The Ultimate Fighter | Season 12 | Best Moments

9 nov. 2020
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Best moments from the twelfth season of The Ultimate Fighter


  • josh koschek was about to get beat up buy that male nurse

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  • I'm super thankful for all this uploads brother, I'm in the process of withdrawing from my heroin and cocaine addiction and as of now I'm in day two of the process and your channel has been a blessing. God bless you man

    adalberto `ramirezadalberto `ramirez2 dagen geleden
  • Like him or hate him but Josh was one of the most entertaining fighters ever, the man knew how to promote a fight like few people can. Ofcourse the problem is that he was against GSP who in my opinion is the goat.

    adalberto `ramirezadalberto `ramirez2 dagen geleden
  • GSP one of, if not the best MMA fighter ever. The Balding guy (John Danaher) one of, if not the best BJJ instructor in the world. Greg Jackson one of, if not the best MMA coach's and strategist in the game. Freddie Roach one of, if not the best boxing coach in the world. Some pissed up fat lad (Jean Charles) one of, if not the best Thai fighter of a generation. One hell of a training camp!

    Matt CaldenMatt Calden2 dagen geleden
  • The sport was more respectable with george. A true athlete.

    Sleeman Silver CreekSleeman Silver Creek2 dagen geleden
  • Never underestimate a man with a napkin!

    John RobertsonJohn Robertson3 dagen geleden
  • 2:26 GSP being an alien.

    Jean RichardsonJean Richardson4 dagen geleden
  • GSP is the only celebrity I actually believe when he says he was bullied as a kid

    Waris Shah BabaWaris Shah Baba4 dagen geleden
  • Alex glt to keep the pck in his hair

    Salt FlakesSalt Flakes4 dagen geleden
  • Georges face in the thumbnail is just pure joy. So wholesome man

    UrMomsFriendUrMomsFriend4 dagen geleden
  • The funniest thing about this is Josh talking shit to a dude that easily has 170 pounds on him 🤦‍♂️ he would get his shit pushed in by that grizzly bear.

    Josey WalesJosey Wales5 dagen geleden
  • George is smart man and the guy is just a chill cool guy meet him in Quebec once

    Ayo_ OchoAyo_ Ocho5 dagen geleden
  • If they was an Ultimate Tw@t Josh Koscheck would be undisputed champion.

    strangewaysherestrangewayshere6 dagen geleden
  • Josh Koscheck doesn't like nurses

    Random BoiRandom Boi6 dagen geleden
  • Team GSP went all out on these guys.

    Corbin CreamerCorbin Creamer7 dagen geleden
  • Everything koscheck does is ubnoxious

    John KennedyJohn Kennedy11 dagen geleden
  • They were straight up making fun of their own coach and then he walks in and hears it and pretends its all good and then makes his team take shots of liquor? Josh (cant remember his last name or care to) is the definition of a insecure tool lmfaoo

    Andrew KimAndrew Kim11 dagen geleden
    • That is some straight up bitch shit

      Andrew KimAndrew Kim11 dagen geleden
  • Dude josh koscheck is such a fucking weasle

    Markús BöðvarssonMarkús Böðvarsson12 dagen geleden
  • 1:20 😂😂😂😂😂who edit

    OGS GamingOGS Gaming13 dagen geleden
  • This just reminds me why i have always thought koscheck is just a complete d-bag.

    Make it ReggaeMake it Reggae13 dagen geleden
  • "This is the greatest day of my life" Bleeuuuhgg

    Chance RobersonChance Roberson13 dagen geleden
  • 15:44-15:49. Why do folks think they can dye their hair blonde and automatically be David Duke. I now find Paul Daley innocent of striking him after the fight.

    Peace MakerPeace Maker14 dagen geleden
  • I love how modest GSP was with his dudes.. telling them to respect the other guys and that he appreciates it but doesn’t need them to shit talk for him

    Mr CoomerMr Coomer14 dagen geleden
  • lmao i heard tysons voice and i was like wtf do they have a deaf guy on here or smtn? then it showed mike tyson and i was like oh shit its just mike

    FPScanadaFPScanada15 dagen geleden
  • Fighter: he's asleep Steve mazzagati: ya?...u sure?

    Steven LaxtonSteven Laxton15 dagen geleden
  • Cody "He's Asleep" McKenzie

    SherpaSherpa16 dagen geleden
  • Lol Lorenzo was going to grab George’s bottle for him. That’s crazy, no other billionaire CEO would ever do that. Seems like GSP realized it was him and moved it immediately.

