The Rules for Rulers

24 okt. 2016
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Adapted from 'The Dictator's Handbook':
Part 2:
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  • u missed the point. the goal is not to be leader for as long as possible but to reign the best you can

    RejectedRejected12 uur geleden
  • In short try to become a Key rather than Ruler.

    Rushabh PatelRushabh Patel17 uur geleden
  • See the problem with this theory is that it assumes that Keys are smart and realize that it is in their benefit to increase the productivity of people so that they in turn can become rich. There are plenty of countries without natural resources where Keys think short term and are happy with some amount of wealth without doing anything to increase productivity of people that would in turn make them rich.

    Rushabh PatelRushabh Patel17 uur geleden
  • Alright guys, I know how to achieve the utopia, all I need is to remove the existence of gain for everyone.

    Mete MehmetoğluMete Mehmetoğlu17 uur geleden
  • I will go to Antarctica to rule there , penguin republic

    Sangram RoutSangram RoutDag geleden
  • I am going to make Another account to like this video :-)❤️

    Sangram RoutSangram RoutDag geleden
  • What if you are the keys

    WarThiefWarThiefDag geleden
  • Now, what is the rulers for rulers for rules?

    eseopueseopu2 dagen geleden
  • What you're talking about in 14:40 is exactly what happened in Cuba.

    Ryan RodriguezRyan Rodriguez2 dagen geleden
  • Socialists should see that to understand why. Socialism. Never. Works. And the defenders of democracy, to understand why the goverment is always the problem. Which is why only an Ancap society can truly bring freedom and prosperity.

    Karl QuetzacoatlKarl Quetzacoatl2 dagen geleden
    • @Kyle Davis Yes, but Ancap societies are DECENTRALIZED. Why are democracies better than dictatorships? Because power is spread out. And in an Ancap society, even more so. Look, we Ancaps dont promisse the utopia. Nor do we deny the existance of hierarchies. The ones who do that are the commies, because they live in lunacyland. What we promisse is 1) freedom and 2) descentralization. Sure, you'll still have power grabs over businesses and whatnots. But those wont involve the entire fate of society. Also, all those power structures will have to COMPETE with other power structures and actually DELIVER something. Just like in a democracy you have to give SOMETHING to your voters groups, in Ancap you have to deliver to your clients - difference being that, you dont want simply to please 50% +1 of your clients, because the more you can please, THE BETTER. In a democracy, it's even PREFERABLE to alienate some groups, if that means getting more support from others. The result is the western world - right wing politicians alienate left wing voters in order to get maximum political capital with right wing voters, and left wing politicians do exactly the same but in reverse. This so called "cultural war" is no accident, it's a direct byproduct of democracy. Inevitably, this system will end up with people calling each other as either "fascists" or "communists", with zero room for compromise. In Ancap however, all power structures - ie businesses - on the other hand, revolves around attracting the most people to your side, with no utter most limit.

      Karl QuetzacoatlKarl Quetzacoatl2 dagen geleden
    • if you think this wouldnt apply to the power that rises in Ancap societies you arent paying attention.

      Kyle DavisKyle Davis2 dagen geleden
  • This is definitely worth watching periodically in life just to put things in perspective

    Stanley MalbroughStanley Malbrough2 dagen geleden
  • Information. The most important key of the 21st century, only truly discovered in the 21st century. The key that can transform this whole thing into a more benevolent pursuit of happiness.

    Ryan PorterRyan Porter2 dagen geleden
  • The democracy part is just Vladimir Putin's strategy

    Mahbub Malek SyedMahbub Malek Syed3 dagen geleden
  • This is a norm it's not a rule. The jungle rule is gradually shifting towards civilized we are at democracy. The next will be meritocracy.

    ManyuManyu3 dagen geleden
    • @N V thanks for the reply. Yes skill and competency based for sure. Because inevitably in future with internet majority of people will aquire knowledge and wisdom like you and will not be fooled by the few who rule.

      ManyuManyu2 dagen geleden
    • Meritocracy - the holding of power by people selected according to merit. But that depends on what is considered meritorious... If the merit is Skill based and Competency then great! Every other iteration ends in corruption or ineffectiveness, starvation by people incompetent in their work/policies etc. "gradually shifting towards..." Change does not always equal improvement. What comes next can be better or worse. As plenty of great civilizations have come and gone.

