The Internet's Best Reactions To The 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

29 nov. 2020
302 781 Weergaven

This week Matt takes a look at the best comments and reactions from the 2020 F1 Bahrain Grand Prix at the Sakhir International Circuit.
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  • Worth mentioning that this was filmed when it was suspected that Romain Grosjean had broken ribs. So happy to see the statement from Haas letting us know that all his injuries are minor and no broken bones... which is quite frankly a miracle!

    WTF1WTF1Maand geleden
    • What your fan base has done to Kvyat is an absolute disgrace. And you are in part responsible for it.

      Abel CsanakiAbel Csanaki17 dagen geleden
    • @Tom McGlone bruf this kiddo got mad... holy shit

      CallMeJSTNCallMeJSTNMaand geleden
    • @CallMeJSTN ever heard of a joke? Because thats what your lack of humour is.

      Tom McGloneTom McGloneMaand geleden
    • @Landon Fischesser lmao true mate

      CallMeJSTNCallMeJSTNMaand geleden
    • @Tom McGlone a bit? Mate first of all the Grosjean accident wasnt his fault and sec the stoll flip was a regular racing incedent, nothing to do with his past

      CallMeJSTNCallMeJSTNMaand geleden
  • Grosjean was protected by Jules Bianchi

    Formula 1Formula 15 dagen geleden
  • 8:22 Mercedes in Sakhir: Hold my rose water

    Der DENNISoLPDer DENNISoLP18 dagen geleden
  • 8:19 - this aged badly for Sakhir

    slaughtercarrieslaughtercarrie28 dagen geleden
  • Why is evrryone hating on the video, he hasn't said send hate to kvyat, he actually spoke very well I this video

    Thomas DarbyThomas DarbyMaand geleden
  • Matt: Mercedes bulletproof Me: Coming back after second Bahrain GP, Russel and Bottas pitstop mess up.....

    Austin GatesAustin GatesMaand geleden
  • Matt wishing for Mercedes to mess up a pit stop and the one time they do is when George is driving 😣😣

    Sarah ButlerSarah ButlerMaand geleden
  • 8:03 - 8:45 well that didn't age well

    guilherme thomasguilherme thomasMaand geleden
  • 4:45 "The Torpedo back to his old ways" Are u fcking serious??

    CallMeJSTNCallMeJSTNMaand geleden
  • 8:08 Yeah about that....

    TSG 23TSG 23Maand geleden
  • I hope you guys are happy now that Kvyat has got all those threats in the comments section of his Instagram post after this video. Well done WTF1.

    Marcus HoMarcus HoMaand geleden
  • Your mercedes rant about being bulletproof cursed Russell

    FunkyMonkeyInHeavenFunkyMonkeyInHeavenMaand geleden
  • @8:12 this didn’t age well

    JS-RacingJS-RacingMaand geleden
  • 8:22 This aged well...

    philaw123philaw123Maand geleden
  • 8:04 well, im not asking it again now...

    Delano van KampenDelano van KampenMaand geleden
  • Matt : wants Mercedes to mess up a pit stop SakhirGP : Write that down

    Vikash& VitteshYTVikash& VitteshYTMaand geleden
  • That "Mercedes being bulletproof with their pit stops" comment has NOT aged well one week later

    Mauricio AularMauricio AularMaand geleden
  • kvyat was *not* at fault, and f1 stewards were out of their mind giving him a penalty for the stroll incident.

    Jason AdrianJason AdrianMaand geleden
  • 8.41 Well you managed to jinx that one!!

    Tom WaterfieldTom WaterfieldMaand geleden
  • 8:03 this dude is a witch lol

    itsmeGARYitsmeGARYMaand geleden
  • Anyone watching this after Mercedes messed up biiiig time in the pits at the Sakhir GP?

    Jack WilkinsonJack WilkinsonMaand geleden
    • So it's a curse from him haha

      itsmeGARYitsmeGARYMaand geleden
  • Matt, i think you mozzed George Russell this weekend in this video. Mercedes made the mistake you wished for.

