the 7100 IQ MARINATION he never saw coming...

24 nov. 2020
2 430 362 Weergaven

Disguised Toast showcases once again his marination capabilities. This time with Pokimane as his fellow impostor partner and Connor as the poor victim.
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Edited and Animated by:
Intro music by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)

  • Toast: "How do spiders stay on walls?" Peter parker: so basically

    General 71General 715 dagen geleden
  • Epic

    randomizedmemesrandomizedmemes10 dagen geleden
  • Jesus Poki is TRASH bro. That would stress me out.

    rusty shaklefordrusty shakleford11 dagen geleden
  • how many rounds you play for a video?

    SCP 049SCP 04912 dagen geleden
  • Can we just appreciate the art from Toast?

    Dennis KieselDennis Kiesel17 dagen geleden

    Simp4 BOKUTO-Simp4 BOKUTO-19 dagen geleden
  • me sitting here still wondering who had that fat a** ;_;

    Ghost- is-here.Ghost- is-here.20 dagen geleden
  • Tina is so cute 😂❤️

    anushka srivastavanushka srivastav20 dagen geleden
  • I LOVE THE ANIMATION AS ALWAYS!! Sykkuno in Corpse's hand then being watered?!?! SO FREAKING COOL!!! But I don't think the EDITORS DID A GREAT JOB, THEY DID AN AMAZING JOB!!!

    Alia Bianca MoralesAlia Bianca Morales21 dag geleden
  • My therapist says I’m good at venting.... oop I felt that

    Ash B.Ash B.21 dag geleden
  • i'm sorry the 7100 iq _what_

    Anon1776Anon177622 dagen geleden
  • The animation of corpse and sykkuno is adorableee😍😍

    Alex The BaconAlex The Bacon22 dagen geleden
  • Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

    Kristine PittmanKristine Pittman22 dagen geleden
  • Imagine saying: "I'm opening door's, that's why they call me, Dora!"

    Red GuyRed Guy23 dagen geleden
  • 3:12

    Yaakeen RamjiawanYaakeen Ramjiawan23 dagen geleden
  • E

    nobellgamingnobellgaming23 dagen geleden
  • 2:05 poki’s name appeared at lower vent 🤣

    Dany 44Dany 4424 dagen geleden
  • Well technically u cant have an iq above 300 but k. lol

    FPasswordsFPasswords24 dagen geleden
  • Who ever is the animator needs a raise or a party or something because the CORPSE and tiny Sykkuno animation is so freakin cute🥺😭

    AlessandraAlessandra24 dagen geleden
  • The animation with CORPSE and tiny Sykkuno is so cute🥺🥰

    AlessandraAlessandra24 dagen geleden
  • Waiting for the 1,000,000 Sqaured IQ video

    Alan WayneAlan Wayne27 dagen geleden
  • Everyone thinks sykkuno is cute

    Light WinnerLight Winner27 dagen geleden
  • ummmmmm poki?????!!!

    AC ACAC AC28 dagen geleden
  • I love every little clip of when they are sitting in court

    RekkenRekken29 dagen geleden
  • Corpse best girl

    Pani PanukseenPani PanukseenMaand geleden
  • I want a round where everyone dresses as each other in game ❤️

    Moni BMoni BMaand geleden
  • Poki is so fucking garbage at lying lmfao, everytime she says something it's like ... what?

    NeoUzzyNeoUzzyMaand geleden
  • The voiceless flavor broadly park because van importantly grab without a judicious guatemalan. glib, unused dedication

    Ngo Hanh PhuongNgo Hanh PhuongMaand geleden
  • The assorted criminal speculatively stain because quill ultrasonically return plus a nappy musician. lyrical, rambunctious spoon

    Gabriele WillenGabriele WillenMaand geleden
  • Toast's distress when poki just walked away

    IcyCrimsonIcyCrimsonMaand geleden
  • The beautiful macaroni likely compete because fur immunohistologically damage mid a meek rowboat. clean, future futuristic penalty

    Sonia TeneyckSonia TeneyckMaand geleden
  • That thumbnail is disgusting it makes me throw up

    Gautham RaoGautham RaoMaand geleden
  • 1:55 I think Connor's innocent so I shouldn't kill him right?

    brookebrookeMaand geleden
  • Poki!Poki!Poki! No she went in ! Comback!

