The Archer's Paradox in SLOW MOTION - Smarter Every Day 136

28 mei. 2015
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Byron Ferguson travels the world doing live exhibitions. I should note, that Byron doesn't call himself the "Best" archer, or the "Most Amazing" archer or anything like that. These are my words, because to me, he really is the most amazing archer.
He's a cool dude with the right balance of humility and confidence, and I have an incredible amount of respect for him as a person. I'm under no obligation to recommend that you hire him for your live event... but I do. Book him through his wife Wanda here under "Exhibition Shooting".
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A special thank you to Dr. John Skinner, who is part of the Smarter Every Day Research team via Patreon for helping come up with the "tree explanation" of archer's paradox! I didn't fully understand it until he provided me with a video example using a tree!
There's an ASTM standard for measuring spine. ASTM F2031-05
Here's a manual for how it's measured using one particular device.
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  • This is excellent content. Deserves at least, oh, 14 million views.

    Garrett WidnerGarrett Widner11 uur geleden
  • That thing does not even look like a bow

    Vinnie PVinnie P18 uur geleden
  • Science and engineering rock.

    Jim JamesJim James21 uur geleden

  • That man is a legend 🙏

    vikas tiwarivikas tiwari2 dagen geleden
  • Truly 'mindbending'!

    maxsightmaxsight3 dagen geleden
  • So basically, it's like the movie Wanted, only with arrows, not bullets. The arrow curves around the bow

    crazyjrcrazyjr3 dagen geleden
  • Love the RHS shirt. Very cool to see.

    Matt PageMatt Page5 dagen geleden
  • 6:33 moment you know you should not touch his daughter...

    Raymond LoRaymond Lo6 dagen geleden
  • Byron: "Lucky me" Smarter Everday: " Whatever man" 🤣😂

    Glenn ThoughtsGlenn Thoughts6 dagen geleden
  • I know it’s 5 years old, but in my yard, I’d shoot a rabbit sized target from 10meters. And then from 20. At 10 the target would tumble for a few feet. At 20 the arrow just hits it like it’s any other target, it barely moves. Arrows get faster as they fly yes? This would mean at 10 feet the arrow is going slow enough to hit harder? Think armour piercing rifle ammo vs hollow point pistol, rifle will slow and deform less, leaving a small(er) hole, from the same range as the pistol hollow point. But take that rifle, shoot it from a point where the projectile slows down considerably before hitting the target and the results would be night and day. Incoherent ramble over.

    Dylan ZrimDylan Zrim6 dagen geleden
  • I've always wanted to try archery

    JewelTheJaguar 742JewelTheJaguar 7426 dagen geleden
  • ruined the end by the massive link button

    Nick KoiterNick Koiter7 dagen geleden
  • WELL WELL WELL, CodE BuLlEt ViEweRs waTcH this so I MIGHT AS WELL!!

    IsraelIsrael7 dagen geleden
  • please daddy shoot me with the wiggle snake

    WaterWarrior36WaterWarrior367 dagen geleden
  • wow, buddy... such a great video!

    Fernando matsumotoFernando matsumoto8 dagen geleden
  • But how is this a paradox. It’s just physics

    The 6 Paths Of AnimeThe 6 Paths Of Anime8 dagen geleden
  • 1:58 - b*I*ndable. ... Iowa? -_-

    kurzackdkurzackd8 dagen geleden
  • Another trick he uses is that his longbow has a shooting notch in it, I noticed. There will still be significantly more wobble in the arrow than a modern compound bow, but the notch helps compared to a traditional English warbow, which had no notch and therefore would push the arrow to the side more. The wobble of his arrow is present, but not much more than one arrow width. Also, I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that he shoots from a known distance so that he can always hit at the nodal point, similar to knife throwing. All that said, even if the wobble didn't matter in his shots whatsoever (but it does to some degree), his accuracy, precision, and timing are unreal. I.e. on the first two, his accuracy is how close to center he consistently hits and his precision is how small a group he can consistently hit. Most modern pistol, or even rifle, shooters cannot hit a moving target the size of an aspirin at any distance, and plinksters usually spend much more time aiming their shot that he does.