    Craig ChandlerCraig ChandlerMaand geleden
  • @8:04 so... that aged horribly

    LambdaLambdaMaand geleden
  • He is going to regret saying the mess up pit stop from merc thing

    Ben VrugginkBen VrugginkMaand geleden
  • Little did he know, that mercedes is not bullet proof in sakhir.

    Martin bauerMartin bauerMaand geleden
  • 8:17 @WTF1 Matt i just watched this and Mercedes did something close to what you said at today's race :D

    momchil hristovmomchil hristovMaand geleden
  • It is intended that the car splits in half!

    OliJaJoOliJaJoMaand geleden
  • All is forgiven and all is understandabl that you aren't your normal self and you can do race race run down

    Dragon HunterDragon HunterMaand geleden
  • Who’s sitting here watching Russell smash everyone in Lewis’s merc

    glizzyglizzyMaand geleden
  • u got my respect TY

    RyanRyanMaand geleden
    • Although it didn't look so smooth, the car splitting in half is a safety feature to reduce the Gs he would feel hitting the barrier by exerting some of it backwards. So ye

      dolita windodolita windoMaand geleden
  • AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovMaand geleden
    • saw a gap and went for it and Lance didn’t see him

      dolita windodolita windoMaand geleden
  • you‘ve just endorsed hate on kvyat. showing those really unnecessary tweets as „reactions“ just to hate on kvyat is so disrespectful against the driver.

    TheJapaneseTheJapaneseMaand geleden
    • should have known better to leave some space with that overtake but he cut Kvyat down. The 10-sec time penalty is correct tho but Stroll ruined his own race.

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovMaand geleden
  • 4:23 the fact that people say that Matt sent fans to threat Kvyat on insta is hilarious

    Alex TabaraAlex TabaraMaand geleden
  • I am a huge fan of this channel but my word did no one who edit this check back through the footage and tell Matt to rephrase his comments or even cut the "Torpedo" jib. So unnecessary and insensitive considering the severity of the Grosjean incident? Note: I know that is not their belief that it was Kvyat's fault but adding fuel to the toxic fire does not help.

    Sam RightonSam RightonMaand geleden
  • Clickbait thumbnail

    DilDilMaand geleden
  • Perez: blows up his engine. Albon: podium go brrrrr

    seiom jvonyseiom jvonyMaand geleden
  • I do think one of the smartest things Red Bull can do at this point is put Perez in the other Alpha Tauri, then it will be a Albon, Perez and Gasly battle in 2021.

    Ruhan CilliersRuhan CilliersMaand geleden
    • I don't blame kvyat, both incidents were not his fault

      seiom jvonyseiom jvonyMaand geleden
  • I watched dixons car split in half at the 2017 indy 500, very similar feeling

    Aaron TurnbullAaron TurnbullMaand geleden
  • I still have that weird feeling, it's gonna say with me for a long, long time. I'm just gonna add my story when that crash happened: Right, the race was about to start and I really needed the toilet. I got to the door of the living room, my brother told me to stay for the start. I decided to stay for lap 1 instead, that was a great decision from me. So me, standing at the door, bursting fo the toilet - then the crash happened - my heart and stomach both dropped. I stopped needing the toilet, I was too worried if he was ok. (Don't worry, I did go to the toilet during the "45 minute" stop.) I felt sick for basically the whole race. My god.

    OricatoOricatoMaand geleden
  • The cars are supposed to break in 2 with x amount of force from the side, so that the cockpit doesn't have to take the complete brunt of it. The breaking of the car is also part of what saved him. It exposed him to less g-forces which certainly helped with him staying conscious and being able to climb out of his car. Let's hope they keep implementing safety guards like those.

    djoweldjowelMaand geleden
  • When Romain's crash happened all the twitter notifications from everyone stopped for like a whole minute

    bilinas minibilinas miniMaand geleden
  • the car is supposed to split in half. its designed to do that to send energy into the back half away from the safety capsule. its like a crumple zone on steroids.

