Tattoo Artists Match the Tattoo to the Person | Lineup | Cut

9 apr. 2021
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We asked 3 tattoo artists to match tattoos to strangers.
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Patty: @beaniethemeanie
Chris: @kuntrevolution_art
Lolli: @lollipoptattoos
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Tattoo Artists Match the Tattoo to the Person | Lineup | Cut
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  • "my tattoos don't mean anything" uh correction. it means you're cool as fuck idk what you're talking about

    ออมออม16 uur geleden
  • I just love chris he seems so fun to be around, and sweet

    Olympe_StokerOlympe_Stoker5 dagen geleden
  • As soon as I saw the party pooper one I knew it was from how far is tattoo far haha

    Meggie McMurrayMeggie McMurray5 dagen geleden
  • I personally love Patty's sleeve tattoos! It look really great on her!! 👌🏿

    Felix JohnsonFelix Johnson6 dagen geleden
  • This video popping up on my timeline is the universe telling me to go get tatted ❗️

    N.cheersN.cheers6 dagen geleden
  • The party pooper was my favorite!

    Ann MarieAnn Marie7 dagen geleden
  • Ok that was not a dog octopus or a cat octopus. That was an octopussy 🤣

    Derek RomanDerek Roman7 dagen geleden
  • aw i love the rat tattoo! i have pet rats and they really are just like tiny dogs. you can teach them tricks, and they run around and play games. They’re a great option for people who cannot have dogs because you have to make the commitment to own one for a long time.

    Piper MPiper M7 dagen geleden
  • Not me seeing the squid cat and thinking OCTOPUSSY

    Elena EversonElena Everson8 dagen geleden
  • Nah I those two white chicks are white chicks. Lol!

    Anthony ChavezAnthony Chavez9 dagen geleden
  • 9:20 “being seen as a white person but then having a cultural upbringing” we under attack🤣

    Nathan MountjoyNathan Mountjoy9 dagen geleden
  • Napolit--?! How the fuck did you get onto this show!?

    Kai HusoKai Huso9 dagen geleden
  • “All artists are freaks!” Dude I go to art school, this is so true lol

    BelleBelle9 dagen geleden
  • the girl at 3:00 looks like Schmidt's girlfriend from college in New Girl!

    Chloe MoodieChloe Moodie10 dagen geleden
  • You should put the both tattoos picture on the screen while revealing the right one... At some point.

    SoonmushSoonmush11 dagen geleden
  • Didn’t the girl at 9:35 appear in how far is tattoo far😭😭

    soberrboysoberrboy12 dagen geleden
  • public property on the heart is actually really sweet, a real curveball

    UnderwrapsUnderwraps12 dagen geleden
  • I knew that party pooper one was familiar! They got the tattoos from how far is tattoo far lol

    Willow RWillow R14 dagen geleden
  • You should add one more person with No tattoos.

    Gaetan GirouxGaetan Giroux14 dagen geleden
  • 1:33 Surprised no one said Octopussy.

    Edward SeverinsenEdward Severinsen16 dagen geleden
  • That aztec tattoo is awesome. Always wanted to have smth like that after peter pan lol

    Mi General, Augusto PinochetMi General, Augusto Pinochet17 dagen geleden
  • i don't know why i cried watching this but I LOVE TATTOOS. thank you for doing what you guys doing, tattoo artists.

    Hannah GohHannah Goh17 dagen geleden
  • One of them guys sounds like Lucas from pll

    Jenna.horganxxJenna.horganxx18 dagen geleden
  • did y'all notice her saying "people think I'm white, but I actually had a cultural upbringing" 😭😭

    Kira DanhKira Danh19 dagen geleden
  • Wait..... what did the chick say at 6:50?

    Lennart VoogtLennart Voogt19 dagen geleden
  • 1:04 um i am obsessed with the way the guy says "that's a rat"

    c untc unt19 dagen geleden
  • THE BEHIND SONG plssss

    Monica GeorgianaMonica Georgiana20 dagen geleden
  • Dang I'm pretty good at this lol

    KurenaiKunaiKurenaiKunai20 dagen geleden
  • My 3 rats and i appreciate the rat rep

    rat kingrat king20 dagen geleden
  • I love these series, but the sneaky witch music is too LOUD and distracting.

