Ted Cruz Faces Backlash in Texas After Fleeing to Cancun | The Tonight Show

22 feb. 2021
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Jimmy addresses Ted Cruz doing damage control after his controversial trip to Mexico.
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Ted Cruz Faces Backlash in Texas After Fleeing to Cancun | The Tonight Show

  • He flew to Hong Kong to be with the rioters. He flew Cancun to be with Cancun folks because they needed him there. Texans, democracy is a popularity contest sponsored by capitalists.

    Level1 Selamat1Level1 Selamat12 uur geleden
  • This is an idiota man. Ted is the best

    Átan LeãoÁtan Leão3 uur geleden
  • Don't blame Ol' Ted! He was just looking for a good future for his kids!

    ra rara ra4 uur geleden
  • Jimmy is such a toolbag

    Dave MartinDave Martin7 uur geleden

    Raymundo YanezRaymundo Yanez9 uur geleden
  • 5:37

    R KR K10 uur geleden
  • Got any good jokes on your governor there Jimmy. sexual harassment charges with a cover up. comedy gold Jimmy better get it before your boy KImmel does.

    Adam ThompsonAdam Thompson10 uur geleden
  • Senator Ted "No good" Cruz is on his way out... Karma finally...

    Go AwayGo Away15 uur geleden
  • Having Biden as president is like throwing a boomerang as hard as you can and losing sight of it. Now you live in constant fear.

    Jerry FaulknerJerry Faulkner15 uur geleden
  • Well, I guess we now know where that 40 kg of blow that turned out to be sugar went...

    draco argentumdraco argentum16 uur geleden
  • I’m glad you’re back

    Jean-michel MenardJean-michel Menard19 uur geleden
  • I say again if u support or are a member of this corrupt cowardly narcissistic racist lying Republican Party of Trump just leave the US ASAP we only want true patriots not treasonous unpatriotic fools

    Kevin LemondKevin Lemond20 uur geleden
  • Mexico is no longer reluctant to build that wall

    Matt TaneMatt Tane21 uur geleden
  • I like Jimmy but he is just not funny. These jokes are actually funny and well written. But Jimmy’s delivery is bad

    Joe HarrisJoe Harris21 uur geleden

    Martin SmithMartin Smith22 uur geleden
  • He left the country. Why wasn't he quarantined?

    Ric LadouceurRic Ladouceur23 uur geleden
  • Cancel culture. Im hurt, n upset. Im gonna cry, piss n moan cuz I dont get my way. Isn't this how its done? I get hurt when JF doesn't joke about both sides of politics. Only his side and I don't agree so we need to cancel this hot dog neck hater.

    Donna SmithDonna SmithDag geleden
  • The talks show hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden and Stephen Colbert have black guys ( I don’t like to usually call them BLACK ) in their show bands.

    Franky FernandesFranky FernandesDag geleden
  • Cruz you are a piece of shit.

    Hector LopezHector LopezDag geleden
  • The bewildered vibraphone acutely identify because seagull thoracically retire atop a physical centimeter. half, strange knot

    John GottusoJohn GottusoDag geleden
  • Jimmy Aint Funny Anymore !!,

    Val A.Val A.Dag geleden
  • Sorry but Fallon is really not funny but spot on about the Cruzer, in a not funny way.

    J MosJ MosDag geleden
  • And cru did quarantine either!

    sheila winstonsheila winstonDag geleden
  • For a man who is all about posturing and photo ops, the Cancun trip is especially stupid.

    Cyborg MetropolisCyborg MetropolisDag geleden
  • Isn't a deserter called a traitor? What was the punishment?

    Anna MouseAnna MouseDag geleden
  • Lmao, since when are we supposed to get our news from a failing late note host...

    G GeeG GeeDag geleden
  • Could Listerine or Povidone iodine Antiseptic (diluted at 1%) KILL cov id 19 virus?. Reputable Doctors studies said Yes. Co vid PC R test came negative after rinsing mouth/nose with iodine. Does Ibuprofen removes cov id long inflammation? check for allergies.gargles, Not for drinking

    Flip FlashFlip FlashDag geleden
  • The voters got what they voted for NOTHING,

    sabresierrasabresierraDag geleden
  • Ted Cruz is not only a son of a bitch he is also a real jerk!

    Mauricio Velez OvandoMauricio Velez OvandoDag geleden
  • Ted Cruz is not only a son of a bitch he is also a real jerk!

    Mauricio Velez OvandoMauricio Velez OvandoDag geleden
  • Ted Cruz is not only a son of a bitch he is also a real jerk!

