The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use

4 feb. 2019
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Adapted from 'Optimal Boarding Method for Airline Passengers':
All boarding methods in full:
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  • I fly with Ryanair and never had to queue in an order. We just scramble in and it's fast. But getting OFF the plan is a different story

    JamesPlaysGames95JamesPlaysGames952 uur geleden
  • Luckily we are not spears that can only go one by one we can overtake. Also it would be more efficient just to say go on the dag plane

    Reuben JonesReuben Jones3 uur geleden
  • Since they started charging for checked bags the number and size of the checked bags is much higher. Stop charging for bags or at least for the first one.

    Michael MoretonMichael Moreton3 uur geleden
  • ive never actually been on a plane using a boarding group. they just tell everyone to come to the gate and whoever gets there first get on the plane first. most people are just scattered around the airport so it isn’t that hectic.

    IHaveNoIdeaWhatImDoingIHaveNoIdeaWhatImDoing3 uur geleden
  • this video successfully made me never want to board a flight again

    Laura HoughtonLaura Houghton5 uur geleden
  • At Narita in Tokyo the airline gets all classes organized before boarding. It does not seem to be one minute faster. The one thing that does help is they board with two skyways fwd and aft. Thats the real way to cut down the time wasted at boarding.

    Dennis HargerDennis Harger7 uur geleden
  • 5:28 "here in the Celestia" I like that reference

    Markereeni CHMarkereeni CH11 uur geleden
  • I... keep seated at the gate reading until all the other passengers are in. Then I walk through to my seat without standing in line. I don't understand the people that wait standing in front of the gate, blocking the boarding groups just to jump into the plane early. It won't leave without me! ;)

    TMoD7007TMoD700711 uur geleden
  • But cant you do back to front and window middle aisle?

    OMEGAOMEGA12 uur geleden
  • Doesn't matter because you wait in the plane for another hour to take off anyway

    BromadsTVBromadsTV16 uur geleden
  • Just found this page... *binge*

    FastwynnFastwynn17 uur geleden
  • why grim reaper have forehead wrinkles

    GroovesterGroovester18 uur geleden
  • 6:39 the boarding group number changes for a split second

    Christopher NunezChristopher Nunez22 uur geleden
  • Why are planes designed to have carry on overheads.. why not take the same space and design it below the plane..

    Mac HarmonMac Harmon22 uur geleden
  • a person actually got angary at me for trying to explain this to them

    MonkeykingMonkeykingDag geleden
  • Why did u change the thumbnail

    Lucia MihaiLucia MihaiDag geleden
  • Wait, y'all don't just charter a jet?

    Darrin BrunnerDarrin BrunnerDag geleden
  • 3:06 did he just emoticonize casey neistat ? im not mad thats amazing

    rick gagerick gageDag geleden
  • 2020 watched this video

    Andre BarrettAndre BarrettDag geleden
  • 3:05 lmao that's a Casey Neistat reference if I seen one.

    Inexternal RecordsInexternal RecordsDag geleden
  • that's why you fly easyjet , no order when you get off the plane it's just absolute chaos as a mother of 5 tries to squeeze through 13 people

    Georgian BayGeorgian BayDag geleden
  • Did I just spend 8 minutes learning how airlines board their passangers onto planes and I found it interesting? Yes

    Rehan PoonawallaRehan PoonawallaDag geleden
  • fasted airline exiting method: rip the airplane in half and let everyone run out

    RuaridhRuaridhDag geleden
  • ur not accounting for the late comers during boarding who mess up the order.

    AbuTheGamerAbuTheGamerDag geleden
  • I have traveled with a couple budget European airlines and they literally let everyone trough the gates at the same time "like cattle" and we get on the plane from the front and the back door at the same time. I did not know that boarding groups were even a thing before now. Watching a video that criticizes an organizational system that some European airlines do not even bother to use was pretty funny to me.

    Gery TodorovaGery TodorovaDag geleden
  • A few months ago when it was time to leave the plane, like always we are waiting for those at the front. So one old woman got up to take out her bag, I thought I could just go past her meanwhile and get tf out of there. I tell you she got MAD at me for going out before her 😂 she freaked out and started packing faster and followed me quickly

    ur faceur faceDag geleden
  • I dont understand why people care about being first on the plane or getting on first, the only thing you achieve by that is having to wait in a cramped place instead of an open airport. Same with leaving the plane, everyone stands up and gets their bags and just stands uncomfortably in the aisle for 10 minutes till the que starts moving, while I'm the only one still in my seat. Then when people are finally off they can get into the airport where they have to wait a lot more for their bags to start carouselling around.. so what was the purpose of getting out of your seat early?

