The hospital cat asked to go into a patient room... Later, the whole world got to hear this story...

20 mrt. 2021
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Most people in our modern world would probably like to know at least a little bit about their future, about how their life would turn out. Will they be rich? Will they be poor? Will they meet the love of their life? Or will they make the wrong choice?
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  • Everyone and everything has a purpose. Oscar’s been very tuned into his. Not only is he with these patients’ last hours, but he is an example of animals’ intelligence and their need for their specific place in the world.

    Lynne AtwoodLynne AtwoodMinuut geleden
  • It's like a psychic cat

    XxNingyoOkamixXXxNingyoOkamixX29 minuten geleden
  • I think it’s a girl and a miracle. ❤️💗

    Lori RothLori RothUur geleden
  • Maybe, just maybe Oscar's is a homicidal maniac kitty. 😼😼🙀

    Gloria ChristianGloria ChristianUur geleden
  • Great!blessed all

    wee florencewee florenceUur geleden
  • I wonder who will be with Oscar when it is his time? I hope someone that loves him.

    David BodineDavid Bodine3 uur geleden
  • I think God gave man a special gift.

    David BodineDavid Bodine3 uur geleden
  • I think Oscar wanted to cheer them up before they leave....

    Coffee LoverCoffee Lover3 uur geleden
  • I used to deliver meds to nursing homes at one in st paul, there were cats. One of them a big white one, was always around I asked if he had a name. The nurse told me they just called him indicator because he would always sleep with those who were soon to pass. They used this information to let the family know. I jokingly asked if they were worried he would try to sleep with them.

    David Thomas-JensenDavid Thomas-Jensen4 uur geleden
  • Everyone's wondering how the cat living in the hospital knows when patients are ready to pass on. It's really pretty simple. Animals can see angels! Ever caught your cat staring up into an empty corner of the room. They're seeing into the spirit realm. Near death experiencers often come back with the ability to see into the spirit realm. Some have reported seeing 3 or 4 Angels present when a person is about to cross over and that it was an exciting and celebratory time on the other side when a person was coming home. It's probable that there was a kind of communication between the angels and the cat. The cat would naturally enjoy being of service to the angels, who in turn are trying to be of service to the person transcending. What could be better for their purpose than to enlist a furry friend to help the patient relax and let go.

    Ramona WrightRamona Wright4 uur geleden
  • I am extremely psychic - - - like most cats !!!!! THEY KNOW !!!!!!!!!

    Susan IbarraSusan Ibarra4 uur geleden
  • So apparently the grim reaper is a cat! It all makes sense! :P

    shadowkiller123shadowkiller1234 uur geleden
  • Oscar: *sleeps on patient* The patient: my time has come...

    msavocadomsavocado5 uur geleden
  • I think this phenomenon of cat ability is happening because this cat was growing in hospital, and he learned things other cats could not.

    LauraLaura5 uur geleden
  • This is so sad

    Carter HansonCarter Hanson5 uur geleden
  • Cats know something people don't it's inate in cats. A woman I seen at the gyms pool for years walked with me one home for tea. My cat was hissing by the door before she got in scratching rug loudly she hissed at her as she went In the woman left to return uninvited few more times to steal my royal prestige pots I realized one day each time I go to bathroom she was in my stove thinking at my pots running to living room with my pot on bag...I senced shed gone to kitchen but denied she did. I never invited her nor opened but she had taken 1000 dollars worth of pots Later at the gym a man asked if I was nelinas friend I said not really. The. he said oh don't you know she is a prostitute on here we'll known and if you go home with her you will be losing stuff. How did my cat sense she was bad??? My cat is 17 years old living with me since age 7months old twice she avoided people those two were shameless greedy thiefs. Cats senced what we humans fail to understand about people's behaviours..the clues were there on my face but I judged others as I am myself within! Never fail to understand that other people are evil spirited sociopaths jealous ungrateful untrustworthy, not like us the brave free and honest within and out Does this truth surprise you? Let me know.

    An AuerAn Auer5 uur geleden
  • I don't care what the scientists say, Oscar is sharing the ability all cats have with regard to knowing when people are sick and about to pass. I have been bedridden for some years now and when I've suffered strokes or just been in a bad place, my cats know and they won't leave me. They geet distressed if moved away from me while the doctor or paramedics are in attendance. Cats have some very unusual abilities, bless them.

    ultimatelyisaacultimatelyisaac5 uur geleden
  • I know cats KNOW things we dont.. I've see it happen as well.

