The Largest Star in the Universe - Size Comparison

22 sep. 2020
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We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why!
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What is the largest star in the Universe? And why is it that large? And what ARE stars anyway?
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  • We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why! You can get it here: Appstore: Google Playstore: Oh boy. Making an app is hard. It seemed so easy when we started. We underestimated the necessary work load and all the potential problems tenfold - this is not a figure of speech, this took ten times longer than we thought it would. And we are sort of used to working on big projects. So the first update to the app should hopefully be here in the next 24 hours (we are waiting for approval of the update in the app stores) - it will fix a bunch of small things that slipped through. We’ll constantly improve this thing because while it was honestly a horrible nightmare to make, it also was fun and we want to get better at it and make more things in the future. In case you don’t know Wait but Why btw, it is the best and most fun blog on the internet ( and if you don’t know it you should change that like right now. Tim and I collaborated for the first time in 2013 and we have been good friends ever since. And this thing was something we started talking about years ago. So what is this thing we made and why? You can seamlessly travel from the smallest things in existence, past the coronavirus, human cells and dinosaurs all the way to the largest stars and galaxies and marvel at the whole observable universe. You can learn more about each object or simply enjoy the sheer scale of it all. It’s a fun plaything. The app is inspired by the “scale of the universe” website by the Huang Twins that Tim and I spent a lot of time with when it came out years ago - and felt that it was finally time to create a Wait but Why and Kurzgesagt version. There are no in-app purchases and no ads. All future updates are included! Since this is our first app we would love to hear your feedback so we can improve it over time. Leave us a five star review if you want to support it. Kurzgesagt and all the projects we do are mostly funded by viewers like you. So if you like the app we’ll make more digital things in future! Ok! Thank you for reading - Philipp

    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellKurzgesagt – In a Nutshell4 maanden geleden
    • 11:03 It says the milky way galaxy 201,000 light years but isnt it only suppose to be 100,000 instead?

      Mason NixMason Nix4 dagen geleden
    • You should add a feature where you can compare sizes

      Short-stakShort-stak21 dag geleden
    • I already have that app

      Yohta TakashimaYohta Takashima27 dagen geleden
    • I don’t know because it cost money

      NicffNicff28 dagen geleden
    • @Bork Boi Hİ

  • question, how do we calculate how long the star lives for and how massive it is if we ourselves cant get to it?

    Ben StealerBen Stealer55 minuten geleden
  • "semua yang hidup, akan merasakan mati" termasuk bintang?

    Je StudiosJe StudiosUur geleden
  • biggest star is uy scuti

    Pluto V6Pluto V62 uur geleden
  • I recently lost a loved one, and the way you explained a massive star blowing up, returning its gasses to the galaxy and birthing a new generation of stars was oddly reassuring. I'm also a historian of religion, but have no particular faith in anything magical - but I suppose it just made me think of a sort of secular reincarnation. That everything we are, in terms of matter, will be given back to the universe once our consciousness is done occupying it, and then be scattered to become part of millions of other things throughout time and space. So no one is ever really gone. They just become something different, much like they were made from all sorts of different things in the first place. I like that thought.

    Rakinjo2Rakinjo23 uur geleden
  • Germs watching this be like : 👁👄👁💢

    Alfred kristian RegalaAlfred kristian Regala4 uur geleden
    • Warum?

      Guy on YouTubeGuy on YouTube3 uur geleden
  • The univers is the biggest planet

    arber gamingarber gaming4 uur geleden
    • @Pluto V6 out sdie the univers is heaven

      arber gamingarber gamingUur geleden
    • yea

      Pluto V6Pluto V62 uur geleden
  • "massive disappointment for their mums" i see i am not the only one

    Anshuman DewanganAnshuman Dewangan6 uur geleden
  • new meaning to twinkle twinkle little star.

    jamesgameplays 80jamesgameplays 806 uur geleden
  • Well there is no largest Star in the space and there never will be. Only the Stars we know about are the largest

    Dominik RDominik R6 uur geleden
    • Of course how should he rank a star when humanity didn’t even know about it. Dafuq

      Guy on YouTubeGuy on YouTube3 uur geleden
  • UY SCUTI is bigger than the biggest start

    funky boyfunky boy7 uur geleden
  • The largest start is UY SCUTI

    funky boyfunky boy7 uur geleden
  • "To make bigger stars we have to kill them" Why do I feel like that has been kind of the MO of mayor record labels over the years?

    Virgil BlueVirgil Blue8 uur geleden
  • michael jackson could be largest star too

    Mr11ESSE111Mr11ESSE1118 uur geleden
  • 10:13 Why didn't people tell me the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe guide book was a youtube channel. Edit: Got the app. Talk about putting things in perspective. (It's lovely on a tablet b.t.w.) I now truly realise that I'm an infinitisimal small speck in a dangerously large uncaring universe filled with weirdness. But also a speck that can think about that fact. So take that unthinking giant stars and massive clouds of celestial gas!