      N VN V2 dagen geleden
  • I am glad I live in a democracy. And I want to be it’s dictator.

    Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. existBoibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist3 dagen geleden
  • What about no ruler?

    Florian LeprinceFlorian Leprince3 dagen geleden
    • Without a ruler you have no country. "A ruler" really doesn't have to be a single person, same rules apply to parlaments.

      jort93zjort93z3 dagen geleden
  • Cool

    Bethany ArganbrightBethany Arganbright3 dagen geleden
  • And suddenly, there were thousands of new countries created.

    Jim Bob The firstJim Bob The first3 dagen geleden
  • 15:20 Wrong conclusion. Not every revolt is based on monetary aspects.

    Jeed92Jeed923 dagen geleden
    • @jort93z I wont argue with you, you clearly think you figured it all out and make stupid assumptions about me or about what I write. I dont know why people like you communicate at all. Why would anyone listen to someone like you. I definetly wont. goodbye.

      Jeed92Jeed923 dagen geleden
    • @Jeed92 He explained it. 10:15 onwards. If you've got the army in your pocket there won't be any revolts, you can just have all of them shot. In dictatorships, you don't care about the people living in your country. Dictatorships only go down when the key supporters dislike the leader, thats usually the army. Military coups. I don't think you understood half the video.

      jort93zjort93z3 dagen geleden
    • @jort93z Some revolts are about how you are being treated, like in dictatorships, others are about leaders who pretend to serve the public but dont, etc. etc. You dont understand our finance system if you think everyone can have enough money to gain freedom, but its also wrong to say you can only have freedom if you have enough money.

      Jeed92Jeed923 dagen geleden
    • What other reasons are there? Don't tell me freedom, If you have money, you automatically gain freedom. Through bribing, or smuggling, or whatever. Money is power, power gives you freedom, as the whole video has explained.

      jort93zjort93z3 dagen geleden
  • You forget to mention all of this only works if you manipulate the "masses". Only then all of this works.

    Jeed92Jeed923 dagen geleden
    • @N V But it will never come, because people who are in power want to change nothing, and those who create our wealth suffer. This is all because of our debt based money system which is corrupt to its core. Thats why schools dont teach you anything about money, even though its the center of our entire society.

      Jeed92Jeed922 dagen geleden
    • Civilisation requires masses. Its how it works. But even then the same dynamics can be at the community garden, anywhere money and leadership combine. Better transparency is what's needed.

      N VN V2 dagen geleden
  • At 16:26, if that could be the case, then could you explain Norway and its oil situation? I don't know how much it tipped the balance of their GDP, but I can imagine that it must've been quite a lot.

    MelvinMelvin3 dagen geleden
  • Democracy = lower taxes Looking at Denmark and The Netherlands, I doubt that. Even with the rebates.

    MelvinMelvin3 dagen geleden
    • Aren't they circle funneled

      John DoeJohn Doe3 dagen geleden
  • That is a Republic, not a Democracy.

    Joel PettlonJoel Pettlon3 dagen geleden
    • A republic can be a democracy. Democracy means the general population rules, through votes and stuff. A republic literally is any country without a monarch(so democracies or dictatorships for example, both are republics) Otherwise, why would they have called east germany the german democratic republic?

      jort93zjort93z3 dagen geleden
  • Would a programmer king work in concept? Like a king whose specialty is programming, and hires temporary specialist advisors to configure programs that run sectors of his Kingdom

    Inunexceptable conditionInunexceptable condition3 dagen geleden
  • What about the final athenian constitution, except everyone can vote, and everyone has legislative, and instead of 6,000 votes, it was 50% of the population? What would the Archon do to keep power?

    Balaram ChakrabartyBalaram Chakrabarty3 dagen geleden
  • 6:52 (the 2020 election in a nutshell)

    JusTh1nkinJusTh1nkin4 dagen geleden
  • I Love how this is relevant every 4 years.