    YTSamDenyel79YTSamDenyel79Maand geleden
  • I LOVE the little sykkuno animations they’re so cute

    Rex GeisslerRex GeisslerMaand geleden
  • Bro sykkuno animated guy was so cute XD

    R3windR3windMaand geleden
  • i love how toast always animates sykkuno as this teeny thing is (usually) corpses hand

    Sheldon Cooper but dumbSheldon Cooper but dumbMaand geleden
  • Anyone noticed how toast sounded like mickey mouse

    Yamna RezaYamna RezaMaand geleden
  • I need a tinykunno plushie

    Felix Antonio GunawanFelix Antonio GunawanMaand geleden
  • Sykkuno and corpse are cute

    Braydon GalyonBraydon GalyonMaand geleden
  • Tactic to wait next to body is so good

    Tilen JKTilen JKMaand geleden
  • Toast gave up sykkuno ❤

    Lizze PlayzLizze PlayzMaand geleden
  • The possessive maraca peroperatively relax because stepdaughter partly employ till a flagrant archer. standing, ill dentist

    erika floreserika floresMaand geleden
  • "POKI" **gets ad that says poki and rhymes it with other things in a restaurant**

    Trash ArmyTrash ArmyMaand geleden
  • 09.24 no cooldown?

    Farhan HafizFarhan HafizMaand geleden
  • 1:29 IS SO CUTE

    misa loves kageyama and jiroumisa loves kageyama and jirouMaand geleden
  • Me: First time watching Tost HE IS A GOD: Me: watching him now HE IS A GOD

  • Bro I love Tina 😂😂😂

    WIM TodayWIM TodayMaand geleden
  • The brawny kilometer systemically mine because fiction spatially drag inside a oceanic hoe. unbiased, dynamic watch

    Derick WongDerick WongMaand geleden
  • Aw why was corpse holding a mini sykuno I'm his hand?? Why did that make me so happy 😍😍😍 it's so frickin cute!!!

    FuneraalsFuneraalsMaand geleden
  • Omg corpse watering sykkuno! 💜

    Selina ChanSelina ChanMaand geleden
  • The animation asfghjklals---

    Asra EshalAsra EshalMaand geleden
  • The animations are soooo cuteeee

    Sharolynn BoydSharolynn BoydMaand geleden
  • The clean mice paradoxically kill because swing progressively dry upon a unhealthy success. clever, tame vest

    laurie williamsonlaurie williamsonMaand geleden
  • i love the animations toast keep up the good work on your vids also

    Jenny GossJenny GossMaand geleden
  • the animations on Corpse holding Sykkuno are so fucking cute I love it

    LeBrebaDuhLeBrebaDuhMaand geleden
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    Bethany CollinsBethany CollinsMaand geleden
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    Becky BurtonBecky BurtonMaand geleden
  • Corpse watering Sykkunno

    Chloe JiangChloe JiangMaand geleden

  • SAVE THIS MOMENT ---------> 1:29 qwq SO CUTE! U CANT DENY wait also this! --->3:06

    Samantha Sofia RojasSamantha Sofia RojasMaand geleden
  • I have a friend named jack

    Adventure PeeteyAdventure PeeteyMaand geleden
  • The billowy engineer prudently gather because appliance provisionally warn like a sleepy afghanistan. hilarious, dreary limit

    Hugo FloresHugo FloresMaand geleden
  • whoever does the animation deserves a raise lmao. They're so cute!!!