    TmernoTmernoDag geleden
  • Qantas still uses the 'cattle' method, the plane boards fully in like 15 minutes!

    Ryan MitchellRyan Mitchell2 dagen geleden
  • As someone who has to board customers for an aircraft as part of their profession, our company has now implemented the front to back window, middle and aisle grouping simultaneously and it still all feels like a hassle. Because no one ever listens to the announcements anyways and just boards when they want to.

    Bern The SageBern The Sage2 dagen geleden
  • Yeah but if you board faster then you have to have to wait longer for the checks and then that's a problem too and people will complain about that

    AllGameRiotAllGameRiot2 dagen geleden
  • I never been or have ever thought I be, so interested and entertained by such a mundane subject. Thank you for turning even the most tedious aspects of life so exciting!

    Karl QuetzacoatlKarl Quetzacoatl2 dagen geleden
  • If United did this I’d like them and give them 2 stars instead of 0

    Jake FJake F2 dagen geleden
  • Theres no row 13 on the planes ;-)

    TuomasTuomas2 dagen geleden
  • This is why we must become the Borg.

    KhyridKhyrid2 dagen geleden
  • Seems like tetris

    Tom cantyTom canty2 dagen geleden

    Nkh jk345Nkh jk3452 dagen geleden
  • On every airline I've traveled the boarding was random. In the random order that we formed in the line in front of gate, we always boarded.

    Vyprážaný SyrVyprážaný Syr2 dagen geleden
  • Some of these won’t work because they would split up families with more than 3 people

    Kyan DjemalKyan Djemal2 dagen geleden
  • Window, middle, aisle; back to front

    DrFlapJackDrFlapJack2 dagen geleden
  • Covid: I got you bro... *destroys the travel industry*

    FlyinrocketeerFlyinrocketeer2 dagen geleden
  • Hmm nice

    2285 Jaffer ahamed2285 Jaffer ahamed2 dagen geleden
  • Getting off planes is the worst , as a tall person standing on a plane with your head having to be a bit to the side because the roof is too low is a pain.

    Georgian BayGeorgian Bay2 dagen geleden
  • Why am I watching this at 4am?

    W. K.W. K.2 dagen geleden
  • 3:05 epic Casey Neistat reference

    NP SkroderisNP Skroderis2 dagen geleden
  • The best way to board a plane is to remove the other passengers

    Frank McCannFrank McCann2 dagen geleden
  • I've never smoked a day in my life. So why do I look at this plane, and think cigaret?

    The Dishonored CowardThe Dishonored Coward2 dagen geleden
  • Would it be faster to have everyone walk in and then have a plane length parallel?

    A_HUMANA_HUMAN2 dagen geleden
  • i always pick window seat so i can sleep thru the debording process until a flight attendant or family member wakes me up to a totally free airplane ☺️

    Francesca AFrancesca A3 dagen geleden
  • Perfection would simply be a no bags policy combined with a fill from the back to the front, windows to isle, left side first then seat allocations! Stand with your friends and family and just hope you're not left on your own and if you are, deal with it! Strike conversation with someone new

    Van Designs at VanDesVan Designs at VanDes3 dagen geleden
  • yeah because bulk's cargo/laggage weight doesnt mean anything or fuel weight its all about sitting fast and not about proper weight distribution while boarding and flying

    takis delijohntakis delijohn3 dagen geleden
  • Or just do what I do, be the last person to board the plane regardless of who they calling to board

    K BenK Ben3 dagen geleden
  • I can't care less about boarding patterns as I ALWAYS wait in lounge until the very last second to be the last person boarding.. this way I come inside, find my seat and the plane will start rolling.. no annoyance with waiting, standing again to let somebody else sit etc... BOARD LAST.. none of these problems will apply to you...

