Taking Eddie Hall's 'Hardest Punch' so Nobody else has to! {Good Luck Thor}

14 mrt. 2021
3 290 095 Weergaven

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  • When strongmen box it's not sport anymore, turns into somethin more serious, deadly. 3 or 4 tons pressure in a punch of his.....I dont like it.

    Jermaine SherlsJermaine Sherls16 minuten geleden
  • Eddie's got that fight easily. A full beast against a half Thor.

    John A. ZoidbergJohn A. Zoidberg57 minuten geleden
  • Finally he's getting some abs 🔥

    Seer OneSeer OneUur geleden
  • He is remarkably quick for a big man

    Sandeep Free BirdSandeep Free BirdUur geleden
  • Unfortunately he is doing what he didnt want to do he is spending all his time perfecting his craft and not at home with the family, that is why he left strongman competitions

    Mike Derenne JrMike Derenne Jr2 uur geleden
  • Make sure y’all get right with God repent and believe in the gospel love yall💕

    Emmanuel FOCEmmanuel FOC2 uur geleden
  • Literally knocked him off his feet.

    sonic soulsonic soul3 uur geleden
  • I felt Eddies punch where I'm sitting

    DonnyDonny4 uur geleden
  • His punches into his stomach Kinda reminds me of when a fly hits the windscreen.

    S RossS Ross5 uur geleden
  • Just fight the dude 🤣🤣

    Jay TorresJay Torres5 uur geleden
  • still not a boxer never will be put him in with fury see how he goes

    Steven GraySteven Gray6 uur geleden
    • Yh man put someone who isn’t a boxer vs one of the best in world 👏

      BIG SHURSHBIG SHURSH5 uur geleden
  • 8:02 Minecraft knock back

    ChefjamesChefjames6 uur geleden
  • Petition for this guy to be Jake Paul's next opponent.

    Jordan BassettJordan Bassett6 uur geleden
  • This guy should join a Viking/Nord heritage villiage.

    tabacco free catfish fishcat free tabaccotabacco free catfish fishcat free tabacco7 uur geleden
  • (In Vietnam POW camp hung from a bar) Vietnamize soldier: Take this *Hits him with metal pipe* Him: Try it again but a little harder this time.

    tabacco free catfish fishcat free tabaccotabacco free catfish fishcat free tabacco7 uur geleden
  • He should join the military and scare the enemy into raising the white flag

    tabacco free catfish fishcat free tabaccotabacco free catfish fishcat free tabacco7 uur geleden
  • Who else thinking of Mike Tyson vs Eddie Hall 😆

    Tony MEJIA'Tony MEJIA'8 uur geleden
  • Wtf , he is op... he needs a nerf in the next patch

    Patrick CezannePatrick Cezanne8 uur geleden
  • 1 minute into the first round and he will be out of gas.

    ben doverben dover9 uur geleden
  • Is it safe for men this strong to fight? I mean honestly

    AndresAndres9 uur geleden
  • Knocked clean outa his boots

    MrColdwatercanyonMrColdwatercanyon10 uur geleden
  • This guy is so full of roids, he won’t see 50.

    Peter EliosPeter Elios10 uur geleden
  • I would love to know how Eddie’s punch compares to Francis Ngannou👀

    Juan SmitJuan Smit10 uur geleden
  • is nobody gonna talk about how he's the sweetest guy ever

    LandoNorris No.4LandoNorris No.411 uur geleden
  • Thor is better 🇮🇸🇮🇸

    Veigar Bjarni SigurðarsonVeigar Bjarni Sigurðarson11 uur geleden
  • Eddie should challenge Jake Paul. That'd be fun😂

    Yalpy CSGOYalpy CSGO12 uur geleden
  • ryan garcia vs eddie

    Tuomas TurpeinenTuomas Turpeinen12 uur geleden
  • I'm scared

    Thomas LlorenteThomas Llorente12 uur geleden
  • I wish you added less sound effects. Really. :(

    Dan RosnerDan Rosner13 uur geleden
  • Literally how every Gears of War character is built.

    Depressed SauceDepressed Sauce17 uur geleden
  • That was nowhere near his hardest punch you effing nincompoops

    Base RhythmBase Rhythm19 uur geleden
  • just think Thor just finish it in first round just like ben askren it would be joes and also devestating

    Midhun M dasMidhun M das19 uur geleden
  • Ptmree un golpe te manda a volar

    BAZOOKETSBAZOOKETS21 uur geleden
  • Could you imagine if Eddie started to do MMA?

    jmt8706jmt870622 uur geleden
  • That guys a pussyvin the ring. I would have loved to do that with Eddie. I’m a fan and a good scrum would be fun.