    Virgil BlueVirgil Blue9 uur geleden
  • When i see a video about stars they talk about the "largest star in the universe" but all examples belong to Milky Way lmao.

    Get MadGet Mad10 uur geleden
  • I feel BIG!!

    Pola & TigerPola & Tiger10 uur geleden
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  • lmao why that brown dwarf star me tho? 😂

    N Vwls :}N Vwls :}11 uur geleden
  • *But we wanna talk about stars, not failed wannabe stars-* Me: **angry noises intensifies**

    Mxrning PetalsMxrning Petals11 uur geleden
  • Y’all just gonna do UY Scuti dirty like that?!

    Rick AmbinatiRick Ambinati12 uur geleden
  • Heliophentric Pseudoscience is built on conjecture and unproven theories, Our earth appears flat, not spinning and the base of our known universe, with the sun and the moon much smaller and closer than we are told. Time for people to wake u to the Great Deception.

    Ernie CascoErnie Casco12 uur geleden
  • dam did u really have to be that mean to the poor brown dwarfs Edit: I just realised that red dwarfs are just the sun on power saving mode

    White Pumpkin398White Pumpkin39813 uur geleden
  • I'm now scared

    Alex Hervie EmpeynadoAlex Hervie Empeynado14 uur geleden
  • bro calm down on those brown dwarfs bro!

    Broken ToiletBroken Toilet15 uur geleden
  • Kurzgesagt: Brown dwarfs are a huge disappointment Me: maybe I am a brown dwarf

    Eliza SarmientoEliza Sarmiento16 uur geleden
  • Very entertaining, but how scientific is the claim, "Largest Star in the Universe"? This seems to assume that the observable universe is the whole universe! Who knows if there are larger stars beyond the limits of the observed?

    Fredrick Pritchard, PianoFredrick Pritchard, Piano16 uur geleden
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  • Butus void

    ItzYtDarKnight 0ItzYtDarKnight 018 uur geleden
  • What about uy scuti

    SylenceSylence18 uur geleden
  • Why is universe in a nutshell 3 dollars and the biggest star in the observable universe is uy scuti

    Nora NNora N20 uur geleden
  • wow and i was here thinking the sun was the biggest

    Fantasy The GOATFantasy The GOAT20 uur geleden
  • Imagine compared to a human

    Suchit AgarwalSuchit Agarwal20 uur geleden
  • Damn, you rode that Brown Dwarf dirty!

    justsomeguyjustsomeguy21 uur geleden
  • Your vids are amazing

    Kerri DavrenKerri Davren22 uur geleden
  • 'kurzgesagst' Is the literal translation, 'short saying?'.

    Alan FoxAlan Fox23 uur geleden
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  • *Noice*

    Ruben BraekmanRuben BraekmanDag geleden
  • I cannot imagine these sizes!!! HELP!!! It drives me mad!

    Moby DickMoby DickDag geleden
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  • you have to pay for the app

    austin warne-harveyaustin warne-harveyDag geleden
  • No way there are bigger suns

    Fun animationsFun animationsDag geleden
  • Make the app free

    Aarav JajooAarav JajooDag geleden
  • 6:13 things like this get me really existential

    CrowCrowDag geleden
  • Then how it's the sun not dead *It's been around for billion of years*

    Not SoulNot SoulDag geleden
  • 11x Larger??

    Paul RyanPaul RyanDag geleden
  • lol I've been subbed since 150k

    lxminatelxminateDag geleden
  • lol although fun to watch throwing 90 Jupiters together

    lxminatelxminateDag geleden
  • So the stars or sun is like orbees huh?

    Princess Alexa DominguezPrincess Alexa DominguezDag geleden
  • I think this chaged me

    TheDufus69TheDufus69Dag geleden
  • And i foght the sun was big........! I feel sorry for the brown dwarfs

    TheDufus69TheDufus69Dag geleden
  • Can you make a free one ?

    Madhuri TripathiMadhuri TripathiDag geleden
  • Dude, Kurgzgesagt grew so fast and its actually entertaining. Maybe you guys should do a video on what phones do to your brain and eye sight, that would be really cool!

    PringleboiPringleboiDag geleden
    • I spelled Kurzgesagt wrong 😑

      PringleboiPringleboiDag geleden
  • Kurzgesagt has taught me a lot more information than school. The best part is that the information is entertaining

    Agent BraxtonAgent BraxtonDag geleden
  • Cause thats thecwzy God wsnted he mastered his creation at his likes.

    Rosario CamposRosario CamposDag geleden
  • Uy scuti 2-18

    Alejandro SotosotoAlejandro SotosotoDag geleden
  • I cant wait until we send the first man to the Sun.

    I can not take it anymoreI can not take it anymoreDag geleden
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  • What stupid names they give their Suns! I would have called him "Bugsie."

