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  • He’s basically doing the one chest challenge

    Peter FreygangPeter Freygang16 uur geleden
  • I’m bad at fortnite

    David GomezSanchezDavid GomezSanchez2 dagen geleden
  • 8:57 141 to 200 hours?

    Terence TerryTerence Terry4 dagen geleden
  • Ok

    happy duckhappy duck4 dagen geleden
  • wow

    happy duckhappy duck4 dagen geleden
  • Yeet

    Jess LucksJess Lucks4 dagen geleden
  • Fresh gets 2 kills with AK:maybe I’m popping off

    Cashy VibesCashy Vibes7 dagen geleden
  • 😐

    Michelle RomeroMichelle Romero9 dagen geleden
  • magicly got to full health

    Andrew BuntingAndrew Bunting10 dagen geleden
    • He used slurp truck DUH🙄

      Cat NationCat Nation8 dagen geleden
  • clickbait

    Andrew BuntingAndrew Bunting10 dagen geleden
  • Mr fresh I don't use your code in the shop but I turned notifications on and I'm subscribed

    Marleen PollokMarleen Pollok12 dagen geleden
  • Bruh this guy had 3 minis how did he get above 50 shield😐

    Samuel McsweeneySamuel Mcsweeney12 dagen geleden
    • Slurp truck

      Cat NationCat Nation8 dagen geleden
  • What pmac

    Janine LordJanine Lord13 dagen geleden
  • Fresh: pickles! Chandler: get this guy out of here

    Mark YohanaMark Yohana13 dagen geleden
  • Fresh: pickles! Chandler: get this guy out of here

    Mark YohanaMark Yohana13 dagen geleden
  • 3:53 reminds me about the song fortnite kinda dieing idk why

    Erica BissenErica Bissen14 dagen geleden

    Darkness610Darkness61014 dagen geleden
  • Shi Hi Hi r u

    Satish KotinadhuniSatish Kotinadhuni14 dagen geleden
  • Amazing video!!! ❤️love your channel!

    Little Miss MiseryLittle Miss Misery14 dagen geleden
  • Amazing video!

    Little Miss MiseryLittle Miss Misery14 dagen geleden
  • 4 weeks later 🤣

    Mario PlaysGamesMario PlaysGames19 dagen geleden
  • Laser beam cracked at fortnite >

    legend gamer starlegend gamer star20 dagen geleden
  • Fresh god

    Tieran StullTieran Stull21 dag geleden
  • You Cheated how could you get to 100 when you had 53:/

    Simon PattrozaSimon Pattroza21 dag geleden

    TomTalksGamesTomTalksGames21 dag geleden
  • This is so so funny I love your vids

    Onele TotiOnele Toti21 dag geleden
  • Fresh: im not that scary i only got a purple pistol Me: Your scary with a pickaxe

    Fortnite GodFortnite God22 dagen geleden
  • The pickle chest: pmac returns

    MyNansCheeseGr8rMyNansCheeseGr8r23 dagen geleden
  • 1v1 sypherpk

    Typical Tyler And jakeTypical Tyler And jake23 dagen geleden
  • Yes

    Julie GlassonJulie Glasson24 dagen geleden
  • Fresh is cracked

    Benjamin CarpenterBenjamin Carpenter24 dagen geleden
  • Egg

    Pigeon MeatballPigeon Meatball25 dagen geleden
  • Thanks fresh

    Hanaa MalikHanaa Malik25 dagen geleden
  • Then 8:55 AGAIN HE CHEATED

    Kdawgz.Kdawgz.25 dagen geleden
  • 8:00 see his health then it becomes 100 health,that measn HE CHEATED

    Kdawgz.Kdawgz.25 dagen geleden
  • Do a game with no mats

    Grandpamike21 RichardsGrandpamike21 Richards25 dagen geleden
  • Fresh why are you obsessed with pickles

    Ruby RowbothamRuby Rowbotham25 dagen geleden
  • Was here before 3 mil pog

    Fred BanegasFred Banegas26 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations

    Hamster BakugouHamster Bakugou26 dagen geleden
  • How do you edit and Build so well. do you practice if you do how?

    Gabriel GierhahnGabriel Gierhahn27 dagen geleden
  • Lol he was fighting “robots” while the robo recall song was playing

    memeusmemeus27 dagen geleden
  • Pickle air drop

    Dafox 230Dafox 23027 dagen geleden
  • Why did you not upgrade the vepone

    SMAK gamingSMAK gaming27 dagen geleden
  • At 2:58 how did he get 100 100

    sportjames22sportjames2228 dagen geleden
  • 5:42 is mega pickle, it’s all green loot

    Corrupted fire 2.0Corrupted fire 2.028 dagen geleden
  • 2:25 pickle car

    Corrupted fire 2.0Corrupted fire 2.028 dagen geleden
  • How did you get the 50 shield

    Miles_0346Miles_034628 dagen geleden
  • i have so many questions

    Rowe Kenneth A.Rowe Kenneth A.28 dagen geleden
  • Help this video is chaos

    FAT MOVIEFAT MOVIE29 dagen geleden
  • Я первый

    FAT MOVIEFAT MOVIE29 dagen geleden
  • This makes me wish the cold war had gone somewhere