    Tim WhitmanTim Whitman4 dagen geleden
  • Imagine being the rule... I mean the president of EEUU...?!😅 Poor Donald... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3dgar 7eandro3dgar 7eandro4 dagen geleden
  • Why I'm watching this...😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3dgar 7eandro3dgar 7eandro4 dagen geleden
  • This Man flamed the gen z social rejects 4 years in advance

    That guy Q-DogThat guy Q-Dog4 dagen geleden
  • ... Was "something similiar" vespine gas..?

    SariondilSariondil4 dagen geleden
  • 7:45 Unless you are trying to sway the vote of the parents of those youths. Just a small detail i thought was important.

    Jaidan BrashierJaidan Brashier4 dagen geleden
    • What parents ask their kids about which party to vote for? lol.

      jort93zjort93z3 dagen geleden
  • this video had no right going as hard as it did

    CJ EvansCJ Evans4 dagen geleden
  • Term Limits!

    Susanne TalleySusanne Talley4 dagen geleden
  • My home Australia is a democracy but we have the highest tax in the world .

    The Nerdy Gamer!!!The Nerdy Gamer!!!4 dagen geleden
  • 0:25 I love how Grey put Admiral Aladeen in second place 🤣

    Mundo GameplayMundo Gameplay4 dagen geleden
  • This is awesome, a great educational video, a depressing video, a reflection about human behavior video. An audio visual masterpiece

    Julián LópezJulián López5 dagen geleden
  • Grey makes the only stick figure videos that I come back to year after year

    KiraKira5 dagen geleden
  • Rules rules

    Doge memeDoge meme5 dagen geleden
  • O

    ReichtangalReichtangal5 dagen geleden
  • Could these tips be used not so after country wise but perhaps business or company wise?

    Donovan FoxDonovan Fox5 dagen geleden
    • Um, did you watch the full video while not doing some multitasking which may have taken your focus away? Your question is clearly answered in the video.

      naejinnaejin4 dagen geleden
  • It's a power game. The game of thrones

    Steffen JensenSteffen Jensen5 dagen geleden
  • Y'all saw him with the wink switching from a crown to a hat right?

    Grand Master YodaGrand Master Yoda5 dagen geleden
  • Instructions unclear,accidently casued a fatal civil war.

    Bleach WithmentosBleach Withmentos5 dagen geleden
  • I think that this vid. served as Donald Trump's sole study-book for understanding politics. He certainly thought that spending money on the people's needs was a waste, and this saw the whole nation devastated during the 2020 pandemic.

    Diane O'DonovanDiane O'Donovan5 dagen geleden
  • 8:26 how to rule in a democracy: become a dictator

    gufo sufogufo sufo5 dagen geleden
  • You basically said that government is place where is evil grows

    mxp officialmxp official5 dagen geleden
  • jesus christ

    DuckDuck5 dagen geleden
  • All this video has done is show me that leadership is an exercise in futility Because you're not going to have the resources to do what you want to do by the time you're done giving it to the Keys for their loyalty And what is the point in power if you don't get an opportunity to use it to achieve what you wanted to achieve

    themanicmanthemanicman5 dagen geleden
    • 1. Wealth. Even after allocating most of it to your "keys", you can still set aside a tidy sum for yourself - whether it be millions as the dictator of a nation, or a $100K salary as a politician in a democracy. 2. Power. 1984's O'Brien was only half-right when he said that the object of power is power. Power can be a means to achieve other things - whether it be wealth, or social change, "to achieve what you wanted to achieve". But power can also be an end - not for everyone, not for all personalities. But there can be a base pleasure to be had in both possessing and exercising the ability to control the actions and fates of others. Obviously, as the video says, there is no such thing as absolute power - but having some power is better than having little power. 3. Poor understanding. It's probably quite easy to see the ruling position as easier and cushier than it really is, so people pursue it enthusiastically. Easier to blow up trains than to make them run on time, so the saying goes. It's only when they get to the top that they realise it's not all it's cracked up to be. But it's still a pretty decent position - and often stepping down is infeasible - so they stay.

      gurgle166gurgle1664 dagen geleden
    • it made me feel a little better about all the stupid things that politicians do to waste money.

      rifz42rifz425 dagen geleden
  • This probably the most banned video in controlling countries on youtube. lol

    Henry WeintraubHenry Weintraub5 dagen geleden
  • Why does NLworld warn me that this video "Includes paid promotion"?! Some robot somewhere is confused by this script, methinks.

