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Just about to or just recently picked up Fallout 76 and struggling with a few elements of the game? Well watch this guide and hopefully life will become a lot easier for you and you can get on with your journey around Appalachia, slaying cryptids, completing quests and following in the footsteps of the Overseer.
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Intro 0:00
Perk Cards: 8:04
Exploration: 11:05
Crafting: 23:17
Equipment: 28:58
Events: 32:40
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    BADCompanySargeBADCompanySargeJaar geleden
    • I think I may have broken the side quest called Initiate of Mysteries. I had to leave the game as soon as I entered the room past the door and the lasers with the worn veil, not knowing that the veil needed refabricated. When I came back I spawned outside of Riverside Manor and now the veil only opens the door, I can't go through the lasers to continue the quest. Is there anyway to fix this or do I have to restart the game? Please help.

      Kathleen Calhoun-CurrieKathleen Calhoun-Currie20 dagen geleden
    • I honestly love fallout but fallout 76 never looked like fallout until wastelanders and now I've bought it and started playing it I absolutely love it and thank you for this guide very helpful. Although when I played the free weekend last summer I did enjoy it before wastelanders and Nuke winter or whatever it's called was pretty fun as well

      T-REV 19 GamingT-REV 19 Gaming8 maanden geleden
    • @Rafael Meno you can meet people in game when you are wondering about it is better to play with people as they can help you out with certain things such as events or exploring

      Aaron GardnerAaron Gardner9 maanden geleden
    • BADCompanySarge how can I meet people to play with

      Rafael MenoRafael Meno9 maanden geleden
    • Just got the game! Excited to play!

      Death DealerDeath Dealer11 maanden geleden
  • I had many hours played, I was level 60 and then quit because it was too buggy.

    69 Porcupine69 Porcupine6 minuten geleden
  • Seems like intelligence, luck, and strength have some of the best perks for this game.

    Oopsie PoopsieOopsie Poopsie3 dagen geleden
  • This actually helped so much. U dont know how grateful I am. Tysm!

    Mathew CielavaMathew Cielava7 dagen geleden
    • Glad it helped!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 dagen geleden
  • Thank you! :)

    RatBagBoyRatBagBoy13 dagen geleden
    • No worries!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 dagen geleden
  • Just started so I gotta soak up as much info as I soon as I can

    mabel torresmabel torres13 dagen geleden
    • Hope the info helps

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 dagen geleden
  • I just don’t understand what to do I just feel overwhelmed and confused with the stuff in the game

    Shingalingadingdong •Shingalingadingdong •14 dagen geleden
    • Remove the last 8 words from that and that's just life.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 dagen geleden
  • i do luck so i can the pharma farma 1 git more meds

    D SheppardD Sheppard25 dagen geleden
  • I loved fallout 4, but its kind of dated now. I went back and tried to play it. Now that I've been playing ps5 since launch, im spoiled and I want games to look good. Ive thought abt 76 a hundred times. This video pushed me over the edge. Im gonna try it out. Great vid, mate.

    Adam HarmonAdam Harmon29 dagen geleden
    • Hope you have fun with the game

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge22 dagen geleden
  • This game sucks donkey balls. Fuck betheasda

    Vote QuimbyVote QuimbyMaand geleden
  • Great video dude.👍

    peter kingpeter kingMaand geleden
    • Thanks! 👍

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySargeMaand geleden
  • You need to make a 2.0 for 2020

    NCR Ranger ghostNCR Ranger ghostMaand geleden
    • I may well do a remake of this in early 2021. The vast majority of the info still holds true but there are a few things that could be changed and added

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySargeMaand geleden
  • My highest level characters 133 which is my main and I learned a few things from here even though I put hell of a lot of hours into this game

    OverlordVsGamingOverlordVsGamingMaand geleden
    • Glad to hear it helped

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySargeMaand geleden
  • dude update this fallout 76 went through some updates

    Matzen BlackMatzen BlackMaand geleden
  • I got this game on pre order and played since Beta (what a beta), but I stopped playing a week after launch because of all the bugs. I came back and, while still buggy, at least there are npc's. I had forgotten so much, so thanks for this extensive guide. Definitely helped me get my puny lvl 35 character back on track

    Valiant GooseValiant GooseMaand geleden
  • The struggle is real man ..