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  • “So even if we threw 90 Jupiter’s at eachother” Me: *opens universe sandbox 2*

    Unknown XUnknown XDag geleden
  • Why do we exist?

    Scienceorfiction WhatttScienceorfiction Whattt2 dagen geleden
  • :( It doesn't work with my phone

    Kevin DondreaKevin Dondrea2 dagen geleden
  • R136a1 is an even deadler laser then the sun.

    Abiy NesibuAbiy Nesibu2 dagen geleden
  • R136a1 a wolf right star thes far.

    Abiy NesibuAbiy Nesibu2 dagen geleden
  • 0:42 I didn't know I was a brown dwarf

    Acidgiraffes Overwatch ClipsAcidgiraffes Overwatch Clips2 dagen geleden
  • 1 like on this video = +1 hope for brown dwarf

    Taylor The Bee!Taylor The Bee!2 dagen geleden
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  • *sad UY Scuti noises*

    Avavail YTAvavail YT2 dagen geleden
  • brown dwarf sweetie don't listen to the old man, you are beautiful and loved

    Josechu García LópezJosechu García López2 dagen geleden
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  • 11x Larger and 300x more massive? Nothing has confused me that much in 18 years

    Prajwal ChavanPrajwal Chavan2 dagen geleden
    • @Prajwal Chavan yes

      Loki LaufeysonLoki LaufeysonDag geleden
    • @Loki Laufeyson so massive is heavy and large is big 😂

      Prajwal ChavanPrajwal ChavanDag geleden
    • If I weight 80 kg and you weigh 40 then I would be twice as massive but if we have the same height then we would be equally large

      Loki LaufeysonLoki LaufeysonDag geleden
  • Poor Brown dwarves being thrown some real shade here!

    themasqueradingcow91themasqueradingcow912 dagen geleden
  • All stars are just like ants in front of uy scuti

    Arturo CastroArturo Castro2 dagen geleden

    Boss_Killer16Boss_Killer162 dagen geleden
  • Bigger isnt always better

    neo Joyneo Joy2 dagen geleden
  • Main sequence stars: the average kid Red dwarfs: the smart kid that survives 100x longer than the average kid Giant stars: the friends of the popular kid Supergiant stars: the popular kids Hyper giants: kids popular among other schools Neutron stars: the rebels Brown dwarfs: the quiet kid White dwarfs: a corpse (Theoretical) iron stars: a corpse of a rotting corpse Black dwarfs: rotting corpses This is cringe

    NoobyNooby2 dagen geleden
  • That final sequence gave me goosebumbs. Very well done.

    Bass FightBass Fight2 dagen geleden

    OugaBoogaShockwaveOugaBoogaShockwave2 dagen geleden
  • 7:47 rip earth lol

    Rashmin PraslaRashmin Prasla2 dagen geleden
  • i feel small

    AbduAbdu2 dagen geleden
  • Please stop telling people hydrogen is fused into helium, it's just not true, as stars are composed of plasma the fourth state of matter, with electrons in flux, so it's hydrogen nuclei are fused into helium nuclei, stop the lie!

    martin smithmartin smith2 dagen geleden
  • 10:13 just click it

    Gamer_BabyGamer_Baby2 dagen geleden
  • I could literally watch this channel for hours and not care a single bit.

    Mr ArrhythmiaMr Arrhythmia2 dagen geleden
  • What would happen if i dipped my bellend into that sun??

    PriestOfTheUnholyPriestOfTheUnholy2 dagen geleden
  • Pardon me but did he say one day our sun is going to swallow the solar system I feel sorry for future generations that will have to endure that

    Midnight 22Midnight 222 dagen geleden
    • Humans will have most probbably died off way before then. Some hope we will have colonised other planets by then but i cant see it happening. The way we are we are dumb as fuck. Either man made diseases or wars will kill us all and if any survivors of the diseases or wars would have to start humanity all over again taking many thousands of years. We are twats.

      PriestOfTheUnholyPriestOfTheUnholy2 dagen geleden
  • turns out we're all brown dwarves :))

    MissKiwiMissKiwi2 dagen geleden

    Jacob SutherlinJacob Sutherlin2 dagen geleden
  • The 1 pimple on my nose be like red hypergiant lmao

    JustSharvJustSharv2 dagen geleden
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    veronicaveronica2 dagen geleden
  • The sun is a star? If the sun is a star - you should identify the moon as a star as well. Alf told me that on Melmac they have sun and moon as well, but they call them just the natural sattelites.

    KilluminatiKilluminati2 dagen geleden
  • I Don't Even Have The Money To Buy Your App But I Bet It's Gonna Be Cool And Awesome And Exciting

    ade Lade L2 dagen geleden

    ade Lade L2 dagen geleden
  • Hey check my video of star types size

    the gamer / Chris kimthe gamer / Chris kim2 dagen geleden
  • Love the animation style.

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