THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)

22 aug. 2020
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First trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

  • You mean a Batman that has a low whisper and not a graveled voice? I'm in!

    Alex CroleyAlex Croley38 minuten geleden
  • You know... Robert Pattenson is probably the only person that's played batman where I'm indifferent on... like he wouldn't ever be my first choice, but I'm looking forward to seeing where he takes him.

    Mike FrostMike Frost2 uur geleden
  • Cuando sale?

    Cesar CampasCesar Campas2 uur geleden
  • Oh my lord finally a batman suit that isn't awkward. His jawline in that suit? YES WE LOVE THE BAT!

    GirlProjectGirlProject2 uur geleden
  • Guy: The hell are you supposed to be? * fucking dies *

    regular personregular person4 uur geleden
  • Twilight zone brought me here

    Jrakin 0.0Jrakin 0.05 uur geleden
  • Esperare con ansias la trilogia que venga luego de esta!!!!!!!

    jose montesjose montes7 uur geleden
  • Micheal c hall would have killed at this role. Forever overlooked 😓

    Estelle BrodtEstelle Brodt8 uur geleden
  • We need some good stealth scenes in this movie.

    BatmanBatman10 uur geleden
  • Thug: the hell you supposed to be? Batman: Im your mom when you dont finish your homework

    Shadow WolfShadow Wolf10 uur geleden
  • The Crow, vibes..

    Mishka SamsodienMishka Samsodien10 uur geleden
  • Im excited.This looks hard

    OGdaJuiceManOGdaJuiceMan11 uur geleden
  • I'm disappointed.

    John YorkJohn York11 uur geleden
    • Too bad, so sad.

      BatmanBatman10 uur geleden
  • I think the villian is deathstrole

    EmperorKingRavenEmperorKingRaven11 uur geleden
    • no it is the riddler

      Krish JangaKrish Janga9 uur geleden
    • @EmperorKingRaven That seems very unlikely.

      BatmanBatman10 uur geleden
    • *deathstroke

      EmperorKingRavenEmperorKingRaven11 uur geleden
  • it's kind of wierd tho for batman to just show up in front of a lot of guys this way like he's some kind of super badass angry mf. I usually more see him as a ninja who put fear to their opponent because they don't know what the fuck is going on. Hope the movie will be good anyway, and batman won't be just some kind of wolverine lol

    KyousaKyousa13 uur geleden
    • Well keep in mind that he’s very angry at this point in his life, so I don’t think he’d mind getting his hands dirty, or bloodied more like. Yes i do agree that more stealth is needed though.

      BatmanBatman10 uur geleden
  • Son: Hell you supposed to be? Dad: So you've chosen to be a caterpillar

    crazy gunnercrazy gunner13 uur geleden
  • He have to say i am batman not i am vengence😆

    Ariful IslamAriful Islam14 uur geleden
  • Hope that BATtinson's movie will be in the style of "Sherlock". Fight the crimes, follow the clues, solve the case, and beat up the evil boss. 🦇

    Khôi NguyênKhôi Nguyên15 uur geleden
  • Bat Crow!!!!!!!!!!

    BlackGeoDude GamingBlackGeoDude Gaming15 uur geleden
  • 1:38 this scene is awesome !

    Pine RocksPine Rocks15 uur geleden
  • Thug: the hell are you supposed to be Batman: 🔺🔵 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ R2+🔺

    Jacob JacksonJacob Jackson15 uur geleden
  • Batman had 40x combo

    David RosarioDavid Rosario15 uur geleden
  • Es Batman o el Joker

    FeboFebo16 uur geleden
  • Hopefully we dont have another repeat of his parents getting murdered, seen it way too many times now

    BriClayTVBriClayTV16 uur geleden
    • Agreed, but I wouldn’t mind something like the Arkham Origins TV spot, one of my favourite trailers ever.

      BatmanBatman10 uur geleden
  • Love u batman

    Manraj SinghManraj Singh16 uur geleden
  • Robert should be Batman Beyond

    BIGG CHUUCH bbBIGG CHUUCH bb17 uur geleden
  • Long wait!