    Satellite JimSatellite JimMaand geleden
  • Why eat early game or even at all.... just get killed respawn with full stats... unless for some reason u respawn almost dead I dont see why not

    Weasel FartoodWeasel FartoodMaand geleden
  • Lol the first place I headed to was the mire

    JacobJacobMaand geleden
  • Time to do another ive been a player since day one however i have less than 70 hours because i was super disappointed on luanch day. Now ive come back cuz Steel Dawn DLC/update plz help

    Slingshot 7Slingshot 7Maand geleden
    • Anyone playing on pc add me steam jezzamouse Also if on ps4 ps5 add me jezzamouse

      JezzaMouseJezzaMouse27 dagen geleden
    • I played pre dlc on ps4 to level 100 stopped playing after being satisfied with my builds and weps ect now playing again on pc started 3days ago and new char from scratch with dlc just wow makes it how it kinda should have been ahahah loving it so farrr

      JezzaMouseJezzaMouse28 dagen geleden
    • just returned to the game myself and I'm having fun

      ChewnomiChewnomiMaand geleden
  • Good idea on the time stamps!

    Tony WilliamsTony Williams2 maanden geleden
    • Glad you think so!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySargeMaand geleden
  • Just installed this today and this was a crazy detailed video. Incredibly helpful. Thanks man!!

    Bluepower117Bluepower1172 maanden geleden
    • me too started playing yesterday and im level 11 maybe we can play together if you have xbox!

      Elijah MartinElijah Martin2 maanden geleden
  • Thank you for this because I started playing it this week and I am lost and played all the fallout games since they came out a few times but this one to me is more complicated and so I shall watch this video to help me along.

    Clive WorthClive Worth2 maanden geleden
    • Very happy to hear it's helping you out

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySargeMaand geleden
  • You're my hero

    ライカライカ2 maanden geleden
    • I hope that I'm the worst of your heroes

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySargeMaand geleden
  • I’m level 15 I’m debating re rolling from the beginning to make a melee build from the beginning . I find the ammo hunt stressfull and I’ve seen some promising builds that prove melee is super OP

    Kyle KobelKyle Kobel2 maanden geleden
  • sadly in the game there is no cure for corona virus

    Vault- TecVault- Tec2 maanden geleden
  • Dude totally earned my subscription good vocals videos and guide keep up the good work

    Paco RPaco R2 maanden geleden
  • thanks some of this i had no ideal

    Dillian StockmanDillian Stockman2 maanden geleden
  • So basiclly a fallout version of rust

    Daniel LopezDaniel Lopez3 maanden geleden
  • The ultimate gamer move is to never buy, install, or play it.

    CalbeckCalbeck3 maanden geleden
  • Why do games just throw you to the wolves and hope you figure it out? I am so lost. And SO confused

    Taylor JeanTaylor Jean3 maanden geleden
  • Tip one dont buy the game. No other tips needed.

    MuffHamMuffHam3 maanden geleden
  • If you're new to this game, a piece of advice. RUN! NOW! This is probably the worst game of Bethesda which they will regret launching for a decade. You will regret it too if you start playing it.

    BladeTheWatcherBladeTheWatcher3 maanden geleden
  • I can’t believe I watched the whole video LMFAO I remember seeing this and was like “30 minsss?! Idk chief”

    Anon RandomAnon Random3 maanden geleden
  • the best beginner guide is not to buy it. Take a free trial and judge for yourself. No seriously, You must be a avid Fan of Fallout. But don't expect Fallout. Prepare for underwhelming patches, Some glitches and a patch timeline that really doesn't fix anything.(double walls). Just don't go in expecting a well polished game. But also, I'm not a hater. Just temper your expectations and keep an open mind. If you like it, Great if you don't tell others what you don't like. Don't be afraid of people hating on you. You can still LOVE fallout and not like fallout76 at all. Many of these videos/Channels are an echo chamber of only positive and "No problems here atittude" any critic, as myself gets hate for expressing a reality of the state of the game so I see this comment being deleted but as a Fallout fan its my duty to say my peace.

    WaynewardWayneward3 maanden geleden
  • Just started, and currently I'm a very Perceptive survivor.

    Lantern's GlowLantern's Glow3 maanden geleden
  • tip I wish I knew, as there is little tutorial for your camp: to set it up you need an open, flat space far away from ANYTHING. no other camps, or actual settlements, caves, whatever. Got to out to the middle of nowhere.

