The BIG changes that Ronald Koeman must make to his team against Cadiz...

20 feb. 2021
62 602 Weergaven

Barcelona return to action against Cadiz, live from the Camp Nou on Sunday in La Liga. How will Barça respond to their heavy Champions League defeat to PSG in midweek? Are we likely to see changes to the line-up from Ronald Koeman?
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  • You don't reward players with a place in the team after what we saw against PSG - Koeman simply MUST make changes here...

    TalkFCBTalkFCB5 dagen geleden
    • @Sebastian Wendelbo no point in talking with idiots

      Jatin SharmaJatin Sharma2 dagen geleden
    • @Jatin Sharma fake fan

      Sebastian WendelboSebastian Wendelbo2 dagen geleden
    • @Aditya Verma Have you finished crying yet??? 😂 I'll respect whoever I like & it won't be you, Pessi or any other footballer for that matter! I find your insecurities & the fact you get upset because you can't accept difference of opinion. How's Pessi's recent record going, particularly in the UCL??? 😂

      Owning Pessi Fanboys 1 by 1Owning Pessi Fanboys 1 by 13 dagen geleden

      Allen MathewAllen Mathew3 dagen geleden
    • @Owning Pessi Fanboys 1 by 1 Wow I've seen idiots on NLworld, but you're the biggest one. You said "stats don't lie" in your comment - yeah, neither do 6 Balon d' ors and countless other records/stats that have been set by "Pessi". If you call him that and also watch his games, you are literally so so damn deluded because that's the last thing he is. More than any stat, 90% of the Messi fans love him for his creativity on the field and his technique, and all you need is eyes to tell that. Don't even get to the big games mate, the Liverpool 3-0 you mentioned - Messi scored amazing goals to put Barca in front in case your little brain remembers. It was the team's defense/midfield that crumbled which resulted in that humiliation, was it "Pessi's" fault that we conceded goals? By your logic probably yes cuz u have 0 🤡 Learn to respect legends man, these are players you're gonna see once in a lifetime, specially Messi. Yes he has declined a bit and no, I'm sorry but no single player can carry a full team when the other parts are broken, but that doesn't change the fact that you're an absolute idiot for being disrespectful

      Aditya VermaAditya Verma4 dagen geleden
  • Koeman is doing great so far , he is always a mid table coach and right now barca is playing mid table football ...Koeman has ntn more to offer than what he is giving now..

    Randy SassinRandy Sassin4 dagen geleden
  • fck koeman

    John BasumataryJohn Basumatary4 dagen geleden
  • Greizman and De Jong retain their place in your team after PSG? 🧐 yeah thats punishing the players who were poor alright 🤣🤣

    Richy RichRichy Rich4 dagen geleden
  • Barcelona Club play like Girl

    Mamsi KingMamsi King4 dagen geleden
  • I wish Jamie was the CHOCH .. .😪😓🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹😞

    Marlon MurrayMarlon Murray4 dagen geleden
  • same lineup as psg 😭 plz stop starting lenglet

    Nick MonroyNick Monroy4 dagen geleden
  • What a masterclass from koeman 😡

    Raghu SonigaraRaghu Sonigara4 dagen geleden
  • Waiting on next upload....

    Greg BinnsGreg Binns4 dagen geleden
    • It is gonna be rant. Confirmed on twitter

      Russow 10Russow 104 dagen geleden
  • What does Koeman see in Busquets that even match commentators can't see to still play him regularly, still put him on the starting lineup... He should be concluding his career at Barca just making appearances at the end of the game, NOT starting lineup up. His rate of playing is killing our energy, making a lot of players cover up for his blunders.

    Jeremy AgutuJeremy Agutu4 dagen geleden
    • He have no any plan b

      Sachin jhaSachin jha4 dagen geleden
  • If only Koeman listened to you Jamie, Lenglet wouldn't have been in the team and made that moment of madness.

    Obinna AbukaObinna Abuka4 dagen geleden
  • no changes were made against Cadiz 🤦🏽‍♂️ terrible , how can we make them see it

    Diego AlejandroDiego Alejandro4 dagen geleden
  • Why Barça just plays the ball in the middle, should move the goal there. Why don't forward the ball to panelty area? Why why why ? Why just run around in the middle? I don't understand at all. I don't think Koeman see this weakness. He knows to fratuate. Huuu? List of players to sell imediately: Langlet, Dembele, Bratwaite, Couthinho, Pjianic, Firpo, Bosquet, Pique n Utitti. And buy Haaland.