    KillerkoUKKillerkoUK3 dagen geleden
  • Give all the option you want, it will never work. Most pax never listen to instruction.

    mohd aisyamudinmohd aisyamudin3 dagen geleden
  • Wouldn't the fastest method be to eliminate overhead storage and require all roller bags to be checked.

    drewpamondrewpamon3 dagen geleden
  • I dont understand why we shouldnt use back to front method...everyone stops when guy stops to put his suitcase??? Are you MAD??? Here in india, we do yoga, we push pull and squeeze...

    Tirth AnandTirth Anand3 dagen geleden
  • Or remove the seats and have standing room only

    Tim the EnchanterTim the Enchanter3 dagen geleden
  • If they improve the quality of economy class there will be less people buying first flight or business

    Stephen ChanStephen Chan3 dagen geleden
  • There’s an even faster one. It’s hard to explain sooo... People stand in order not groups, the first 2 ppl are at the very back and at the window aisle on both sides, the next 2 are at the back but in the middle aisle and the next 2 are in the hall row on either side, then the same thing happens to each row gong from front to back.

    Zayd AyyoubZayd Ayyoub3 dagen geleden
  • 3:06 We all know who the guy with the camera is

    Zayd AyyoubZayd Ayyoub3 dagen geleden
  • Just board the plane with pairs. The one who sits all the way back goes first and the other one all the way in the front. Next pair goes in and the last pair will sit in the middle.

    S939S9393 dagen geleden
  • What application does he use to do that please ?

    youssef El Otmaniyoussef El Otmani3 dagen geleden
  • This is an amazing video

    dillon gobledillon goble3 dagen geleden
  • The perfect method is to move the seats with passengers on them in to airplane then let passenger move in and take a seat. Like magazines in a gun, in and out in seconds, depending on how many G´s you can take.

    L DZL DZ3 dagen geleden
  • Best way is to fake being disabled, have children, or old, etc.. or else you wont have stowaway room

    WildDiseaseWildDisease3 dagen geleden
  • Boarding group 123

    KayGeeKayGee3 dagen geleden
  • Southwest is like "sit wherever"

    WatchDragonWatchDragon3 dagen geleden
  • Southwest boards in exact order, although with the passenger incentive of picking your seat. The problem isn't airlines not being able to coordinate and board an aircraft in a specific order, it's the lack of incentive for passengers to actually follow and board as early as they're told to when there's nothing tangible to gain

    Patrick WPatrick W3 dagen geleden
  • I'm assuming the guy filming at 3:06 is Casey Neistat

    Nandan VarmaNandan Varma3 dagen geleden
  • what about southwest allowing you to pick your own seat once you board, still with boarding groups given by time of checkin. Im assuming looking for the best seat would cause some troubles, probably a bit harder to simulate.

    demkondemkon3 dagen geleden
  • Very very interesting vid!!! 😁👏👏👏👏👌👌👌

    3dgar 7eandro3dgar 7eandro3 dagen geleden
  • 5:16... 🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

    3dgar 7eandro3dgar 7eandro3 dagen geleden
  • This was beautiful 😂

    MtthymanMtthyman3 dagen geleden
  • “Cough. Voting systems. Cough.” 👍

    Michaela BauerMichaela Bauer3 dagen geleden
  • now explain best way to leave the plane :D

    Efrén LeónEfrén León4 dagen geleden
  • Watch the ticket at 6:40

    Like a bossLike a boss4 dagen geleden
  • Airlines take extra money for someone too board the plain earlier, and they use extra long time because they have paid for it.

    Nikolai HoftunNikolai Hoftun4 dagen geleden
  • Nearly 2 years later and I just realized that they look like emojis

    Bearcat StudiosBearcat Studios4 dagen geleden
  • So are humans yellow circles now?

    FBIWafflesFBIWaffles4 dagen geleden
  • 4:20 and what id you are with friends or family what do you di?

    Darius S.SDarius S.S4 dagen geleden
  • This is wrong when ypu are on an plane when you are bording some people come later or earlier so now they are not going in the back some people are going in the fron an other maybie at Middleton how they can

    Darius S.SDarius S.S4 dagen geleden
  • I dont get people dividing themselves in boarding groups. You dont have to stand in line. Just wait and walk in like a king at last call.

    akshay rathoreakshay rathore4 dagen geleden
  • Window-middle-aisle is a terrible method. Not everyone travels alone. If two parents and a kid travel together they will likely sit together - one in the window, one in the middle, and one in the aisle, do you really want to break them up into separate groups? The kid might not even know how to find their seat, and even without a kid: there is often one person in a couple who has taking care of the travel plans and knows more about where to expect their seat.