    Mike ConnerMike Conner3 maanden geleden
  • I still don't understand the ability cards/specials

    ArianitOnlineArianitOnline3 maanden geleden
  • I increased charisma to have sex with girls

    fortnite LIGMAfortnite LIGMA3 maanden geleden
  • 👁 👁 👃 👄

    Niko Bellic • 15 years agoNiko Bellic • 15 years ago3 maanden geleden
  • Almost heaven

    ComradeRacoonComradeRacoon3 maanden geleden
  • Here's my guide: 1. Don't buy it 2. Don't play it

    Piotr ZającPiotr Zając3 maanden geleden
  • This game is far too much to learn. I don't have this much time. Borderlands is more my speed.

    Travis JohnsonTravis Johnson3 maanden geleden
    • I'm also a fan of the Borderlands franchise

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge3 maanden geleden
  • 16:48 calls Vault Boy Pip boy smh

    FoundationGaming 16FoundationGaming 163 maanden geleden
    • My bad, "Vault Man Pip Man". Will try to remember it for next time ;)

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge3 maanden geleden
  • u got that

    surendra babusurendra babu3 maanden geleden
    • I did get it

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge3 maanden geleden
  • Thank you for this guide! I fell in love with fallout 4 and Im finally going to try out fallout 76!

    arzy7arzy73 maanden geleden
    • Hope you enjoy it!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge3 maanden geleden
  • Is this game worth getting? I’ve read some reviews and I’ve seen people aren’t to happy. Have they fixed and updated the servers allowing for better gameplay?

    AnthonyAnthony3 maanden geleden
    • @BADCompanySarge I appreciate this response and all your content ! I look forward to starting this game thanks to you... I’ll be sure to check out your streams! Thanks again stay healthy!!

      AnthonyAnthony3 maanden geleden
    • Short answer: Yes. Long answer: The game has improved and changed so much over the past two years that it's miles different than back when it first released and most reviews came out. The game has improved in every single aspect since launch, even since this video came out. All that said, whether or not you'll enjoy it really comes down to what you want from the game. It's not a single player RPG like the previous games but you still can play it without having to have a dedicated group of friends playing, but you will be playing on servers with other people and it's always online. There's also a decent amount of grind if you want to get a high tier build done and a lot of the gameplay is repeating events, completing daily challenges and so on. But there's also two years worth of updates which include a whole new storyline, various side quests and hidden lore so there's got to be about 100 hours of unique content to get through at this point. The game is leagues better than when it launched but it's still worth doing a little research in to the current state of the game if you're on the fence. I did just finish a live stream about half an hour ago which you can skim through here if you want to see a bit of what the current game looks like: Hope this reply was helpful

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge3 maanden geleden
  • Yikes.. I didn't know that the east side of the map was deadly, I've ventured there with no problems. I guess I got lucky

    Tory NorgrantTory Norgrant3 maanden geleden
    • ​@BADCompanySarge yeah, btw thanks for the beginners guide. That helps give me a better perspective

      Tory NorgrantTory Norgrant3 maanden geleden
    • It's nowhere near as bad now that One Wasteland has dropped and scales enemies to you, but still is the risk of Scorchbeasts, Mirelurk Queens and some other big creatures which can wreck you if not prepared for them.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge3 maanden geleden
  • Great tutorial, I am a beginner, I tried playing the game and was totally baffled as soon as I left the hanger. This video has showed me the basics. Thank you so much.

    bbubba72bbubba723 maanden geleden
    • Glad it helped!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge3 maanden geleden
  • No longer a machetti, there are 2 girls. I got a pistol with 5 shots..had to beat commies to dearh, long time to get a weapin!

    David GrantDavid Grant3 maanden geleden
    • Yeah, Wastelanders added the pair in, you can convince them to give a machete at the start though, does require being nice to them

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge3 maanden geleden
  • Still lost with special

    j johnsonj johnson4 maanden geleden
  • Better guide: 1) Get to the shop. 2) Look at 76. 3) Laugh. 4) Install Fallout, 2, or New Vegas. Congratulations!

    Mortar team and a poochMortar team and a pooch4 maanden geleden
    • @Critical Role Highlights Exactly. it never hurts to rub it in, though.

      Mortar team and a poochMortar team and a pooch3 maanden geleden
    • Or, simply: "DON'T BUY THIS GAME!"

      Critical Role HighlightsCritical Role Highlights3 maanden geleden
  • Question... When crafting (anywhere)... where are the materials accessed from? My stash box? My personal inventory? Both? Does it matter where I'm crafting? My camp vs ally camp or public crafting stations?

