26 feb. 2021
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  • 19:00 Man Utd draw except I’m a bit late 😂

    Zach MoritzZach MoritzMaand geleden
  • I want the north london derby for the final

    Ice_joshIce_joshMaand geleden
    • Ah well spurs are out 🤣

      Amir OmerAmir OmerMaand geleden
  • Youssef El-Arabi right now: 😏

    Landon SchröderLandon SchröderMaand geleden
  • That reaction of arsenal getting olympiacos is class 😂😂

    AFC Fin 82AFC Fin 82Maand geleden

    Keith lord of alba ScotlandKeith lord of alba ScotlandMaand geleden
  • Missed us? We are coming for you!!

    Dimitris KouvelisDimitris KouvelisMaand geleden
    • @Faheem it doesn't matter, what they did to you last year is extraordinary. for you it should be taken for granted instead

      boh bahboh bah17 dagen geleden
    • Where getting revenge

      Ur an Unshavedgorrila rUr an Unshavedgorrila rMaand geleden
    • @Dimitris Kouvelis this year will be you leaving

      FaheemFaheemMaand geleden
    • @Faheem Yeap, just like last year

      Dimitris KouvelisDimitris KouvelisMaand geleden
    • You're coming for the elimination.

      FaheemFaheemMaand geleden
  • Alright Liam?

    LiamTheLegendLiamTheLegendMaand geleden
  • I love the way DT enjoys making little Jokes here and there while doing his videos

    Mwai JosephMwai JosephMaand geleden
  • DT

    JUNEJUNEMaand geleden
  • DT I WANT A SIGNED HAT MASSIVE FAN ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Adam DidcoteAdam DidcoteMaand geleden
  • Just dont underestimate us again.

    giorgos doudounisgiorgos doudounisMaand geleden
  • Respect to DT always speaks respectful of rangers probably due to the ties we had years gone by usually arsenal fans have a celtic connections with North London Irish community

    taxi dmactaxi dmacMaand geleden
  • Spurs fan here... never saw his own channel...quite enjoyed it actually... DT is actually funny and not ranting and acting like a crybaby all the time

    Anika TahsinAnika TahsinMaand geleden
  • DT: I wouldn’t mind Shakhtar Donetsk Real Madrid 2 - 3 Shakhtar Donetsk Shakhtar Donetsk 2 - 0 Real Madrid

    TooMuchFlashingTooMuchFlashingMaand geleden
  • Kenny lala plays for olmpiacos he will try poctet auba saka or pepe whoever plays on the left

    james barryjames barryMaand geleden
  • Why are we so arrogant against Olympiacos they are a very dangerous team and they proved it last season... Their team is 90% the same as last season and they are even better with more experience are we better than last season? I don't think so , our league placement shows us otherwise .. we have to be very careful and take them seriously

    angeloangeloMaand geleden
  • Grenada is a caribbean island where i live!!!

    kevon bartholomewkevon bartholomewMaand geleden
  • That goldbridge part man 😂😂😂

    McMcMaand geleden
  • Time for revenge

    L OmarL OmarMaand geleden
  • Great draw! I figured we’d get Olympiakos. #Revenge

    AC CurrieAC CurrieMaand geleden
  • How are Arsenal fans so confident they're going to walk past Olympiakos? They even struggled to beat Benfica 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And Olympiakos are miles better than them.

    Rushabh VakhariaRushabh VakhariaMaand geleden
  • Why Rangers got a chance when S.Prague knocked Leicester City out keeping a cleansheet home&away?

    Damian KellyDamian KellyMaand geleden
    • @taxi dmac ok bruv..good sparing with you!see you then....

      Damian KellyDamian KellyMaand geleden
    • Wanted arsenal out of any British clubs a chance to boot tiernay up and down the park again think slavia Prague is one of the 4 clubs we can fancy taking hopefully get arsensl in last 8 I'm sure arteta would like to see his former club who brought him to Britain

      taxi dmactaxi dmacMaand geleden
    • @WATP 1872 you were lucky that Benfica were down to 10 men!!!!Rangers will be massacred by S.Prague!I love Gerrard but Rangers are average...