    Yvonne MathisYvonne Mathis5 uur geleden
  • Who says a guardian angel has to be human?

    marlene helfrickmarlene helfrick6 uur geleden
  • Hi 🙋 that was awesome I believe the cat is a gift from God

    Denise Mohan-MahabirDenise Mohan-Mahabir6 uur geleden
  • Thats why cats are my favourite animal, he is very special must bring comfort to lot of people

    Elaine BrickwoodElaine Brickwood6 uur geleden
  • Oscar deserves an Oscar

    blunt Smokerblunt Smoker7 uur geleden
  • Ive. Belived. That. Cats. Cats. Got. The smell. And. Cimen. Sence. When. Someone. Is. Going to. Pass.

    Elena MitchellElena Mitchell7 uur geleden
  • Oscar is a real deal. I had a dog that new my wife was going to pass. Really freaky. But he knew. I’m thankful for that.

    Lorin MaskLorin Mask7 uur geleden
  • And... Did anybody tried cloning it?

    Romero ArakhalamRomero Arakhalam7 uur geleden
  • Wow he looks so much like my Cookie Boy, I could see him doing this too.

    Susan BullockSusan Bullock8 uur geleden
  • Our alsation would have nothing to do with my father in law. Years later she was often found to have escaped home and was scratching and howling at his door... This went on for around three months. Meantime he was diagnosed With a brain tumour. Dog tried to stay with him but he Didn't last long. Once he passed, she stopped all her odd behaviours and stayed home....

    Jay LawJay Law8 uur geleden
  • Plot twist: the cat is a murderer and killed all the patients early. 😆

    FoxtrotOneZeroFoxtrotOneZero8 uur geleden
  • I am an RN in a nursing home. We have 3 cats in this large facility. One always goes to the room of a resident who will pass within a few hours to 3-4 days. He has never been wrong

    Virginia RussellVirginia Russell8 uur geleden
  • One of my cats was sleeping on the bed and in the middle of the night, she came up and licked all over my hand and then she lay back down at my feet. She died the next day. I believe she knew and was saying goodbye to me.

    Wendy ElseyWendy Elsey9 uur geleden
  • I got very ill but was at home with a bacterial infection in my lungs in 1989. My two dogs were glued to me during my 10 long days of being on drugs and inhalers, they never left my side except when they needed to go outside, and then instead of exploring and sniffing around in the fenced yard like they would usually do, and bark when they were ready to come back in, they would do their business and head right back to the door to come in. I knew they knew I was very sick and they were worried about me.

    J AnnibalJ Annibal9 uur geleden
  • He might also been able to detect the smell of death

    Nosebleed & Pumpkin pieNosebleed & Pumpkin pie9 uur geleden
  • There is a reason why cats where the guardians of death, and why Egyptians regarded them as holy, hurting a cat would mean a death sentence, how far we have fallen today.

    Mats F.Mats F.9 uur geleden
  • This cat was probably a guardian angel wanting to help

    Nosebleed & Pumpkin pieNosebleed & Pumpkin pie9 uur geleden
  • Ever think that cat was the one killing them?

    Pony PackagePony Package9 uur geleden
  • I heard that, Except humans, every other creatures can foresee or sense the presence of the things which is invisible and beyond the capacity of a human sense organ. Also for living things, when their due is near, the presence of death would be always there in the air and some people may feel this as well.

    JKJK10 uur geleden
  • I am glad the cat is there for the residents who are waiting for their turn to cross that great divide. Some animals can sniff out cancer Oscar sniffs out death. Or maybe its a rebirth. Leaving this world and entering the next dimension. He is a gifted and very special cat. The Lord works in mysterious ways that we aren't supposed to understand.

    Teresa CooperTeresa Cooper10 uur geleden
  • I think that he is specially gifted and there's probably quite a bunch more of these cats. I would love to see more acknowledgement of the 4 legged free- loaders. It's something that we should encourage & promote.

    william louiewilliam louie10 uur geleden
  • My neighbor had a cat that kept on jumping up on her husband and clawing at her husband's shirt pocket. Cats are very intuitive. I told my neighbor that the cat is trying to communicate something. I asked my neighbor if her husband had been feeling well lately. She told me that he was due for his physical and hadn't been feeling too well lately. He was sent for chest x-rays and after they came back abnormal he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The cat picked up on that because he kept on clawing at the left pocket and kept sniffing the area. Animals are truly amazing and intuitive. Dogs can do this too. There are service dogs that detect epileptic seizures, and low blood sugar.

    Susie MuirheadSusie Muirhead10 uur geleden
  • I believe that there are transmissions given prior to death and the gift is given to cats/dogs who feel those senses for alerting and comforting those that open up to allow it. It’s a God given gift. Don’t decline it.