    JardiddlyargonJardiddlyargon4 maanden geleden
  • ALWAYS BE: "Well tuned" "Well rested" *** "Kindred Spirit" "Well fed" "Well hydrated"

    JardiddlyargonJardiddlyargon4 maanden geleden
    • Kindred spirit?

      JezzaMouseJezzaMouse28 dagen geleden
  • Do you have a discord or somewhere to help new players acclimate to the game with veterans?

    Maloo2brvoMaloo2brvo4 maanden geleden
    • I do indeed, here's the link:

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge4 maanden geleden
  • Can you change the points like from luck to smart ?

    LEGO Dragon53LEGO Dragon535 maanden geleden
    • After level 50 you will be able to move your SPECIAL points around

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge5 maanden geleden
  • I’m getting the game in two weeks this helped

    Christian SpearsChristian Spears5 maanden geleden
    • Happy to hear it and hope you enjoy your time with the game

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge5 maanden geleden
  • I just bought the game as our crew has been playing this since it came out and I just jumped on this game. Thx!

    remixgodremixgod5 maanden geleden
    • Hope you're enjoying it

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge5 maanden geleden
  • You deserve a sub bro!

    Ladz AngelesLadz Angeles5 maanden geleden
    • Thanks for the sub!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge5 maanden geleden
  • Ultimate is a word used quite liberally in a lot of fallout 76 guides. This one actually is incredibly good and detailed. great work!

    NerdBurglars GamingNerdBurglars Gaming5 maanden geleden
    • Thank you very much!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge5 maanden geleden
  • What about legendary script

    blinkensnorfblinkensnorf5 maanden geleden
    • BADCompanySarge oh ok thanks I just got some from a quest and was confused

      blinkensnorfblinkensnorf5 maanden geleden
    • You get legendary scrip from daily quests and turning in legendary weapons and armor to the machines found at train stations. Isn't covered in this guide as it wasn't a thing back when this video was made.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge5 maanden geleden
  • I'm level 92 and this is the first time I've had the areas of the map explained. This will make those treasure maps a lot easier.

    Conner MccaugheyConner Mccaughey5 maanden geleden
  • It’s pronounced thirty eight, not point three eight

    Cable Guy GamingCable Guy Gaming5 maanden geleden
    • I think that’s sorta dialectical... like how music terms are all different in Europe vs everywhere else.

      Leila TumblestonLeila Tumbleston5 maanden geleden
  • Two thumbs up lad. I just started and this was the best how to start best vid I’ve seen so far.

    peter kingpeter king5 maanden geleden
  • Fuck yea thanks for the video my g💯

    Lord GlonkLord Glonk6 maanden geleden
  • Good early game crafting tip: if you're like me and usually short on lead for ammo crafting, you can find a really good farming spot at the firehouse weightroom. You can easily get over 80 lead in one haul. Just clean it out then server hop and repeat the processes until you've satisfied your personal quota. Really wish I knew about that during the early game period because it would've saved me a lot of time farming ammo the traditional way.

    big boss bob rossbig boss bob ross6 maanden geleden
  • Thank you for this. Just got the game on game pass and was a bit overwhelmed at first. Subbed 👍

    JoeJoe6 maanden geleden
    • Welcome aboard!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 maanden geleden
  • Was playing earlier with my friend, he was level 4, and I was level 8. After several deaths, we managed to kill a level 16 stunted Yao Guai, thought it was a boss and was extremely excited, I walk over and loot it, nothing good.....

    Jsjs HdishsnJsjs Hdishsn6 maanden geleden
  • Hey, new to the game here, what are the best/worst mutations?

    Jsjs HdishsnJsjs Hdishsn6 maanden geleden
    • Personally I'm very fond of Marsupial and Speed Demon as bonus movement speed and jump height are real handy.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 maanden geleden
  • So when you get to level 50+ you are able move points? Like if you had S10 P 15 E5 C9 I10 A5 L1. And you want more L so you take 5 from P and now you have P10 and L6 right????I'm new it just came out on Gamepass Three days ago so and I'm level 27 and I would like to know because I didn't know you can make builds for guns in this game so yea.

    punch 337punch 3376 maanden geleden
    • Yeah, that's how it works. Costs 1 level up per point right now though so some players will just start fresh if they feel their SPECIAL stats are too far off what they want.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 maanden geleden
  • Wish I saw this video before I jumped back in. Thank you. Great video