    Khun OoKhun Oo4 dagen geleden
    • Sell dembele and keep griezmann? You are delusional

      astronic.astronic.4 dagen geleden
  • All the France players most live all not one one all

    Eguasa ElvisEguasa Elvis4 dagen geleden
  • Yes koeman made alot of CHANGES for this match. And also that var decision was fucking bullshit taht wasnt a foul

    obz_ HMKILLERobz_ HMKILLER4 dagen geleden
  • We need to stick to a Midfield core of Puig De jong Pedri In that thrashing of Alavez they looked so good together. I have no idea why Koeman doesn't reward players that play well it really is concerning because you have players on cloud 9 playing amazing football-only too get benched for underperforming players so now those players who were playing good drop in confidence because it doesn't matter if they play well because they know the bench is where Koeman will keep them. Trincao on back to back amazing games only to get benched and subbed on for 4 and 8 minutes like fk off with that shit.

    Football fanFootball fan4 dagen geleden
  • He did not make the changes and he paid dearly for it...

    Adetokunbo EmmanuelAdetokunbo Emmanuel4 dagen geleden
  • The most stubborn and foolish coach I've seen so far. Even after PSG or now he won't agree that it was his choice that went wrong. Even the commentators know his choice is greatly faulty. For once can't we get a sensible coach and president. I just wish he goes ...even he manages a few matches or even a cup Koeman doesn't deserve to stay. He just destroyed our form in la liga. Lenglet just leave man.

    Adham MusthakAdham Musthak4 dagen geleden
  • There was a sang once upon a time you watch the game and you don't see Busquets but if you watch Busquets you see the whole game. Now you watch Busquets and all you see is nothing just passing it back and doesn't have the ability to play a quick ball to break the defensive line because he's too slow. Not to mention his tracking abilities and watching players run past him. That chance Cadiz almost scored in the first half-watch Busquets he was supposed to be marking him and look at what he did loool its laughable.

    Football fanFootball fan4 dagen geleden
  • First thing the new board should do is fire Koeman, sorry to say this.....even a person with the slightest common sense would not have played these players again especially Lenglet. I was almost sure Lenglet was gonna screw up. Just fire Koeman and promote the Barca B coach or anyone who has basic common sense. We've unfortunately having the dumbest humans as coaches

    Adham MusthakAdham Musthak4 dagen geleden
  • Liverpool 4 Bayern 8 Psg 4 Jamie we conceded 16 goals in 3 important ucl games In all those games pique and lenglet started...I'm just heart broken seeing we don't even try to force change...I wouldn't have felt bad if koeman played more youngsters coz atleast he's stepping towards change...but who cares about us fans.

    Subhrodeep SahaSubhrodeep Saha4 dagen geleden
  • Please don't make review today.

    PARTHA konwarPARTHA konwar4 dagen geleden
  • Please add lenglet shit to the picture

    Chesti KChesti K4 dagen geleden
  • All these videos for nothing...I seriously feel hopeless right now...its like no matter what happens things won't change...its like we are wearing a changes to the lineup!!! How??? I'll be very happy if you answer my question...what does a transitional season mean??? Coz as far as I knew it means to slowly integrating new and young players into the team...but I don't see any change apart from pedri aroujo being the major integrations and dest to some extent.

    Subhrodeep SahaSubhrodeep Saha4 dagen geleden
    • @The Real I don't think so...coz pique plays on the left side generally whenever he has to play with aroujo

      Subhrodeep SahaSubhrodeep Saha4 dagen geleden
    • Now with Pique back Araujo will be sacrificed on other side (Lenglets) thus slowing down his growth in the wrong position.

      The RealThe Real4 dagen geleden
  • and Pique Lenglet Busi still playing, the only option

    juniar Vdayajuniar Vdaya4 dagen geleden
    • Crazy ;D Pique will start next game too, so will Busquets. 100%. Atleast Lenglet is out after this for sure,

      The RealThe Real4 dagen geleden
  • Sorry to say this but Koeman will snatch Jamie's job for sure ... There is absolutely no point in listening to wasteful previews, reviews and analysis when we aren't doing NOTHING Exactly the same lineup And Lenglet ****** What a joke this club has became Despite all the hard work done by Jamie ... seriously need to get away from TalkFCB for a while to get some positivity in my life and timeline