    Lightcode Crystals and SpiritLightcode Crystals and Spirit20 dagen geleden
  • Omg why did I guess all of them right

    Audri LynAudri Lyn21 dag geleden
  • Howwww can I get on here I know my tattoos don’t match my vibe lol

    ajahcartermakeupajahcartermakeup21 dag geleden
  • Hold on I just realized that guy has the best shirt it has Hocus Picts on it

    Isabell JIsabell J22 dagen geleden
  • the second i saw the party-pooper i knew exactly what it was from how far is tattoo far love that show

    Courtney CaseyCourtney Casey22 dagen geleden
  • This was a fun video. Thanks

    Chris CoopChris Coop22 dagen geleden
  • 3 hours for that Aztec tattoo??? I doubt that. It's a beautiful piece but looks so detailed.

    Seth FenneySeth Fenney22 dagen geleden
  • The couple with the surprise tattoos are on an MTV tattoo show! I’ve seen them before.

    Desiree BomarDesiree Bomar22 dagen geleden
  • Ok I need that tattooo artists rainbow outfit like ASAP

    Alyssa DanaAlyssa Dana23 dagen geleden
  • i just know i’m getting a tattoo cause jeffery dohmer said cannibals don’t like tattoos cause the meat tastes weird

    Madison MauzyMadison Mauzy23 dagen geleden
  • I remembered that tattoo from How Far is Tattoo Far ahahaha

    Maya Peña-LobelMaya Peña-Lobel23 dagen geleden
  • Most of them regret

    Carole HehnCarole Hehn24 dagen geleden
  • 4:50 she claims she is not Native American yet later claims to be of Aztec decent?

    Jared MitchellJared Mitchell24 dagen geleden
  • Grandpa had me shook

    Woe Is meWoe Is me24 dagen geleden
  • “I love rats they’re like tiny dogs” lmao what

    A-A-25 dagen geleden
  • "...she did not move" LLOLLL

    Kaitlyn EmersonKaitlyn Emerson25 dagen geleden
  • I'm very much interested to see the tattoos of the tattoo artists man, THEY HAVE SOME REALLY COOL ONES

    maansi ahiremaansi ahire25 dagen geleden
  • i remember seeing the pooping one on How Far is Too Far? on MTV

    Eden SEden S25 dagen geleden
  • 8:04 has the coolest style

    WhaliumWhalium25 dagen geleden
  • They’re all saying “dog squid”... but “octopussy” is such a missed opportunity like come on y’all

    Vicki YVicki Y25 dagen geleden
  • The girl with the party pooper tattoo’s Instagram is @Sterile_Garbage she’s an apprentice at a shop in Washington her work is amazing as well as everyone else at the shop!

    Ur MomUr Mom25 dagen geleden
  • One of the tattoos are from how far is tat too far

    Gigi LeeGigi Lee25 dagen geleden
  • Oh gosh... the cross tatoo with the dates... the second date is my birthday... same year ,same month, same day...

    It ́s SamiIt ́s Sami25 dagen geleden
  • I was born and live in Namibia, the story behind the landscape piece. Cool!

    Daniella SteynDaniella Steyn26 dagen geleden
  • Wats the girl with the Aztec tattoo ig @

    dominatortvdominatortv26 dagen geleden
  • Party pooper! I fucking love it.

    Garrison FjordGarrison Fjord26 dagen geleden
  • The cat-squid thing I'm pretty sure its an "octopussy"

    Shelby RoeShelby Roe26 dagen geleden
  • I remember the party pooper one from how far is tattoo far.

    KaylaKayla27 dagen geleden
  • 9:34 just realised she got this tattoo on a tv show called how far is tattoo far

    DirpexDirpex27 dagen geleden
  • only one i guessed right was the old guy and simply bc he said his tat ended up having a double meaning

    mira.mira.27 dagen geleden
  • did anyone else notice that the artist in the colorful jumpsuit is one of the members of mommy long legs?

    Alana AcevedoAlana Acevedo27 dagen geleden
  • I would love to have people try to guess my tattoos and see if they think they flow with me

    Nicole BrowningNicole Browning28 dagen geleden
  • I love tattoos but there's this law in India that u can't get most of the government jobs if u have even smallest of a tattoo. Do u guys have this rule in your countries too!?

    Nameless SoulNameless Soul28 dagen geleden
  • “That’s a rat!” He seemed so excited to say that lmao

    Michaela WilkersonMichaela Wilkerson28 dagen geleden
  • "I'm not Native American." "My father's side, they're French. My mother's side is Mexican." 😑 Mexicans are Native American

    meep.meep.28 dagen geleden
    • Technically yes, but unfortunately society now only refers to them who were in US Territory(ies), Alaska, Hawaii, etc. I’d say indigenous is what we’re mostly referred by. I’d still would consider myself native, I even was born in Mexico before brought to the US by my parents.