    The Graceful SavageThe Graceful SavageMaand geleden
    • 100% sure he didn't make it. Probably took me most of that red flag to stop shaking. So glad he's okay and seems to just have some light burns.

      bilinas minibilinas miniMaand geleden
  • You should be ashamed that you post this video. You have made danil kvayt delete his post because people were calling him a killer and that came form this video. Same on this channel. I am not following you anymore

    Fixed thrower 506Fixed thrower 506Maand geleden
  • When Romain's crash happened all the twitter notifications from everyone stopped for like a whole minute

    dolita windodolita windoMaand geleden
  • The car is actually designed to split in two in order to move some of the force to the back of the car and not send all of the force tward the driver

    Henlo SmitHenlo SmitMaand geleden
    • @dolita windo Memes and gifs? I am stating facts, he is lucky to be alive yes and if it wasn't for the safety design of the car he probably wouldn't have been here today

      Henlo SmitHenlo SmitMaand geleden
    • Memes and gifs are not funny now. He’s lucky to be alive, have some respect

      dolita windodolita windoMaand geleden
  • “Kvyat caused an accident” tell me hot Dany caused crash with Romain? To be honest it was romains fault but in glad that he is ok Accident with stroll was danys fault but he just saw a gap and went for it and Lance didn’t see him

    sk1ffy incsk1ffy incMaand geleden
  • Although it didn't look so smooth, the car splitting in half is a safety feature to reduce the Gs he would feel hitting the barrier by exerting some of it backwards. So ye

    its benjy MUits benjy MUMaand geleden
  • Lol sad to hear that Kvyat is to blame, the first accident when you will or not it was actually Grosjean's fault. The second Kvyat could have slammed the brakes but he didn't, Stroll should have known better to leave some space with that overtake but he cut Kvyat down. The 10-sec time penalty is correct tho but Stroll ruined his own race.

    Sharp_StoneSharp_StoneMaand geleden
  • It's good that the car split in half it breaks up the energy. Grosjean was in the save capsule. But to hear from Robert Doornebos that the fuel sacks are underneath the driver's seat was just horrifying to hear.

    Sharp_StoneSharp_StoneMaand geleden
  • Y Matt

    thatgingerboi 23thatgingerboi 23Maand geleden
  • Memes about grosjean's crash literally a day after it happened HAVE some dignity ffs

    Sumit SudeepSumit SudeepMaand geleden
  • Romain lettucr

    dom, raider nation,raised royaldom, raider nation,raised royalMaand geleden
  • I don't blame kvyat, both incidents were not his fault

    Patricio CamposPatricio CamposMaand geleden
  • Twitter went silent for a minute. I deadass just thought I saw him die *right then and there.*

    pluvillionpluvillionMaand geleden
  • All my wishes go out to romain and I hope he is doing well. But can I just say why isn’t anyone talking about Albon’s podium

    Saravanan VarshneSaravanan VarshneMaand geleden
  • Kvyat didn’t do shit either time, it was Grosjean and Stroll’s fault alone

    Rhys GoodmanRhys GoodmanMaand geleden
  • Do you guys know the amount of have Kvyat is getting because of this vid?. DELETE IT. You guys really need to apologize. Lost all respect for you.

    Vulcan SpecterVulcan SpecterMaand geleden
  • I immediately had to think of Helmuth Koinigg's accident (which I didn't see) and seeing half a car coming out of that fireball reminded me of Hubert (which I did watch) and was 100% sure he didn't make it. Probably took me most of that red flag to stop shaking. So glad he's okay and seems to just have some light burns.

    d3Rm0Nkd3Rm0NkMaand geleden
  • I’ve a question: is it true that the Saudi GP will only have left turns, because no one is allowed to have rights?

