Testing VIRAL TikTok Beauty Products !! *are they worth the hype?*

9 apr. 2021
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Testing VIRAL TikTok beauty products !!
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  • after using lip plumper for a while it doesn’t hurt anymore even after not using it for a couple of weeks

    Megan ElizabethMegan Elizabeth9 uur geleden
  • after you use lip plumper a lot it stops hurting, even after a few weeks of no wearing it

    Megan ElizabethMegan Elizabeth9 uur geleden
  • MIA!!! Did the stars work tho?

    Cheryl KohagenCheryl KohagenDag geleden
  • 22:03 yess i’d always like an excuse to buy from a brand who tests on animals same girlie 😫🤞😍😍🤪

    strawberry kissesstrawberry kissesDag geleden
  • I will sayyyy? Lol

    Sydney dutroSydney dutroDag geleden
  • 💕 Mia, Think the word u were lookin' for is *psychosomatic* 🤪 Totally off topic to video FYI - Fkr the few that dont know, Psychosomatic is like, when your brain causes a reaction because it THINKS it should go that way (pain, smell, taste, ect.) I did my 8th grade science fair project on this. 1 test I made REGULAR pancakes and had 2 ppl start talking about spicy they were. Sh!t u not, 2 other kids at the table then thought they were spicy when in reality they weren't. There WERE 2 ppl that did not get the psychosomatic reaction....but still crazy to see how strong the mind CAN actually be. That's it... Odd interruption of useless (but interesting) knowledge is now over. Carry on 🤣🤷‍♀️

    Skyler RainNJSkyler RainNJ3 dagen geleden
  • I was desperate to see how you dip your finger several times in the watermelon mask. If you touch your face and that same finger goes back into the mask you are now contaminating the product. If you have pimples on your face, the product has already been contaminated and every time you put it on you can get more pimples. Try to have enough product for your entire face so that you don't have to go back and reapply more product💕

    Giss CarrazcoGiss Carrazco3 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos 💜 I see the effort keep going girl :))!

    Lizzyliz 7Lizzyliz 75 dagen geleden
  • we love this content! we miss the one brand full face makeup, please do a series of them again. probably an update from the once you did before

    Janella FloresJanella Flores6 dagen geleden
  • Mia, for the love of god its glossy-eh!

    Kenzie Jordann MerrittKenzie Jordann Merritt6 dagen geleden
  • I really have been wanting to splurge on glow recipe I would love to see more because the packaging and recipes seem to make amazing

    Jasmine MayJasmine May6 dagen geleden
  • Anyone who can't justify the price of Freck, grab a skinny makeup brush (like an eyeliner brush) and dip it in whatever powder you use to do contour or your brows, spray it with setting spray, and dot on the same way Mia used the Freck. You can also pat a fingertip on top of the fresh dots, then pat the fingertip onto another area to create more 'freckles' and fade them a bit at the same time.

    Jack.E BeeJack.E Bee7 dagen geleden
  • Mia, we need an update on the cute lil stars!💛 Love you and your videos so much!!

    Cynthia WhiteCynthia White9 dagen geleden
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    Laura BrownLaura Brown10 dagen geleden
  • I'm wearing hydro stars as I watch this 🌟 😊

    Danni LeaDanni Lea11 dagen geleden
  • I used to only watch you for makeup. You stopped so I stopped. Happy to find a makeup video again.

    mariehk91mariehk9111 dagen geleden
  • *bless me*

    Daniela DistefanoDaniela Distefano11 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for sharing joy with others 😊 Jesus bless you! He is LORD ✝️🌈💖

    Katie PotaskyKatie Potasky12 dagen geleden
  • I have the same brush and the reason I bought it was because it said deténgales your hair and I have curly hair and I was amazed🤭

    ana sanchezana sanchez12 dagen geleden
  • i HATE those star patches... use the mighty patch

    Gabby HamiltonGabby Hamilton12 dagen geleden
  • Just use a wide-tooth comb! It doesn't need to vibrate 😂

    Vicki BrowneVicki Browne13 dagen geleden
  • Where is the cute fleecy shirt your wearing from. Looks so comfy

    Shy RebelShy Rebel13 dagen geleden
  • 11:12 “It did make my face feel very very skin” WAT

    SoapMonkeeyySoapMonkeeyy13 dagen geleden
  • Mia, where are those cute green earrings from? I love them so much ❤️ 💚💚💚

    Kayla PinonKayla Pinon14 dagen geleden
  • It just made your lips pinker! I don't see a difference in volume! And the "Tik" app is just full of a bunch of idiots who have much of nothing to do but be idiots! Who needs all that stuff!!

