Taskmaster - Series 8, Episode 9 | Full Episode | 'I've been a bit ill'

24 feb. 2021
273 936 Weergaven

Iain Stirling, Lou Sanders, Joe Thomas, Paul Sinha and Sian Gibson attempt to bounce some balls into a bin and device some delicious dust in this series 8 episode of Taskmaster.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • I love how many rules Lou breaks that Alex completely ignores. "You may not touch a bowl or plate that has already been stacked" *lou proceeds to do exactly that multiple times*

    somarafa999somarafa999Dag geleden
  • Sian's scream sounds EXACTLY like a mouse and i love her for it lol

    Masoud NazemiMasoud NazemiDag geleden
  • "I've got a law degree" that's the scariest thing about this series

    Masoud NazemiMasoud NazemiDag geleden
  • The women had a major advantage in the last task given the increased flexibility of their lower bodies.

    ravenshrikeravenshrike2 dagen geleden
  • After binging all the seasons multiple times, Lu really has the best personality. So enthusiastic, smile and laughs easily, totally accepting of herself as a chaos machine.

    Dana ElizabethDana Elizabeth3 dagen geleden
  • Kinda expecting someone to bring in a copy of Norton Antivirus for the prize task.

    YammenkowYammenkow4 dagen geleden
  • Iain cheating right at the end goes unnoticed...

    LightningScar89LightningScar895 dagen geleden
  • *if it was just you and 5ft little Sian on a team are you not immediately doing her on the shoulders for tall man with a long trench coat routine?!*

    moiraine_damodredmoiraine_damodred9 dagen geleden
  • the fact that the ball kept hitting her and the task says the ball can’t touch you as it is trying to go to the basket and they still counted 200 times makes me upset man

    Taylor SpainhowardTaylor Spainhoward9 dagen geleden
  • Don't be embarrassed that you like glitter and Princesses, Sian! You can like whatever you like and nobody can tell you otherwise!

    Stambay HeereStambay Heere10 dagen geleden
  • Advanced get along shirt.

    Lady LestroodleLady Lestroodle12 dagen geleden
  • This happened in the last episode as well, but I swear at 30:37 they added the sound effect of the random box opening from Call of Duty Zombies for the door opening. Not sure why they’d do it, but I’m like 99% sure they did

    Kenny PizzaKenny Pizza13 dagen geleden
  • "Nobody likes racism" rings funny today, as Derek Chauvin is in the process of being set free for an on-camera murder because he's a member of a state-sanctioned racist terror organization. George Floyd is dead, and his murderer will soon be free, because some very powerful people do, in fact, "like racism."

    untoldbumpkinsuntoldbumpkins18 dagen geleden
  • yubi yubi

    airwaveheroairwavehero18 dagen geleden
  • I’ve had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders, both full tears. Watching Paul wriggle made me wince. He must have been in agony.

    Harry GatoHarry Gato19 dagen geleden
    • And the way he held his right arm still in the end task- really familiar.

      Harry GatoHarry Gato19 dagen geleden
  • Usually I come to like all the contestants equally by the end of the series, but I've sortof come to hate Iain at this point.

    VespaDesuVespaDesu20 dagen geleden
  • Blowing out the candles, with dust around, seems risky to me 😅 💥

    FreakingDoomShroomFreakingDoomShroom20 dagen geleden
  • Lou and Iain are 2 people that are never going to talk to each other after this series.

    Jithin JacobJithin Jacob21 dag geleden
  • Two planks at an incline like this and it will bounce between them very fast at the end. The small bouncy ball should be great. \ o ---> / \ / \ / \ / |_|

    Dutchy McDutchface, BscDutchy McDutchface, Bsc22 dagen geleden
  • Lou reminds me of Veruca Salt.

    Whatsoever MollyWhatsoever Molly26 dagen geleden
  • I paused that as soon as Alex held his hand up, and literally googled "Taskmaster, what is wrong with Alex's hands", and it didnt come up with anything. Had I kept watching the show would have just told me he was born with marshmallow fingers. Patience is a virtue.

    Beau RossBeau Ross26 dagen geleden
  • If i had to do the dust one, I'd immediately ask for cocaine

    Ashley ThomasAshley ThomasMaand geleden
  • Mystery box opening at 30:46

    MattMattMaand geleden
  • Task prize: Forms of protection. Me: Someone's going to say condom, aren't they? Alex: ...Lou did told me she wasn't putting a condom on there 'cause she didn't want to be tacky. Me: I bloody called it!

    4X7A 175E4X7A 175EMaand geleden
  • Ian - I thought you may have a lot of questions, Greg - Not really, but I have made a lot of judgements...

    Sarang ShindeSarang ShindeMaand geleden
  • On this episode Alex is forced to try the contestants home made cocaine.

    Tommy LeBaronTommy LeBaronMaand geleden
    • I’d like a bag of chocolate milk powder and some cocaine please, Alex.