    Peter JerdePeter Jerde6 dagen geleden
    • It is not done automatically, he selected it. Check the description. The whole thing advertises a book.

      jort93zjort93z3 dagen geleden
  • Deep. Man. Deep.

    Luter AltedralLuter Altedral6 dagen geleden
  • I can confirm that, I play Crusader Kings 3.

    MurffistMurffist6 dagen geleden
  • Then we get taken out via climate change.... least most if not all. Woo! Nature breaking da cycle.

    Yah huaaYah huaa6 dagen geleden
  • Anybody notice the bitcoins

    Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. existBoibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist6 dagen geleden
  • House Of Cards version real life

    Brenno VianaBrenno Viana6 dagen geleden
  • My youth has gone now.

    Gandy dancerGandy dancer6 dagen geleden
  • I wonder where communism falls between the dictator-democracy spectrum.

    Weifeng ZhouWeifeng Zhou6 dagen geleden
    • Russia? North Korea? China? Cuba? All examples?

      naejinnaejin4 dagen geleden
  • Thats why we need mire idealism; especially when it comes to potential key supporters.

    Martin MartinMartin Martin6 dagen geleden
  • why do i feel like this is king henry the third giving me a lesson?

    XanBladeXanBlade6 dagen geleden
  • How to explain Norway then? They found oil and used the resources to become a strong welfare state, to benefit the citizens.

    AganomnomAganomnom6 dagen geleden
    • Small, homogenous, egalitarian society.

      14miki14miki4 dagen geleden
  • Surely someone from this 11 million viewers must be a future leader.....

    SFRSFR6 dagen geleden
  • My discord server in a nutshell

    Unifart 5Unifart 56 dagen geleden
  • New Facts video in 2 hours! Recovered from the little burnout I got from October, gettin' back in the groove, let's get learnt

    Raymond HaRaymond Ha6 dagen geleden
  • Communism?

    Rose AnneRose Anne6 dagen geleden
    • Russia? North Korea? China? Cuba?

      naejinnaejin4 dagen geleden
  • "Corruption is such an old song that we can all sing along in Harmony"

    Rose AnneRose Anne6 dagen geleden
  • For the democracy one this is why you vote for everyone don't just vote for yourself you may be a white sis heterosexual man but everyone's not a white man there are trans people there are gay people there are children you're not the only one in this world do you have to vote for everyone I don't care who you vote for when you vote with everyone especially people can't vote in mind

    Rose AnneRose Anne6 dagen geleden
    • I disagree. You should vote for yourself, and the trans and gay people should vote for themselfs. Everyone should look what they want from the government, not what others might want.

      jort93zjort93z3 dagen geleden
  • "So much wealth your kingdom produces" *Laughs in fiscal deficit*

    TomiTomi6 dagen geleden
  • Maybe you should research on Leadership of Prophet Muhammad pbuh,

    Andrian Fathurohman PermanaAndrian Fathurohman Permana6 dagen geleden
  • I will set up a dictatorship and enslave the world

    your overlordyour overlord7 dagen geleden
  • sooo...subconsciously, bitcoin is gold

    michael maxmichael max7 dagen geleden
  • Anyone who complains about how democracy is bad because “The average person isn’t smart enough to choose their leader” needs to watch this video.

    uhlan30uhlan307 dagen geleden
  • I feel like Scandinavia doesn't really fit into this video...

    Sarah BalslevSarah Balslev7 dagen geleden
  • No, It does NOT mean, we have to take the EVIL path. BULLSHIT BRAIN WASHING

    monicas madhousemonicas madhouse7 dagen geleden

    RavidRavid7 dagen geleden
  • This is literally a perfect explanation. Couldn't be more well said.

    Captain ChickyCaptain Chicky7 dagen geleden
  • The whole problem of maintaining the keys to power would be much easier if the keys were not money minded going to the side which gives the most money instead has a motive to make the country they live in a great place.

    Ez_playz16Ez_playz167 dagen geleden
  • Wait...I tried the dictatorship. People got angry and got overthrowed. All your fault.

    Braden LamBraden Lam7 dagen geleden
  • Well thats horrifying. Who wants to start a commune?

    PR PPR P7 dagen geleden
  • Governers make things better because they were elected.

