The Lumineers - The Ballad Of Cleopatra

27 apr. 2017
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Cleopatra is the brand new album from The Lumineers
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Music video by The Lumineers performing The Ballad Of Cleopatra. (C) 2017 The Lumineers, under exclusive licence to Decca, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd

  • Una completa obra de arte. Excelente por donde se mire. Cada canción transmite mucho junto a su video realmente increíble.

    Roberto Alonso Ortega OrellanaRoberto Alonso Ortega OrellanaUur geleden
  • Probably the best series of musical videos that I’ve ever seen. Pure Magic!!

    Ivan MantillaIvan Mantilla8 uur geleden
  • Why is the video titled "The Ballad Of Cleopatra" when the song's name is "Ophelia"? So confused

    Kataklizmic DesignKataklizmic Design10 uur geleden
  • Esse álbum tem uma importância tão grande na minha existência que mexe com toda sorte de sentimentos que existem no meu íntimo.

    Ana Karolina SouzaAna Karolina Souza13 uur geleden
  • still waiting to have this 24 mins. Songs on SPOTIFY ❤️

    M. CM. C19 uur geleden
  • This is what a masterpiece looks like

  • Brought me to Life I love you guyz

    Samantha ParkerSamantha ParkerDag geleden
  • Przepiękny teledysk!

    Monika Rgw-eMMonika Rgw-eMDag geleden
  • its a bit different to the most recent sparks family one

    EggEgg2 dagen geleden
  • Melhor álbum do mundo.❤️❤️❤️

    any Queirozany Queiroz2 dagen geleden
  • 14/05/2021 (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ❤❤☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

    Tania Rodriguez BenitesTania Rodriguez Benites2 dagen geleden
  • the piano solo at the end just perfectly hits the aftermath

    trashboattrashboat3 dagen geleden
  • i live this whole set. i really love that closing piano piece. such harmony

    TheUntouchableTheUntouchable3 dagen geleden
  • .

    Sayyid FayadhSayyid Fayadh3 dagen geleden
  • this is the song of ophelia no?

    Paula Gascón CruzPaula Gascón Cruz3 dagen geleden
  • im not crying, you are.

    BEAST MODEBEAST MODE3 dagen geleden
  • I rarely leave comments on videos or anything online but this... this reminds me of a lot of things, both beautiful and sad. If given another chance, I want to go back to those times and cherish every second of it. I do hope you are happy and safe now. Bless, always.

    olrac peaceolrac peace4 dagen geleden
  • What a masterpiece!

    Guillermo LópezGuillermo López6 dagen geleden
  • magnificent

    Franco NovoaFranco Novoa6 dagen geleden
  • I`ve fell in tears at every story. I love you, guys!

    Александр НовиковАлександр Новиков6 dagen geleden
  • emozione pura

    HIKAROHIKARO6 dagen geleden
  • Hermoso. ❤👍🏻

    luis antonio torres aburtoluis antonio torres aburto7 dagen geleden
  • пацаны, это хуйня полнейшая

    Daniel FinchDaniel Finch7 dagen geleden
  • Apreciar la vida, darle el sentido que queramos, no lo que nos hacen creer que debe ser. Sos joven como yo? Un adolescente? Un adulto? Un anciano? No importa!! Solo decide, nada es bueno ni malo, pensar que lo es lo vuelve de esa forma. La vida es más simple de lo que pensamos. Vivamos de acuerdo a nuestro hermoso ser.

    Gerbin CastroGerbin Castro7 dagen geleden
  • listening this album has been part of my daily routine :D

    Abhi_ SthAbhi_ Sth8 dagen geleden
  • That's my husband! 11:27 💕😁💥

    Samantha ParkerSamantha Parker8 dagen geleden
  • Really?? This ballad is my favourite songs. But always i believed that this love story was real. Now i feel like i m disappointed :(

    Gözde KılıçGözde Kılıç8 dagen geleden
  • My hearth is so, so broken, i cannot endure the pain, they kill us, they lie, they ignore our screems, just ten days ago i was just a normal human, but now, I'm just waiting the day the police kill me just like they did with my fellows, music help me to calm down and let the feelings go, but i can't stop hearing helicopters and mothers screeming "my son" "they took my son's life" that shit destroy. I hope someone read me and understand we are not fighting for a tax reform, we are fighting against a hole government full of corrupcy and the blood of the innocents

    Amelie ShadowAmelie Shadow9 dagen geleden
  • @13.35 Did anybody else think this was George Clooney?