      Emre Drey YandanovicEmre Drey Yandanovic26 dagen geleden
  • i'm proud bc i guessed the public property one right

    pinkrebootpinkreboot28 dagen geleden
  • I can't believe the Aztec warrior only took 3 hours, it's a big piece and it looks incredible!

    LeaLaurineLeaLaurine28 dagen geleden
  • After hearing the explanation, I LOVE the Public Property tattoo!

    Rikki HurtRikki Hurt28 dagen geleden
  • The party pooper girl was on 'how far is tattoo far' right?

    Ivet MachukiIvet Machuki28 dagen geleden
  • what about the tree tattoo?

    ilovemakeupilovemakeup28 dagen geleden
  • she said 11 years ago she doesnt look like she is 40

  • I thought the rat tattoo was the fucking moana heart of tefiti shit 😭😭😭

    mary annemary anne28 dagen geleden
  • More Chris

    Nate DrakeNate Drake28 dagen geleden

    Onii-chan ✓Onii-chan ✓28 dagen geleden
  • “never judge a book by its cover” 🖤

    Jaden MonroeJaden Monroe29 dagen geleden
  • "Fuck yeah, dude." I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣

    Kai WeissmannKai Weissmann29 dagen geleden
  • 9:45 "party pooper " xD

    Muskan GuptaMuskan Gupta29 dagen geleden
  • ahhh i knew it- the party pooper one was from 'how far is tattoo far". love that tat tho

    hUnGrYpOtATohUnGrYpOtATo29 dagen geleden
  • They should’ve had them all come out then match the tattoo’s so that the last girl could get judged equally as well and would make for a better questioning vibe just my opinion tho

    RaceRace29 dagen geleden
  • 1:33 is that an octopussy???

    BlackBirdRayvenBlackBirdRayven29 dagen geleden
  • French and mexican gang .

    Sunmer DennisonSunmer Dennison29 dagen geleden
  • Chris and the girl with the bite me tattoo were just vibing

    Alex StevensonAlex Stevenson29 dagen geleden
  • This was actually such a good video idea

    Alex StevensonAlex Stevenson29 dagen geleden
  • Real question - where did the tattoo artist with the bangs got that amazing suit from, I love it 😻

    Maria MombersMaria Mombers29 dagen geleden
  • Buddy is Namibian? Lol sure xD I hate it on this planet. Like why the fudge do people like that exist? Dude went on 23andMe and thinks he’s from Namibia.

    Yugo OnionYugo Onion29 dagen geleden
  • I was going to guess with them but they were hardly asking questions. My mindset is "Was 03 and important year for you" Christine "Do you like to party" Party pooper "Would you consider yourself risky" Bite Me etc.

    Melody PostMelody Post29 dagen geleden
  • "I'm very white passing" soooo you're white. Color is not culture.

    Manu halmManu halm29 dagen geleden
  • The tattoo I want when im older is a beanie with two tags sticking out of it٫ one with my dads name and year of birth٫ and one of mine since he passed away and his hats are one of the things he wore alot that I do too.

    Those quiet KidsThose quiet Kids29 dagen geleden
  • Mexican is not a race. It’s a nationality. She’s white

    Chad KutzChad Kutz29 dagen geleden
  • Nxauwww he can come to Namibia , will show him what it’s like

    TIIATIIA29 dagen geleden
  • damn 3-21-03 is my birthday

    Michael TurnerMichael Turner29 dagen geleden
  • That Patty Valentine knows what she's talking about 👌 she's impressive

    Nouhe NouheNouhe Nouhe29 dagen geleden
  • need that hocus pocus t-shirt

    malen garijo b.malen garijo b.29 dagen geleden
  • Cody's new video is gonna slap

    Leann WarkentinLeann Warkentin29 dagen geleden
  • A literal “party pooper” 😂😂😂😂

    Rachel BarrettRachel Barrett29 dagen geleden
  • the bite me girl is a queen of spades

    RTRT29 dagen geleden
  • "it's better than a ring" is it just me or did she say that like she didn't mean it at all ☠️☠️🤣 whoever wifes this woman pls get her a ring, she wants one I just feel it in my bones

    HannahHannahMaand geleden
  • Latinos aren't a race....your grandfather was white.....which is even funnier you having an

    EmanuelEmanuelMaand geleden
  • Squidcst.... its octopussy man

    Shawn M Torres VallesShawn M Torres VallesMaand geleden
  • hold up young dumb and full of W H A T 🗿

    laura martinezlaura martinezMaand geleden
  • 9:27 you can have a cultural upbringing as a white person, it just won’t be a non-white culture

    MMMaand geleden