    Arpit JainArpit Jain4 dagen geleden
  • And we lost... Lenglet drowned us again...

    creierucreieru4 dagen geleden
  • Lenglet is fucking bad bro

    The god in building 7The god in building 74 dagen geleden
  • We must sell lenglet

    The god in building 7The god in building 74 dagen geleden
  • Watching this team is depressing koeman has no balls at all same shit week in week out same pathetic players I will be filtering barca from life more depressing than covid 🤬

    Kobie NurseKobie Nurse4 dagen geleden
  • Lenglet is costing us game after game. His pressing is pathetic. His positioning in defence is horrible. He’s awareness of the opposition around him is the worst. Play Umtiti, play Araujo, play Mingueza, hell, play Neto as a CB. No confidence in Lenglet

    Shuraygh AbrahamsShuraygh Abrahams4 dagen geleden
  • Koeman must be sacked. Lenglet must be fired.

    KanDee KKanDee K4 dagen geleden
  • im gonna fk crazy man... what the fuck this shit

    barca forcabarca forca4 dagen geleden
  • I’m absolutely appalled that we go in against Cadiz and drop even more points🤦‍♂️ For the life of me I don’t understand what the thought process is with Koeman and the club in general. I have tried to be supportive of Koeman but enough is enough. He never makes good subs, always questionable lineups, and half the time doesn’t even play our players in their natural roles.

    william giannoudiswilliam giannoudis4 dagen geleden
  • We have drawn against Cadiz with the exact same team Again Lenglet became the reason for our loss could u kick lenglet and koeman How r u able to find such low class coaches

    Ninya JosyNinya Josy4 dagen geleden
    • Griezmann dissapeared in the last games yet he is playing on the LF.

      RockyRocky4 dagen geleden
  • How do we expect to score goals if we don’t shoot. We can’t rely on Dembele. Griezmann misses sitters. We can’t expect messi to score everything. Midfielders including Pedri should try shots from range

    Shuraygh AbrahamsShuraygh Abrahams4 dagen geleden
  • If lenglet plays again next game i will stop watching barcelona games. That garbage player playing for the opposing team. Stupid koeman never subs that garbage player.

  • I’m here after the game and wow lenglet once again costing us a game

    Umar 1Umar 14 dagen geleden
  • There's no point in believing anymore...

    Adithya ChandAdithya Chand4 dagen geleden
    • Adithya Chand true

      Ali AmanAli Aman4 dagen geleden
  • OMG our hero LORD lenglet saved us with a penalty at the 89 min koeman the best coach ever🥰😍😍😍😍 I have had it with this SHIT koeman!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had it with this GARBAGE TEAM!!!!!!! Its too much

    jimbo dynastyjimbo dynasty4 dagen geleden
  • And yet again we conceded a goal in the end .why koeman still playing with shit lenglet . Koeman have no plans for Barcelona.

    Sachin jhaSachin jha4 dagen geleden

    Eren JaegerEren Jaeger4 dagen geleden
  • And here we're again lenglet

    Bedanta • __ •Bedanta • __ •4 dagen geleden
  • that fraud Koeman uses the same lineup as PSG. you cant even call this season a transition season if u keep playing the same oldies. I think the coward is scared of losing la Liga - the only trophy he maybe has a chance of winning ...

    Eren JaegerEren Jaeger4 dagen geleden
  • Don't let Pique plays !

    Peter BachtiarPeter Bachtiar4 dagen geleden
  • 1-0 at half time. Looks like something we've seen all too many times before this season. In terms of domination, we should have gone to break easily 3 goals ahead... but no. Now I'm dreading that second half. Ronald "the worst manager the world has ever known, and ever will know" Koeman, have a tendency to give extremely poor teamtalks, and more often than not, we come out to the second half in poor mental state, conceding a somewhat early goal. I hope I'm proved wrong, but Koeman almost never fails in this regard.

    McCMcC4 dagen geleden
    • Dammit! I was predictably right (and I hate it)

      McCMcC4 dagen geleden
    • @The Real Well, I think we can safely say that he's not a good motivator! They are never entering those second halfs with fire in their eyes! Yes, mistakes also happens, but those are not mutually exclusive from the fact that Koeman "the worst manager the world has ever known, and ever will know", does not have a shread of motivation factor on these players. His subs are also often terrible, which also plays a part in the many poor second halfs.

