17 apr. 2021
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  • Could you do another wand collection video please

    The black FamilyThe black Family34 minuten geleden
  • Those gummyberas are no vitamines, they ate just sweets sold by a 20 times higher price then normsl jellys. Please dont spread misinformation, thank you!

    Зеленый ЧайникЗеленый Чайник10 uur geleden
  • I’ve never understood those sugar bear hair vitamins. Just take biotin..

    Ari GattoAri Gatto14 uur geleden
  • For me the Lavader one doesn't have a very strong scent (or I'm just accustomed to it) But I love Function of Beauty

    Ffion OwenFfion Owen19 uur geleden
  • I never knew you had piercing and looked at your old videos to see your piercing

    Isha WalkerIsha WalkerDag geleden
  • I'm curious how the glamnetics liner works with the cheaper lashes and vice versa because if the cheper lashes work as well as the glamnetics lashes with the glamnetics liner you could just buy the liner from glamanetics and get the lashes from your local drug store. 🤔

    artluver94cartluver94c2 dagen geleden
  • Just a heads up for American viewers, Glamnetic shipping in the US is $4.95 or free over $30 so for what Cherry bought it would be about $70 rather than $100. I just checked.

    artluver94cartluver94c2 dagen geleden
  • i could have told you loads about the vitamins before you bought them, but would you have taken my advice? probably not! but those arent real vitamins any way, the moment you got the phone call, you should have immediately canceled that order, then the smell and tastes were another no, people been shooting them up in their veins and the healthiest of persons are now deathly ill and needing to be on a healthy journey to get back where they started before they took those pills, no one has come forth with them bcuz they are ashamed of not knowing better, throw them out right away

    CherryBlossomCherryBlossom2 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos! I would be interested in seeing you review shampoo/conditioner/shaving cream bars.

    Deborah BanksDeborah Banks2 dagen geleden
  • Ehhh I use One a Day Woman Vit, since the beginning I knew those sugarbear 🐻 vitamins were sketchy..

    Kellie GreenKellie Green3 dagen geleden
  • I ordered Glamnetic lashes like 2 days ago and somehow missed this video. I sighed a HUGE sigh of relief when you liked them 😂

    Kayla BKayla B3 dagen geleden
  • Be careful with function of beauty it has made some women’s hair start to fall out 🥺 No one’s been talking about it but it’s actually quite common

    • Sounds like a rumour to me, maybe happened to one person and now everyone thinks it? I’ve not had any problems with FoB. ☺️

      Cherry WallisCherry Wallis3 dagen geleden
  • Native deodorant! Seen that one at least 3 times as a sponsorship. I loved this! I'm betting this was a lot of work. I would be happy with just a couple products per video if you wanted to make this an occasional series.

    serellieserellie4 dagen geleden
  • Gi

    Lola MurrayLola Murray4 dagen geleden
  • I wish cherry had tried the cheap magnetic eyeliner with the expensive lashes. Maybe the magnets on the cheap eyelashes weren’t as strong and she could use the cheap eyeliner to save money.

    lexi hauerlexi hauer5 dagen geleden
  • You’ve literally saved me a purchase. Various of my girlfriends have been soooooo taken by the marketing strategy of Sugarbear Hair Vitamins that they were literally convinced that they were worth the investment. Whereas I, also felt that they were very sketchy. So thank you for confirming my suspicions and saving my wallet. ☺️

    Alejandra LópezAlejandra López5 dagen geleden
  • Function of beauty was $50 when I looked into it right now and $8 shipping. Shooooot

    JacquelineJacqueline5 dagen geleden
  • Wanna see the water lashes the glues on the band and u add water it sticks.. should have just written to the companies and told them the video idea would have sent it for free

    Just Cards By SaraJust Cards By Sara5 dagen geleden
  • Gummies meant to strength the hair and making it healthier

    Just Cards By SaraJust Cards By Sara5 dagen geleden
  • Normally I don't respond - but if you want to try other magnetic lashes, I use Moxie Lash and their price is significantly lower than glamnetic. I can't say if they're vegan or not, but I've been using Moxie Lash for a while now and love them.

    Janet ReyesJanet Reyes5 dagen geleden
  • I think " woman / man " hair _____???____ ? And ___???_____ eyes fake Lush ? _______???____ hair shampoo and conditioner ? Woman / man pills ______???_____ ?

    Christina DelrioChristina Delrio6 dagen geleden
  • I'm so here for the vlogging content.

    Sophia biblio.sophiaSophia biblio.sophia6 dagen geleden
  • 👀

    CaptinHoot51CaptinHoot516 dagen geleden
  • =|

    CaptinHoot51CaptinHoot516 dagen geleden
  • Cherry reviewing sugarbear hair has been everything this morning! Say it how it is and what everyone has been thinking!