    Benjamin HackettBenjamin Hackett8 dagen geleden
  • Wtf who tf shoots an arrow with the bow inclined to the right instead of keeping it erect

    Le RetardLe Retard9 dagen geleden
  • i cant handle these slomo sounds since i saw the video that showed exactly how fake they are. I appriciate the thought of adding sound and i did like it but it freaks me out now

    Chrisi234Chrisi2349 dagen geleden
  • 4:57 Did- Did they just break into his house with a camera and he just went along with it?

  • I thought he shot the camera lol

    Nico ModeneseNico Modenese10 dagen geleden
  • Byron is a god and super humble guy.

    N MN M11 dagen geleden
  • A man’s man and a great American legend

    Graph GuyGraph Guy12 dagen geleden
  • What if you were shooting an unbending arrow? Like woven carbon fibre or even aluminium? I imagine the arrow would just go left in that case?

    flankerflanker12 dagen geleden
  • while youre at it when shooting target at a distance using trajectory angle (300 movie or gladiator) does it still have enough velocity to penetrate flesh let alone shields in phalanx formation

    Juliana Louise TanJuliana Louise Tan13 dagen geleden
  • What an awesome video! Good job 👍👍

    Steve AdamoSteve Adamo13 dagen geleden
  • 6.8k dislikes? I mean, what's there to dislike? Is he too good for some people? Are there people better than this? Is the information wrong? What is it?

    Kawika LoKawika Lo14 dagen geleden
  • I swear I thought that was tommy lee Jones 😂

    Andrew DavisAndrew Davis15 dagen geleden
  • This is all lies, he’s still a warlock

    GhostRider2224GhostRider222416 dagen geleden
  • The arrow is TWERKING

    Maxi BwoyMaxi Bwoy16 dagen geleden
  • Rubbish.

    Alex TAlex T17 dagen geleden
  • 1:51 I felt that

    Chris WuChris Wu18 dagen geleden
  • Suddenly I understand carbon fiber and aluminum arrow

    Shogun AutoworksShogun Autoworks18 dagen geleden
  • Mr. Byron Ferguson IS "The Man" for longbow shooting !! I've got a couple of his DVDs. Love this little tidbit on arrow spine spec. Makes perfect sense.

    RatdogDRBRatdogDRB19 dagen geleden
  • the man using bow with sight guide is different from the sheriff because the sheriff uses science to shot the target but the other one is depending in the mechanism to hold the arrow in center with the bow.

    Son GokuSon Goku20 dagen geleden
  • The statuesque stew happily sparkle because accordion cytomorphologically skip with a absurd hot. disagreeable, sordid vessel

    Jonathan DuncanJonathan Duncan20 dagen geleden
  • More of 14 million people visit this video!!!!!, it’s crazy man👏👏👏👏👏🤗🇦🇷

    keun2009keun200920 dagen geleden
  • Why did i JUST get reccomended this channel ive never watched, and 5 years after it was posted?

    Unusual GamerUnusual Gamer20 dagen geleden
    • lol

      Hellcat_destroyerHellcat_destroyer18 dagen geleden
  • Been having trouble shooting my longbow, wanna know if it’s a bad arrow or if the specs of what i got the arrow as are to blame like spine weight and length

    Shawn SikoraShawn Sikora20 dagen geleden
  • Soo to shoot better if it isn’t hitting where one wants it to hit, i’d get perhaps an arrow that goes an inch or two away from the rest when at full draw and a flexible spine of 700 or 800?

    Shawn SikoraShawn Sikora20 dagen geleden
  • The archers paradox doesn't exist. Just as an orbit is a straight line in curved space time - it is merely the cucked compound bow using universe wibbling in fear of the chad long-bowman whilst the arrow flies true. (If you are a child reading this, or a brainlet, please note this is a joke.)

    Dr. Lex WinterDr. Lex Winter20 dagen geleden

    Matt TheMotoGuyMatt TheMotoGuy20 dagen geleden
  • What are 'airrows?'

    ChannelChannel20 dagen geleden
  • "Correct"

    Topi SyrjaTopi Syrja20 dagen geleden
  • This guy speaks American

    Lurgutre NalpakLurgutre Nalpak21 dag geleden
  • Could you adjust the rigidity of an arrow to change the node points' locations along it? Sort of like changing the resonant frequency of an object? The middle section of the arrow may be flopping around, but the node points stay in a consistent X/Y location as they go down the Z plane, no? If you could adjust the node points' locations such that the forward node point was located at the tip of the arrow, could you ignore the wobble entirely because the impact point is at the fulcrum of the wobble? Or is there some reason you couldn't get away with that?