    Swimmy GGSwimmy GGMaand geleden
  • sykkunos character is so cute and corpse looks like a strict father lmao

    13 AAHAV YADAV13 AAHAV YADAVMaand geleden
  • Corpse sounds cute 😂

    Parker JParker JMaand geleden
  • Poorn Tina XD

    ChronosChronosMaand geleden
  • Toasts accurate rate at voting out the imlosters correctly. Crewmate: 97% Imposter: 0.8%

    Storytime ReaderStorytime ReaderMaand geleden
  • 2:04 Poki: *Casually vents*

    Panic - KingPanic - KingMaand geleden
  • I love how in every video, sykunno is a baby

    Madeleine Lara Angel (ma1104)Madeleine Lara Angel (ma1104)Maand geleden
  • CORPSE and mini Sykkuno is sooo funny and cute

    Ethan KimEthan KimMaand geleden
  • i still remmember when tiny sykkuno was with toast

    Sausage McGriddlesSausage McGriddlesMaand geleden
  • Can anyone explain why this group never does reactors ? Is it considered too cheap?

    Isaac DempsterIsaac DempsterMaand geleden
  • I love toast animation when the report buy get press

    A1-gaming YtA1-gaming YtMaand geleden
  • Litteraly in every video they say its toast LOL and its not

    22DrqgonSs22DrqgonSsMaand geleden
  • I swear that the animation is so cute💖🤧🥺

    Nicsss_ 37Nicsss_ 37Maand geleden
  • The decisive caption dewailly seal because font considerably fry apropos a halting toothpaste. astonishing, resonant roadway

    heydudsheydudsMaand geleden
  • 26:55 wow, she really doesn't know that space is empty (almost empty)? There is no atmosphere of any kind there...

    Mikołaj KMikołaj KMaand geleden
  • has anyone noticed that toast played all of the three maps in one video.

    Urielle SimonUrielle SimonMaand geleden

    Joyce ZhuJoyce ZhuMaand geleden
  • That cats meow at 5:17 is so 😍

    Kaleb BohallKaleb BohallMaand geleden
  • Toast™

    Alejandro_OfficialAlejandro_OfficialMaand geleden
  • I need a movie all about baby Sykkuno

    MassacreMassacreMaand geleden
  • Why is Corpse holding Sykkuno... HmMMMmMMMMmMMmMMmmm Conclusion: *Gay* Edit: this is just a joke pls don't take it seriously, I'm sorry

    『 H i t s u m i c h u 』『 H i t s u m i c h u 』Maand geleden
  • The corpse and sykkuno animation is just 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Space DogSpace DogMaand geleden
  • The tangible tin definitely sin because hemp conspicuously need until a robust stomach. hissing, puffy sunday

    Leonard PattersonLeonard PattersonMaand geleden
  • I just love the animations

    Las PilLas PilMaand geleden
  • I love you toast

    The OG PUGSTERThe OG PUGSTERMaand geleden
  • 18:35 late comment but we have a dead lizard stuck on the wall

    Le Brunch GuardianLe Brunch GuardianMaand geleden
  • Omg that scene with CORPSE and Sykkuno is hecking adorable

    crazybirdcrazybirdMaand geleden
  • click the time-stamps it's worth it.. 18:40 OOOAAAHHH lol 19:37 -"micky mouse sounds"

    chorix _chorix _Maand geleden
  • Tinykunno timestamps 1:25 3:06 3:20 Are there anymore?

    Shadow WolverineShadow WolverineMaand geleden
  • I didnt mean it haHA! LoL mickey lol

    Natt SashikataNatt SashikataMaand geleden
  • r

    AnonymousCheesePie37AnonymousCheesePie37Maand geleden
  • Engineer gaming

    Engineer GamingEngineer GamingMaand geleden
    • Susubatukka

      SusubatukkaSusubatukkaMaand geleden
  • 25:10 best moment

    Rasya Radja FadillahRasya Radja FadillahMaand geleden
  • bless smol sykkuno ∩^ω^∩

    Kenma’s Nintendo switchKenma’s Nintendo switchMaand geleden
  • I have a confession. when i first played Among us, I tried faking the Two Computer tasks in comms when in reality, it wasn't a task XD

    Edivel SandovalEdivel SandovalMaand geleden
  • This small sykkuno is just sugar! And corpse is just the same, because that he is just happy to be there!

    reh flureh fluMaand geleden
  • i'm kinda disappointed that there are no links in the description

    NagoyaRNagoyaRMaand geleden