    Nathan CohenNathan Cohen9 dagen geleden
  • ive watched this many times over the years, but today my daughter wanted me to show her music. and i explained to her how amazing this entire story is. and she loved it, along with my son. so much so, that she asked me to leave a comment stating that she loves it

    Sebastian GiraldoSebastian Giraldo9 dagen geleden
  • This is MASTERPIECE.

    LhanderVillamarLhanderVillamar10 dagen geleden
  • I hate this for making me cry out in pain ouch

    Khajiit LynxKhajiit Lynx10 dagen geleden
  • Freaking ART!

    Guilty BatGuilty Bat10 dagen geleden
  • Can someone understands what does the man say to the woman in "cleopatra"? I understand what it entails I would just like to understand the exact words he says to her

    Karla GuerreroKarla Guerrero10 dagen geleden
  • Como uma música pode me fazer chorar kk?

    Guilherme SilvaGuilherme Silva10 dagen geleden
  • I love you Alana ❤️

    Ben AldertonBen Alderton11 dagen geleden
    • I love you 🥰

      Alana OliverAlana Oliver11 dagen geleden
  • Does someone know in which state the videos were filmed ? I think it is so beautiful

    LibidlnyLibidlny11 dagen geleden
  • 👍

    Tibor PokrivčákTibor Pokrivčák11 dagen geleden
  • incredible man

    Muhammad Bilal RahimMuhammad Bilal Rahim11 dagen geleden
  • how did I not see this before? I'm at work, just watched this, and sitting here in front of my pc bawling my eyes out like a retard. making choices and dealing with consequences is so relatable to anyone

    LeoLeo11 dagen geleden
  • I'm left in complete awe

    George Christian Emil NaragGeorge Christian Emil Narag11 dagen geleden
  • this is so beautiful

    Imane El-AllaliImane El-Allali11 dagen geleden
  • .

    AEI_19_ET_036Arnabjyoti TalukdarAEI_19_ET_036Arnabjyoti Talukdar12 dagen geleden
  • i have 2 goals in life, 1. to have no goals 2. recreate sleeping on the floor video

    dumby :Pdumby :P12 dagen geleden
    • I have 2 as well 1: Get a girlfriend 2: recreate Sleeping on the floor video

      Nascar TimeNascar Time12 dagen geleden
  • I'm not crying! you're crying!

    Karma KurosakiKarma Kurosaki12 dagen geleden
  • Since so many are confused let me explain. The story begins with the youngest girl in this video, she's young and in love. Her father has died and the love of her life asks her to leave, it shows what would happen if she would have left (which is ultimately fall deeper in love, explore, get married, and essentially live a happy fulfilled life.). However in reality she doesn't leave with her true love, instead she stays and he leaves, skipping over to the song Angela (the middle age women) she is now pregnant with another mans child and is living an unhappy life, she decides to leave one night, which ends in her and her new man getting a divorce, now onto Cleopatra (the woman driving the taxi) she is older now and drives the taxi for fun and sees many people that remind her of her and her love. She visits with the song she gave birth too and states that god gave her two blessing, birth and a divorce, now onto the 4th and final song, she is way older now and is now in a nursing home, she explains to the aids there that she was so amazing when she was young, and since they are a younger generation they don't quite understand, so they just shrug it off. She has a collection of the love of her life's pictures and she regrets not going with him, she knows she is going to die in the nursing home, old and alone. The what if moment comes when she decides to leave the nursing home. The end. Ultimately this ballad is a lesson about choices, regrets, and life. She regrets not leaving with her soulmate which in turn leads to her living a depressing life, in which the only blessing are birth and a divorce. You're very welcome. (Copied from Todd Goodell) My life was a lie... I never thought this video existed. I am literally crying right now. Its weird to think about how a single 'yes' or 'no' could entirely pave a new pathway of life. This musical video compilation has rightly captured the amazing emotions. Hat's of to all those people involved.

