Swimming in a pool of oobleck #Shorts

14 apr. 2021
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  • Copying @collinskey?

    Kate BlumbergaKate BlumbergaUur geleden
  • That's cool

    Carlos CervantesCarlos Cervantes3 uur geleden
  • Cool

    Pretty JaneaPretty Janea6 uur geleden
  • havent heard if oobleck in a while

    4k Daemon4k Daemon6 uur geleden
  • Are you dum

    craig shortcraig short7 uur geleden
  • I did that to

    Lana AbdulsamadLana Abdulsamad7 uur geleden
  • Make it look like you are running on water

    Matthew AlbassitMatthew Albassit8 uur geleden
  • You should make a giant fishbowl in fill it up with real fish maybe you get in it

    Penelope AblePenelope Able8 uur geleden
  • literally everything he did, collins key did a few years ago😂

    Whitney FosterWhitney Foster16 uur geleden
  • 5th graders dream

    Tami RomeroTami Romero17 uur geleden
  • We made oobleck in school today

    TicTok. .complications.TicTok. .complications.18 uur geleden
  • good idea boy

    Amira MccauleyAmira Mccauley22 uur geleden
  • I love that stuf

    ultimate gamingultimate gaming22 uur geleden
  • Fill a pool with pancake mix and swim in it has to be at least 4 ft deep

    front flip masterfront flip master23 uur geleden
  • Why do you do this mate is it for clout or you making money

    Banned ConservativeBanned ConservativeDag geleden
  • Y'all be just doing anything what is the point of this

    Nod BeeNod BeeDag geleden
  • Hi! I just wanted to remind you that Jesus Christ loves you. Please love him with all your heart ❤️ (I’m not trying to force my religion into anyone just trying to spread positivity)Have a nice day/night everyone

    Mary HiggensMary HiggensDag geleden
  • Can you try swiming in maybee slime

    Theresa GarganeraTheresa GarganeraDag geleden
  • Collins key did this

    `Cyra ́`Cyra ́Dag geleden
  • Question: what happens to all the wastes after satiating desperate need for internet content!?

    Bojack HorsemanBojack HorsemanDag geleden
  • Why need a green screen when you can green screen some oobleck?

    everlxxingeverlxxingDag geleden
  • Slime

    Amber CastillaAmber CastillaDag geleden
  • This is the type of guy to not get type of guy comments

    zenitsu agatsumazenitsu agatsumaDag geleden
  • "and then i commented on your video"

    Muhammad ZaidMuhammad ZaidDag geleden
  • That’s cool

    Desire CardonaDesire CardonaDag geleden
  • That is cool no way

    Juan F MejiaJuan F MejiaDag geleden
  • I wanna see how bullet proof it is

    the33_bacon_kingthe33_bacon_kingDag geleden
  • Do gold fish

    Kay LEWISKay LEWISDag geleden
  • I made oobleck yesterday

    roger jay Schroederroger jay SchroederDag geleden

    Mia DeBuskMia DeBuskDag geleden
  • I made this at school in like 5th grade I think lol

    What’s the tea SisWhat’s the tea SisDag geleden
  • Wow wow wow wowwww

    Random leaʕ•ᴥ•ʔRandom leaʕ•ᴥ•ʔ2 dagen geleden
  • r/#blursedchesse

    Mono 7Mono 72 dagen geleden
  • You can make that with cornstarch and a lil bit of water.

    🅵🆄🅽🅴🅷🅵🆄🅽🅴🅷2 dagen geleden
  • Next time do an tub

    Tamiah CasimirTamiah Casimir2 dagen geleden
  • file it with slim.

    Marissa HayesMarissa Hayes2 dagen geleden
  • With salt and paint

    Ela Naz MeralEla Naz Meral2 dagen geleden
  • Oobleck armor

    Delonix RegiaDelonix Regia2 dagen geleden
  • Do magic I don't know what

    Richard KiaainaRichard Kiaaina2 dagen geleden
  • This is what happens when you grow up in a dry county

    B BB B2 dagen geleden
  • That's so cool I wish I could do that but I can't I don't know what to do so that's so cool bye

    Leroy BahneyLeroy Bahney2 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/xqV3mdu8eISSpms

    Montano GraciousMontano Gracious2 dagen geleden
  • No your not

    Bentley DavidsonBentley Davidson2 dagen geleden
  • Where did you get the materials?

    Jayden CrawfordJayden Crawford3 dagen geleden
  • Bullet up with ketchup and mustard and mayo

    Life with SantaziaLife with Santazia3 dagen geleden
  • Whoa

    Life with SantaziaLife with Santazia3 dagen geleden
  • Pool of chicken nugets

    Kaija LehtimäkiKaija Lehtimäki3 dagen geleden
  • الله

    Samir KojakSamir Kojak3 dagen geleden
  • االه

    Samir KojakSamir Kojak3 dagen geleden
    • نتت

      Samir KojakSamir Kojak3 dagen geleden
  • Rubber band ball vs this pool

    Stray cat DabStray cat Dab3 dagen geleden
  • Hednpsb

    Jonathan TaylorJonathan Taylor3 dagen geleden
  • Omg its exactly like when coins key did it

    MoreBaconPleaseMoreBaconPlease3 dagen geleden
  • People should make body armor out of more solid to the touch oblec

    Caiden PierceCaiden Pierce3 dagen geleden
  • He did the same thing as Collins key no hate just saying

    Emma DonnellyEmma Donnelly3 dagen geleden
  • you’re a about 5 years like but you’ve got the spirit?