    Doggo WillinkDoggo Willink16 dagen geleden
  • Koshchecks biggest loser in ufc

    zackzack16 dagen geleden
  • He tried to throw a napkin at me

    Jordan HardyJordan Hardy16 dagen geleden
  • 15:46 I don't associate with bl-i mean those people with dark skin

    CycloneSershCycloneSersh17 dagen geleden
  • Kos facial reconstruction evidently didn't make the cut. The death of 1,000 jabs.

    Markhor 475Markhor 47517 dagen geleden
  • Honest question: Is Koscheck black or what?

    Dr.Stu!Dr.Stu!18 dagen geleden
    • @GIGASTACY 👍 solid mix.

      Dr.Stu!Dr.Stu!17 dagen geleden
    • He is black & white.

      GIGASTACYGIGASTACY17 dagen geleden
  • And this is why I jump around with happiness every time koshcheck gets destroyed. I still go back to that woodly fight every now and then just to see him get destroyed

    Dillan PepinDillan Pepin18 dagen geleden
  • Why does he hate the medic? What a clown

    Jacob -Jacob -18 dagen geleden
  • I wish khabib and GPS fought on this show

    sebastian dragon sinsebastian dragon sin19 dagen geleden
  • The male nurse would’ve given Koscheck a decent go

    MikeyD7MikeyD719 dagen geleden
  • Great move from gsp in them picks

    Mitch and steph ScarberryMitch and steph Scarberry19 dagen geleden
  • What was up with the water bottle? George tried to hand it to two people and they both tried to take it but he gave it to a third person, then a forth guy came up and took it from the third person and gave it to a fifth person. Wtf

    Hulk AmaniaHulk Amania19 dagen geleden
  • "I dont associate with people who save lives" - Josh Kosomebody

    Hulk AmaniaHulk Amania19 dagen geleden
  • i wish that medic would have punched josh

    Hulk AmaniaHulk Amania19 dagen geleden
  • how you gonna talk shit on dude for being a nurse? dude helps people and you gonna talk shit. I always knew josh was a dick

    Hulk AmaniaHulk Amania19 dagen geleden
  • We want guys with crazy hair!

    Joel LyonsJoel Lyons20 dagen geleden
  • Greatest day of my life blelelelele you can never imagine blelelelelele

    Wissam mWissam m20 dagen geleden
  • Bruce lee Roy, racist much?? 🤣

    Mitch and steph ScarberryMitch and steph Scarberry20 dagen geleden
  • 16:04 "smart move cause you... it worked" XD

    ollie p.ollie p.21 dag geleden
  • Picking a fight with the medic shows how much class koschek has NONE

    Richard BrabbsRichard Brabbs21 dag geleden
  • They choked out his whole team.... 🤣

    Scum LifeScum Life21 dag geleden
  • Drunk rock lee

    Frank RiveraFrank Rivera22 dagen geleden
  • 0:26 can never get a black eye when your eyes sit 4 inches back from your face

    RdawgRdawg22 dagen geleden
  • 4:26 John Danaher I am not impressed with your hair

    kewltonykewltony22 dagen geleden
    • 7:08 Dan Thevern

      kewltonykewltony22 dagen geleden
  • The nonchalant permission distinctly race because november cytopathologically trade but a military technician. rambunctious, short puma

    travis grahamtravis graham23 dagen geleden
  • Josh was such a douchebag lol

    Brett MBrett M23 dagen geleden
  • did dana call all fights wrong or did i not listen ?

    Anto NozaAnto Noza24 dagen geleden
  • Gah dang did every fight this season end in a sub? Bunch of pussies

    Bennie BoyBennie Boy24 dagen geleden
  • GSP did not just say "baseball court". Lmao canadians

    Bennie BoyBennie Boy24 dagen geleden
  • GSP om some next level tactics

    scenczyk1429scenczyk142924 dagen geleden
  • Shows gsp's fight iq

    Kriष्ना 4 realKriष्ना 4 real24 dagen geleden

    Travis TakamoriTravis Takamori24 dagen geleden
  • Ur not a fighter u don’t deserve to talk Dana looking at him like the reason ur here is because u got picked by a guy who does not fight

    Blessed from day 1Blessed from day 125 dagen geleden
  • You cant not love gsp man😂😂legend

    Chris JChris J25 dagen geleden
  • I don't associate with guys like that. People who work in the medical field? Stfu Josh lol.

    Jeremy WashingtonJeremy Washington26 dagen geleden
  • Im not sure if Josh Koseck or Cody Garbrandt is the most dumbest person in TUF ever?

    Bobby Di BernadoBobby Di Bernado26 dagen geleden
  • Great season

    brockricksbrockricks26 dagen geleden
  • Josh Koscheck and Eric Andre were separated at birth

    B ZillaB Zilla26 dagen geleden
  • Anytime we can see KosSH*T get Humiliated is a Great Moment.

