The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats

30 sep. 2020
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Simples rules of geometry meant that 5-fold symmetry was impossible as were crystals without a periodic structure. This turns out to be wrong. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video. Click here to start using LastPass:
Huge thanks to Prof. Paul Steinhardt for the interview on this topic. Check out his book ‘The Second Kind of Impossible’
If you'd like to learn more about Penrose tilings, go check out "Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers" by Martin Gardener, which helped my research for this video.
Filmed by Gene Nagata (Potato Jet on NLworld)
Animations by Iván Tello and Jonny Hyman
Editing, Coloring, Music & Audio mastering by Jonny Hyman
Prague scenes filmed in 2012.
Special thanks to Raquel Nuno for helping with the tilings!
Additional Music from Epidemic Sound

  • Roger Penrose was just awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics! Not for this pattern but “for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity”

    VeritasiumVeritasium3 maanden geleden
    • Wtf does that mean

      Fudge A Tron GamingFudge A Tron Gaming9 dagen geleden
    • I hate to break it to you, but infinite doesn't mean all, so there's no guarantee that any section on "pattern a" would appear on "pattern b". The patterns never run out of space to display the section, but they also never run out of alternate section to display in it's place.

      Totally a Grumman F-14 TomcatTotally a Grumman F-14 Tomcat11 dagen geleden
    • @alnot01 Actually, Penrose was there first (meaning, he was the one who proved black holes must form under certain "benign" conditions that had been previously considered "unrealistic"). Hawking a bit later contributed to Penrose's singularity theorems.

      JanPBtestJanPBtest11 dagen geleden
    • I feel like they picked one thing but gave him a lifetime achievement Nobel. It was black holes because he was tacked on with the other winners. Either way well deserved.

      Bazza The GreatBazza The Great12 dagen geleden
    • I am from Czech republic 👌

      Daniel KomárekDaniel Komárek12 dagen geleden
  • we can see real you untill this video. you the crazy quasi youtuber

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  • But just how are the people of old so smart .. Their intelligence is not their own .. Someone or something told it to them .. The devil ~ 👿👿👿

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  • Imagine a mansion tiled with pieces like that The tilers would be crippled at the end

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  • This seems like universe.....too weird.

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  • This hurt my brain in so many different ways. This is going to take some time to process.

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  • Platonic solids, just DND dice

    Surfer FrankrinSurfer Frankrin16 uur geleden
  • I zoned out lol.

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  • My architect thought it was odd when I asked him to include certain geometries in our new house and he wouldn't go through with the whole plan. I still managed to slip the selenium cores into the steelwork though. The above is what watching this video made my brain come up with. I think it was to try and distract me from looking for somewhere to buy Penrose tiles.

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  • 15:00 I've read through Steinhardt's "The Second Kind of Impossible" prior to this, so I cracked a huge smile when I heard this section. Quasicrystals are so fascinating to me, and while I knew this video would cover Penrose tilings, I definitely wasn't expecting for this to go the extra mile. Very enjoyable watch, I can tell you did research on these beautiful results from symmetry.

    ZakuZaku18 uur geleden
  • I love your videos! Such interesting content

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  • Well this is the first video from you I can't understand no matter how much I think about it 🤪

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  • This is so interesting, but so confusing at the same time. I have never been so interested in something I might never understand in my entire life ;-;

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  • im only 9 and i understand this

    Andrew AltmanAndrew AltmanDag geleden
  • Interesting pattern that will eventually repeat if you just keep going >_< the “infinite” is a lie, you can’t lay an infinite thing on your floor

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  • It's getting really VSausy here

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  • Good speech in the end

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  • This video broke My Brain

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  • Well he never denied Pluto being a planet...

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  • 18:18 what are the "vertices" that he talks about?

    AlexanderB.AlexanderB.2 dagen geleden
  • By definition , crystals are made of replication of the same pattern in a periodically fashion. This is not a crystal, but a quasi-crystal..

    Michel.BMichel.B2 dagen geleden
  • Who else thinks this should be a Vsauce2 video?

    Aviishere BlockcraftAviishere Blockcraft2 dagen geleden
  • There's a beautiful correlation between the mathematitians reducing the number of tiles necessary to tile the plane aperiodically, and speedrunners reducing how many items are needed to beat games. How few things are needed? Is there a way to simplify this? What tricks could be useful? Humans are all so similar, even when we're very different

    Zeditha GamingDragonZeditha GamingDragon2 dagen geleden
  • As sidenote, the main reason that quasicrystals where mocked at first, it was because most critics (mainly chemists) pointed out that no natural quasicrystal was found, only synthetic ones. Thus weakening his hypothesis, since they were seen as unprobable human artifact that did not produce materials of a big enough size (then, were only a few molecules in size). Only a few years laters, when some geologists found that impactites (minerals produced by the massive pressure and temperature increase produced in the landing of a meteorite) were better modelled as non-periodic quasicrystals, than "conventional" crystals, his hypothesis started to be seen as valuable, since this impactites were evidence that they could extend millions of molecules without periodically repeating themselves, and that they existed without human intervention.