    Der ManiacDer Maniac4 dagen geleden
  • pretty sure this is just an American thing right? Besides first class ect. it is random. lol rip Americans

    Green BeanGreen Bean4 dagen geleden
  • This is why spirit airlines should be banned from the internet

    36th Century PlayQUIRK And variety blitz36th Century PlayQUIRK And variety blitz4 dagen geleden
  • The biggest issue when boarding any plane these days is people taking suitcases on wheels on board as carry-on luggage. Sure, people themselves can be slow (there's always someone on a flight who seems to have no understanding of the concept of rows with letters and numbers and whose head keeps swivelling back and forth between their ticket and the seats) but it's getting stuff in the overhead lockers that slows everything down. One thing I've long wondered is why they can't redesign the overhead lockers so that just as each passenger has an assigned seat, so each passenger has an assigned space for their carry-on stuff in the locker above them. This would require the airline(s) to strictly enforce size rules for carry-on luggage, of course, but it would make things a lot clearer.

    Greg DunnGreg Dunn4 dagen geleden
  • that was fun

    Lio NelleLio Nelle4 dagen geleden
  • most planes have 2 walk ways

    jettspy reaperjettspy reaper4 dagen geleden
  • Me, very used to planes with a front AND back entrance watching this video: 👁️👄👁️

    Nessa ScoreyNessa Scorey4 dagen geleden
  • These methods all work on paper but don't work in reality. Imagine calling for boarding with the Stephen Method: We are boarding all people sitting in a window seat and have an even row number: It would be so confusing for everyone if you count that people struggle understanding that only Priority passengers can board the plane during priority Boarding.

    Matte_PiMatte_Pi4 dagen geleden
    • @Roverdrive X I agree!

      Matte_PiMatte_PiDag geleden
    • Exactly, that's why it is only feasible in wondrous fantasy land, where everybody can follow directions perfectly, do not mind being separated from close ones on flights, and do not smell.

      Roverdrive XRoverdrive XDag geleden
  • the last part is bs theres a diffrence between entering and leaving the plane the plane can you only take off when everyone has taken their seat, so everyone has, should have, an intrest in getting everyone in as fast as possible well when leaving the plane -> law of the fittest :D

    potamospotamos4 dagen geleden
    • I am not sure I understand how this disproves him?

      Larry MLarry M3 dagen geleden
  • Back to front is ten times better than boarding front to back?

    Ryan DepauwRyan Depauw4 dagen geleden
  • WMA does not work. If a 8 year old child is sitting at the window and the parent at the middle. how are they going to board?

    eMuu ueMuu u4 dagen geleden
  • couldn't handle the rhyming. has to stop watching.

    Rebekah NeighborsRebekah Neighbors4 dagen geleden
  • Hmm...these methods are all ineffective in the real world considering all types of factors. They would be effective in a perfect world and that's about it.

    NasreenNasreen4 dagen geleden
  • Why no one is appreciating the amount of time he has spent in the animation used in the video.

    Swayam JainSwayam Jain4 dagen geleden
  • Glad I never flew in economic class. Thank goodness for first class

    Ynis TempestYnis Tempest4 dagen geleden
  • 2:00 Grey washing his hands with hand sanitizer have aged well

    That GuyThat Guy4 dagen geleden
  • Do you ever stop thinking?

    YelekawYelekaw4 dagen geleden
  • To get it in the right order the waiting area would have to have numbered seats in the right positions so that people could stand and go as it became their turn.

    WintercourseWintercourse4 dagen geleden
  • Deplaning is all a mind game. You don't wait for the people who sat in the middle or window when you are the aisle seat right behind them. You just move forward with everyone who sat on the aisle. While you didn't get to nap against the window which in my opinion is the prime seat for long flights not to mention you never have to get up when someone has to use the bathroom, you feel that as the aisle you earned your right to get out first before ANY middle or window seat. If people give you that timid passive look you just keep going, sorry pal should have gotten out as fast as possible and make the people who are standing wait.

    WintercourseWintercourse4 dagen geleden