    Raphael MvonaRaphael Mvona18 uur geleden
  • i love kurt's voice, I feel like the music from around the 2000s will live forever

    wøkewøke20 uur geleden

    Chinnu Harsha VardhanChinnu Harsha Vardhan20 uur geleden
  • MARVEL : Who the hell you suppose to be ? DC : ********** I'm Vengeance

    Rakesh SinhaRakesh Sinha22 uur geleden
  • Моё поколение как и я считают лучшим Бэтменом Бэтфлика,прошлое поколение Бэйла,видать настоящее будет считать его.Я не буду даже спорить.Он крут и даже больше

    Felix PESFelix PES22 uur geleden
  • All i see is Edward Cullen fans in the theater 😒 damn

    Nº GimmicksNº GimmicksDag geleden
  • I wan butler reveal

  • 1:35

    Jacob TrejoJacob TrejoDag geleden
  • Kurt Cobain....i Miss you...

    luhde setiawanluhde setiawanDag geleden
  • This may end up as the best Batman film yet made.

    ComosediceComosediceDag geleden
  • CNNs/Hollywoods "Don's done it again" subliminal is gorgeous. Courtney Love must hate Trump. Pity th Fool who can't think for himself.............................. and believes in CNN/Hollywood

    Edward TynanEdward TynanDag geleden
  • Does Riddler have Alfred tied up at the beginning?

    S SS SDag geleden
    • Nope

      Vincent JagoVincent Jago23 uur geleden
  • Its not hard to become a batman fan after watching his movies shows animated movies and comics tbh

    Warrior WolfWarrior WolfDag geleden
  • So ..... Pattinson is in the Black Eye (PANDA EYE) club . I already was not interested due to the affirmative action copouts I seen in positions that White people always have historically held as those characters. NOT INTERESTED IN THIS MOVIE 1 F'in BIT.

    CAESAR IS GOD muhammad is a loserCAESAR IS GOD muhammad is a loserDag geleden
    • What the hell are you on about? Lol

      Vincent JagoVincent Jago23 uur geleden
  • looks good but i’ve been fooled by many cleverly cut trailers before

    earthwatcher2021earthwatcher2021Dag geleden
  • i'm so excited for this movie i LOVE rob

    lyriclyricDag geleden
  • For a movie that hasnt even surfaced yet you guys seem to have a good review on this movie

    Adrian BAdrian BDag geleden
  • Batman should be calm, steady and he is a hero. Here he is full of darkness, and the dark side is fullful him...

    Nikola MilenkovicNikola MilenkovicDag geleden
  • 1:47 Something about him saying “I’m Vengeance” gets me hype not sure if it’s the voice or it’s how he’s saying it but I’m ready for it

    NeverFold VlogsNeverFold VlogsDag geleden
  • The fight scene wasn't chopped up and it was fluid motion. Loved it in John wick and hope this movie carries that over.

    Robert ArrowoodRobert ArrowoodDag geleden
  • Batman got the new tesla truck

    Michael WaltonMichael WaltonDag geleden
  • This movie is going to SUCK!

    Freddie JonesFreddie JonesDag geleden
    • @Freddie Jones you’re ignorant, Matt Reeves is focusing on the detective skills of batman which we barley got in the other films and is a critically acclaimed director. Also do your precious Nolan films were a reboot too, so you’re just simply wrong.

      Vincent JagoVincent Jago11 uur geleden
    • @Freddie Jones Nolan’s batman was barely batman. it was a crime thriller with batman painted over it. it’s not the end all be all and doesn’t even represent the source material accurately like this does. if you want that so badly go watch it.

      Michael Demiurgos is In The CommentsMichael Demiurgos is In The Comments15 uur geleden
    • @Vincent Jago there arn't plent of other directors out there that can make great Batman films because the best directors are able to make the best films when they create something new and not reboot the same thing over and over again...

      Freddie JonesFreddie Jones17 uur geleden
    • @Freddie Jones nonsense there’s plenty of great directors out there who can make a great batman film, and your reckons Nolan said himself he’s in full support of this film. Stop being narrow minded and give other directors a chance.

      Vincent JagoVincent Jago19 uur geleden
    • @Vincent Jago no Christian Bale. No Nolan.... Batman without Nolan is like the Godfather without Coppola.

      Freddie JonesFreddie Jones19 uur geleden
  • seems with a strong message for todays world

    Tomas KaraliusTomas KaraliusDag geleden
  • "This guy's crazy!"