      Damian KellyDamian KellyMaand geleden
    • Because we bet Antwerp who bet Tottenham and should have bet Benfica twice who lost to Arsenal late on

      WATP 1872WATP 1872Maand geleden
  • Skip to 17min 40sec thank me later🙋

    Eric RiordanEric RiordanMaand geleden
  • Still potential for Villarreal in the quarters.

    John MitchellJohn MitchellMaand geleden
  • What you talking about United getting a easy draw. We always get the hardest draw

    Marshall MusicMarshall MusicMaand geleden
  • It was obvious that us and united were gonna get a harder team I also knew them shit lot we’re gonna get an easy team

    warner 169warner 169Maand geleden
  • arsenal are shit

    Atir ZidaneAtir ZidaneMaand geleden
  • LOL! manure going out the next round!

    Yanto2013Yanto2013Maand geleden
    • Who do you support don't be shy?

      Tiny DocTiny DocMaand geleden
    • Really hope this isn't an Arsenal fans calling other clubs Manure lmao

      ИванИванMaand geleden
    • Next joke

      SK7 ProductionsSK7 ProductionsMaand geleden
  • United get the hardest draw yet again

    MaximlliusMaximlliusMaand geleden
  • I am happy with the draw

    Kieran RandlesKieran RandlesMaand geleden
  • You must have been a kid the last time Arsenal were in the Champions league.

    john carmanjohn carmanMaand geleden
  • Olympiacos is a joke man . why u even triping emotional crying cuz u beat benfica god dam the decline . olympiacos ahhha if u loose this thsts a joke

    m0921_ _m0921_ _Maand geleden
  • Look at who spuds have got in all their draws this season...

    Rohan SRohan SMaand geleden
  • Dt reacting to the draw like there gunna be playing prime barca

    Craig DerbyshireCraig DerbyshireMaand geleden
  • I bet Olympiacos are shitting it playing the 11th best team in England.

    Craig DerbyshireCraig DerbyshireMaand geleden
    • Yeah yeah very original mate.

      K1_ArsenalK1_ArsenalMaand geleden
  • dt is funny his team is sitting 11th has got the team that knocked out arsenal last year but getting satisfaction getting ac milan

    karthik kumarkarthik kumarMaand geleden
    • @Humble Smith so what manu are second in a far stronger league it was not a shock olimpiaos deserved the win over two legs and moreover why should he be happy for man utd to get a tough team even though his team is bang average

      karthik kumarkarthik kumarMaand geleden
    • It’s not too hard to understand why he is happy that Utd got AC. Ac are killing it in Serie A. Also yes Arsenal got Olympiacos (the team that knocked them out last year) but it was a shock result!! He just didn’t want Utd to get an easy draw, simple!!

      Humble SmithHumble SmithMaand geleden
  • Olympiakos Vs Arsenal and Dt said nooooo. Hahahahahah omg how you can be scary of them. In paper we could win easily but of course every team could bet everyone. This is not a difficult game but you cant said easy. Its a good draw for Arsenal. It could be easy but it could be difficultm I take this one.

    Arjan NdojArjan NdojMaand geleden
    • @EDDY OWUSU Thats true

      Arjan NdojArjan NdojMaand geleden
    • It's an easy draw but arsenal always makes games hard

      EDDY OWUSUEDDY OWUSUMaand geleden
  • The draw was scripted

    Johnny SoundsJohnny SoundsMaand geleden
  • We (United) have a difficult tie and we can deal with it... You guys have a ty and you cant even do anything about it 😂

    Kay BeeKay BeeMaand geleden
  • I'm arsenal supporter

    Aisling KellyAisling KellyMaand geleden
  • Thought we would arsenal vs dynAmo kyik

    Aisling KellyAisling KellyMaand geleden
  • I support arsenal

    Aisling KellyAisling KellyMaand geleden
  • I can’t believe he seriously reacted like that to United getting Milan. These lot have fallen as far as you can go, Jesus Christ.