    M. Hammons KevinM. Hammons Kevin29 dagen geleden
  • Nagyon szépen

    M. Hammons KevinM. Hammons Kevin29 dagen geleden
  • E

    Raz editzRaz editz29 dagen geleden
  • Fresh I'm a fan but I'm using fresh in the item shop 😊🥰

    Mayah DaigleMayah DaigleMaand geleden
  • epic

    BenA_SealBenA_SealMaand geleden
  • I was gonna say heavy shotgun👀👀😅😂🤣

    Flare ClanFlare ClanMaand geleden
  • Pickle park

    Amanda DarbyAmanda DarbyMaand geleden
  • and i love the chaenjish

    Alex BurnsAlex BurnsMaand geleden

    Alex BurnsAlex BurnsMaand geleden
  • This is the remodeled version of the one chest challinge

    ShrimpyShrimpyMaand geleden
  • Gg to you

    Krosby JackmanKrosby JackmanMaand geleden
  • I Love your vids

    Mars PlayzMars PlayzMaand geleden
  • Didn’t know he filmed his intros in battle lab

    Nathan ClarkNathan ClarkMaand geleden
  • Ooo that's a good one

    VenrowVenrowMaand geleden
  • How are you getting Heath 🤔🤔

    BIGFOOT GamingBIGFOOT GamingMaand geleden
  • Qwit

    Rory BeeRory BeeMaand geleden
  • Fresh:winning with only one weapon and a consumable/healables (dunno know what it is called) fresh winning Me:have gold weapons and the loot me still losses.

    Logan BernardLogan BernardMaand geleden
  • 8:55 he goes from 50 sheild and 91 health to 200?

    sauwaggar ssauwaggar sMaand geleden
  • You know Fresh hangs out with father lazarbeam too much when he starts talking like him XD

    ScarletSkyGScarletSkyGMaand geleden
  • THY.... PICKLE MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Karlos SmodeKarlos SmodeMaand geleden
  • Nick 30 is the best

    Deb GiblinDeb GiblinMaand geleden
  • This is fake

    Cole LawsonCole LawsonMaand geleden
  • Pickel skin

    Shan KaranShan KaranMaand geleden
  • Code fresh

    Shan KaranShan KaranMaand geleden
  • Explane how he got a big pot

    X_xle42 Yxle63X_xle42 Yxle63Maand geleden
  • Pmack really needs to comment on a vid

    Psycho725ツPsycho725ツMaand geleden
  • 5:47 it’s the pickle chest because it has a green gun and a green consumable

    Ultímate HavicUltímate HavicMaand geleden
  • Why pickle chest

    Thomas ProThomas ProMaand geleden
  • Yea

    Maganbhai PatelMaganbhai PatelMaand geleden
  • PMack is the legenddddd

    Dylan PetraskaDylan PetraskaMaand geleden
  • Why did the dummy skin just take the L on fresh!?!

    EmanEmanMaand geleden
  • Do the pickle loot challenge

    LOPSNLOPSNMaand geleden
  • fresh gets a shotgun the lobby: why do I hear boss music mccreamy gets a sniper (hunting or lever) the lobby: why do I hear boss music

    Husky GlitchHusky GlitchMaand geleden
  • What’s up guys YES! 👍

    Hargun SinghHargun SinghMaand geleden
  • That was me who kiled him first

    fazejake200iqfazejake200iqMaand geleden
    • @Itachi Uchiha ye because that my name

      fazejake200iqfazejake200iqMaand geleden
    • R U sure about that?

      Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaMaand geleden
  • New challenge idea, you can only loot 1 chest and you must use that to get a kill after your kills you can only use guns that the other person has. YOU MUST SWITCH EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE SAME GUN because they may have had less ammo. If so you need to use the gun that had less ammo. If you happen to kill someone with no loot you choose what you are worst with in your load out and keep that. All other item must be thrown away. Note: Consumable cannot be used after kill if you picked them up before the kill, and Traps, Ammo, building materials, etc all stay in your inventory, that is a bit hard to track

    Halo916Halo916Maand geleden
  • Dang who else is hungry after watching this?

    Parker's LifeParker's LifeMaand geleden
  • Fortnite is trash roblox took over u should play it

    Kruz BalciunasKruz BalciunasMaand geleden
  • Imagine P-Mack is lazarbeam or ilsa

    Matthew FankahMatthew FankahMaand geleden
  • 6:52 fresh: welp ive already lost all my shield Me: but you still have one shield

    Gamer JackAttackGamer JackAttackMaand geleden
  • Fresh how are you so good?

    Ender 908Ender 908Maand geleden
  • So just the 1 chest challenge

    Fire BopFire BopMaand geleden
  • grey pistols don’t come out of chests🤫

    SM FlipsSM FlipsMaand geleden
  • Can you take the pickel drop?

    Lars BjørkumLars BjørkumMaand geleden
  • Gooooo PMac!!!

    Evan WittEvan WittMaand geleden
  • Next time do it in arena

    Amy LutzAmy LutzMaand geleden
  • Try the pickle supply box plz if you like my idea tell me

    MaddieMaddieMaand geleden
  • Think if the pmac is lannan!

    Pranav PrajyotPranav PrajyotMaand geleden
  • do pickle supply drop

    pancake16pancake16Maand geleden
  • S

    Layek AhmedLayek AhmedMaand geleden