    Aram BladenAram Bladen14 dagen geleden
  • coconut......is a nut watermelon is a veggie tomato is a fruit

    LucyLucy14 dagen geleden
  • Mia, your earrings are awesome!

    Susanne IdontknowSusanne Idontknow14 dagen geleden
  • wait yo that lip stuff worked i swear

    6- -6- -15 dagen geleden
  • I just came upon a site called goodfair.com where you can order clothing bundles that you only kinda know what you’re getting. Could be a cool video to see what you get!

    wraceyjae •wraceyjae •15 dagen geleden
  • With the lip one I feel it did a little but u have to pause the vid to tell it plumped

    Alicia DocantoAlicia Docanto15 dagen geleden
  • When you were talking about the reading out loud stress I remembered something. Like I have dyslexia and also just struggle with reading and my 5yo nephew always asks me to read for him. I kid you not, he always gets me to start, I try reading, he looks at me and takes the book and reads it for me lol

    natchos mnatchos m15 dagen geleden
  • Please keep us updated on all of the products and I wanna see the blue eyeshadow! Also, your lips did get plumper!

    Carleigh LynneCarleigh Lynne15 dagen geleden
  • 27:21 lip plumper made her eye twitch 😭

    Nana VasquezNana Vasquez16 dagen geleden
  • You should try the IL MAKIAGE foundation!

    Kirsten BraswellKirsten Braswell16 dagen geleden
  • Not me checking the description box to see how the stars went 😂💀

    Alexis EmersonAlexis Emerson16 dagen geleden
  • Lip gloss already makes your lips look "plumper" whereas a lip plumper actually causes swelling, so why

    tleigh878787tleigh87878716 dagen geleden
  • Mia can you please shorten your intro? It's waaaay too long

    Angelika JimenezAngelika Jimenez17 dagen geleden
  • I got the hair brush because of tik tok and I love mine!

    Noelle BocekNoelle Bocek17 dagen geleden
  • I just realized something!!!!! You remind me so much of Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie Emma!!! Not just your looks but just your vibe and positive, bubbly personality 😄 Just thought I’d throw that out there lol

    Elaine RodriguezElaine Rodriguez17 dagen geleden
  • I use the NYX snatch and lift brow marker when I do freckles on people. Way cheaper and it’s like a brown or auburn (whatever color your get) felt marker that’s kind of diluted so it’s easier to use

    StrawberryGirlBSLStrawberryGirlBSL17 dagen geleden
  • Noooo why did you delete it :(

    Lily Casey Lily CaseyLily Casey Lily Casey17 dagen geleden
  • I’ve always wondered if Mia and Tara know each other.They are both Canadians and Famous influencers, I am happy to see both of them in the thumbnail.(She didn’t even mention tara,but still )😅

    Loveleen LiLoveleen Li17 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one who's not seeing the freckles

    Екатерина КрыловаЕкатерина Крылова17 dagen geleden
  • That plastic comb is a ridiculous waste and use of plastic. I think you should boycott the calls that are just trash or ridiculous and bad for the environment. Do you ones that you’re actually interested in using or keeping or giving to someone as a gift but that thing is just ridiculous all around. Just get yourself a wet brush it will last forever ( Or just use some fucking conditioner oh my God people...Why does everyone hate their money/the planet so much?!)