    Deborah RyderDeborah Ryder6 dagen geleden
  • Fidget toys are a bit overly sponsored in my opinion

    Health and Balance with Julie BurgersHealth and Balance with Julie Burgers7 dagen geleden
  • Hey cherry, i always see il makiage makeup promotions on facebook and instagram. So if you do another video i think you might want to try it. I'd really want to know how okay they are. 💗💗 They have a questionare about your skin, and you have a nice return policy. But i don't actually know how good they are... maybe good to check.

    Hadar MaHadar Ma7 dagen geleden
  • Only Ogs remember BURPPP, pardon me.....

    cwgibson9cwgibson97 dagen geleden
  • Those vitamins definitely concern me especially since FDA regulations in America are still technically new.

    Skylar Hough-AndersonSkylar Hough-Anderson8 dagen geleden
  • Loved this video Cherry! 🥰

    Sarah HurleySarah Hurley8 dagen geleden
  • I’m waiting for your episode where you pick Chris part 2 from wish or wherever. I would pick the peach 🍑 shampoo

    Neela SharmaNeela Sharma8 dagen geleden
  • let’s just acknowledge how gorgeous cherry is with and without makeup

    Teagan HughstonTeagan Hughston8 dagen geleden
  • I loved this video...shows another side of you that's fun and definitely brought me so much joy 😊 I absolutely loved the shaver and lashes. I'd never buy the lashes cuz I've personally never worn lashes but I love them and have really really wanted to put them on. I'm so happy about the shaver and will be purchasing. Buying shavers is very expensive and horrible for our environment and I'm extremely conscious of my purchases...I eat a non gmo organic vegan diet, use plant based shampoos, conditioners, dish soap, laundry detergent and toilet cleaner...I use diy toothpaste and deodorant and use grapeseed oil for shaving so buying this is like the icing on the cake...I love it! 💗

    Blossoming Lotus23Blossoming Lotus2310 dagen geleden

    Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood10 dagen geleden
  • Girl I used to watch your make up tutorials and Primark hauls back when I was 15, I'm now 21 and just saw you on my feed!! FANGIRLLLING HARRDDD ❤️❤️❤️👑

    Victoria CoeVictoria Coe10 dagen geleden
    • Welcome back 😉

      Cherry WallisCherry Wallis9 dagen geleden
  • You need to check out the English site for Everra magnet lashes £32 with liner

    Odette SmithOdette Smith10 dagen geleden
  • Are you still horse riding?

    George PotterGeorge Potter11 dagen geleden
  • Yes please do a part 2!

    SarahSarah11 dagen geleden
  • I am so shocked that Cherry has never used a pump for her hair products LOL

    IncompetentISUIncompetentISU11 dagen geleden
  • Where are your earrings from? They’re soooo pretty

    Ellie EdmanEllie Edman11 dagen geleden
    • Etsy.

      Cherry WallisCherry Wallis9 dagen geleden
  • Not Cherry looking amazing without makeup too 😩🤚🏻 like girl, how do you manage to do both

    Ellie EdmanEllie Edman11 dagen geleden
  • I actually really enjoyed this video 💜 From NZ

    Shelyse WakefieldShelyse Wakefield11 dagen geleden
  • You should try the Lane 44 Razor that's soooo much better for the environment all you need to do is change the blades and its such a better shave than those plastic 5 blade razers. I think you'll love it ☺ Also love the lilac jumper! X

    Lauren MallinsonLauren Mallinson12 dagen geleden
  • That is the prettiest color purple i have ever seen

    Tabitha GTabitha G12 dagen geleden
  • Be careful using Function of Beauty! I've seen so many people (myself included) that had hair fall out after using 😭

    Jordyn HutchisonJordyn Hutchison12 dagen geleden
  • The peach fragrance from function of beauty is Amazing as well

    Little SunshineLittle Sunshine12 dagen geleden
  • Those gummy bear hairs have nothing in it to help your hair scientifically speaking. Lol it’s all product promotion like fiction of beauty. There are many NLworld videos on them all.

    AmandaAmanda13 dagen geleden
  • Do a part 2

    Health and Balance with Julie BurgersHealth and Balance with Julie Burgers13 dagen geleden
  • Awesome..new here. Would love to see you do a collab with The Potter Collector ..