    Gamer MomentGamer Moment3 dagen geleden
  • I used to buy corn flour just for doing this lmao

    Directioner ⟭⟬ INFIRES MANDirectioner ⟭⟬ INFIRES MAN4 dagen geleden
  • So this is what rich kids do🤔

    MEL4TONINMEL4TONIN4 dagen geleden
  • Honey block hack on Minecraft woohoo! My own hack!

    Ryler Chance CastaloniRyler Chance Castaloni4 dagen geleden
  • Yd

    yumehi uwuyumehi uwu4 dagen geleden
  • This would definitely work as body armor

    Felshuha GouveiaFelshuha Gouveia4 dagen geleden
  • Oh shoot, you all that oobleck in English? In France we call it : Newton liquid Much better than oobleck. (':

    pop tartpop tart4 dagen geleden
  • Try making a tree house with spray foam stuff u used in a previous video

    Cayle RomeCayle Rome4 dagen geleden
  • Then Let me try in your home

    shijo joyshijo joy4 dagen geleden
  • Obligated to get stuck

    Anon AnonymousAnon Anonymous4 dagen geleden
  • Woww

    M fery gamingM fery gaming4 dagen geleden
  • Walking on water??🤔 r u jesus??

    Fro0pFro0p4 dagen geleden

    Mista MossMista Moss4 dagen geleden
    • @Tanner Holmes yea I agree mostly for one reason that stuff is way heavier than some people think and also how are you supposed to keep it as a solid while wearing it

      フ卂ᗪ乇ㄚ爪匚乃尺卂ᗪ乇ㄚフ卂ᗪ乇ㄚ爪匚乃尺卂ᗪ乇ㄚDag geleden
    • That's the worst idea I've ever heard. And I've heard a lot of stupid ideas

      Tanner HolmesTanner HolmesDag geleden
  • You should fill a car full of it

    Brady LoveBrady Love4 dagen geleden

    Vennessa AtkinsonVennessa Atkinson4 dagen geleden
  • Do a pool of jelly

    mizzez sanchezmizzez sanchez5 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations you've experienced a bit of Newtonian Fluid 💓(would usually do this at Open Day - Chemistry experiments for visitors but due to COVID19...😑)

    Shontelle DavisShontelle Davis5 dagen geleden
    • It’s Cheetos puffs 😂

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue4 dagen geleden
  • Good, now eat it

    Muhammad Darwish ZurazilMuhammad Darwish Zurazil5 dagen geleden
  • It’s called a paddling pool in Yorkshire

    Evie FoxEvie Fox5 dagen geleden
  • I'm going to try this at home if I can

    David RoyallDavid Royall5 dagen geleden
  • العراقيين شوفو مو عبالك قيمة

    Kasem MohammedKasem Mohammed5 dagen geleden
  • "Don't try this at home" Me:k "3 days later" Me:buying 1 billion obbleck

    y/n Ophelia Riddley/n Ophelia Riddle5 dagen geleden
  • It's called Oobleck

    Daveyon MenasianDaveyon Menasian5 dagen geleden
  • Can u do mantoos and cook plz

    Yousif aghaYousif agha5 dagen geleden
  • Put slime

    Noor'Aini AbdullahNoor'Aini Abdullah5 dagen geleden
  • Can you look up Collins key oblek

    kc edit_and_short videoskc edit_and_short videos5 dagen geleden
  • Okay that's got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu6 dagen geleden
  • I want to buy this pool I'm in UAE WHERE CAN I ORDER IT PLEASE?

    Brown CelineBrown Celine6 dagen geleden
  • So this is how Jesus walked on water

    ChiefChief6 dagen geleden
  • It’s Cheetos puffs 😂

    Julia Hee YiJulia Hee Yi6 dagen geleden
  • You should try corn starch ana water but don't add a lot of water it's the best thing ever to play with 😚😚😚

    daleys cateringdaleys catering6 dagen geleden
    • It's like a slime

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu6 dagen geleden
  • Its just corn flour 🤣..

    amit choudharyamit choudhary6 dagen geleden
  • Looked sus at first ngl

    Ricey BaeRicey Bae6 dagen geleden
  • then i hit it with an axe 🤣

    other EJ channelother EJ channel6 dagen geleden
  • Why it’s 🍊

    mahatheprettygirlmahatheprettygirl6 dagen geleden
  • So many likes omg

    matriciaharpermatriciaharper6 dagen geleden
  • I love how he got this from Collins key

    Zilla Bass studiosZilla Bass studios6 dagen geleden
  • Wei wat

    Blanca GuzmanBlanca Guzman6 dagen geleden
  • That would be fun

    hayley steggellhayley steggell6 dagen geleden
  • his emotionless and monotone voice makes it better

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy7 dagen geleden
  • Omg I want ittttt

    Keiliann CatalanKeiliann Catalan7 dagen geleden
  • Me emayne algo cuando viesacasa

    Ximena FerruscaXimena Ferrusca7 dagen geleden
  • Why would u do this in the first place xD?!

    Judy BryantJudy Bryant7 dagen geleden
  • It's like a slime

    Abdurahman BedruAbdurahman Bedru7 dagen geleden
  • I'm Dylan

    Bridget ConlonBridget Conlon7 dagen geleden
  • 🍉🍉🥭🍉🥭🍉🍉🥭🥭🥭

    Yesenia DicksonYesenia Dickson7 dagen geleden