    Mauricio Velez OvandoMauricio Velez OvandoDag geleden
  • Ted Cruz is not only a son of a bitch he is also a real jerk!

    Mauricio Velez OvandoMauricio Velez OvandoDag geleden
  • Ted Cruz is not only a son of a bitch he is also a real jerk!

    Mauricio Velez OvandoMauricio Velez OvandoDag geleden
  • Ted Cruz is not only a son of a bitch he is also a real jerk!

    Mauricio Velez OvandoMauricio Velez OvandoDag geleden
  • We need a new and completely different government. The one we have has failed us. Second (first is at the end): we need to get rid of the "bipartisan" bullshit. The only thing it's good for is gumming up the works and creating drama to keep us blinded to what the hell is really going on. Ted Cruz fled a freezing state he supposedly represents to vacation in CANCUN! No public servant should make enough money to fly off out of the country whenever the fuck they feel like it. ...All income of public offices need to be severely decreased to a cost of living ratio. Even the President. (An odd piece of trivia: the highest paid gov't office is an administrator in the EPA--not even the head figure of the EPA makes that much--$750,000 a year. The muddy waters of corruption in this country run REALLY deep.) Next, anyone who's elected to a position of so much power needs to be monitored 24/7. They should not be afforded the rights that they swear to protect. Public cams should follow their every step, the footage of which should be available to public access at all times. While in office, the payment they earn should be held in abeyance till they leave office. The gov't pays for their housing and transportation--they should all be issued small hybrid vehicles whose mileage is constantly monitored and made public. They'll be afforded a daily or monthly stipend for food. When America runs out of food, they will too. Next and most important: every politician in DC should be arrested and thrown in a military prison while every aspect of their lives are investigated and their bank accounts turned inside out. Any bribe taken or "gift" accepted from the rich elite will be found and both parties punished. Any "Senator" or "Congressman" who owns more than one home should spend the rest of their lives in prison. They were elected to help others, not themselves, and abusing that power is an offense of the most egregious nature. Next: no individual--PERIOD--who owns stock should be eligible for ANY candidacy. That opens up too many avenues to corruption. Honestly, if one of them even tries, they should be immediately imprisoned while they're investigated. This a country of people, not principalities. Next, any law that's been passed for the sake of a corporation will be overturned and that corporation fined a crippling amount of money. Companies will be indubitably barred from approaching lawmakers, and if caught making the attempt, that person, the CEO and CFO will be arrested promptly. Punishment for these types of transgressions will face severe repercussions posthaste, no more ridiculous rights to representation. In fact, if they make over $200,000 a year, they won't be allowed. That'll force the uppercrust to toe the line, permanently, not when it suits them to lie to the people. And speaking of corporations... every company on American soil will be invaded by the National Reserves: every invention or creation that a company stuffed in a dark closet for the purpose of making money off inferior products that are designed to fail or medicinal cure purposefully withheld to make a profit off a perpetual "treatment" will be brought to light and the company abolished, it's assests liquidated for other companies to do a better job, or face the same fate. CEOs will be thrown in prison and impoverished for those sins brought to light. Next: humanity is technologically advanced enough for the entire country (the whole world, really) to go green. The east and west coasts can run on 100% tidal power. All the companies lack is the incentive. Giant, crippling fines will abound until they've done their duty to mankind. All landlocked states can run on solar, wind, and geothermal power. The energy companies will be given a 2-year mandate. (There are of course exceptions, which will be taken into account. For example: Denver CO can't harness wind power because of their geological placement in a valley surrounded by buffering mountains. But we're smart enough to think up something.) The rich elite: they evaded $5 trillion in taxes for 2018 and have worked tirelessly to defund the IRS, at which they succeeded. A normal person would serve time in prison for these transgressions and they will, too; no matter where they run, our military will find them. That $5 trillion? That's where our free insurance will come from. We are the last first-world country (and if you look closely enough, you'll realize America doesn't fall in that category--that's right: our quality of living is so poor that we're a second-world country now) that still doesn't have free health care. And first of all: we need to shut down the federal reserve. So... suck on that for a while. BTW: please circulate this post on any and all social media outlets in which you engage, even if you hated it and think I'm an idiot. I hate to be a doomsayer, but this is--literally--the only way to save our country.

    Matthew SmithMatthew SmithDag geleden
  • Jimmy, don't weist your time talking about ted.. choose something interesting to talk about.