    Raj VaidyaRaj VaidyaDag geleden
  • Is this batman year 1? dam it loooooks epic

    DAnt3L0k1DAnt3L0k1Dag geleden
  • Hindi

    Jalim TomarJalim TomarDag geleden
  • 2118 3836 E.T c “Project Mayhem”

    Giancarlo Gonzales Del ValleGiancarlo Gonzales Del ValleDag geleden
  • it isnt even 2022

    claudia van Polclaudia van PolDag geleden
  • Who are you?.... I'm batman 😏

    Chris EvansChris EvansDag geleden
  • Hey...Me again

    Michael CanoMichael CanoDag geleden
  • Almost a full year ago. I really want this to be good but instinct and the fact WB is behind it tells me its ass sweat. It'll be a watered down se7en with batman.

    barry babbotbarry babbotDag geleden
    • You’re ignorant, it’s done by a fantastic director with full creative control

      Vincent JagoVincent Jago23 uur geleden
    • director made the amazing new apes trilogy reboot, have some trust lol

      MattMattDag geleden
  • Does Batman glitter in sunlight? That's all I wanna know

    Arno RademeyerArno RademeyerDag geleden
  • meh

    Sleszu YoutubeSleszu YoutubeDag geleden
  • This Looks Absolutely Epic

    DroggoneDroggoneDag geleden
  • I will die a happy death knowing I got this movie.

    Comical VarietyComical VarietyDag geleden
    • @Batman then I will die sorta happy knowing I watched the trailer and every other comic book movie💀

      Comical VarietyComical Variety8 uur geleden
    • *dies one day before it comes out*

      BatmanBatman10 uur geleden
  • replay over 500times 😶

    陈呵呵陈呵呵Dag geleden
  • Vegan twerking*

    Azman FoFoAzman FoFoDag geleden
  • Batman: I'm Rich💸

    James VermaJames VermaDag geleden
  • This movie looks bomb but I can’t be the only one thinking Robert would’ve done hella good acting as Batman beyonds version of batman

    SlimypabloSlimypabloDag geleden
    • I think when he was younger yeah, but now he’s perfect Bruce she.

      BatmanBatman10 uur geleden
    • He’s too old now

      Vincent JagoVincent Jago23 uur geleden
    • You are not the only one, I totally agree with that.

      Stefanos SoteriouStefanos SoteriouDag geleden
  • Does anyone know the release date? 100th time watching this trailer, anticipation is building

    Steven PerezSteven PerezDag geleden
  • Year 2005 = Cedrid Diggory dies and goes into the Twilight. Year 2020 = A vampire turns into a bat ... finally. Year 2020, later that year = The bat is diagnosed with COVID. Poor dude cant catch a break.

    QuagmireQuagmireDag geleden
  • It feels good that’s it’s out next month 🙂

    Roman LodsRoman Lods2 dagen geleden
  • Batman doesn't kill...... he just beats you until you need to be spoon feed the rest of your life

    daniel russelldaniel russell2 dagen geleden
  • Batman: When I'm done with you, I won't kill you.. Batman here: When I'm done with you, you'll only wish I did...

    VaderPopsVicodin38VaderPopsVicodin382 dagen geleden
  • Extraordinary

    Bad Boys Spamming SquadBad Boys Spamming Squad2 dagen geleden
  • I feel like Robert Pattinson is gonna be the Joaquin Phoenix level of acting on batman. I really do hope he gets high praise for this role because i can already tell he’s gonna deserve it

    Has it been 90 daysHas it been 90 days2 dagen geleden
  • ROG phone 3 users could you please stand up?

