the everything sub (1m subscriber special)

5 apr. 2021
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thank you guys so much for everything, you all changed my life whether you know it or not

  • Milad after closing time: "Reality can be whatever I want"

    BeeseChurmgerBeeseChurmger16 dagen geleden
    • yeah

      Valerie BrevetValerie Brevet6 dagen geleden
    • Pp

      nico costalotnico costalot6 dagen geleden
    • @Florida Photography LOL

      Miller ChiangMiller Chiang8 dagen geleden
    • He has so much power

      EL gourdoEL gourdo11 dagen geleden
    • Id eat that sandwich

      Andrew CAndrew C11 dagen geleden
  • I love quiznos

    Nick LombardiNick Lombardi46 minuten geleden
  • Fbjrhfhfjgjufu

    MrTeagueMrTeagueUur geleden
  • I’m eating my subway sandwiches while watching milad make subways 😃

    Anna CadaAnna CadaUur geleden
  • Now much for this sub?

    John DeaconJohn Deacon4 uur geleden
  • Yoyo

    syed shahzaibsyed shahzaib5 uur geleden
  • That's the best thing I saw on the internet today, 10M coming soooooon !!!!

    ArafatArafat5 uur geleden
  • Hi

    not alinot ali5 uur geleden
  • pe pe ....... peeee pe

    Ben ValenciaBen Valencia6 uur geleden
  • Your a legend bro

    KASHIL padyachyKASHIL padyachy6 uur geleden
  • Subs

    stealth 1stealth 16 uur geleden
  • Let's go milad

    Brawlstars MyGuyBrawlstars MyGuy6 uur geleden
  • atiki ahana abuli

    sly flysly fly7 uur geleden
  • Eat fresh -Milad a true legend

    Sunrise ShortsSunrise Shorts7 uur geleden
  • Spicy Italian is my favorite

    Justin WilkieJustin Wilkie8 uur geleden
  • Yo

    ian woolfeian woolfe8 uur geleden
  • i like turtles......... but now im craving subway

    Joel AsherJoel Asher9 uur geleden
  • You are the best man in the history of intelligent life. Congrats.

    Creo-DasherCreo-Dasher10 uur geleden
  • I want Subway now.

    Amy KleinAmy Klein10 uur geleden
  • Me

    turtle kid turtleturtle kid turtle10 uur geleden
  • Subway the besy

    Eddy ZhuEddy Zhu12 uur geleden
  • I spend my entire paycheck at subway

    Noah SNoah S12 uur geleden
  • that is giant omg

    Hanna EbrahimHanna Ebrahim13 uur geleden
  • Bed.

    Noah LakanenNoah Lakanen13 uur geleden
  • Cool stuff!

    Bence WeszelyBence Weszely14 uur geleden
  • E.

    MajoMajo14 uur geleden
  • Can your change your to milad mirag

    longest name in youtube maybe probablylongest name in youtube maybe probably14 uur geleden
  • i want sandwich

    Aadhil SathishAadhil Sathish16 uur geleden
  • Milad Roasting jake paul was something I never thought I needed....

    Ahmad Al ThumamaAhmad Al Thumama16 uur geleden
  • I love how unconditional your love is to everyone

    Paaaina Star KeePaaaina Star Kee17 uur geleden
  • Painis

    Claus AlforqueClaus Alforque17 uur geleden
  • I love ‘and remember to eat fresh’ at the end lol

    TheArchitectKidTheArchitectKid18 uur geleden
  • IM SORRY BUT IN THE END THE WAY HE JUST SAID "and remember to EAT ᶠʳᵉˢʰ"

    ViVi20 uur geleden
  • I kinda want some subway now 😂

    Mythrill MeyhemMythrill Meyhem20 uur geleden
  • Would have destroyed that sub!

    Charles BattyCharles Batty21 uur geleden
  • Dog water

    pokemonnerd10 thorntopokemonnerd10 thornto22 uur geleden
  • Anything you want

    Mustafa Sa'adMustafa Sa'ad22 uur geleden
  • Thank you! You inspire me and I love you videos! You are my legit idol and I am so happy for 1 mill! You are so uplifting, happy and inspiring! I give you all my thanks! And you have inspired me to want to work at subway!😊😀😁😁🥳

    Kylee HiattKylee Hiatt23 uur geleden
  • Anything you want

    Z LZ L23 uur geleden
  • I dont need 100$ just donate mine to a charity (if i win by any chance)

    PyxuIPyxuI23 uur geleden
  • Can we all agree that Italian herbs and cheese is the best bread

    Ducking GamerDucking GamerDag geleden
  • Hello

    Livia ChristianLivia ChristianDag geleden
  • Instead of the 100 you should give away the sub, it probably cost 100 itself lol.