    Sorry69 ApocalyptiqueSorry69 ApocalyptiqueDag geleden
  • Money is so hard to come by these days eh Jimmy? Gotta try harder. LOL

    symbiansymbianDag geleden
  • I dont see any problem with him taking his daughters to cancun. This has been a trying year. If i had daughters and they were stuck in texas in cold id say lets take u away from this if i could financially. Mr Fallon i always thought u were funny,especially during kentucky derby with all the puppys but lately u r a little flat.

    Morganna TurcotteMorganna TurcotteDag geleden
  • Can you imagine if Ted Cruz was elected as President? Besides the fact that Cruz is Canadian and it's illegal...

    Ramey ChisumRamey ChisumDag geleden
  • I love the political stuff! So great for comedy, minus the real laughs.

    T-Bone SteakT-Bone SteakDag geleden
  • What a disgusting man Cruz is. And to think he had balls to question Merrick Garland in hearings. Really

    Cheryl DeViveirosCheryl DeViveirosDag geleden
  • Mexico saw Cruz coming and thought...Fuck maybe we should've paid for that wall......

    nursemedic17nursemedic17Dag geleden
  • I guess that's worse then telling people to party in Chinatown with a virus that's killed 500k people

    Claypso89Claypso89Dag geleden
  • 🍺 🍷 🚬 🚽

    miguel riosmiguel riosDag geleden
  • How about quarantine after travel?!?!!

    Mariia JoannaMariia JoannaDag geleden
  • Shouldn't he be in quarantine now, after travelling?

    MissEAGMissEAGDag geleden
  • Love the band!

    betty maugeribetty maugeriDag geleden
  • Get that Liar out!!!!

    Leopoldo CastillonLeopoldo CastillonDag geleden
  • If Ted were smart he would just come out and say I had the trip planned a month in advance, it’s not cheap to cancel vacations that are paid for, wouldn’t be the first time he lied

    Justin AkersJustin AkersDag geleden
  • I don’t like Ted Cruz, but what do you want him to do? Sit there and suffer with you? OK if that’s your thing. What if he had that trip planned Weeks in Advance?

    Justin AkersJustin AkersDag geleden
  • What was Ted Cruz doing about Teaxs? Oh that's what he was doing. Nothing nlworld.info/key/video/roefebO2e6OLgIw

    BS1BS1Dag geleden
  • I prefer senators who didn't flee to Mexico. Honestly, there are leaders who immediately think "how can I help?" Cruz is clearly not one of them.

    Look IntoitLook IntoitDag geleden
  • Wow I hate rhe liberal agenda when polosi did the spa or hair cut I didnt see Jimmy blasting her this is so stupid

    Edgar MtzEdgar MtzDag geleden
  • Things so bad for Cruz even the nice Canadians are contemplating building a wall. Then again it snows here so no worries..for Canadians that is.

    Melinda CHAMPAGNEMelinda CHAMPAGNEDag geleden
  • TED CRUZ: OK, I admit it's me who like the porn on Twitter, Oh i love that porn, can we talk about that now?

    Aaron SungAaron SungDag geleden
  • meanwhile Cuomo killed 10,000 people forcing them into Covid nursing homes and asked an aide to play strip poker with him. But, yes, let's focus on Cruz amid collapsing late night TV show ratings.

    Stunning StuffStunning StuffDag geleden
  • Frosted Flakes!

    travelingangel75travelingangel75Dag geleden
  • They keep doing stuff because nobody does anything about it. They should not have been acting as Judges or anything else.

    Lisa CollinsLisa CollinsDag geleden
  • Man when will this guy shut up? Yes you Jimmy !pawn

    TyrantnomadTyrantnomadDag geleden
  • This is a tempest in a teapot compared to Cuomo's nursing home death cover up.

    oscar oscaroscar oscarDag geleden
  • This was pretty good, the audience had no sense of humor

    Pink DroidPink DroidDag geleden
  • The point is NOT that the neighbors leaked it - the point is HE WENT TO CANCUN. LOVE THE WAY PEOPLE WHO F UP ALWAYS PUTS IT ON OTHERS.

    Linda BurtonLinda BurtonDag geleden
  • Cruz mad he got caught, but not sorry for going. No heart for Texas.

    mary luthymary luthyDag geleden
  • I get more views in a small village then he does on youtube

    Bob RossBob RossDag geleden
  • God this ass clown isnt funny how does a tool like this get paid

    Bob RossBob RossDag geleden
  • So.. did the Cruz clan go to Cancun for the vaccines there?

    Bart RobertsBart RobertsDag geleden
  • Cruz doesn't care about his Texas voters, yet many of those idiots will vote for him again in 2024, when he's up for reelection.