      McCMcC4 dagen geleden
    • Still one nill and why isn't trinaco playing yet we play greizman who is wasting our chances

      jimbo dynastyjimbo dynasty4 dagen geleden
    • Not sure about what kind of speeches he gives, but the team is too predictable and exposed when someone counter us due to our slow defenders & Busquets... and did you notice how many times Dembele was ignored on the right? Nearly every fast run they pass to the left side while Dembele is wide open. They need to get the ball to him while there's still room to run into, that's when he can cause the most damage. Otherwise he is being wasted.

      The RealThe Real4 dagen geleden
  • He literally played the exact same line up as he did against psg 😖

    Koorosh HKoorosh H4 dagen geleden
    • @Koorosh H Koeman is either stubborn, an idiot or being bullied by these legends because how can you be still using the Pique-Lenglet CB partnership and not playing Puig. Did you see how our tempo was raised after putting in Puig. Busquets & Pique was decent today but should never ever play in big games. Dembele is all tricks but no end product and his decision making is awful. Messi wasted a few opportunities as well, we should have comfortably won this game by 2 or 3 goals. We blew the only opening we had to catch up and it looks like Real Madrid are going to grind out results this league and probably win it. Only achivement we going to get is Messi winning the Pichichi

      PhiStol TVPhiStol TV4 dagen geleden
    • @PhiStol TV he should never start for barca. Nor should busquets. Dembele was terrible at finishing chances too.

      Koorosh HKoorosh H4 dagen geleden
    • @Koorosh H lol my comment aged like milk. Lenglet is horrible

      PhiStol TVPhiStol TV4 dagen geleden
    • @PhiStol TV lol beating them with this lineup huh 🤔😒

      Koorosh HKoorosh H4 dagen geleden
    • @PhiStol TV not for me my hopes are gone till next season again am not gonna let my guard down this time but with this kind of performance we could only dream of a comeback vs psg

      jimbo dynastyjimbo dynasty4 dagen geleden
  • And here we are with exactly the same line up as against psg

    Tanaim ShareebTanaim Shareeb4 dagen geleden
  • Me watching the game right now. And thinking...... What on earth happened????? It's the same squad. 😂😂

    Bedanta • __ •Bedanta • __ •4 dagen geleden
  • He put up the same line up! Mental.

    Jaka KajdižJaka Kajdiž4 dagen geleden
  • Barcelona became a big disappointment recently the team not looking promising . Koeman must leave I dont think he's fit for coaching Barcelona team.

    MING GENIUSMING GENIUS4 dagen geleden
  • Why don't they play Messi at attacking midfield. He drops in there anyways and when Messi is the Stricker it looks as if the lineup has no Strickers.

    Rishin RaviRishin Ravi4 dagen geleden
    • That ls koeman for you very stubborn

      jimbo dynastyjimbo dynasty4 dagen geleden
  • high hopes result same😭😭😭

    SomuSomu4 dagen geleden
  • Just saw the lineup, it's the EXACT same as the PSG game what even is wrong with Koeman man 😭 Edit: Wow and look how the same defense paid off, no words left now 💔

    Aditya VermaAditya Verma4 dagen geleden
  • Twist: Barça has put the same team against Cadiz for action 🤦

    SJ Aneesh PESSJ Aneesh PES4 dagen geleden
  • KOEMAN THE LEGEND is starting against Cadiz with the same 11 that got gangraped by PSG. AHAHAH

    nikolasthethiefnikolasthethief4 dagen geleden
  • Here we go again 🙄,,, same ,,, Barca XI unchanged vs. Cadiz 🤮🤧🤒😵🤯

    khalidgolfswingkhalidgolfswing4 dagen geleden
  • Haha. Just checked the line up. No change from the squad trashed by PSG

    lifebeyondrepairlifebeyondrepair4 dagen geleden
  • Why is Lenglet still on the starting lineup?

    benn kariukibenn kariuki4 dagen geleden
  • It’s a shame koeman is just greedy not playing youngsters and again starting with pique, Alba, busquets, another humiliation for our youngsters 😢😢😢

    Sujeeaat SharmaSujeeaat Sharma4 dagen geleden
  • Same lineup as psg game that's just immeasurably idiotic

    mahmoud shawkimahmoud shawki4 dagen geleden
  • After seeing the lineup for Cadiz - Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of Koeman's Barca. #Koemanout

    Vittal NarayanVittal Narayan4 dagen geleden
  • I'm sure you saw the lineup and you're as gutted as I am. Maybe you know we were all wrong about Koeman. Maybe he's a coward just like Setien. It's over for us. Even if we win today, what use will it be.