    Mr SpiccoliMr Spiccoli13 dagen geleden
    • Yessssss

      Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood10 dagen geleden
  • loved this video! so interesting! good to get an unbias review too

    CasettaCasetta13 dagen geleden
  • Oooh can you check out Sheertex (sheer tights that supposedly never tear, 10× stronger then iron!) Also Snag tights look so nice, they haunt me on the Internet with their excellent commercial! Edit: I would love to see you test out the skin serum Function of Cheryl 😂

    sauen1988sauen198813 dagen geleden
    • @serellie I'm so glad to hear! I'm a girl with hips and either the tights are to tight or waaay to long 😅😂

      sauen1988sauen19884 dagen geleden
    • Snag tights are amazing! I'm a hippy US 14/16 and it's so hard to get colourful tights unless you're under a 12. Just a couple days ago I pre-ordered some of their new neons, lol.

      serellieserellie4 dagen geleden
  • I love function of beauty!!!

    Kristen PattersonKristen Patterson14 dagen geleden
  • Cherry, I have a question. What year was it when you first found out about Harry Potter?

    Tyler McCoyTyler McCoy14 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone else notice the hole in Cherry’s shirt when she was putting her lashes on?

    SPEW McDonnellSPEW McDonnell14 dagen geleden
    • ...they’re meant to be there? 😂

      Cherry WallisCherry Wallis14 dagen geleden
  • Function of beauty has alot of people's hair falling out please do your research. You have beautiful hair

    Amanda LeyvaAmanda Leyva14 dagen geleden
  • conclusion of this video: cherry will now be spending a lot more money on shampoo and razors thanks to us.

    heidi shawheidi shaw14 dagen geleden
  • Ur realy fan of harry potter right? 🙂😃🙂

    Clyde Zander villaminClyde Zander villamin14 dagen geleden
  • I got the vegan set of lashes and holy heck I love them. They actually work and easy to use

    Jessica StewartJessica Stewart14 dagen geleden
  • Makeup is my life I love makeup 💄💄💄

    Jaismica JainJaismica Jain15 dagen geleden
  • I love that u use your Harry Potter intro for non-Harry potter videos!!❤️Love your vids! Stay safe and stay awesome

    Lauren EllianaLauren Elliana15 dagen geleden
  • Try using the department store lashes with the glamnetiks eyeliner, that could be helpful.

    Dawn WardDawn Ward15 dagen geleden
  • Oi querida muito legal legal top

    marareporter oficialmarareporter oficial15 dagen geleden
  • Hi Cherry! I was wondering, have you heard of the new Harry Potter store that’s opening in NYC on June 3rd? I’m so excited to go! And if you have, are you planning on going?

    Simply_GryffindorSimply_Gryffindor15 dagen geleden
  • Pro tip for the magnetic lashes: use regular liner for the "wings" & the magnetic liner around your eyes. You'll save some money on the magnetic liner 🤑

    Blue RichardsBlue Richards15 dagen geleden
  • I work at Holland and barrett and I take some hair gummies from there and they're brilliant and only cost £12

    Megan BallardMegan Ballard15 dagen geleden
  • THREE GRAMS of sugar PER BEAR!?!?

    Caitlynn LegrisCaitlynn Legris15 dagen geleden
  • 33:38 omg Lily Potter IS STILL ALIVE

    Henrietta MónusHenrietta Mónus15 dagen geleden
  • I really really enjoyed this video! First I thought that 50 minutes is soo long but the time has literally flown by 😃 very interesting, especially because I always wanted to try function of beauty, it’s just not that cheap 🤓😃 sooooo you convinced me now 🙈😃 the razor is definitely super cute and apparently very good quality for the price ☺️ Sugarbear is just a joke and I can’t believe people like Kylie Jenner or James Charles promote these and recommend them when they are just so rich already. As if they use it for real. Super unreliable. Loved your honesty ♥️ I was actually going to recommend you the drugstore lashes as the 100$ ones including shipping are just crazy 🙈😃

    Steffi 94Steffi 9415 dagen geleden
  • Omg Cherry this such a good video!! I’m already waiting for the next one

    ofir dekelofir dekel16 dagen geleden
  • Hello guys vidios goods love❤️❤️❤️❤️from Indonesia👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    KangNo ChanelKangNo Chanel16 dagen geleden
  • I've heard and seen that Function of Beauty makes your hair fallout....

    Da NielleDa Nielle16 dagen geleden
  • Yes please to a part two! :D this was so fun!

    magicalmysterys *magicalmysterys *16 dagen geleden
  • You look stunning without make-up

    Rashel De StefanisRashel De Stefanis16 dagen geleden
  • There was one thing I wondered. Do the eyelashes work work with any magnetic eye liner?