      Harry GatoHarry Gato19 dagen geleden
  • Feels like the ladies of this series have been playing on tutorial difficulty

    Harrison SmithHarrison SmithMaand geleden
  • Joe looking like he's about to rate an album a 9/10

    Camden WaldronCamden WaldronMaand geleden
  • They keep putting Iain and Lou together lol JESUS

    hawk jameshawk jamesMaand geleden
  • Can't believe they didn't bring antivirus software for their protection prize.

    Jeremy FusterJeremy FusterMaand geleden
  • Paul Sinha's mini-takedown of Henry VIII was exquisite

    mara.iaramara.iaraMaand geleden
  • I am in love with Sian and I can't explain it.

    Abhimanyu KhadwalAbhimanyu KhadwalMaand geleden
  • The way Lou Sanders seems to panic and haphazardly make her way through the tasks, yet is still so far ahead of everyone else in the series score is a real mood

    Annastasia BrownAnnastasia BrownMaand geleden
  • Damn... what would I give to be the Garbage Bagged Paul in between Lou's beautiful legs. :>

    BrahlamBrahlamMaand geleden
  • StapleGUN? STAAPELgun! okay i'm dead thanks

    PrincessOstrichPrincessOstrichMaand geleden
  • The perfect softball adventitiously obtain because nylon immunocytochemically repair from a somber barbara. sleepy, actually parrot

    David JarrahDavid JarrahMaand geleden
  • alex looks like a muppet eating those fingers

    Sara JaneSara JaneMaand geleden
  • "I have learned more about my self on this show than I would have liked." Iain has a better character arc this series than some characters do in actual scripted televesion shows.

    Joshua GassJoshua GassMaand geleden
  • 3 kids in a trench coat

    Duck MasterDuck MasterMaand geleden
  • I can't watch this episode because Paul with that bag is too distressing. Brrr. It looked dangerous and terrible to experience.

    Shark of JoyShark of JoyMaand geleden
  • Paul Ian and Lou looked like people on a slow descent into insanity

    Tegan FitzgibbonTegan FitzgibbonMaand geleden
  • So now, the real question seems to be, is Greg Davies really just one giant person? Or is he actually three regular-sized people covered in bin bags?

    emmeeemmemmeeemmMaand geleden
  • I wonder if they had taken off their glasses it could have count as not seeing each other?

    p4ndulcep4ndulceMaand geleden
  • That pleasant chat about dentists was heartwarming. I had no idea they do botox now as well!

    J KJ KMaand geleden
  • the group task was the best :)

    Kit MKit MMaand geleden
  • Alex's smile after being called big boy is sending me

    Valerie HansonValerie HansonMaand geleden
  • So many laughs. I just love this show 😂😂🥰.

    cannibalbananascannibalbananasMaand geleden
  • Is Henry VIII really viewed as a respected figure in England, or is that just Paul being Paul?? History isn't just about learning about "good" people after all. Perhaps he's mistaken the fact that Henry VIII features very strongly in history classes with being respected? He certainly isn't respected in America, he's basically always been presented to me as a selfish monster who brought about big changes in the course of English/European history. Interested to find out if there is any there there.

    Jakob SmithJakob SmithMaand geleden
  • So they couls have just taken the hats off in that last task, yeah?

    tmbgfan1tmbgfan1Maand geleden
  • Just one more episode of this low point series and then the wonderful 9th series begins... yey!

    Jóhann GunnarssonJóhann GunnarssonMaand geleden
  • Greg is in such a good mood this ep. I like it.

    Alexandre Fonseca FariaAlexandre Fonseca FariaMaand geleden
  • "it says on the instructions-" "the task it's called the task"

    Madison MallettMadison MallettMaand geleden
  • Finally, episode 9 :D

    omniRexomniRexMaand geleden
  • Can't find ep 10

    Sean Ó CeallachainSean Ó CeallachainMaand geleden
  • Iain is soooo cuuute

    Me meMe meMaand geleden
  • @30:00 I knocked out the same tooth... doing the same thing. Seriously. Presumably not the same ferry.

    Al HuntAl HuntMaand geleden
  • "Jazz? or razz?" "Clunge?" Solid banter, lads.

    sfshinzsfshinzMaand geleden
  • The crowd cheering in the beginning was basically the sounds of my soul when I saw this

    M SadjadM SadjadMaand geleden
  • Hard pretzels, parmesan, wasabi peas, and biltong dust for the win.

    Thomas DThomas DMaand geleden
  • Those three people covered in trash bags writhing all over the floor was hilarious.

    Jessica SmithJessica SmithMaand geleden
  • Best team task ever

    joe billyjoe billyMaand geleden
  • God damn so many ads

    Angy CanuteAngy CanuteMaand geleden
  • It took me like 9 episodes to realize that its Simon and Mr Gilbert

    Manish MehraManish MehraMaand geleden
  • "I've learned more about myself on this show than I would have liked." I feel that, Ian.