    Romit DuttaRomit Dutta4 dagen geleden
    • Or maybe we are looking at this the wrong way and Koeman genuinely believes this is the strongest possible line up we can currently pull out and wants to build chemistry for the PSG & Sevilla and put Pique at 100% match fitness and the fact Atletico dropped points he doesnt want to risk playing the kids.

      PhiStol TVPhiStol TV4 dagen geleden
    • I have been saying this forever Koeman looked like he gave a sh*t about youth development because the veterans were out injured and we had no choice especially at CB. Dest, Trincao, Pedri are only getting minutes because they are new signings fortunately Pedri & Arajuo became unbenchamble. Koeman acts like a hardman but in actual truth he is the same as Setien & Valverde gets bullied by the legends.

      PhiStol TVPhiStol TV4 dagen geleden
  • OMG Koeman has picked exactly the same 11 that was pathetic midweek... what is the point of this! the triangle of immobility and failure that has undermined every big game in the last 4 years is in place yet again. Messi, Dejong, pedri and fati need to get out of this club right now as it is only going to sink further and further into the abyss under koeman. Sad times

    LukazureLukazure4 dagen geleden
  • Barca should sell dembele, hes overrated as I always have said.

    OpenTheVoidOpenTheVoid4 dagen geleden
    • Dembele will get renewed and the reason I know that is because his contract expires next year, so they must renew in order to get more money. That said, I think he has alot to offer, some players don't hit their primes until later in careers. Dembele is still very young and already gives alot to the team (width, dribbles, creativity and hopefully more goals and assists eventually) Alot of people seem to forget he was off field for a long time, the most important thing for him this season is that he finishes without any major injuries.

      The RealThe Real4 dagen geleden
  • 3 different coaches Same team Same mentality Same defense Everything is except the results produced compared to before 2015 It's just simple.. make changes The younger players will produce much more than what we have currently Please change the squad selection or this is gonna continue for many years to come

    Nusrat AliNusrat Ali4 dagen geleden
    • I'm sure we will win today, but yeah you're on point bro. Lets just try to enjoy the game

      The RealThe Real4 dagen geleden
  • Koeman doesn't have the balls to bench the "untouchables" and he fucking showed it again

    man these hoesman these hoes4 dagen geleden
  • Koeman won't make these changes still

    Patrick JamesPatrick James4 dagen geleden
  • Who's here after Koeman started the EXACT same team for Cadiz?

    QaeQae4 dagen geleden
    • Wrote this yesterday: "If Koeman comes out with a new rotated younger side and loses he'll be crucified for ruining our last chance of winning La Liga this season. He might start Mingueza instead of Lenglet, but don't expect major changes in lineup. Busquets and Pique will most likely start." These last 3 Barca coaches are so predictable. He didn't even change Lenglet lol

      The RealThe Real4 dagen geleden
  • I think these changes are to drastic.

    Charles VandoorneCharles Vandoorne4 dagen geleden
  • At this point, I don't even care about what Messi do at the end of the season. You can't talk about transition and still have oldies in the team. I just want the young players to play. Lose or win, they will learn. We are in transition but still playing old defence and dead legs in the midfield. Let the kids play, they have to lose to build the winning mentality.

    e101e1014 dagen geleden
  • Pique, langlet and busquest or maybe Alba have to go now.

    ThronThron4 dagen geleden
  • That lineup will work

    Burton SteynBurton Steyn4 dagen geleden
  • I haven’t seen a manager who is scared to use young players as Koeman,it’s too annoying to see this in Barca because this is not our formula

    Stucky EbaiStucky Ebai4 dagen geleden
  • Imagine if Koeman had benched alba and pique, two of the most experienced Champions League players of the squad. Can you imagine the lack of confidence and team spirit? Can you image the shitstorm Koeman would have faced, if he would have lost without playing his two most seasoned Champions League defenders? Everyone who claims Koeman must be sacked for playing the wrong defenders is delusional.