    Lennon Swan-FinneranLennon Swan-FinneranMaand geleden
  • Mat: 11:59 u can only just wish Hamilton won't win a race Covid: May your wishes come true

    ivan bonsfills poggioivan bonsfills poggioMaand geleden
  • Memes and gifs are not funny now. He’s lucky to be alive, have some respect

    Col. HankoCol. HankoMaand geleden
  • All the hate this video sent to Kvyat is disgusting, delete this video

    ADHAiiN7ADHAiiN7Maand geleden
    • #boycottwtf1

      Marcus HoMarcus HoMaand geleden
  • 12:00 well then.....

    Shannon WhatleyShannon WhatleyMaand geleden
  • Starting to lose my respect for WTF1 and their fanbase, saying that they wish Kvyat deserved to die in the Grosjean crash is absolutely disgusting

    poompzpoompzMaand geleden
    • How can you know those were wtf1 fans though??

      Paul PepperPaul Pepper23 dagen geleden
  • This race just proves my confirmation bias that Ferrari is intentionally tanking Vettel’s car

    William WatkinsWilliam WatkinsMaand geleden
  • Nothing can stop lewis from winning Coronavirus: Hold my disease

    Liz Horne O'ConnorLiz Horne O'ConnorMaand geleden
  • Wonder why he’s so famous now

    Dagaming BoyDagaming BoyMaand geleden
  • The car splitting in 2 was a safety feature. It is meant to push energy into the rear of the car.

    BoxersteaveeBoxersteaveeMaand geleden
  • 'You can only dream that Lewis Hamilton won't win a race at the moment' Guess nobody wishes the current situation to Hamilton, If someone else wins a race you want it to be earned on track.

    AncoAncoMaand geleden
  • Your Fans Literally harassed kvyat on Instagram not cool

    Seshvir SeoduttSeshvir SeoduttMaand geleden
  • I can't believe Hülkenberg was dropped only to be replaced by the most unreliable driver. I'm so glad that Ricciardo will be teammate with Norris next year so Alonso can kick Ocon's ass when he screws up for him!

    James McCloudリトルワイバーンJames McCloudリトルワイバーンMaand geleden
  • Apologize for slandering Kvyat.

    Grand Prix YTGrand Prix YTMaand geleden
  • Matt: Lap 1, Turn 1 No! It's Turn 3!! Mistakes has been made.. And no im not a Karen ;)

    TYMZNTYMZNMaand geleden
  • I think torpedo hit us

    RandomReverseRoomRandomReverseRoomMaand geleden
  • Whole family screamed when we saw the fireball. We were all so relieved when Romain got out of that. All the best to him! Now that Hamilton has COVID-19 who else wants Hulk to get the Mercedes drive!? Go Hulk!

    TL HomeTL HomeMaand geleden
  • Dreams come true, Lewis has the Rona, announce new race winner at long last

    Jephcott the Prince of PlymouthJephcott the Prince of PlymouthMaand geleden
  • Friendly faked a laugh for car accident,In reality it's hard to handle,bear etc.Beside handling asking for insurance with other driver is another experience.

    Karan MadanKaran MadanMaand geleden
  • Vettel spun, nobody saw it. That's how he dropped back

    Denis KudlikDenis KudlikMaand geleden
  • Hamilton is stoppable now he got Covid Verstappen may have a chance to to beat Bottas for p2 in driver Standings. (and maybe not, but wish Russell could take Hamilton's seat)

    Sam BurgessSam BurgessMaand geleden
  • Matt: I'm not doing Race Rundown. Also Matt: proceeds to accidentally doing one of his best race rundowns in months.

    Jordan TwidellJordan TwidellMaand geleden
  • And the Bahrani firemen (local civil defence not marshals) probably saved Roman's life by directing their firebottles into the fire.

    Brian ManningBrian ManningMaand geleden
  • Amen to the Halo 😇

    Tyler McNeilTyler McNeilMaand geleden
  • That barrier for the escape road is waaaay too close to the edge of the track, just like at Radillion and the Hubert crash. Why did they not look at this and consider moving it back into the desert where nothing is??