    AjinkyaAjinkya2 dagen geleden
  • I already love the combat, something all the other batman movies do wrong is making him look very stiff. He's suppose to be quick and agile

    dante browndante brown2 dagen geleden
  • Robert: *stars in batman* Edward: hold my beer

    TrixlTrixl2 dagen geleden
  • Robert pattinson looks like a great bruce wayne

    Lennon CarrLennon Carr2 dagen geleden

    Steph CodySteph Cody2 dagen geleden
  • lol nothing will beat bale batman

    pete dunnepete dunne2 dagen geleden
    • he already did

      Michael Demiurgos is In The CommentsMichael Demiurgos is In The Comments15 uur geleden
    • Bale? He literally sounded like an old man with throat cancer and was barley a detective, Pattinson already looks a million times better from this trailer alone

      Vincent JagoVincent JagoDag geleden
    • I'm the biggest Christopher Nolan fan, but this trailer alone comes close to the TDK trilogy

      Colin BarlowColin Barlow2 dagen geleden
  • some man: steals breed batman: 1:38

    Antonio MiguelAntonio Miguel2 dagen geleden
  • Just hope this isn’t a complete stab in the back to the classic Batman story and fans like they’ve been doing recently .. more dark knight vibes or originality and less ben affleck Batman vibes .. nobody liked that

    ZigZagZigZag2 dagen geleden
  • Bruh

    Mikeyy De SantooMikeyy De Santoo2 dagen geleden
  • Lol I can’t get passed Edward

    Ssj MiggsSsj Miggs2 dagen geleden
  • Is this a sequel to the joker

    Haven SpringerHaven Springer2 dagen geleden
    • Clearly not

      Vincent JagoVincent JagoDag geleden
    • Unfortunately no. Would've been cool though.

      Colin BarlowColin Barlow2 dagen geleden
  • Batman is even more darker when you consider the fact that he doesn’t just knock his opponents out he first immobilizes them by breaking their arms and legs and then knocks them out .

    Wedenga NeyWedenga Ney2 dagen geleden
    • True

      NPK TRILL'SNPK TRILL'S2 dagen geleden
  • I used to dislike the suit but I think its slowly beginning to grow on me. If they ever end up updating the Arkham games they should add this suit. But this movie looks amazing.

    Interstellar CelestialInterstellar Celestial2 dagen geleden
  • The poor little buggies need you to put fruits out in your yard. Pause the video now and go do that before you forget.

    Lance BaillesLance Bailles2 dagen geleden
  • I m here for Nirvana

    Lorena BărăganLorena Bărăgan2 dagen geleden
  • matar não pode matar, mas traumatismo craniano tá de boa!?

    Asphalt LemonadeAsphalt Lemonade2 dagen geleden
  • I really cannot fuckin wait.

    Taco FingerzTaco Fingerz2 dagen geleden
  • "Who are you supposed to be?" Me: I'm Batman. I'm Batman. I'm Batman. Batman: I'm vengeance. Me: What is happening?

    Jam LymJam Lym2 dagen geleden
  • Amazing 😎 can’t wait to watch it

    Luke001Luke0012 dagen geleden
  • 1:44 this is the kinda guy that just spams square when fighting people in Arkham games.

    Nahje MasukatNahje Masukat2 dagen geleden
  • Ian so tired of REMAKES! Is there a person with a ORIGINAL IDEA in HOLLY-WEIRD?

    trillzzz of skillzzztrillzzz of skillzzz2 dagen geleden
  • Every batman movie is getting darker than the previous one. Batman 2070: We rip your eyes off for 2 hours and put it back in after

    Kryptonn SlaxxKryptonn Slaxx2 dagen geleden
    • your comment is golden lol 😆

      Queen HaylaQueen Hayla11 uur geleden
    • @Distorted Philosophy wisdom

      Matthew SparksMatthew SparksDag geleden
    • Now i understand what Riddler meant by - " What is the price of your blind eye "

      Distorted PhilosophyDistorted Philosophy2 dagen geleden
  • I don't know who I'm siding with anymore, batman or joker. Screw it lmao

    Kryptonn SlaxxKryptonn Slaxx2 dagen geleden
  • I want a batman that fights, martial artist and throwing gadgets and things, like the animated one, the detective, not the ben affleck batman..

    Never GoneNever Gone2 dagen geleden
  • I'll never get tired of watching this trailer

    Armando RochaArmando Rocha2 dagen geleden
  • LMFAO this dude looks like a batman action figure from aliexpress or wish 🤣🤣🤣

    SttronerSttroner2 dagen geleden
    • Idk what goes on in your mind but he looks nothing like that

      Vincent JagoVincent JagoDag geleden
  • and this is why i prefer DC over Marvel these days.

    dying101666dying1016662 dagen geleden
  • It bothers me hearing Nirvana in a major Hollywood film

    hatednychatednyc2 dagen geleden