    Ciaran McCulloughCiaran McCulloughMaand geleden
    • It's quite embarrassing, they're slowly embracing becoming an Europa League side.

      Big RobertoBig RobertoMaand geleden
    • @m0921_ _ that's why their competing for the UCL And not arsenal right?

      Deron OgilvieDeron OgilvieMaand geleden
    • Milan Is dog shit

      m0921_ _m0921_ _Maand geleden
  • Time for revenge boys and girls. Get the war paint on!

    Brandon KamakarisBrandon KamakarisMaand geleden
  • Whys he saying united will definitely get molde? When was the last time we got an easy draw? Always the hardest draw

    TRA H & ATRA H & AMaand geleden
    • @Rohan S united got leipzig and psg in their ucl group then got everton away and city in the carabao cup then got Liverpool and west ham in the fa cup, real socidad which was the hardest possible draw and now ac milan which is the hardest possible draw again

      TRA H & ATRA H & AMaand geleden
    • @Rohan S spurs man city always get easy draws. Chelsea as well tbh

      MAN UTD YTMAN UTD YTMaand geleden
    • Whereas look at spuds draws...

      Rohan SRohan SMaand geleden
    • It's a bit suspicious if you ask me. Both of us got tough draws in Carabao. We've had more bad luck since we had to play PSG Leipzig and travel to Turkey. And we've played Liverpool West Ham Leicester in Fa CUp

      MAN UTD YTMAN UTD YTMaand geleden
    • @Rohan S I agree even they got psg and Leipzig in UCL

      Dwayne JohnsonDwayne JohnsonMaand geleden
  • 4:15 DT visionary 17:18 Olympiakos draw

    Wooyoung ParkWooyoung ParkMaand geleden
    • Mr hat knew

      HydroInvalidHydroInvalidMaand geleden
  • Έρχεται ο Καυλαραμπι

    Ιορδανης ΒερβεριδηςΙορδανης ΒερβεριδηςMaand geleden
  • Lol Arsenal complaining about benefica lol and want to be in champions league

    Arsh AnwarArsh AnwarMaand geleden
  • Yeah hes a top striker that zlaban ibanibub

    Dylan McGrathDylan McGrathMaand geleden
  • We’ve got two home games 😂

    H KH KMaand geleden
  • We need to stop the motion of saying a team is good base on the name of the team not actually how good the team is. AC Milan is not good at all...they are 3-3-4 in there last 10 games. Idc about the League position. You guys are saying they are good base on there name and history that’s it. Just like we saying arsenal can win it base on there name not how good they are.

    kajohn thompsonkajohn thompsonMaand geleden
  • 21:15 DT the prat in the hat🤣🤣🤣🤣

    S MurariS MurariMaand geleden
  • We need to get our revenge idc

    YSYSMaand geleden

    Serjio CarvajalSerjio CarvajalMaand geleden
  • Revenge!!!

    Muehh BoMuehh BoMaand geleden
  • That will do me. Result..

    ooh to Booh to BMaand geleden
  • Clip this video from when arsenal get knockout again from the same team two years in a row 😂

    George GkogkosGeorge GkogkosMaand geleden
    • Wanker alert

      Iain BellIain BellMaand geleden
  • We basically got two home ties, beautiful.

    BuschifyBuschifyMaand geleden
    • say what???