    Peter LaCaraPeter LaCaraMaand geleden
  • Is it just meeee? everytime there is a disruption in releasing the youtube videos, the new season is soon. When it missed the release last week, i had a feeling series 11 was comingggg. And im rite. Its soon~ maybe after this series end, 11 is out

    NichikoxDNichikoxDMaand geleden
  • OMG I think Alex and I so completely on the same wavelength! I totally imagined him saying "all gone, daddy" before he did so at the beginning.

    scbtripwirescbtripwireMaand geleden
  • I can't tell if I want to laugh at or cry with Joe

    CaseyyyCaseyyyMaand geleden
  • Paul is something special

    K MurdochK MurdochMaand geleden
  • Iain is really the James of this series "bebe" confirms it

    SabrinaSabrinaMaand geleden
  • I've never laughed so hard watching and episode of taskmaster before.

    Elle OswaldElle OswaldMaand geleden
  • Final task: weren't they supposed to not touch the bowls and plates that they'd already stacked? Several of them did, including Lou

    Agnes NutterAgnes NutterMaand geleden
  • 26:30 Can we just appreciate this historic moment wherein the Taskmaster'S ASSISTANT did the actual scoring of a Task?! Wowee! 😱

    SingenStatt AtmenSingenStatt AtmenMaand geleden
  • How on earth does this actually have MORE ads than the show does ad breaks!? Such an irritating addition to an otherwise incredible show.

    Caleb ScrivnerCaleb ScrivnerMaand geleden
  • Ball bounce was not my favourite. Rules made no sense.. Lou floated the ball on a string in the air and then flung it towards the basket and missed then drops it in a again, Ian bounces his a bunch in a tube then lifts the tube to roll the ball into the basket. A bit lame imo. Cheers.

    CHRIS TCHRIS TMaand geleden
  • "Yyyeeess. It's part of the way we do thiings." Doing everything like a smooth hunchbacked saint from now on.

    AccioCharlieAccioCharlieMaand geleden
  • I think I died a little during the team task. It was so funny and I laughed so so hard

    Alene HoughtonAlene HoughtonMaand geleden
  • Jeez that Iain again....

    golden ponygolden ponyMaand geleden
  • Hi Everyone That one : Hi daddie 39:11

    Laily AhmadLaily AhmadMaand geleden
  • Joe's little hand sticking up during that banana task sent me

    EdowulfEdowulfMaand geleden
  • I'd argue each time the ball was lifted by string or net was a new propulsion.

    moriad02moriad02Maand geleden
  • I'm quite enjoying the process of Iain learning that his whole life he's apparently been a massive bellend.

    lfenrychlfenrychMaand geleden
  • Something about Joe and Sian crossing the yard as the pole shoulder creature to throw out a banana feels very Monty Python Meaning of Life.

    Joe PilatoJoe PilatoMaand geleden
    • It reminds me of The Great Race

      Bud FlowerBud FlowerMaand geleden
  • this might be the funniest episode of series 8

    ODBrennanODBrennanMaand geleden
  • Joe & Sian's satanic ritual sent me. 😂😂

    NJ 21NJ 21Maand geleden
  • I thought for sure in the first task someone would have brought a full body condom. But I guess Paul's was close enough

    GrantboostGrantboostMaand geleden
  • Paul goes after Greg's neck in such a calm way it literally doesn't rackle him it's so insane to watch

    Jessie BJessie BMaand geleden
  • Greg and Alex using pet names this episode was horrifying

    Jessie BJessie BMaand geleden
  • If only Lou put a condom on there...

    p Hsp HsMaand geleden
  • 39:10 Who said "Hi, daddy"?

    JennyfischJennyfischMaand geleden
  • If only these people were aware of the existence of paçoca, the dust one would had a much tastier end.

    Mateus MagaldiMateus MagaldiMaand geleden
  • 2 weeks without taskmaster, Been very hard to me...

    p Hsp HsMaand geleden
  • You ever just stop and think Ian would make a good friend?

    Matthew PetersonMatthew PetersonMaand geleden
  • Lol that “be one person” task had me cry laughing

    Re MiRe MiMaand geleden
  • The bounce thing was really undeserved imo. I mean that was not at all bouncing. I like me a creative solution but just dabing the ball on the ground a couple hundred times before gently lowering it in the bin was both pathetic and boring to watch.

    ZenturioZenturioMaand geleden
  • "Get up my arse and wriggle." I am WHEEZING.

    Lillian B.Lillian B.Maand geleden
  • Something about Ian and Alex snorting cheese dust through celery stick just made me tear up with laughter

    Uliana DovbakhUliana DovbakhMaand geleden
  • I think I have never seen Joe so happy as during that teamtask

    ElskeElskeMaand geleden
  • i wish these had subtitles i love to watch them while i eat crunchy food

    Aindriú MansfieldAindriú MansfieldMaand geleden
  • Christmas Nr 1 in 1984? It really was 'Do They Know It's Christmas' by Band Aid.

    Danny PhilippoDanny PhilippoMaand geleden
  • Please upload all episodes. This show is the best.

    Mario ZambarovMario ZambarovMaand geleden