorne's Aanhangwagenfabriek", later it became "Van Doorne's Automobielfabriek", so from trailers to automobiles :-)

    Winand DWinand D4 dagen geleden
  • Puh-lease also do the 400 series! My first car! :D

    BokanoiDBokanoiD4 dagen geleden
  • What's the name of the song played at 6:30?

    Anthony WasunnaAnthony Wasunna4 dagen geleden
  • Wow. The propeller shaft outside the frame (meaning there are two in parallel) at 1:26 just blew my mind. Anyway. Well done video as always, the small Volvos somehow look handsome nowadays - they're much more good-looking than the new M3 and M4 for sure.

    JurisKankalisJurisKankalis4 dagen geleden
  • The 340 DL was the car I learned to drive in. In 1984 my parents, who'd previously had two Austin Allegros on the bounce, had ordered its natural successor, the Maestro, but due to industrial action delivery was repeatedly delayed so they looked at the Volvo. My memory is of a solid but rather dull car, roll-poly handling and not a great deal of oomph with the 1.4 Renault engine. The interior was better designed and certainly better quality than most of its rivals. Ours was a three door so had the clever tip-angle front seats which made getting in and out of the back a lot easier than most three doors. Erm, that's it really, not a lot else to say except worthy but rather boring!

    ObsolutelyObsolutely4 dagen geleden
  • Great video as usual😎 These buses were rarely out of the top ten best selling cars in their day.....boil one down and the word 'worthy' would be left.

    Richard RichardRichard Richard4 dagen geleden
  • I now see where g.m. got the design for the Chevette

    weirdshibainuweirdshibainu4 dagen geleden
  • This car when Daf not a Volvo name it DAF 77

    Erwin GommerErwin Gommer4 dagen geleden
  • Hello my car Volvo. 360 GLT

    Евгений ВасилюкЕвгений Василюк4 dagen geleden
  • Old car ads where they go stupidly fast and get airborne are totally hilarious

    Benjamin PaulBenjamin Paul4 dagen geleden
  • I’ve had 2 Volvo 340’s. In Holland they were bought by elderly and generally maintained well. With low mileage. I bought them for 100 to 250 guilders and drove them for years afterwards. To about 300.000 km. With its rear wheel drive, winter was always fun to no end.

    A. Q.A. Q.4 dagen geleden
  • How was the Volvo XD1 the fastest diesel car? By 1978 Mercedes was already breaking 200 mph with the diesel version of the C111.

    gotham61gotham614 dagen geleden
  • I had to stop the video after the reverse car competition, that was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing!!!

    se8194se81944 dagen geleden
    • @BokanoiD “van mijn gras af , wie rijdt er nu weer door mijn net gemaaide gras” 😁🤣

      J.M. HeinsJ.M. HeinsDag geleden
    • It was really funny. I remember watching these as a kid, commentary was done by a famous Dutch comedian.

      BokanoiDBokanoiD4 dagen geleden
  • Loving the channel @Big Car. :) When are you going to do the BMW 1 Series story? It's got to be an interesting story as to how BMW suddenly decided to make a small hatchback?

    Danbutch24Danbutch244 dagen geleden
  • I owned a 340 GL as my first car .. From new in 1983 it was owned by my grand parents then I purchased it in 1998. I still remember it’s registration number OAE860Y from Lex Brooklands Bristol . Nice car to drive with brilliant steering lock & comfortable seats but by heck that 1.4 Renault engine was slow & thirsty . I still remember that engine sound you will never forget it ..

    Chris RichmondChris Richmond4 dagen geleden
  • Your pronunciations on certain words are terrible

    Ollie O NeillOllie O Neill4 dagen geleden
  • Great bit of history! Would be great to see the story of the Vauxhall Nova

    Dave RomeDave Rome4 dagen geleden
  • I've got a 2dr 360GLT in my garage. B200k and a 5spd manual. Driven 67 000km. No rust, like new.

    Fire5LFire5L4 dagen geleden
  • Great vlog as always! Ugly car. Who cares, when it is cheaper than a Ford Escort! I did not know that the car was that popular in the UK.

    Torgeir BrandsnesTorgeir Brandsnes4 dagen geleden
  • One of the most uninspired boring cars ever produced.

    Melesmeles FaberMelesmeles Faber4 dagen geleden