      Chris ChrisChris Chris13 dagen geleden
    • @3nR.I.P good luck

      Xristoslazaridis G7Xristoslazaridis G7Maand geleden
    • @giorgos doudounis we'll see

      3nR.I.P3nR.I.PMaand geleden
    • @Naoise Brennan and we always win in your stadium 🤣🤣

      giorgos doudounisgiorgos doudounisMaand geleden
    • @Andy Drewett thanks

      BuschifyBuschifyMaand geleden
  • man utd have been getting hard draws since 2018

    TadzTadzMaand geleden
    • @Aisling Kelly PSG, Barca, PSG (again), Leipzig, Sociedad and now AC Milan.

      Alalak JakajaAlalak JakajaMaand geleden
    • @Aisling Kelly yes

      MAN UTD YTMAN UTD YTMaand geleden
    • Nah

      Aisling KellyAisling KellyMaand geleden
  • Revenge loading.......

    desta mediadesta mediaMaand geleden
  • Deja vu

    aggelos marrasaggelos marrasMaand geleden
  • Loved the podcast dt so funny m8 great

    Tony WardTony WardMaand geleden
  • Big teams play big teams. Manchester United welcome Milan

    Loftus BlakeLoftus BlakeMaand geleden
    • @TooMuchFlashing its Europa League Its round of 32 It's against a weak side Liverpool ones were different

      MAN UTD YTMAN UTD YTMaand geleden
    • @MAN UTD YT it’s not that they won, it’s how they won. You seen Liverpool give that never die attitude against Dortmund & Barcelona, that alone can get you to a final

      TooMuchFlashingTooMuchFlashingMaand geleden
    • @H ikr. Piers Morgan was labelling it as one of the best European nights and DT was getting emotional wtf

      MAN UTD YTMAN UTD YTMaand geleden
    • @Iain Bell defintely not arsenal

      karthik kumarkarthik kumarMaand geleden
    • @S Murari that's just pure convo 💀😂

      BestInTheWorld 24BestInTheWorld 24Maand geleden
  • north london derby in the final would be great

    Mr182airwavesMr182airwavesMaand geleden
  • Dt actually thinks arsenal have a chance of winning this😂

    The Irish HotspurThe Irish HotspurMaand geleden
    • @Shane Darcy stop texting no we have already won this competition and have Jose mourinho as manager with a outstanding bale who do u have fraudetea and a 19 year old carrying your club

      The Irish HotspurThe Irish HotspurMaand geleden
    • No 1 I am not a tottenham fan No 2 your like QPR when it comes to European trophies

      Naif AlhamadNaif AlhamadMaand geleden
    • @Naif Alhamad apart from the two we have won doughnut.

      Iain BellIain BellMaand geleden
    • Tottenham fans can’t even try to compare, the last thing Ye have won is the carling cup 14 years ago and premier league in 1960’s

      Shane DarcyShane DarcyMaand geleden
    • Arsenal zero European trophies since they were founded 1886

      Naif AlhamadNaif AlhamadMaand geleden
  • Big Teams like to play against Big teams

    Sudip DuttaSudip DuttaMaand geleden
  • Revenge is coming ! Olympiakos are going to get Ripped to Shreds ! 💀 💀 💀

    Robin ArdenRobin ArdenMaand geleden
    • @Robin Arden Calm down.

      Spectre08Spectre08Maand geleden
    • @Rushabh Vakharia : And you thought they was going to beat us. 😃 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣 When we beat Olympiakos, I bet you come back, and say the the same thing about the next team we get. 😃 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣 Cocky ? No. Better. Yes ! 😎 🤩 🥳

      Robin ArdenRobin ArdenMaand geleden
    • Lol. You guys thought you were going to breeze past Benfica. Stop being cocky. Olympiakos is miles better than Benfica.

      Rushabh VakhariaRushabh VakhariaMaand geleden
    • Most Arsenal supporters wanted this tie. Just to get REVENGE ! 😎 🤩 🥳

      Robin ArdenRobin ArdenMaand geleden
    • I am realy tired of them 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

      Panagiotis NikiforouPanagiotis NikiforouMaand geleden
  • 20:15 there’s a reason no one likes DT

    Jordan FullwoodJordan FullwoodMaand geleden
    • Mark Goldbridge fan boy 😂😂

  • Revenge time !!!!!! COYGS !!!!!!