    L-WolverineL-Wolverine27 dagen geleden
  • GSP was rent free inside koschecks mind

    thebrunssssthebrunssss27 dagen geleden
  • Haha! I like how Lorenzo almost grabbed GSP's water bottle at the end.

    Dan The ManDan The Man27 dagen geleden
  • Caceres is literally the worst fighter the ufc has ever seen minus cm punk. Natural born loser tbh

    Thompson GatehouseThompson Gatehouse27 dagen geleden
  • one of the most boring seasons

    KurtisKurtis27 dagen geleden
  • LOL brad tates still in the UFC and koscheck isnt. Funny how that worked out.

    ShatterNOBShatterNOB28 dagen geleden
  • 2:35 the guy gasps when the guillotine sinks 👌 mama mia

    BlueSkullFishBlueSkullFish28 dagen geleden
  • Imagine how raging you would be being picked for Koschek's team instead of GSP's.

    Eternal MirthEternal Mirth29 dagen geleden
  • What do you mean "guys like that"??

    Rob hillRob hill29 dagen geleden
  • The drunkin master 😂😂😂 dude is a bad ass

    Robert RodRobert Rod29 dagen geleden
    • Lmfaooooo fuck

      Cherish LoveCherish Love16 dagen geleden
  • GSP's girlfriend: Do you have a condom? GSP: 11:16

    Dante TejedaDante TejedaMaand geleden
  • 8:23 dudes a bitch, starts going off once his boy grabs him... dude was waiting for someone to hold him back lmao

    BrandonBrandonMaand geleden
  • Man remember when Dana scolded the fuck out of Chael for fighting back against Silva yet Koshchek can just attack a medic and not hear anything about it.

    Hobo Hunter RikHobo Hunter RikMaand geleden
    • Word smh tff

      Cherish LoveCherish Love16 dagen geleden
  • Josh is lowkey funny

    Derals1Derals1Maand geleden
  • I’m glad koscheck got his ass beat by gsp

    Bavid RowsBavid RowsMaand geleden
  • Jonathan brookins sounds exactly like nate Diaz

    Paolo PirrottaPaolo PirrottaMaand geleden
  • Gsp is such a great guy.

    Suckmyballz GameplaysSuckmyballz GameplaysMaand geleden
  • Bruce Lee Roy with that Mugen Tattoo i see

    I am 2TurntI am 2TurntMaand geleden
  • GSP has a kind soul, that's why you didn't see him react. If you don't threaten him directly then he won't react b/c it's not his business.

    niya clayniya clayMaand geleden
    • He is so Beautiful the Perfect Husband

      Cherish LoveCherish Love16 dagen geleden
  • Close your eyes and listen brookins speak, only people of a certain area code sound like that 🤣🤣

    Aaron BorochovAaron BorochovMaand geleden
  • 22:39 Rogan is about to,grab the bottle but pretend it did not happen by passing his hand in his hairs lol

    The Bastard Mo SnowThe Bastard Mo SnowMaand geleden
  • Caught my man beating his meat on national tv🤣🤣

    The CaucasiansThe CaucasiansMaand geleden
  • People run at somebody else so slow praying that somebody gonna hold em back so they can look real tough 😂

    Clinton DamicoClinton DamicoMaand geleden
  • I bet even Koscheck hates Koscheck.

    lee mcmahonlee mcmahonMaand geleden
  • Season of chokes

    Keith SergentKeith SergentMaand geleden
  • Freddie roach is a legend so cool he was on this show

    JT JonesJT JonesMaand geleden
  • Koscheck is a douchebag this is a perfect example of class and classless

    JT JonesJT JonesMaand geleden
  • Love how GSP's team chokes out all their opponents. 😅

    MOTGAMOTGAMaand geleden
  • Koscheck is a terrible person. Awful and irredeemable

    Erik CarrilloErik CarrilloMaand geleden
  • 0:01 Fucking Lizard “Michael Bisping”.

    David Jules ArseneauDavid Jules ArseneauMaand geleden
  • Isn't this the season where the kid with the red mowhawk does a flying knee?

    Dee BeauDee BeauMaand geleden
  • 11:54 haaaaahaaaaaa that was fn funny

    sapper madesapper madeMaand geleden
  • No homo I love GSP

    Iruka RamenIruka RamenMaand geleden
  • “ I think gsp hired this dude to get under my skin, nice move gsp” GSP “ I have a friend that’s a medic so I hired him 😄”

    The podcast Wit carlos sahagunThe podcast Wit carlos sahagunMaand geleden
  • Too much submission

    Miles MoralezMiles MoralezMaand geleden
  • I swear nothing creepier than a french guy whispering about finishing using a guillotine

    Nathaniel _Nathaniel _Maand geleden