    Johan de WithJohan de With4 dagen geleden
  • Why can't anyone realise we DON'T have an adequate bench, Pjanic and Dest and Umtiti are awful, it's our chance to close in in Atleti and the only trustworthy defenders are Alba and Pique. Koeman and the acting board must grow balls and bring players from la Macia, this is the only way right now/

    rodrel1976rodrel19764 dagen geleden
  • Koeman idea of experience players will cause him been sacked as a Barca manager

    Stucky EbaiStucky Ebai4 dagen geleden
  • Barca should sign a defensive midfielder like Ndidi of Leicester

    Godknows EdehGodknows Edeh5 dagen geleden
  • Is Neto Injured? If Neto is not injured, NETO should start. Let Ter Stergen be on the bench. Pjanic and De jong should be in midfield. Puig should start. In attack, Trincao , Messi and Griezman should start.

    Godknows EdehGodknows Edeh5 dagen geleden
  • If it was down to me i would play Pedri as a DCM , he is way better than Busquets in defence , can track back plus it creates room for either Puig or Moriba

    Bakhtiyor AkramjonovBakhtiyor Akramjonov5 dagen geleden
  • I would start Konrad instead of Griezmann💪🏾

    Renski 597Renski 5975 dagen geleden
  • Have you forgot about Konrad? He should replace griezmann

    Muhammad Musa MusawaMuhammad Musa Musawa5 dagen geleden
  • FCBFans knows better then Koeman

    Remington GamingRemington Gaming5 dagen geleden
  • We need a manager who doesn't scared to make big decisions and believe in their philosophy. A leader that can lead people in the right direction.

    Zajlaug EntertainmentZajlaug Entertainment5 dagen geleden
  • Bench Messi

    Tech EvolutionTech Evolution5 dagen geleden
  • busquets, Langlet piqué as I tell time n again they are well past their sell by date..Dembelé with that speed needs balance not just slamming like a that's the problem with barca n put all youngsters at the centre back...Need fresh n fast legs, practice header, set piece goal, corner long range not a short one...Do this the problem is 70% solved...viscaelbarca.. ps: ATM is dropping points in a free fall mode ..let's capitalize..

    rajeev gauchanrajeev gauchan5 dagen geleden
  • Does players shouldn’t play to score not looking for messi

    ken judeken jude5 dagen geleden
  • De Jong doesn’t deserve to start he played awful vs psg

    Chris DelacruzChris Delacruz5 dagen geleden
  • i would love pjanic more defensive like sergio de jong as a box to box and pedri doing his thing

    RainnerRainner5 dagen geleden
  • Koemen is not for barca. we need a coach like gurdiola and xavi

    Tareq AzizTareq Aziz5 dagen geleden
  • Basic defensive positioning and awareness, no rocket science. I just don't get it, we are getting literally thrashed every year.

    Suraj IyerSuraj Iyer5 dagen geleden
  • But koeman could've played Mingueza instead of Dest against psg.

    K SFK SF5 dagen geleden
  • If Jamie would criticise dembele I expected same thing for griezmann For me Dembele has been better than griezmann But why criticise the better one but not the worse one?

    Michael Ishola SanniMichael Ishola Sanni5 dagen geleden
  • Messi should be at right wing

    RishiRishi5 dagen geleden
  • Lenglet would be much better thaan Umtiti. Messi need some rest . I just hope Braithwaite start and koeman tries Konrad , Balde , Moriba .no transfer would be possible in the summer window unless a new president comes and somehow manages to buy Garcia or some Striker.

    Karthik ShankarKarthik Shankar5 dagen geleden
  • I know that Barca is struggling but it’s not the team’s fault.It is the tension around the club.I feel that if we get organized in the politics the management we might do better

    Vhongani NdouVhongani Ndou5 dagen geleden
  • I can’t see pique and busquest play anymore, they must respect their career and leave the team

    Marwan AliMarwan Ali5 dagen geleden
  • Yah right as if koeman knows any better!! He loves the oldies!!! He cant see they're outdated and not fit for these new generation of youngsters! Ive said this so many years now, pique and busquet are old for this game now. Pique is fuckin 354yrs old and has a hard time running! And you see the snail run busquet runs after youngsters, ALBa is shit too and Roberto!!!

    LukeLuke5 dagen geleden
  • Just saw a video of neymar celebrating PSG Goals against us. What a disrespectful snake for him to do that, after all the love and affection we gave this is how we get related. I can't wait till he gets humiliated later down the road like the scumbag he is.

    Rishab PanditRishab Pandit5 dagen geleden
  • Hear me out how bout replacing busquets with mingueza I feel like he’s got the quality to progress and defend in that position

    Noozy BooNoozy Boo5 dagen geleden
    • Anyone who can run will do.

      Rishin RaviRishin Ravi4 dagen geleden