    Matthew WilliamsMatthew WilliamsMaand geleden
  • 19:04

    SZGamingHDSZGamingHDMaand geleden
  • 17:46

    SZGamingHDSZGamingHDMaand geleden
  • Dt such a melt

    kayden XCkayden XCMaand geleden
    • To laugh at him

      kayden XCkayden XCMaand geleden
    • Why u here then

      FanFanMaand geleden
  • Arsenal vs olympiacos here we go again

    Shahima KhanomShahima KhanomMaand geleden
  • We've got this

    Q AhmedQ AhmedMaand geleden
  • finally man utd always get easy games

    Ammar AberaaAmmar AberaaMaand geleden
    • United got psg Leipzig in champions league, they got liverpool and Leicester in fa cup, they got man city in quarters, and now milan in Europa league all in one season you clown.

      Tiny DocTiny DocMaand geleden
    • Respect from an IFC Fanw

      ICYCrewICYCrewMaand geleden
    • Dekdued

      ICYCrewICYCrewMaand geleden
    • We got Leceister City in the Fa Cup lmao

      Thaylin PillayThaylin PillayMaand geleden
    • We also had Liverpool in the fa cup

      Sean CarrollSean CarrollMaand geleden
  • We are not scared of ac milan like u were scared of benfica

    vikkstar 123vikkstar 123Maand geleden
    • @Skrrr.16 lol

      Tiny DocTiny DocMaand geleden
    • @M F if they kick us out then they play better than us not because they are better than us, big differences. But I’m not scared of no AC Milan. Like come on we need to stop living off the name of the team and actually look at the squad they have. Arsenal actually have a better squad than AC Milan..but people would think AC Milan better.

      kajohn thompsonkajohn thompsonMaand geleden
    • @kajohn thompson if you are not, ull be. Kicked out of UEL

      M FM FMaand geleden
    • @Skrrr.16 why so? The same team who are 3-3-4 in there last 10 games? Yea ok We scared. Keep living off the name like they are the kaka days with young zaltan. That’s how I know arsenal are small minded..acting like AC Milan are good...the same team who second in their league but are 3-3-4. That’s all need to be said.

      kajohn thompsonkajohn thompsonMaand geleden
    • you should be

      Skrrr.16Skrrr.16Maand geleden
  • milan have been on smoke this season ole gonna have to trust his squad and rotate well last time we played them was the day when three lungs park gave pirlo ptsd

    TSA_03 ATSA_03 AMaand geleden
  • Easy W for Utd

    Ibrahim MahmoodIbrahim MahmoodMaand geleden
  • I actually really though United would get Molde

    Invincieblez MusicInvincieblez MusicMaand geleden
    • @Alalak Jakaja Wdym 10-0 my guy Arteta only came into the job last year what are you on about😂

      K1_ArsenalK1_ArsenalMaand geleden
    • @Alalak Jakaja Challenging there 7 pts adrift 😂

      TooMuchFlashingTooMuchFlashingMaand geleden
    • @Alalak Jakaja Oh yeah that’s right the same competition where they got beat by my Wi Fi password

      TooMuchFlashingTooMuchFlashingMaand geleden
    • @Alalak Jakaja Ole: losing to bottom of the premier league

      Harshvir SinghHarshvir SinghMaand geleden
    • @TooMuchFlashing Also: Ole - Beats a spanish team challenging for top 4 with some very good players 4-0 on aggregate. Arteta: Has to rely on a 88th minute header to beat an absolutely shit Benfica team.

      Alalak JakajaAlalak JakajaMaand geleden
  • Rooting for Milan and Olympiakos.