    Pamela Simpson-TaylorPamela Simpson-Taylor10 uur geleden
  • Wonderful story, you could argue the rights and wrong of this all day long, but it’s well known that animals give owners so much comfort why should we be deprived of any comfort that can be given in our final days on this earth 🌍

    Mikayla NorthMikayla North10 uur geleden
  • That must be a very patient room if it let's someone lay in it for a long time.

    Zilla boiZilla boi11 uur geleden
  • My life just for cats..i love so much all animal especialy to cats..👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🙏😻😻💜💜

    Catlover MyworldCatlover Myworld11 uur geleden
  • The CAT is a guardian to the Underworld and is merely doing his job

    UnorthdoxClericUnorthdoxCleric12 uur geleden
  • Maybe other cats notice but don't care 🙃

    JustSayaJustSaya12 uur geleden
  • Oscar can probably see or sense the angels round the person's bed

    Elizabeth ButlerElizabeth Butler12 uur geleden
  • Thank God for cats 🐱 🙏✨🙏

    Elisabeth ConstantineElisabeth Constantine12 uur geleden
  • No I do not think it's a coincidence

    Leonardo Oliva ArucaLeonardo Oliva Aruca13 uur geleden
  • Wolves do this as well on a hunt. They chase but if they pick up that one of the prey is going to die naturally very soon. They give up on the hunt and follow it instead. Dogs, cats, wolves. They’ve all done it. But it begs the question. Why can’t they ALL do it.

    Micah DeckMicah Deck13 uur geleden
  • That cat is a death angel.

    Gary WoodsGary Woods13 uur geleden
  • Sounds like a nice SPC to me

    Mélisande AurélieMélisande Aurélie13 uur geleden
  • It could all be of a spiritual level.

    Tomato MoussinTomato Moussin13 uur geleden
  • My cat would stay by my son's side when he would have seizures like he knew when he would have one

    Chris BellChris Bell14 uur geleden
  • WoW

    Betty PickleBetty Pickle14 uur geleden
  • Some people are mediums while others aren't. Same for cats. Oscar is a medium cat in service of the goddess, he's her messenger. Scientists will never understand this.♥️💀🌷 😺🌷💀♥️

    MarieMarie15 uur geleden
  • There is no thing such a coincidence 🙂

    Calico's MomCalico's Mom15 uur geleden
  • I believe not only cats but dogs and many other animals have the 6 ' th sence to smell death even sickness also .I don't have any proof though 🙏

    Renu AsopaRenu Asopa15 uur geleden
  • Most cats I have had are like that they have the ability to sense stress, anxiety... Sickness... But death, not yet, but almost maybe.. When my father and mother had heart attacks, the night before my cat slept beside or on top of them..

    Vanessa AdrianoVanessa Adriano15 uur geleden
  • You're putting this story in a way that it sounds good.but the fact is he is a death cat! Brings death!

    Aref AzaraAref Azara15 uur geleden
  • What if there are more than one terminal patients at the same time in the hospital?

    Indu SinghIndu Singh16 uur geleden
  • I got to come in for the cat in the video when I was watching the video all of it my mind went I'm thinking that inside the cat is a spirit and probably everybody knows him or she in the name is the reaper probably I know the reaper knows that who are next to die

    Francisco FriasFrancisco Frias16 uur geleden
  • This happens as some kind of natural miracle that we cant apprehend yet. I know from experience you can have special communication with animals or birds of any kind. You also need to be understanding nature and have the ability to connect to it. It goes both ways.

    håkon eugen gustavsenhåkon eugen gustavsen16 uur geleden
  • He can sense whats going on🥰🥰

    Eva Balando OfficialEva Balando Official18 uur geleden
  • I love my cat❤️

    Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus18 uur geleden
  • God gave them the ability to see thedeath Angle thats is whatThe holy pute book says

    Fadya AhmedFadya Ahmed19 uur geleden
  • i believe that cats are speciAl animals

    Dorothy JimenezDorothy Jimenez20 uur geleden
  • *sob* * GIVE-*SOB* that KID A MEDAL!sob*

    KGBKGB20 uur geleden
  • Oscar is the reincarnation of the grim reaper

    NirloXNirloX20 uur geleden
  • cats are special... this is definitely not coincidence!!

    Spotted FeatherSpotted Feather21 uur geleden
  • We have the same with my dady. Cat's feel it and bring innerpeace when they die

    daisy vervoortdaisy vervoort21 uur geleden
  • I believe it's profile is me and my cat mili.

    Sina Pokrajac SandrićSina Pokrajac Sandrić22 uur geleden
  • 😻god bless our angels 🙏❤️❤️❤️

    Suki GirlSuki Girl22 uur geleden
  • Someone watched too much of Dr. House!!!!!! Wait, what? House ep. Was BASED on real cat? 0_o

    LookAss92PLLookAss92PL22 uur geleden
  • Animals can see into the spirit realm. That is why scientist will never figure this sort of animal behaviour out. Egyptians used cats as guardian's of the underworld because of their ability to perceive spirits.