    Amit SinglaAmit SinglaDag geleden
  • Out of the blue, this channel appeared when we needed him most

    Elemental Water BottleElemental Water BottleDag geleden
  • Yeeeh

    SneakySaniSneakySaniDag geleden
  • Anything you want

    LeafswiftLeafswiftDag geleden
  • I just want 5 hundo

    Airplanes Aviation and PokémonAirplanes Aviation and PokémonDag geleden
  • I wish subway open their branch in indonesia and has employee like you

    Hilmy RahmanHilmy RahmanDag geleden
  • That looks pretty good

    Henry ClarkeHenry ClarkeDag geleden
  • your vids make me go "yes"

    oon Antonoon AntonDag geleden
  • e

    Leo LewisLeo LewisDag geleden
  • Hi

    Person who made a channel just to commentPerson who made a channel just to commentDag geleden
  • Me: The everything sub is bigger than Joe. Random person: Joe who? Me: Joe mama.

    Avi Arnav SinghAvi Arnav SinghDag geleden
  • i'm hungry now.

    alexaalexaDag geleden
  • Do you have more than one job?

    Dope Beatz 37Dope Beatz 37Dag geleden
  • hehe

    Ayushi GuptaAyushi GuptaDag geleden
  • Yeet

    JJ HoppsJJ HoppsDag geleden
  • rip tuna

    TaqiyahHeadTaqiyahHeadDag geleden
  • I relly realy realy realyyyy lovvveeee your videos lovve i promes i love them you are the best youtubeer 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍩🍩🍩🍩🍿🍩🍿🍿🍉🍉🍉🌝👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪🏼👋👋👋👋😻😻😻😻😻😻😸😸😸😺😺😺😺😯😯😯😐🙄

    Tux lage MemeTux lage MemeDag geleden
  • you are the best NLworldr keep up the grind hope you get 10 mill soon and congrats a 1 mill.

    Brandyn playzBrandyn playzDag geleden
  • 0:32 wait really?

    Toni TaipalusToni TaipalusDag geleden
  • hi i love your videos and i love subway

    Jordyn Hicks cosburnJordyn Hicks cosburnDag geleden
  • We love u

    Justin HayesJustin HayesDag geleden
  • Nobody Me dropping dead after seeing that monster sub Milad it’s tiktok time

    KeeganKeeganDag geleden
  • Me after one bite of the everything sub 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

    KeeganKeeganDag geleden
  • Karen is a funny name

    MR KushMR KushDag geleden
  • I think the sauces were what ruined the sandwich

    QuEsTiOn_MARK? _QuEsTiOn_MARK? _Dag geleden
  • He is My Lad

    Random DudeRandom DudeDag geleden
  • Just take it home and share it with your family for dinner 😂

    Ochako UrarakaOchako UrarakaDag geleden
  • Water Mellon

    Dillon DouglasDillon DouglasDag geleden
  • love the content milad!

    SneaksMMSneaksMMDag geleden
  • I want to have 100 dollars for my dream electric drivable kids car please it means a lot to me 😔😔

    Viswak GamingViswak GamingDag geleden
  • Toes

    ToemanToemanDag geleden
  • F stomach

    Benjamin MeddinsBenjamin MeddinsDag geleden
  • Me recuerda a las muertortas

    hugo mmhugo mm2 dagen geleden
  • Suggest any sub for vegetarians..

    deep pateldeep patel2 dagen geleden
  • How much would that cost

    Liam EilatLiam Eilat2 dagen geleden
  • ur awesome

    OG_PurpleOG_Purple2 dagen geleden
  • Bread is bread

    Boby HobartBoby Hobart2 dagen geleden
  • Anything u want

    NuclearNuclear2 dagen geleden
  • Do you live in canada???

    MalipoMatengaMalipoMatenga2 dagen geleden
  • He didn’t put the tuna on... still love you milad!

    Final FortitudeFinal Fortitude2 dagen geleden
  • Liar

    G SG S2 dagen geleden
  • 1 million the same time on my birthday congrats!

    stitchesstitches2 dagen geleden
  • Your videos saved me

    Don PostDon Post2 dagen geleden
  • Comment pog

    Our World ExplainedOur World Explained2 dagen geleden
  • congrats on tht give mea 100 qwolers

    DIY Cardboard ProjectsDIY Cardboard Projects2 dagen geleden
  • yumm

    純一郎純一郎2 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    cale0920 cale0920cale0920 cale09202 dagen geleden
  • I started watching at like 10k

    AttaxkツAttaxkツ2 dagen geleden
  • Congrats on 1M subs! Love your channel it's so unique. Keep it up!

    UntzUntz2 dagen geleden
  • Love the content Milad!

    CiobiarCiobiar2 dagen geleden
  • Hi I love your videos

    Brianna GuzmanBrianna Guzman2 dagen geleden
  • Your a legend

    zYnkzYnk2 dagen geleden
  • Legend

    Adam MAdam M2 dagen geleden
  • pog

    TelPoGamingTelPoGaming2 dagen geleden
  • Ruynax

    Jared CentJared Cent2 dagen geleden
  • dats thic with 5 more cs thicccccc

    Julie DixonJulie Dixon2 dagen geleden
  • Nice

    Vøid9MCOCVøid9MCOC2 dagen geleden
  • This man is a massive success story

    Oliver KayOliver Kay2 dagen geleden