    Steve CormierSteve CormierDag geleden
  • He should be In the NLworldr vs tik tocer fights

    jake Steinerjake SteinerDag geleden
  • They got that mamba mentality

    Eli BotrosEli BotrosDag geleden
  • Idk why but I like THOR more but I feel you will rock his world!

    Truth PreppinTruth PreppinDag geleden
  • that was a dehidrated full power one 4-all fist

    eduardo pazeduardo pazDag geleden
  • When a mans abbs show at that size I don’t think any normal punch is felt

    RealtorRealtorDag geleden
  • surprised that eddie has a set of abs

    Maks ErofeevMaks ErofeevDag geleden
  • Eddie’s head movement is pretty good

    Hypnotic SkullHypnotic SkullDag geleden
  • Yo ksi and Logan really got everyone boxing. Jake's took it to the next level and now literally everyone is boxing lol

    Matthew MurrayMatthew MurrayDag geleden
  • Eddie has a 10 pack

    Demon HokageDemon HokageDag geleden
  • Let’s get Ryan Garcia

    Brandon AaronsonBrandon AaronsonDag geleden
  • Eddie Hall vs jake Paul I wanna see tht.

    TrickyInDaMiddleTrickyInDaMiddleDag geleden
  • Hey jake Paul should fight that guy

    Chris CarterChris CarterDag geleden
  • dude i would fuck him up

    Bella fan boiBella fan boiDag geleden
  • its like that one time were the teacher calls your mum but not your dad thats when you should really be praying like jesus for the love of all things holy

    Devin WarnerDevin WarnerDag geleden
  • 8:20 was straight out of a mortal kombat movie th?

    Matt DenmanMatt DenmanDag geleden
  • damn eddie looking in FANTASTIC shape for real! his belly has dropped in size and his abs are protruding. His jabs are solid too. Eddie you got this! You will take down the Mountain!!!

    Matt DenmanMatt DenmanDag geleden
  • U cant really tell how massive eddie really is until u see him next to a guy like this

    MMaleckeMMaleckeDag geleden
  • Someone calls Mike Tyson? Eddie might want to spar with him?

    Armand MartinezArmand MartinezDag geleden
  • Eddie hall can probably can implode a stars heart

    Grumpy RnGGrumpy RnGDag geleden
  • Nile sounds like the squid dude from stampy

    The Best SanchezThe Best SanchezDag geleden
  • Your a brave lad. He's a beast!

    Anthony Brooks Pool and BilliardsAnthony Brooks Pool and BilliardsDag geleden
  • Thor is gonna get ripped apart. It‘s incredible how fast and agile Eddie is for his size, so Thor won‘t land a single punch and when Eddie hits, he not only just hits, he DESTROYS!

    JaRiEsDJaRiEsDDag geleden
  • i got winded just watching

    Flynny FNFlynny FNDag geleden

    david francisdavid francisDag geleden
  • I really like Eddie's character he seems to be a great guy. I am so amazed how a beast can be such a gentleman and thank god he is 😵 That squeaky toy timing is so perfect it's probably the funniest thing i've heard this year. Now you know what it's like to be hit by a truck.

    Kevin MaxwellKevin MaxwellDag geleden
  • I really wanna see Eddie spar Mike Tyson

    Matt the ClasherMatt the ClasherDag geleden
  • Yhh

    CrazyLithCrazyLithDag geleden
  • Nile what happened to u, you’ve gone so skinny

    Frank RamaFrank RamaDag geleden
  • Its a bird it’s a plane no it’s just Nile

    TheDead GamerTheDead GamerDag geleden
  • Jake Paul vs Eddie Hall

    Gordon SundströmGordon SundströmDag geleden
  • Noob

    Данил КарповДанил КарповDag geleden
  • 8:17 no thanks

    OfficialJack_ YTOfficialJack_ YTDag geleden
  • hes honestly a terrifying and incredible man. nothing but respect for that giant

    MaliceEST90MaliceEST90Dag geleden
  • I want to see him against Saenchaï !