    Philippe HuntPhilippe HuntMaand geleden
    • United living rent free again

      Craig DerbyshireCraig DerbyshireMaand geleden
  • I potentially knw when my end could come!! Pleaaaaasseeeeee arsenal don't to it to us once again

    yann muhireyann muhireMaand geleden
  • Arsenal draw at 17:19

    Shaker AlyasiriShaker AlyasiriMaand geleden
  • That swiss guy who draw i knew it he looks like someone who cheat at the backstage😭 ac milan nooooooo😭 goddd😭😭

    wong chungdickwong chungdickMaand geleden
  • 17:18 arsenal vs olympiacos

    Ibr4him :DIbr4him :DMaand geleden
    • so rigged

      max frymax fryMaand geleden
    • Again

      Landon SchröderLandon SchröderMaand geleden
    • MVP 👑

      HydroInvalidHydroInvalidMaand geleden
  • Lol it’s was so obvious Utd were going to get the best team

    Chicken WingChicken WingMaand geleden
    • @sokerez lol

      AlessandroAlessandroMaand geleden
    • They are 2nd in serie A. They are a good side.

      L PL PMaand geleden
    • @sokerez Mate shut up man lol. You just been waffling this whole thread. Go to bed 😴🛌

      splinter360splinter360Maand geleden
    • @splinter360 and who decides what is for who? You? Did United deserve CL last season ... cuz they kind of got where they belong? Or Inter who were challenging for the title in Italy and finished 4th in their group or BMG wich you cant even tell me one player and got out of their group. I can see how much you understand football.... 0

      sokerezsokerezMaand geleden
    • @emma Arsenal don't win European cups and they've got ZERO chance of top 4. Champions League ain't for them.

      splinter360splinter360Maand geleden
  • 2:25 haha love it

    Meeschtah JoDaMeeschtah JoDaMaand geleden
  • Sokratis Cup

    George AratzisGeorge AratzisMaand geleden
  • 20:15😂

    Jake FurbyJake FurbyMaand geleden
    • He’s injured and ac Milan have been dreadful

      Dilyan Al-KasemDilyan Al-KasemMaand geleden
    • @HydroInvalid AC Milan are shite and have been playing terrible recently just about scraping through against a bad bad team. Shit defence against a good attack. Also Ole plays Bailly in the Europa who’s much better with either Lindelöf or Maguire.

      Alalak JakajaAlalak JakajaMaand geleden

      HydroInvalidHydroInvalidMaand geleden
    • 😂😂

      king ahmadking ahmadMaand geleden
    • UEFA hate united😂😂

      Sakas BrotherSakas BrotherMaand geleden
  • AC Milan is going to be a hard game for us

    Reece NewmanReece NewmanMaand geleden
    • As a Milan fan, we’ve been playing horrible the last couple of weeks so you guys should win unless we get back in form

      Geralt Of RiviaGeralt Of RiviaMaand geleden
    • @Pacyguy Milan are op

      Just Take a Deep breathJust Take a Deep breathMaand geleden
    • Easy W for Utd

      Ibrahim MahmoodIbrahim MahmoodMaand geleden
    • U've already lost, no invincibles

      PacyguyPacyguyMaand geleden
  • I’ll take that I think. Not an awful draw

    Thomas HolleyThomas HolleyMaand geleden
  • Your against an inform Greek champions there hammering there league this season

    jamie slackjamie slackMaand geleden
    • @Hh Tt Battered? 😂 We didn't loose like 10-2 mate

      K1_ArsenalK1_ArsenalMaand geleden
    • Olympiakos are fucking shite mate, seen them play against PSV, but I can tell u try would get battared by a team like Ajax or Milan

      DGpranksDGpranksMaand geleden
    • @Hh Tt literally went through on away goals

      FlamingRavenMCFlamingRavenMCMaand geleden
    • @AM lmaoo kratos league😂😂

      Radius SlayerRadius SlayerMaand geleden
    • Nobody takes the Kratos league serious 😂

      AMAMMaand geleden