    Ateev VohraAteev Vohra13 dagen geleden
    • @Nuuts right? Even I never thought about that

      Ateev VohraAteev Vohra11 dagen geleden
    • damn

      NuutsNuuts12 dagen geleden
  • Masterpiece

    Prasanna OjhaPrasanna Ojha13 dagen geleden
  • Thus.. all things come to and end but, wich one do u want a bad ending , or a good run knowing u atleast tried to leave smth of u behind on this planet so peepl will nvr forget whom u were , ur physical body {atleast}

    Slim Shady_fan#1Slim Shady_fan#113 dagen geleden
  • I always come back to this when I need a good cry lol

    Carlos BlancoCarlos Blanco13 dagen geleden
  • Simplemente la ame

    Cristina FalcónCristina Falcón13 dagen geleden
  • I’m not one for concerts but seeing them on their Cleopatra tour was probably the most beautiful moment of my life.

    GabiGabi13 dagen geleden
    • @Michele Theresonlyone they were amazing!!!!

      GabiGabi9 dagen geleden
    • Omg I've always wanted to see them live but it hasn't happened yet

      Michele TheresonlyoneMichele Theresonlyone12 dagen geleden
  • ~♥~ (╥﹏╥) ♡♡♡

    Elle CyElle Cy13 dagen geleden
  • I have watched this so many times and every single time I end up crying. These songs have such depth, The Lumineers did a great job creating this masterpiece.

    Emma ZijtregtopEmma Zijtregtop13 dagen geleden
  • Perfect !!!

    Kev 26Kev 2614 dagen geleden
  • I was prepared for this

    Mike FlahertyMike Flaherty14 dagen geleden
  • 24 minutes of listening to your album is just so worth it

    SanSan15 dagen geleden
  • This sounds so awesome!!!

    Chris OcaChris Oca15 dagen geleden
  • I introduced this album to a friend and we watched each other together. it’s a little over a year old and it’s the first time I’ve watched it without it.

    Jonas SantosJonas Santos15 dagen geleden
  • banda no se imaginan cuanto llore ... hermoso

    itzel Juarezitzel Juarez15 dagen geleden
  • can't get enough of this

    Abdelbadie BenkhedimAbdelbadie Benkhedim15 dagen geleden
  • This video hits my heart, In a emotional happy sad feeling

    Joanna MJoanna M15 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful and heartwarmingly charming!

    Dion OliveiraDion Oliveira16 dagen geleden
  • Probably, that's my favorite list of songs. I feel each episodes and each history. Thank's for such incredible music! More than 3

    Maria ShwardenMaria Shwarden16 dagen geleden
  • I love this so much. It really helped me get through quarantine.

    Let's Find FunLet's Find Fun16 dagen geleden
  • i have chills. i knew i had a Lumineers CD in my car for a reason

    Coco NutCoco Nut16 dagen geleden
  • Honestly for the love of god don't the racist dude I love this series to much

    Jason MarshalJason Marshal16 dagen geleden
    • ?

      Nascar TimeNascar Time12 dagen geleden
  • é isto. perfeito!

    Vandemberg LunaVandemberg Luna16 dagen geleden
  • Awaking in the middle of night slumber because of an unexplainable heartache and finding this incredible piece is a blessing. Why did I just found this beauty now?

    Moreen CabanagMoreen Cabanag16 dagen geleden
  • So beautiful. Absolutely astonishing.

    ria gavvalaria gavvala16 dagen geleden
  • I focused on the wound on the left cheek .... can anyone help me translate the meaning behind the sign?

  • I can't stop watching this master piece since a week now. The Ballad Of Cleopatra in inspiring in so many ways. Thank you for this!

    KaplanzyKaplanzy17 dagen geleden
  • These songs brought back memories of my life. I am 75 now. Hoping to die with dignity in these uncertain times. I remember the love of my life. We didn't end up together. I hope she is fine.

    Pen MuniPen Muni17 dagen geleden
    • "I loved therefore I love

      Samantha ParkerSamantha Parker8 dagen geleden
    • @Pen Muni I can respect that. Things change over the years and who knows who she is now. You may not even like who she had become🤷‍♀️

      Michele TheresonlyoneMichele Theresonlyone11 dagen geleden
    • @Michele Theresonlyone Yes. But in honor of my departed wife, I never did. Its ok. Kids are all grown now. Grandkids light up my life. I had a good and complete life. It is better not to ruin the memory of my youth when we were beautiful and loved without any rules. These songs somehow bring back those memories. I am grateful for that. Take care.