    R McElhaneyR McElhaneyDag geleden
  • Wtf? He loaded water in a car and that how he helped? I feel like I’m in a movie

    Mike GMike GDag geleden
  • CRUZ learned how to handle a crisis (COVID), from the Donald...IGNORE IT!!!

    Jean LuneyJean LuneyDag geleden
  • can anyone tell me what the outgoing music track is called?

    kevinski1966kevinski1966Dag geleden
  • Wow! Cool. He couldn't stay over here in Texas, 'cause Ted had to go to Fake Fox F8ck8r to MESH the big story for Ted Fled..

    Judi SpackmanJudi SpackmanDag geleden
  • wow jimmy looks tanned! how could he get a tan in new york this time of year.

    Caleb WannamakerCaleb WannamakerDag geleden
  • What about being in quarantine for two weeks after leaving the country?

    Beveral BrownBeveral BrownDag geleden
  • Daft Punk? Never heard of them!

    Sylvain-Paul CôtéSylvain-Paul CôtéDag geleden
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    Joey AstorinoJoey AstorinoDag geleden
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    Simon WangSimon WangDag geleden
  • Ted Cruz went to Cancun looking for a electrician water 💦 and some plumber 👨‍🔧 but he come back with case of water some bricks 🧱 for wall repair

    Kiran PatelKiran PatelDag geleden
  • Cancel Coward Cancun Cruz.🚫

    N NN NDag geleden
  • Texans have great memories 🧐 you 2024

    Geralda MiracleGeralda MiracleDag geleden
  • Your show is disturbing

    Johnny StrankJohnny StrankDag geleden
  • Clinton went to Epstein Island I didn't hear a big stink about that.

    Greg ShuffieldGreg ShuffieldDag geleden
  • How can this looser can talk about legends like Daft Punk. Go back to serve food at mD

    Matta MontanaMatta MontanaDag geleden
  • How boring is that

    Matta MontanaMatta MontanaDag geleden
  • Jimmy Fallan ; whoever wrote those jokes for you to read should hang themselves because not even one of the jokes was funny.

    Mohammed HoseinMohammed HoseinDag geleden
  • the muppet disclaimers are pretty funny. can kids even read them?

    lovey doveylovey doveyDag geleden
  • This excuse by Ted Cruse is even worse than Chevy Chase trying to justify to his son about his attempted dalliance with a model (Christy Brinkley) in the hotel pool - nlworld.info/key/video/uJ2qn9qpcJmYiZA

    Enda EamesEnda EamesDag geleden
  • It is a good thing that AOC raised the money to buy and transport that water to Texas while teddie boi was in Cancun.

    William TempleWilliam TempleDag geleden
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    Michael TangMichael TangDag geleden
  • Servile Puppy Dog

    Roger FernandesRoger FernandesDag geleden
  • Politicians are all same every corner of the world

    TM ZTM ZDag geleden
  • Cruzing is the new word for continuous screw ups. Btw, shouldn’t he have been quarantining in stead of spreading virus on water bottles? Just Cruzing.

    R. HegnerR. HegnerDag geleden
  • Cocaine is Don Junior‘s breakfast every single day the Trump family Are junkies

    Lola LolaLola Lola2 dagen geleden
  • People freezing, can't get food or water. Children and old people freezing to death. The senator they elected goes to Mexico for a warm vacation. During the Covid lockdown their Gov. and Lt. Gov urged the state to sacrifice their lives for their economy and now they blamed the state's condition on non-existent legislation. The DICK Perry said Texans would rather die than accept Federal help. In the meantime even gun violence has escalated there. It seems to me Texans got exactly what they voted for.

    Justice For AllJustice For All2 dagen geleden
  • Keep politics out of your show.... it’s a bad look.

    Ashley NapolitanoAshley Napolitano2 dagen geleden
  • Yea. First DOOM passing, and then Daft retiring. Guess it’s up to the next generation of masked marauders to keep the standards high

    Dok BrassDok Brass2 dagen geleden
  • Yeah. His "My Pillow" pillow. 🤣

    LL2 dagen geleden
  • That laugh....🤣

    Second RowCenterSecond RowCenter2 dagen geleden
  • Those morons voted for him so...ENJOY!

    Nelly NellNelly Nell2 dagen geleden
  • How can anyone vote for a liar and hypocrit like Ted Cruz? He has proven that he is of no use!

    Erich NussbaumErich Nussbaum2 dagen geleden
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    Bazar GamerBazar Gamer2 dagen geleden