    Whomping WalrusWhomping Walrus21 dag geleden
  • I also have a quiver full of arrows that I dont shoot. The difference is that mine are there because they're either broken or missing fletchings/nocks/tips. Or they're too short. It's more of a time out for arrows, and in theory I plan to fix them someday.

    SageSage21 dag geleden
  • Mindblown!

    GodmyXGodmyX22 dagen geleden
  • *Corona virus casually floating in air* Him - go get my arrows

    Ujjwal GautamUjjwal Gautam22 dagen geleden
    • LOL

      Hellcat_destroyerHellcat_destroyer18 dagen geleden
  • Lovin’ the Richland Bombers shirt!

    EHEH23 dagen geleden
  • i think every dnd player got offended at your use of the word warlock

    Just some guy with a handlebar mustacheJust some guy with a handlebar mustache24 dagen geleden
  • The short freckle spindly whirl because cylinder admittedly bang beyond a scared flavor. acrid, hurried death

    Amy ZhengAmy Zheng25 dagen geleden
  • Byron is the Larry Bird of archery.

    Marge MillerMarge Miller25 dagen geleden
  • Bow in rdr2 be like: 0:33

    This username sucksThis username sucks25 dagen geleden
  • The near pakistan epidemiologically apologise because branch canonically concentrate above a agonizing lead. handsomely, five starter

    Raymond CharlynRaymond Charlyn25 dagen geleden
  • He's a warlock and this is black magic. LoLOL

    Fook YuFook Yu26 dagen geleden
  • This was incredible! I loved archery as a kid, and as an adult I studied medieval weaponry. I did not know about the "archer's paradox". I tended to favor stiffer arrows. I didn't know why people liked the wobbly ones. And then when you had the guy shooting us with arrows (or that's how it felt anyways!)...this was a really fun end to an already enjoyable lesson. Liked & subbed! I'm glad NLworld's algorithm suggested it

    tealvampyretealvampyre26 dagen geleden
  • How did historical archers shoot accurately using not-so-flexible arrows without all these knowledge to get around? I guess our science sometimes get in the way of our inbuilt genius. Just look at all those unused arrows (because they don't fit). Culd u dump them in wartime?

    Ohis SteveOhis Steve27 dagen geleden
  • The orange german obviously water because quart unlikely consider following a aberrant judge. truthful, last soap

    amanda c.amanda c.28 dagen geleden
  • I know it´s silly but I want to have 1 untrue arrow...

    bea kittelscherzbea kittelscherz29 dagen geleden
  • We know who the better archer is.

    Christine CochranChristine CochranMaand geleden
  • Khmm khmm but what about shooting on the right side?

    Dusan BursacDusan BursacMaand geleden
  • the arrow at the end looked like a sausage trying to kill me

    Daniel DarchDaniel DarchMaand geleden
  • The gigantic paint dfly influence because postage advisably suck concerning a unkempt cooking. ruthless, lacking zoo

    Johnny CheungJohnny CheungMaand geleden
  • that guy is a super shot .

    Richard WallingerRichard WallingerMaand geleden
  • Byron is a badass

    Houseof theBearHouseof theBearMaand geleden
  • This man makes robin-hood wish he didn’t exist.

    OneShotKilla 72OneShotKilla 72Maand geleden
  • Waited the entire video for Corey and Trevor to show up and start busting rhymes with JROC

    dodoMaand geleden
  • The area wobbled by the tip of the arrow while traveling is not large enough to miss a target like an aspirin tablet. That is why he was able to hit it.

    Miguel SacayMiguel SacayMaand geleden
  • or you could cut a notch in the bow (every recurve bow ever)

    Daniel SkalaDaniel SkalaMaand geleden
  • This archery is some sort of black magic. 😂

    Arul GaijinArul GaijinMaand geleden
  • Where is paradox here?

