The Complete Cyberpunk 2077 History & Lore! (Part 1!)

26 okt. 2020
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All Cyberpunk 2077 Lore, History & Events condensed into a two part series exploring everything from Night City and it's people, to Cyberware, Drugs, Bars, Public Transport, Trauma Team, Megacorps, the Corporate Wars, Combat Zones, Agriculture and Food in the US, Law Enforcement, Gangs, The Collapse, and other events and moments in the 2077 timeline that spawned in Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020.
Welcome to the Complete History & Lore of Cyberpunk 2077!
0:00 - Intro & Housekeeping
1:13 - Samurai & Johnny Silverhand -
2:45 - Cyberpunk TTRPG Roots (2013, 2020)
4:34 - An Intro To Night City
7:40 - The People Of Night City
8:15 - Trauma Team
12:28 - Cyberware & Its History
17:00 - Drugs & Its History
21:30 - Bars In Night City
23:53 - Public Transport In NC
25:25 - Megacorps
27:20 - Corporate Wars
29:44 - Combat Zones
32:50 - The Rockerboy Movement
35:42 - Agriculture & Food In The US
38:41 - The Weapons Of 2020
42:52 - Gangs & Gang Types
48:10 - Obscure Cyberweapons
50:23 - Law Enforcement & The NCPD
53:53 - The Collapse Part 1
57:54 - The Net
For MORE On All These Elements:
Thanks/Source - RTalsorian Games, Valency Graphics

  • Love the game..wouldn't want to live in that world for all the Eddies combined. What a shitshow.

    Marty WittenbergMarty WittenbergDag geleden
  • I wish rock n roll mattered this much in the real 2020

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  • This video is more in depth then the videogame is, no doubt about that lol

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  • The story of our future. Just look around.

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  • made me appreciate the game more than i already did...

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  • Sometimes I cannot tell if it is fiction or real life.

    AntonyAntony4 dagen geleden
  • Great vid btw, I hope that the disaster that was the Cyberpunk game launch...ironically caused by greed ''corpos''....can be repaired to reach at least a 4th of the level of depth described in this vid, and within the cyperpunk mythos. Just subscribed and look 4ward to more in depth vidz.

    eugene4eugene45 dagen geleden
  • Wild how the collapse of the unites states part of this vid, is eerily similar to how the future could likely play out with the BS and corruption going on now.

    eugene4eugene45 dagen geleden

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  • "and Henry on the bass guitar" *shows someone playing a normal guitar*

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  • I have no idea why I'm watching this. I started playing Cyberpunk PnP back in the early 90's. I still have the 2013 Box set sitting around here somewhere.

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  • Man I wish the game would have been as cool as your video not hating but man it could have went a lot deeper

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    • @TheNeonArcade ahh perfect okay thanks :) watching it now lol

      Zachary TelfordZachary Telford8 dagen geleden
    • its all from the lore which comes from 1989. This was also made before the game came out

      TheNeonArcadeTheNeonArcade8 dagen geleden
  • The whole ‘growing “meat worms” ads’ then advertising it as such always turns my stomach

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  • I never knew what cyberpunk was till like two weeks before its release. I do love the game I will admit it needs a lot of patches but either way this makes everything make way more sense now

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  • Stumbled across this gem looking for a walkthrough guide. Definitely not displeased. Very good stuff. I had no idea this game was a tabletop RPG and had so much lore. Love the game and love this video series! A+

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  • "The Food Commission plays a constant game of ketchup."

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  • Can you please help me find more info on The Free Access Act of 2018, which you mentioned in 5:34 ? Do I need to buy the Night City Sourcebook to find it?

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  • I’m instantly locked into this story. Because it’s not really fantasy it’s very closely related to our current world.

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    • the world of Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk Red

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  • So meny cool show n movie ideas a world they could play in my movie pitch a nomad who gets called to night city meets a street kid there events lead them to meet up with another character who had just got banished from his cushy corpo life style they been together during a strange way of events in night city al living in different areas in night city so you get to see different parts of the city the nomad staying out on the it skirts like where Judy's doc house was street kid in a mega block apartment and corpo got his own nice pad some place still in upper class area cause he's still will off I can see it in my head I'm gonna stop buy them you could have Jackie make Rando appearances and a Johnny silver hand Easter eggs and show

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    • How many, idk, you only mentioned bladerunner

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    • Thats the cyberpunk genre...that's like asking for a western to not be set in the west and have cowboys. Also keep in mind that this game is over 30 years old and a lot on the so called cliches were made here.

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