    Manga KiManga Ki6 maanden geleden
    • Glad it was helpful!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 maanden geleden
  • Can someone reply please Couple things he didn't go over. I thought this game was pvp as well? How does that come into play? Im lvl 10 and no one's attacked me and I've come accross alot of people. Also with the camp and my belongings, can someone come to my camp and destroy everything and take my items? If I transfer everything into the camp itself are all the items in it safe? Why do I need a stashed container when I can just put them in the camp? Also I built a small wood base and then picked my camp up under the impression it would store everything I've built, but all my wooden structures were not stored? So pvp and the camp, someone please explain and help me understand how this works See I was under the impression thus game was like ark but it seems really pve based

    Kalem MoffatKalem Moffat6 maanden geleden
    • BADCompanySarge awesome you're a legend mate 🔥🔥🔥

      Kalem MoffatKalem Moffat6 maanden geleden
    • Public Teams (which were added in the latest patch) are a good way to get a group together. I do have a Discord server which has a looking for group channel where people can leave their IGN for others to add them and team up. Here's the server:

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 maanden geleden
    • BADCompanySarge holy wow.. Thank you that's what I was chasing Holy fuck it reloads a whole new server everytime I log in? That's cool ok, thank you so much 🔥❤️ One more thing, I invite people I come across to my group but no one joins, is there an app or something I can do to join a type of clan to stay grouped with people?

      Kalem MoffatKalem Moffat6 maanden geleden
    • People can't access your STASH, which is where items are stored. Your CAMP is the physical buildings and structures you place down. STASH is linked to the character you're playing as STASH boxes will only show the items that player has stored away on that character. People can come along to your CAMP, see it all and interact with certain things (buying from vendors, taking water out of purifiers and removing resources from resource extractors). You can lock these items if you don't want people to take anything from them although they each have their own very small inventory so you're never losing out on much if someone else collects from them instead of you. The Pacifist mode setting just makes it so that you don't deal any damage when you shoot another player, helping to ensure you don't start a fight by accident. Most people have pacifist turned on all the time as there's no real downside to playing with it on. Also feel I should mention that you and your CAMP leave the world when you log out and you general log back in to a new server (new world) which will have different players and then your CAMP will try to redeploy where it was before.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge6 maanden geleden
    • BADCompanySarge thank you for the reply, the camp itself that you place first and can interact with has a 800 slot transfer storage type mechanic. Ok so if I'm just playing normal mode, not pacifist, can other players access my camp or is it like locked to them?

      Kalem MoffatKalem Moffat6 maanden geleden
  • 0:34 Special 8:04 Perk Cards 11:05 Exploration 23:17 Crafting 28:58 Equipment 32:40 Events For anyone

    LewisLewis6 maanden geleden
    • Thx!

      Mathew CielavaMathew Cielava7 dagen geleden
  • 2:49 supermutant vibing out

    MineWise McMineWise Mc6 maanden geleden
  • After playing, my first tip is to stick a few extra bucks into old Todd’s pocket, really helps you when he decides to smite everyone, but seriously this was a great guide

    LeafishLeafish6 maanden geleden
  • my r

    Mary RussellMary Russell7 maanden geleden
  • Cant wait for this game. Im still playing fallout 4 ! Loveing it.

    savagex466savagex4667 maanden geleden
  • Ah British folk ! They invented Warhammer 40k ! Godbless !

    savagex466savagex4667 maanden geleden
  • Don't forget about dangerous camps, as seen in my videos 😂

    Chris BarberChris Barber7 maanden geleden
  • This is super in depth

    Xaine's WorldXaine's World7 maanden geleden
    • Thanks man!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge7 maanden geleden
  • me with almost 1 thousand hours not knowing half the stuff. (yes I know how to level up)

    Cheese Man The last crusaderCheese Man The last crusader7 maanden geleden
    • Always nice to hear that this video is helping both new players and veterans out alike.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge7 maanden geleden
  • Hello there! May Iget this video uploaded up on a Chinese fallout 76 website? I'll add a bit more lore explaining and it and leave this video's link in the comment + at the end of the video. Will that work with you?

    Ian ZhouIan Zhou7 maanden geleden
    • @BADCompanySarge Thanks man!