  • Get big guy to fight jake Paul lol

    Thomas KinneyThomas KinneyDag geleden
  • Eddie hall the one punch challenge king Garcia

    Gboik430Gboik430Dag geleden
  • I want everyone who may not know who Eddie is to realize something. Eddie Hall is one of the strongest men alive today and possibly one of the strongest men to ever exist. For several years he held the world record for deadlift at 500 kg. That’s well over half a ton. The man is 6’ 3” and weighs over 360 lbs. He isn’t joking when he said he hits harder than any man alive, if he really wanted to he could’ve killed Nile with a single punch. No gloves, no bars held, kill or be killed Eddie could’ve hit Nile in the sternum so hard the punch would’ve shattered his rib cage and stopped his heart dead in its tracks. Nile would be dead before he hit the ground 30 feet away. When Nile was saying that his head was throbbing, it’s cuz he was experiencing just a bit of whiplash. If Eddie had hit him the way I described, his neck would probably be broken from the whiplash. Eddie is perfectly aware of his power too. That’s why I don’t believe him when he says he’s using 40% or 60% power. 100% punching power for Eddie, even in this scenario where it’s lighthearted fun, no adrenaline kicking his muscles into a higher gear, puts Nile in mortal danger. I want everyone to be perfectly aware that this video is awe inspiring and incredibly dangerous it is. Mad respect for Nile for being brave enough to do this, even if I had the opportunity I would not take it. I know Eddie could kill me if he tried

    MrStreaty122MrStreaty122Dag geleden
  • Yo, Eddie should fight Jake Paul

    Mark EllisonMark EllisonDag geleden
  • A punch takes a second this video is longer then ten minutes. I’ll pass

    Nathan CoeNathan CoeDag geleden
  • Bet it was like punching a brick wall

    DUB3R5DUB3R5Dag geleden
  • Damn thats a big dude....

    TSNECTSNEC2 dagen geleden
  • Eddie let's go 😈

    Jonanthony EvangelestompJonanthony Evangelestomp2 dagen geleden
  • ehh i could take him smh

    wiener dogwiener dog2 dagen geleden
  • Eddie is such a poser, can't box for shit and tries to impress people with that atrocious bobbing and weaving

    Mr. PathMr. Path2 dagen geleden
  • When are they ganna fight? How do we see it?

    Joe DammitJoe Dammit2 dagen geleden
  • I’d give anything to be big and powerful

    Benjamin McAdamsBenjamin McAdams2 dagen geleden
  • Why do you look so different now nile. You looking a completely different person !!!!????

    Kyle BuchananKyle Buchanan2 dagen geleden
  • What is the song at 1 minute

    Shaun SoftleyShaun Softley2 dagen geleden
  • Eddie is slipping the wrong way which takes the counter away

    Canadian BreezeCanadian Breeze2 dagen geleden
  • getting punched by Eddie Hall must be like getting hit by a train made of houses at a million miles an hour. we have to admit that the hardest, bravest and craziest guy in the video is Nile Wilson. I shat myself just reading the title!

    WilliamWilliam2 dagen geleden
  • Eddie isn’t even using his body to punch so it is only Max 40% of his full strength

    Francesc BallesterFrancesc Ballester2 dagen geleden
  • I wanna see Jake Paul channel Eddie Hall lol 😂

    Francesc BallesterFrancesc Ballester2 dagen geleden
  • Eddie hall vs Jake paul

    bernardino portillobernardino portillo2 dagen geleden
  • why is Eddie dodging.. it's not like it's gonna do anything

    Robert PrenticeRobert Prentice2 dagen geleden
  • And someone that’s in between these two in size such as Francis, has a punch that would really come with power

    Jose BocanegraJose Bocanegra2 dagen geleden

    Alejandro NunezAlejandro Nunez2 dagen geleden
  • Bro that would kill some one with a full power upper on the jaw I think that would be it like tf

    Har ZzzHar Zzz2 dagen geleden
  • Wouldnt be surprised if we randomly saw Eddie in mma in few years xd

    Burek MaliBurek Mali2 dagen geleden
  • Good luck Eddie I’m a fan

    Mile AkinMile Akin2 dagen geleden
  • eh, you are at 5% at what Bruce lee was big doesn't mean strong

    PhantomPhantom2 dagen geleden
  • 🤣😂😁

    ronald victorronald victor2 dagen geleden
  • This was awesome!! Lol

    SpankSpank2 dagen geleden
  • eddie hall vs rico verhoeven. make it happen

    MCplayerableMCplayerable2 dagen geleden
  • Six inches of padding I bet his wife is devestated.

    julie gatejulie gate2 dagen geleden
  • That jab

    JoeJoe2 dagen geleden