    Connor McMullanConnor McMullanMaand geleden
  • Carlos Sainz and "Young gun" how long is he going to keep the "young" title he's been in F1 6 years now ?

    Russ PhillipsRuss PhillipsMaand geleden
    • Its an age thing I guess. Mid 20s is young. Lewis isn't a young gun. Max or Carlos are.

      Rishi EastwoodRishi EastwoodMaand geleden
  • You lost my respect after this Matt and WTF1 team

    Metalhead ParanoicMetalhead ParanoicMaand geleden
    • @Philip Chouliaras Little joke. If anyone took that seriously then idk what to say

      GeorgeGeorgeMaand geleden
    • @Philip Chouliaras How is that his fault? He said it wasn't Kvats fault

      GeorgeGeorgeMaand geleden
    • Eh????

      Rishi EastwoodRishi EastwoodMaand geleden
    • @Some Random Lad why??

      Rishi EastwoodRishi EastwoodMaand geleden
    • I lost respect for him a long time ago

      Some Random LadSome Random LadMaand geleden
  • Fuck wtf1

    orson schuijersorson schuijersMaand geleden
  • Matt: Lewis is just unstoppable Covid: Let me introduce myself

    JakairJakairMaand geleden
  • What Happen to xmattyg why did you prievte all Videos

    Jonas BeckerJonas BeckerMaand geleden
  • Hamilton will miss the next race thanks to covid-19 so there is your different race non-Hamilton fans!

    Emanuel Zidane43Emanuel Zidane43Maand geleden
  • 12:00 “nothing can stop hamilton from winning right now” **Covid 19 enters the chat**

    Akintade IdowuAkintade IdowuMaand geleden
  • It's understandable that you feel weird after this race, and that it affects the content (you still nailed it, tho). However, it's in times like these we need humor, so don't feel bad about it.

    Bjørnar JokerudBjørnar JokerudMaand geleden
  • You absolutely nailed this episode, no need to apologise. Still can't believe he was able to walk away from that.

    chris goldsmithchris goldsmithMaand geleden
    • So he shouldn't apologize for hating on and sending a hate cult toward an innocent Kyvat?

      Rhys GoodmanRhys GoodmanMaand geleden
  • I'm watching this only ONE day late and half of the things he's saying are outdated

    Christina BakkumChristina BakkumMaand geleden
  • About that runing marshall - this is Tom Pryce death...

    Mile TiničMile TiničMaand geleden
  • Matt they're not gonna change the cars are design to split in half like that as it takes away some of the momentum as the yea has the engine, gearbox and battery pack which make it heavy. The 3 things that need to be looked at are 1 why is that wall at an angle like that, 2 why the barrier was pierced like that and what can be done to change that and finally how did some fuel escape which led to it setting oh fire. Thats last one is probs the most important because Ross Brawn thinks that only a fraction of the 100kg actually lit on fire so if there is a problem with the fuel tank design in the survival shell that's extremely dangous in crashes like these

    twhiteofrd_110twhiteofrd_110Maand geleden
  • Matt: Lewis Hamilton is unstoppable Corona: I'm about to end this man's whole carreer

    Fabrizio MartelliFabrizio MartelliMaand geleden
    • Not career but race

      Rajesh KathiriyaRajesh KathiriyaMaand geleden
  • "You can only dream that Lewis Hamilton won't win a race." *Hamilton tests positive for COVID* *Conspiracy music intensifies*

    Sudharma DwadasiSudharma DwadasiMaand geleden
  • its still unbelievable that we still have Romain Grosjean with us. Without a doubt the most shocking thing I've watched on TV in 30 years. So glad F1 will be able to learn something from this and not have lost a driver from it

    Michael D'AlessandroMichael D'AlessandroMaand geleden
  • 12:02 @WTF1 you've asked for it.Lewis just got covid.We'll have it next week.

    Muhammad SyafiqMuhammad SyafiqMaand geleden
  • Anthoine hubert and jules bianchi were watching over him

    Alaster WisemanAlaster WisemanMaand geleden