    NefFyNefFy17 dagen geleden
  • Coconut and watermelon are nothing alike and coconut isn’t a sugary fruit either maybe the coconut flavored things you’ve eaten or sugary but coconut is not very sweet at all. Watermelon is very juicy and sweet and full of vitamin C coconut oil is oily and coconut flesh is just pretty plain and kind of jelly like but anyway that’s not really that important it’s just funny you say it’s a sugary fruit... (cause it’s not at all)

    NefFyNefFy17 dagen geleden
  • I actually originally subbed because of Mia's makeup and clothing content, but ended up loving her personality so much. So I'm so excited to see her doing a makeup/ skincare video again! Love you Mia! 😀Also those earrings! 😍 Gurl!

    HannahHannah18 dagen geleden
  • pimple stickers (as i call them lol) have literally saved my life

    Hannah BeachHannah Beach18 dagen geleden
  • It’s Supergoop not Sugargoop 👀

    Faith HodgeFaith Hodge18 dagen geleden
  • lol 'plump up' just makes me feel as if there is some kind of toxin in the lip gloss. Like when a bee stings your mouth.

    TSprongTSprong18 dagen geleden
  • Girl backup your pics and videos on google photos and clean up your phone.

    SarahSarah18 dagen geleden
  • Mia all video along..."interestiiiiingggg"

    iustinaavaiustinaava18 dagen geleden
  • Jist found out that too faced lip injection has an extract from hot peppers in it and that's why it burns lol. It's called capsicum frutescens resin

    Ashley WackettAshley Wackett19 dagen geleden
  • Placebo, or hypochondriac 😂

    Kaitlyn WrightKaitlyn Wright19 dagen geleden
  • 19:32 is freck I found it interesting.

    Jennifer ReyesJennifer Reyes19 dagen geleden
  • super goop

    stolentoilet ASMRstolentoilet ASMR19 dagen geleden
  • We need SPF 75 at least so if you are using SPF 30 it’s not doing anything

    SomeoneSomeone19 dagen geleden
  • You get a pimple and suddenly you want to put everything on your face.

    Lolita CrastaLolita Crasta19 dagen geleden
  • the freckle pen did not work in my opinion. they disappeared immediately when you'd blend it out

    Adrien MAdrien M19 dagen geleden
  • I love when you do these sit down videos doing makeup or testing products/looks!

    AutumneArtistAutumneArtist20 dagen geleden
  • Does the electric hairbrush remind anyone else of sinjin from victorious when he had an electric hairbrush

    Julia FinertyJulia Finerty20 dagen geleden
  • this brush is for white people... my hair would eat that brush alive 😂😂 lmao id be searching my curls for them plastic bristles n trying not to rip my hair out getting them outta my hair

    Chelsea RenardChelsea Renard20 dagen geleden
  • Mia, I love you but that was so little sunblock OMG, the correct would be like “3 fingers”

    Giulia AndradeGiulia Andrade20 dagen geleden
  • OMG HOW SHE SAID "bless me" SO CUTE 💕

    MarieMarie20 dagen geleden
  • Can you try skincare recommended by Hyram? Huhuhu

    Erica HengErica Heng20 dagen geleden
  • *sneeze* bless me :)

    Inge Van DieInge Van Die20 dagen geleden
  • I am for the video of testing makeup techniques. Maybe with side-by-side shots of how you'd normally wear makeup and with the technique applied, to show the difference.

    Shalling MeesalShalling Meesal20 dagen geleden
  • I’m IN LOVE with those earrings 😍😍😍 where did you get them!?!!!

    Katie HousemanKatie Houseman20 dagen geleden
  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here: livesoundproof.com/best-soundproof-curtains/

    Laura BrownLaura Brown20 dagen geleden
  • So did she like the start pimple things

    Phoenix RosePhoenix Rose21 dag geleden
  • ‘Slippery water’ ahahaha

    Kate RobinsonKate Robinson21 dag geleden
  • maalin farxad ah / Amal-atiya Baqare nlworld.info/key/video/1aqAadDMaKCEkHw please please please subscribe my channel thanks 🙏💋❤❤❤❤

    amina osman 143amina osman 14321 dag geleden
  • your outer lips look a lot plumper . love youuuu

    Liadain CoxLiadain Cox21 dag geleden
  • Yes!! Beauty Mia is definitely a vibe 😀😀💟💕

    Saskia NagelSaskia Nagel21 dag geleden
  • A sunblock to ads a warning like that I would question. It is soaking into the same body just through the skin. But it is still soaking in. Why is it poison if swallowed?