    Raven BHRaven BH7 dagen geleden
  • Now I wonder what the Metes for Meters are...

    konopikonopi8 dagen geleden
  • Me playing CK2 in a nutshell

    Hyunsung JungHyunsung Jung8 dagen geleden
    • For those who are curious, crusader kings 2 is a medieval grand strategy game where you have to satisfy your vassals in order to keep power. Screw merit, assign positions by power and loyalty

      Hyunsung JungHyunsung Jung8 dagen geleden
  • instructions unclear became a locksmith

    KoltyboltyKoltybolty8 dagen geleden
  • For altis

    Ivan MaximoffIvan Maximoff8 dagen geleden
  • I think grey would make an amazing bad guy

    Pineapple PlayerPineapple Player8 dagen geleden
  • Huh, so we're at times where there a tutorials for rullers... That's kinda concerning, I suppose.

    Jakub DąbkowskiJakub Dąbkowski8 dagen geleden
  • The world is even more rotten than I thought.

    さくらさくら8 dagen geleden
  • How does China work then? Doesn’t most of their money come from labor?

    Connor WilcoxConnor Wilcox8 dagen geleden
  • 7:57 But when they grow up? And when the dictator runs out of ressources

    Seriöser NameSeriöser Name8 dagen geleden
  • This was the most enjoyable thing I've watched ..

    Ahmad KmailAhmad Kmail8 dagen geleden
  • Me: Can I like the video. My brain and eyes: You allready did. Me: Can I do it again.

    Fabian LieretFabian Lieret8 dagen geleden
    • i also saved the video so i dont forget about it

      Siddhant GargSiddhant Garg2 dagen geleden
  • CGPG's Country uses bitcoin as currency, *MAKES SENSE TO ME*

    ExtraGoose AnimationsExtraGoose Animations8 dagen geleden
  • Why does it says includes paid promotion?

    Triston TorresTriston Torres8 dagen geleden
  • ALTIS!

    Tommy The BurritoTommy The Burrito9 dagen geleden
  • So Hillary...

    interloopinterloop9 dagen geleden
  • I remember something like this in Fable 3, where you overthrew the "corrupt" king but found yourself having to make many of the same choices, if not worse, than him in order to protect the country. Made me rethink my view of politicians that day.

    ZehDerpZehDerp9 dagen geleden
  • Sadly democracy is inherently extremely inefficient and horrible horrible for the economy compared to what it could be. It needs to be reworked. I think the key to solving this is making millions of me clones since I trust myself and can't trust others similarly. And then ill rewamp the system with the help of everyone intelligent. I actually have plenty of fantastic ideas so is anyone here able to clone me ? Who wouldn't want all the best economical circumstances set in place that promote growth of the citizens welfare, a rewamp to make the justice system actually just, an education system geared towards free critical thinking and exploring of individuals strenghts instead of a uniform biased government run education? if you clone me you'll get plenty of small government after a period of total control where laws are redone ignoring stupid politicians and elected idiots and instead pulled trough by direct informed votes in the population. The clones are necessary to protect from anti freedom countries like USA who'd probably invade or nuke us since a revolution of democracy would spread and eventually overthrow their two party oligopoly .so we need a few million clones of which many will spread across the world and forming secret groups in foreign countries to work as a deterrent from invasion. We also need to infiltrate google and other monopoly companies who's interests are strictly against free market policies as they want to keep competitors out. So most likely they'd all try assasinating the original me or defaming me or both therefore again underlying the importance of having millions of me clones. Alternatively send me to the moon and Hand me an arsenal of nukes so I can rule from the moon without being murdered. any objections? please spread the word im looking for some mad scientists who will help me do this

    Till SchwenkeTill Schwenke9 dagen geleden
  • "Foolishness, Dante, foolishness. Might controls everything, and without strength, you cannot protect anything - let alone, yourself."

    SciShaneSciShane9 dagen geleden
    • unexpected devil may cry

      soupersouper3 dagen geleden
  • Who’s here because they just won the elections?

    phil nightjarphil nightjar9 dagen geleden
  • This is a problem. I understand why a developing nation is almost never become a advanced nation -Sory For Bad English

    Abiyyu AHAbiyyu AH9 dagen geleden