    Héctor Villa FernándezHéctor Villa Fernández2 dagen geleden
  • In the thumbnail alone, I counted at least 4 repetitions. Even in the opening frame, I see one. Focusing on the 5 slice circles, near the top left is one the goes 'green, red, blue, red, blue', then that same circle shows up near the bottom right.

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  • I live in check republick

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  • 9:59 this hurts my eyes

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  • 19:36 (ended on a sad note) AD: dO yOu WaNt To PlAy SoMe ViDeO GaMeS?!?!?

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  • so... you’re saying the pentagon is the answer to the universe..?

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  • my tiny brain couldn’t handle this

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  • Me at 9:23- stop trying to hypnotize me 😤

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  • Hmm, So It Was 3 Months Ago Since I Saw This Video... Worth Watching I Guess Edit: I Change My Mind, This Tricked Me Into A Class >:(

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  • I’m seeing those spongebob starfish things you’d see in the background

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  • 8:07 Why is that “almost” 5-fold symmetry? Isn’t it exactly that?

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  • Veritasium: Infinite pattern that never repeats My geography teacher making my test: *WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN*

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  • Lastpass had been hacked in the past, why should I provide my sensitive data to that cloud service?

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  • Cool video. Just a little FYI, they are called Hemachandra Numbers who discovered this sequence much sooner than Fibonacci.

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  • So, wanted to give you some credit. I’m using the kites and darts pattern to tile my bathroom when I remodel it. The suns, stars, and butterflies look beautiful and the thought of the tiles being their own pattern and can never be repeated astonishes me!

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  • if it never repeats then it's not a pattern now is it?

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    • lol

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  • "Kepler is most famous for figuring out that planetary orbits are ellipses." - Except they're not ellipses, they're spiral.

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  • Wait, isn't it impossible for infinity to not repeat?

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  • i was like damn that looks fake untill i saw...

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  • 4:39 that 5 Fold pattern in on ancient Indian Hindu temples.

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  • man, this video allowed me to get that in infinity we all occur and that infinity really is infinite

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  • you know youre a nerd when you both find this video cool and recognize the icosohedrons as being the same shape as a d20

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  • That's an oxymoron. How can anything be a pattern if it doesn't repeat?

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  • Dear Kepler, Snowflakes are that way because hexagons are bestagons. - CGP Grey, probably

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  • This is an amazing video! The big boxes of these in the video would be really fun to play with - even for kids, I'd imagine. Especially, as educational tools. Did any find a good place to purchase kites and darts tiles?

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  • kind of like block chain tech

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  • You sure it doesnt repeat? I think people are quite simply too lazy to check

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  • “Why always six?” Cgp Grey:because hexagons are the bestagons

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    • That is literally the next video in my recommended

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  • I have a particular problem with 'unverifiable infinity' I would want to say that I don't believe the pattern is truly infinite.. So much as I think that it is able to build roated sub patterns into layers, where as it'd as likely take such an absurd scope to even find the repeat, that I think the comparison to shapes like squares, triangles, & even other multi-part shapes a bit on the unfair sense, as the building of the pattern uses logistical rules beyond 'fitting sides together'. Though, what i think is as likely as much else... it being rather unfair & .. sorta dismissive to say 'infinite number of patterns' while admitting to sub repeating parts. It's also 'slightly misleading' to suggest it's only 2 shapes that makes that pattern, when it ends up being dozens on dozens, with only 2 kinds. -- as if it was 1 pattern diced up into several, really.. Not to say 2 very simple elements of something can't make up something extensively more complicated then it's parts alone.. though, perhaps it's the secret right? that such things once weaved large enough becomes the fabric of which everything is made from.... and thus a thing onto it self where it becomes misleading to claim 2 elements once those patterns start creating patterns that create patterns & continue to do so the more that is pulled back out to a point of unknown stability. what of Protons & electrons? if woven so close & having it's own logic & laws, making up reality as we know it.. that the existence of everything else is just them.. might be missleading to say protons & electrons, when say.. you're holding a drink, or food. I do believe it is scale for sure and such things can lead to understanding about sheer fundamentals, but if the 'examples' are little more then utterly mind boggling & effectively impossible to examine in full with even projected future hardware, then... what of the real deal & why do we consider it immutable if at the core of thingss it is only a 0 or a 1... a fat shape or a shape, & by knowing what's what.. you could change the localized rules for x things, and manipulate the patterns. -- as any sufficiently complicated pattern would have a drift ability & in that excessive resistance to destruction via pattern changing. this being the whole of the thing... while localized patterns would have to change to fit the alterations.. while not changing the overall patterns.

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  • My only question after watching this entire video: So, what sanitarium did Penrose end up in? (You just KNOW he's been drawing on the floor and walls of his room!)

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  • Thank you for using the phrase "raises the question" at 5:32 (which was the correct phrase to use in this instance), instead of using the phrase "begs the question" (which would've been the wrong phrase to use in this instance, since it means something entirely different)! I cringe every time someone misuses the phrase "begs the question!"

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