      Ian ZhouIan Zhou7 maanden geleden
    • Sounds alright to me, in general as long as creators get properly credited it's fine.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge7 maanden geleden
  • Such a helpful video.. Thanka.. Subbed & liked 4 this.. Im a 1st time player so this is of great help

    Raeesa ObrayRaeesa Obray8 maanden geleden
    • Glad it helped

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge8 maanden geleden
  • After being a seasoned Fallout player but new to Fallout 76 I even found this video very helpful. NOWHERE does it say on any website that you can reallocate your SPECIAL points at level 50 and if I did not watch this video I would have to level yet a 3rd Avatar because I screwed up my SPECIAL points now twice. THIS VIDEO CHANGED THIS PERCEPTION! THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! You are a FAQ GOD!!! =)

    LoveIsTheAnswerLoveIsTheAnswer8 maanden geleden
  • I didn’t find the Machete...

    Mad DevilMad Devil8 maanden geleden
  • Don't know if u Will see this but what do I do when I'm level 20 or so and enemies from any quest and I mean any always straight up kills me and I waste so much stimpaks and the only thing I accumulated a lot r radaway and the diluted ones. Like wtf. The enemies everywhere r always 30-50 levels higher!!! And I can't even run and grab I will straight up die. And I can't really say what I really put into my character cuz I always just add anyhow but ....yea it has really discouraged me from enjoying fallout 76. But I'm gonna build a new character based on ur advice!

    Yolo ChannelYolo Channel8 maanden geleden
  • Im on XBOX and looking to join a team or discord to play together and learn. Thanks

    ꧁AQUA꧂꧁AQUA꧂8 maanden geleden
  • Some of those clips were hard to watch

    Brando P.Brando P.8 maanden geleden
  • Very helpful info, thanks!

    SaltyPandaSaltyPanda8 maanden geleden
  • Good vid bro 👍

    Rave X MusicRave X Music8 maanden geleden
  • Excellent guide for a noob like me. Subbed.

    R. W.R. W.8 maanden geleden
  • I started today and my friend game me power armor

    Gam the furryGam the furry8 maanden geleden
  • I usually like to play a game before resorting to "beginners guide videos" I hit level 12 and was just completely lost and not understanding this game, this was the first video I watched, clear, concise and very helpful, thank you.

    Luke WhiteLuke White8 maanden geleden
    • Back in the beta we didn't have any guides

      AtomicrcAtomicrc5 maanden geleden
  • I hate the new perk system, its too difficult for me to understand, all the other (3d) fallout games had simple to learn perk systems.

    N0skillx 0verkillN0skillx 0verkill8 maanden geleden
  • 2020 anyone?

    ItzNotKyle6 6ItzNotKyle6 68 maanden geleden
  • I just got the game today. No one has killed me yet, i hope they dont. We are meant to be in this experience together. 😂

    Crys CCrys C8 maanden geleden
    • @BADCompanySarge Thankyou

      Crys CCrys C8 maanden geleden
    • Will be unlikely that any players go after you. Only place to be really cautious is if you lockpick stuff at someones CAMP or take over a workshop.

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge8 maanden geleden
  • Most frustrating thing about this game is doing the quests. Right now I'm stuck at the Blackwater Mine doing "Key to the Past". I can't get past it as a level 25 because all the enemies are level 40 glowing mole miners. And the guy I need to get the thing from is a glowing level 58. The only person having fun is my level 52 friend because he can actually kill these things, if I'm not with him it feels like I can't move ahead in the game. I encounter more higher level enemies than lower ones. I once was doing another quest in an area that was full of level 1 robots but then was killed by a random level 62 colonel gutsy.

    JustaKoreanGuyJustaKoreanGuy8 maanden geleden
  • very detailed, thank you very much.

    Dave Blackfoot DruryDave Blackfoot Drury8 maanden geleden
    • You are welcome!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge8 maanden geleden
  • Coming back to fallout 76 after having played only a little long time bck. Was looking for a comprehensive guide on specials and perk cards. Thanks

    SikkimeseSikkimese8 maanden geleden
    • Glad I could help!

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge8 maanden geleden
  • what pants is your character wearing? lol i want them. also im playing this for the first time on my channel anyone is welcome to come check it out!

    CybercropolisCybercropolis8 maanden geleden
  • Thank you so much

    Eric BeaverEric Beaver8 maanden geleden
    • You're most welcome

      BADCompanySargeBADCompanySarge8 maanden geleden