      Pen MuniPen Muni12 dagen geleden
    • Have you thought about trying to find your missed love? ♥️

      Michele TheresonlyoneMichele Theresonlyone12 dagen geleden
    • Best wishes, thank you for sharing

      EKS EKSEKS EKS12 dagen geleden
  • O jeito que essa música me machuca de diferente formas, toda vez que eu ouço.

    Beatriz Do valeBeatriz Do vale18 dagen geleden
    • Te traz pra realidade?

      rockloadrockload12 dagen geleden
  • Sin duda unas de las mejores canciones que he oido y una de las historias mas tristes. Igualmente increíble

    Enrique salvadorEnrique salvador18 dagen geleden
  • I cried...

    M. EduardM. Eduard18 dagen geleden
  • The girl bandmate is beautiful

    Coon PoochCoon Pooch18 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful stuff, but I'm curious if other people share my confusion - why does 25yo Cleopatra's boyfriend tell her "if you don't leave now you might never make it out"? I mean, it's her father funeral, she's crying, what possible reason would he have to say that?

    Orel FichmanOrel Fichman18 dagen geleden
  • Love this..really...different

    Lisa KilgoreLisa Kilgore18 dagen geleden
  • e eu volto aqui todos os anos no meu aniversário, sendo o mesmo dia que essa obra de arte foi lançada desde então

    Marcella EscobarMarcella Escobar18 dagen geleden
  • I am left speechless this is the most amazing thing music related that will ever exist😫😫 why does it not have like 7 billion views already

    William ****William ****18 dagen geleden
  • splendid

    J u iJ u i19 dagen geleden
  • myyy comfort as always

    Mariel GenodialaMariel Genodiala19 dagen geleden
  • every character in this music video looks like in 2030 they will own nothing and they really will be happy

    Chad TChad T19 dagen geleden
  • This one of the best videos I’ve seen. I did not realize each song was connected and told a story.

    kayla marshallkayla marshall19 dagen geleden
  • oh god.. what a masterpiece...

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻19 dagen geleden
  • I miss the rain...

    Fast JoeFast Joe20 dagen geleden
  • Qué joyita!

    Yahir LopezYahir Lopez20 dagen geleden
  • I am crying so hard. This is amazing. ❤❤❤

    Ágnes HarhaiÁgnes Harhai20 dagen geleden
  • First time I thank NLworld for recommending this to me, THIS is art...beautiful!

    JayVersayeJayVersaye21 dag geleden
  • this film makes me think deeper in my life, kinda changed the way I see the world...

    Craig HsuCraig Hsu21 dag geleden
  • 20:10 é o predella ?

    Victor MaiaVictor Maia21 dag geleden
  • From PL. Need all lyrics.. pls....

    Sebastian GrunwaldSebastian Grunwald21 dag geleden
  • A like just doesnt feel enough

    Massimiliano SpertiMassimiliano Sperti21 dag geleden
  • 2:35 Alright, I can understand why in "2112" there's a part that sounds like Alex tuning his guitar, it makes sense with the story of a guy finding an ancient instrument called a guitar. But why is something that sounds like the guitarist tuning their guitar here?

    Cameron DodgeCameron Dodge21 dag geleden
  • This made me sob

    Emily DoyleEmily Doyle22 dagen geleden
  • How are there 4000 dislikes? The internet is so weird.

    Kaitee PageKaitee Page23 dagen geleden
  • O tanto que eu tô CHORANDO n ta escrito, nem é meme são 2 da manhã e eu tô chorando q nem uma criança

    Giovanna luksysGiovanna luksys23 dagen geleden
  • eu sinto que já ouvi isso antes, só não sei onde ou quando...

    Traficant De BatatasTraficant De Batatas23 dagen geleden
  • I thought this song was titled: Ophelia

    noel0702noel070224 dagen geleden
  • 🤧🤧🤧

    IRAWDOMIRAWDOM24 dagen geleden