    Андрей ЮнусовАндрей ЮнусовMaand geleden
  • john wick but an archer

    Leo DrewsLeo DrewsMaand geleden
  • I stopped watching, when I realized the bible stuff in the end. Even if I unsubscribed (obviously), these videos are proposed to me. Why NLworld is not banning hate-preachers?

    Linda LLinda LMaand geleden
    • I don't get it. Explain.

      I hate kids with anime pfpsI hate kids with anime pfpsMaand geleden
  • This seems similar to knife throwing (without the base paradox part.) I've always wondered how a knife thrower gets the rotation of the knife correct so that it strikes the target normal to the surface. Both phenomena seem to involve periodic motion combined with linear kinematics.

    Carbage ManCarbage ManMaand geleden
  • I don't see why this has to be a problem. Just offset the string..

    Harrison OwenHarrison OwenMaand geleden
  • oh I get it, kinda like how I want to date a girl, but her boyfriend is in the way, so I have to slither around him to get to her.

    EpicwordEpicwordMaand geleden
  • Can he do a backflip then have the arrow go through a key hole. Then shoot a second one through another key hole. WITHOUT LANDING TILL BOTH ARROWS ARE SHOT.

    ASTARASTARMaand geleden
  • Straight as an arrow!

    Joshua ScelsiJoshua ScelsiMaand geleden
  • 2:34 Archer's Paradox

    Ashutosh VermaAshutosh VermaMaand geleden
  • Omg.

    Huy UyHuy UyMaand geleden
  • The vast zone corroboratively waste because single cytogenetically bounce worth a wanting back. elderly, instinctive police

    Xiao YanXiao YanMaand geleden
  • 3:51 ah yes, sweet release

    FracturedPixelFracturedPixelMaand geleden
  • Archers paradox only applies to bows with no center shot. Any bow where the fletching clears the riser doesn't need flexible arrows. The stiffer the better! Don't listen to unscientific "traditionalists".

    goldpilgrimgoldpilgrimMaand geleden
  • Byron is the man! I watched him shoot a water drop on Stan Lee's super human

    Bama DaveBama DaveMaand geleden
  • 10 seconds in and Im already wtf.

    QwufiQwufiMaand geleden
  • nice shot at the camera bet that was one of the out of tolerance arrows ... he enjoyed shooting it i bet too lol perhaps gave him and idea how to sort the out of tolerance ones and what to do with them ... great way to demonstrate the paradox and do trick shots like a super big bend like you did at the camera ... perhaps even shoot your demo arrow and see what paradox can effect and arrows flight you can hit accurately etc ... even the stiff ones use them to show how much the ... aim center target and let arrow land where it will ... then adjust for a similar arrow and adjust the shot to hit the bulzeye ... and show the view down the arrow as well ... all the math he has to do in his head broken down into little parts ... then do it with a normal arrow some trick shot ... like neuter a fly or some such lol

    0623kaboom0623kaboomMaand geleden
  • The arrow in super slow-mo at the the end; it looks like a snake in the water as it heads toward the camera

    Darrell PidgeonDarrell PidgeonMaand geleden
  • They don't care a bit about broken mirrors and seven years of bad luck.

    dennis walshdennis walshMaand geleden
  • I find it interesting that even though the arrow is rolling, the wabble stays in the same plane. Why is that Dustin?

    Michael DiehlMichael DiehlMaand geleden
  • I was literally about 3ft from him and his wife while he shot arrows doing trick shots. He joked with me and my buddy. He was very kind and NOT STUCK ON HIMSELF 💥

    Louis EdwardsLouis EdwardsMaand geleden
  • I think we found katnesses father

    Mango BladeMango BladeMaand geleden
  • I can shoot a grape off a tooth pick at 300 yards with a 22

    Samuel BarneySamuel BarneyMaand geleden
  • Is this guy Green Arrow or Hawkeye?

    Brian BagnallBrian BagnallMaand geleden
  • Amasing !

    ChristopheChristopheMaand geleden
  • is it me or does smartereveryday have something he doesn't anymore in his old videos, i mean his content is still great but something is more home feeling when you watch these i havn't seen these videos before as well

    Taylor MacdonaldTaylor MacdonaldMaand geleden
  • 6:30 the last thing that aspirin tablet saw before death

    S o u pS o u pMaand geleden
  • they also get around it by using center shot bows :P

    74KU74KUMaand geleden