    KING DAVIDKING DAVID22 uur geleden
  • Jeez, got a mass serial killer here and no one can see it cause it's a cat. "Predicting" death... *guffaw*

    Josh SedgwickJosh Sedgwick22 uur geleden
  • Why is Claire on thumbnail?

    Abdulsamad ShaikhAbdulsamad Shaikh23 uur geleden
  • The cat is obviously the killer. He’s reveling in the attention. He’ll stop at no cost. And he has everyone fooled 😂 disrespect intended to the people in the story.

    Michelle MarieMichelle Marie23 uur geleden
  • The cat was simply collecting souls

    G-racerG-racer23 uur geleden
  • Heres my grandmother's story. Idk if this is the right type of bird but I think it was a falcon that my grandmother was taking care of. One time she had this some sort of diseases that made her legs stiff, hard to move. It became worse every day until one day the pain suddenly stopped, she went to see the falcon that she was taking caring of that appeared to be dead at that day, legs stiff. She believes that the falcon took her dieases and sacrificed themself.And my parents told me sometimes that other animals can take the owner's diseases(/other health problems,) or predict when they die, just like this video.

    Becca LanozoBecca Lanozo23 uur geleden
  • Well we will probably never know how the cat manages to know when the person is going to pass away but it is often said that animals have the ability to see/sense things that our eyes and senses can’t detect for example it’s claimed that they can see/sense ghosts yet humans mostly are not capable of sensing their presence and if it’s true about animals being able to sense paranormal life forms like ghosts the grim reaper etc then maybe this cat sees the reaper at the beds of those who are out of time and just helps to comfort them in their final moments but who knows for certain if it’s right or not as it could just be the way this cat happens to be like a sixth sense for example yet we will most likely never know for certain

    Phantom ReaperPhantom ReaperDag geleden
  • That cat knows the value to life then other , that's why she stay with them until the end.

  • Don't joke with cats. Cats have the ability to see spirits

    Seith LugolobiSeith LugolobiDag geleden
  • The kitten is an angel.

    Brenda SeiglerBrenda SeiglerDag geleden
  • So the cat is a serial killer. Aight.

    Paul JCPaul JCDag geleden
  • Definitely has the senses

    carrie rogerscarrie rogersDag geleden
  • I had covid in 2020 my cat stayed with me for two weeks where I slept/rested and I am wondering there were times I felt awfully ill as if hallucinating Iam wondering whether the cat perhaps helped me recover

    Noreen HashmiNoreen HashmiDag geleden
  • Why are there no videos of Oscar?

  • Cats and some other animals can sense when someone is about to pass due to chemical changes in the dying person's body and so to help ease their anxiety of leaving this plain of existence and entering heaven in peace, they will stay by that individual to let them know that they will be ok to leave this world and enter heaven to be with the Father. It is also to help the families in their time of loss and grief

    Karla BerryhillKarla BerryhillDag geleden

    Cassy1Cassy1Dag geleden
  • Gift from God

    Paul McNamaraPaul McNamaraDag geleden
  • Oscar is a serial killer. It's obvious.

    Douglas KierdorfDouglas KierdorfDag geleden
  • When my son was in hospice 30 years ago oh, they had a dog that did the same thing

    Julia VossJulia VossDag geleden
  • This video made me cry

    Erika KirbyErika KirbyDag geleden
  • It is a true miracle straight from God. God is powerful!!! Amen!!!!

    Kacy ClarkKacy ClarkDag geleden
  • I Think Oscar knows whats happening with the humans thats near the end of their life😻

    SusanSusanDag geleden
  • I heard this story many years ago. It always stuck with me.

    Suzanne WildeSuzanne WildeDag geleden
  • When I get sick my cats crawl into bed with me and stay until I’m better.

    Regina HallRegina HallDag geleden
  • Cats are extremely sensitive. I have 2 and when I'm not well they will not leave my side. God is very obvious in a cat.

    Melanie WinterhawkMelanie WinterhawkDag geleden
  • Sounds like part of the story from Stephen King's book, Doctor Sleep.

    Bryan ParenteauBryan ParenteauDag geleden
  • Am not supprised with the cat, my cat wait on me when I wake up to the toilet in the middle of the night and any time I was poorly it sleeps next to my bed and the next morning I will be okay, not only that, when am not around it wonders looking for me, they are sometimes mysterious when they love you

    Portia ArthurPortia ArthurDag geleden