    Katie HighKatie High16 dagen geleden
  • Would love a magnetic eyelash comparison video! After watching wondering if these are the way forward (all for the cheaper options ;) )

    Adventures of the MartinsAdventures of the Martins16 dagen geleden
  • That was a well summarized video and really fun to watch c: I liked the Function of beauty and lashes most!

    K 8K 816 dagen geleden
  • I fell in love with this video.. so entertaining, such interesting products, and I really enjoyed every minute after my very depressive day. Thank you Cherry, I had a feel like I'm with friend for an hour!

    ScheronHScheronH16 dagen geleden

    Griffindor GirlGriffindor Girl16 dagen geleden
  • Beware of the function of beauty hair products. I got the shampoo and conditioner and they made my hair fall really bad. As soon as I discontinued use my hair stopped falling off.

    Kari622Kari62216 dagen geleden
  • I'd really like to hear an unpaid review of Native Deodorant and Raycon earbuds!

    NothingPenguinNothingPenguin16 dagen geleden
  • Cherry: ok let's look at a brand we actually want to buy from ok so this brand is called: ad break make up forever in my face 🤣 Also she looked sooo different without makeup

    Lilly500Lilly50016 dagen geleden
  • Please don’t use function of beauty!!! It made a girl on tiktoks hair fall out!!!

    Jenni kozlowJenni kozlow16 dagen geleden
  • I am thrilled by this video. It was 10 pm when I started it and I was just realising that it will take 50 minutes...so I decided to start and see the rest later. No no, that didn't happened...it was such a lovely video and I wanted to know the final results. Please do it again. Thanks!

    Julie von MoetteJulie von Moette16 dagen geleden
  • That eye twitch over the shipping on the lashes, lol.

    Unapologetically JayUnapologetically Jay16 dagen geleden
  • I’m loving the non-Harry Potter content! To be honest, all of your content is amazing Cherry 💕

    Zainab MalikiZainab Maliki17 dagen geleden
  • I really enjoy watch you try these brands. I actually like it as much as the HP videos. Sometimes I skip those, I can only watch you open so many boxes. These are a nice way to break up the videos.

    LoveKLoveK17 dagen geleden
  • I went out and bought the Eyelure magnetic lashes after seeing this and I was just as shocked as Cherry when she put on the glamnetix. I've never successfully put on eyelashes before. The eyeliner was a mess though. It was overly sticky (stuck my double eyelids together) and it spread while I was waiting for it to dry.

    catherineliu06catherineliu0617 dagen geleden
  • Girl, your slaying the purple!!! Yaazz! Such a queen! ❤❤❤⚡

    nerdy emmanerdy emma17 dagen geleden
  • aaaaand I subscribed to Estrid... damn Cherryyyy

    Evi SyniawskyEvi Syniawsky17 dagen geleden
  • Please try period underwear 🙈

    carmen mtzcarmen mtz17 dagen geleden
  • I’m curious about the Kenzzi Lazer hair removal.... maybe try that if you plan on doing a part 2 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Nancy MartinezNancy Martinez17 dagen geleden
  • Oh what about investigating Waterdrop. Their products looks so cute and are designed around making us want to hydrate more. I'm not convinced by the flavours but they look so good I'm tempted to try them anyway!

    Beverley BagshawBeverley Bagshaw17 dagen geleden
  • you can try casetify?

    Amazing101Amazing10117 dagen geleden
  • I had held a fresh and on the vegetarian and ordered some meat for Husband and kids and put the meat products on top of the vegetables They also resold it to me because they Said that the meal plan for 4 would feed my family of 7 They are a fing joke

    grumpy not happygrumpy not happy17 dagen geleden
  • I love how many different cherry's there were in this video

    Amazing101Amazing10117 dagen geleden
    • @abby yates 😂

      Amazing101Amazing10113 dagen geleden
    • *cheryl’s😂😂😂

      abby yatesabby yates15 dagen geleden
  • You are absolutely stunning without makeup!!

    Mama PachecoMama Pacheco17 dagen geleden
  • Ooh try 'The Bubble Panda' bubble tea subscription. I wanna know if it tastes like tea or if it tastes like the magic that bubble tea should taste like!!!!

    Beverley BagshawBeverley Bagshaw17 dagen geleden
  • Sugar Bear Hair is 100% a scam. I've known that for a while now. :/

    Elizabeth NicoleElizabeth Nicole17 dagen geleden
  • I have used Function of Beauty for 2 years now :) my first smell was Cherry, now it’s Peach. Both smelled lovely, and I really like this product !

    LoraneLorane17 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else wondering where the tote from function of beauty is?

    Gerber ChrissieGerber Chrissie17 dagen geleden