    Ly KriLy Kri21 dag geleden
  • Hahahahaha go to 27:20 she like winks at the box love you Mia!❤️😂

    Reese AlexandraReese Alexandra21 dag geleden
  • The lip injection lip gloss hurts soooo baddddd

    Robin LynnRobin Lynn21 dag geleden
  • next time could you please link the products below?

    Sophie GreifSophie Greif21 dag geleden
  • I love you makeup videos! Your personality makes me smile and I'll always be a fan 😊❤

    AshleyAshley21 dag geleden
  • You look GORGEOUS!!

    Miriam KulinovaMiriam Kulinova21 dag geleden
  • I love Mia so much but did anyone else get super anxiety when she didn’t put her hair up for the mask? No hate at all, just wondering if I’m crazy 🤣🤣

    Fried Green CreationsFried Green Creations21 dag geleden
  • Why call it testing the products if you dont? Mia please actually test it as recommended and take more time to film the video with updates.

    KatyKilbsKatyKilbs21 dag geleden
  • I don't think that's enough sunscreen in one use :( the amount only for the face is 1,25 ml or about

    Meike DresslerMeike Dressler21 dag geleden
  • Woahhh that eye makeup the color looks so good on you!!

    Shaa XoShaa Xo21 dag geleden
  • Miss your makeup videos!

    Erica JohnsonErica Johnson21 dag geleden
  • more interesting maybe if the products show inmediatly results ... because a sleep mask .... we don t sleep with u .... 😑

    norma quezadanorma quezada22 dagen geleden
  • 4:07 How bold of you to assume that I get 8 hours of sleep HAHA

    matchasoymatchasoy22 dagen geleden
  • 14,000?... mine got 21,000+ and its a 8plus and it still lets me take pictures and videos 🙃

    lo vannypsolo vannypso22 dagen geleden
  • I had one of those brushes like 11years ago

    Alleyah LundAlleyah Lund22 dagen geleden
  • MIA the finished look at the end is soooo cute!!! my fav look i’ve ever seen you in! it’s giving me retro vibes and i love.

    Jacy SleysterJacy Sleyster22 dagen geleden
  • we need to discuss these earrings. omg.

    sabytooth57sabytooth5722 dagen geleden
  • you are lovely 💗

    Crystal ShannonCrystal Shannon22 dagen geleden
  • we’re the star face pimple patches worth the hype?

    Mikayla MaroschakMikayla Maroschak22 dagen geleden
  • Congrats on 3 MIL!! You're amazing so it's obviously not too surprising!! ❤💜

    jordyjordy22 dagen geleden
  • A recommendation for cleansing your face after the mask (and makeup in general) - do a double cleanse! Oil cleanse first to get rid of makeup, sunscreen, excess faceoils, then a waterbased cleanse to get rid of the any remaining makeup leftovers as well as the rests of the oil cleanse! :)

    Fabel KnitwearFabel Knitwear22 dagen geleden
  • your brightness is too high it hurts the eyes

    LotasLotas22 dagen geleden
  • Aveeno creams irritate my face really badly.

    RaqSteady XRaqSteady X22 dagen geleden
    • It might be the fragrance because fragrance tends to cause irritation.

      桜22 dagen geleden
  • If BRUSHES pull your hair out, DONT USE BRUSHES use a wide tooth comb. START AT THE BOTTOM AND WORK YOUR WAY UP

    pretty sha apretty sha a22 dagen geleden
  • Yes please do more makeup videos my entire makeup routine was following along with you 😂

    Kirsten SintkowskiKirsten Sintkowski22 dagen geleden
  • Vibrating comb is OD. Just use a wide tooth comb, start at the bottom. Wet brushes are for when your hair is wet

    pretty sha apretty sha a22 dagen geleden
  • you said you could read but were fully convinced that product was called sugargoop instead of supergoop 🤣🤣🤣

    kayla bkayla b22 dagen geleden