Supreme Court Shenanigans!

30 sep. 2020
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  • Director's Commentary:

    CGP GreyCGP GreyMaand geleden
    • vid for election shenanigans when?!?!?

      gab ehcuodgab ehcuod11 dagen geleden
    • Stupid question, has the pro-forma session ever been sabotaged by a member of the other party showing up to call roll, or the single senator actually doing something meaningful instead of just doing the minimal?

      Stevie Lantalia MetkeStevie Lantalia Metke12 dagen geleden
    • hey grey, But a senator of a minority party asks for a roll call then. so that a president appoint a justice to the supreme court

      Aditya MulayAditya Mulay14 dagen geleden
    • Grand Jury: am I a joke to you?

      Alex BimmyAlex BimmyMaand geleden
    • Wait. Can a civilian ask for a Roll Call?

      bravojrbravojrMaand geleden
  • Why would 1.4K downvotes for a video about facts? If you don't like what he is saying, you should change the worlds not hating on the video.

    GooseGooseDag geleden
  • As I heard the president can choose a supreme judge on their own i thought that was sooo unfair but, then they found a way around that

    Herr elOfantHerr elOfantDag geleden
  • i just cant help but imagine this: Washington: hamilton you have been working for too long. GO AND PLAY. Hamilton: I DONT WANT TOO. YOU CANT MAKE ME DO ANYTHING! Everyone else: ... okie...

    Current. DrawzCurrent. DrawzDag geleden
  • Hey grey, I’ve read up on the nuclear option and honestly I don’t think it’s all that horribly boring. I think if anyone can make an interesting video about it, it’s you. Hint hint.

    Tony Talks BackTony Talks BackDag geleden
  • From a lawyers perspective that is outside form the US, these rules and loopholes in governmental law are completly insane and just shows how much the US governmental system is not a planned out system, but a grown system that were just patched whenever something became unbearable. Like an alpha-test program that installed first and than only patched when it was about to break, while at the same time, there are fully developed and tested out versions available on the market. But no "we are the alpha test, we are the first, so we won't bother to even look at these other systems that adapted and corrected the problems we have"

    Mysterios1989Mysterios1989Dag geleden
  • And I thought Argentinian politics were a mess

    Mundo GameplayMundo Gameplay2 dagen geleden
  • “Listen Mr.President you’re not in charge here”

    Chris CuevasChris Cuevas2 dagen geleden
  • I don't know how many bees are hidden in this video 🐝 but one is at 6:31

    Vinay ThakurVinay Thakur2 dagen geleden
  • Forcing the government on a break with one person practically getting the rights to "temporarily" make decisions by themselves... Reminds me of something... Calling an emergency law and then dismissing the voters to decide yourself that you are the highest institution in the state... Sounds like something that has been done before...

    Dominik LehnDominik Lehn3 dagen geleden
  • So this is about how rigged usa is ? Got it

    jrpr jasjrpr jas3 dagen geleden
  • I feel like there’s too many loop holes for someone to take ultimate power.... Anyway Who want’s to elect me

    SaltSalt3 dagen geleden
    • How

      Big DysonBig Dyson2 dagen geleden
  • The fact that you did not use an ORANGE TIE FOR THE CURRENT PRESIDENT Is an utter waste

    Thomas ShacksnovisThomas Shacksnovis4 dagen geleden
  • I love how blasé the justices look.

    QuoodleQuoodle4 dagen geleden
  • With the blatant fraud being executed on our 2020 election, the Supreme Court has a duty to perform and the question at this time is whether they will do it or will they be threatened or their families to sway the judges decision or not even review the multitude of cases being filed. I don't know if they will fulfill their oath or not but what I do know is that if they fail to support the law, they become IRRELEVANT and become simply a burden on our society at which time citizens would be wise to support abolishing the court in its entirety. A body that will not perform its function is useless.

    Bob OBob O4 dagen geleden
  • wait so does the president then have the power to just, permanently send senate on recesses?

    Myles PieperMyles Pieper4 dagen geleden
    • Supposedly, yes? But I'm a little iffy on mechanics.

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams3 dagen geleden
  • This entire channel is explaining all of the “if” and “if else” statements in America’s source code

    SonaholicSonaholic4 dagen geleden
  • I know its a dead meme but things like these make me want to return to monke

    MiguelinoMiguelino4 dagen geleden
  • I've watched this video countless times already HJGHSJSJGHS, two thumbs up Grey. Thanks so much for your content.

    Kauã MaiaKauã Maia4 dagen geleden
  • the president could mess with the pro forma sessions by convincing a senator of his party to stick around and ask for a roll call, right?

    bennett palmerbennett palmer5 dagen geleden
  • 3:18- 3:26 Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation process in a nutshell.

    Automatic OversteerAutomatic Oversteer5 dagen geleden
  • " Yeah, I'm the judge, I'm wearing Supreme; This the *Supreme Court* "

    Sean DizonSean Dizon5 dagen geleden
  • I personally never got it why the vicepresident, who is part of a different branch of government and isn't part of the senate, gets to decide in a tie. How is this conformable with checks and balances?

    Marquis CyranoMarquis Cyrano5 dagen geleden
  • US: Noo you can't just find loopholes in our constitution for your own benefit! Also the US: *How 'bout I do, anyways*

    SquidderWardSquidderWard5 dagen geleden
  • My favorite part of politics is the way they screw with each other

    Travelin BearTravelin Bear5 dagen geleden
  • hexagon cult

    Jack DanielsJack Daniels5 dagen geleden
  • so all the opposing party has to do to get stuff dont is have one of their senator present for the pro forma session and call for a roll call?

    Radiation PonyRadiation Pony5 dagen geleden
    • SORT OF. But the other party agrees to it in most cases.

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams3 dagen geleden
  • "or in a pandemic" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    TheAnimationPersonTheAnimationPerson5 dagen geleden
  • Pah the senate..whata bunch of lazy bums

    Scared Of GhostsScared Of Ghosts5 dagen geleden
  • is the supreme court doing anything wrong? we asked the supreme court

    straight as a circlestraight as a circle5 dagen geleden
  • I can't stop pronouncing * like Grey now. ***

    Евгений ШафеевЕвгений Шафеев6 dagen geleden
  • The description from 2:04 onwards of the judiciary comittee is frankly disgusting when you think of the two most recent appointments. Do you think what they put actual rapist Brett Kavanaugh through was arduous questioning? Give me a break. CGP Grey is a fun dude, but the most liberal person on earth. The vision of the world he has is so skewed it's like he actually thinks in stick puppets sometimes.

    shinjinobraveshinjinobrave6 dagen geleden
  • Can you decline the pick if you think your not qualified to be a justice?

    a_MhetOtw.a_MhetOtw.6 dagen geleden
    • Can you decline a nomination if you're nominated? Yes.

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams3 dagen geleden
  • all of this could be solved by a simple ruling that a) there must be a time limit for a president to nominate a justice or else the senate gets to do so and b) the senate must vote in a certain time limit, else the justice gets in automatically.

    Harry MuHarry Mu6 dagen geleden
    • and I already cringe at my own comment.

      Harry MuHarry Mu6 dagen geleden
  • if the job of the supreme court is to keep laws constitutional, im sorry, but they are doing very terrible.

    sdf elitesdf elite6 dagen geleden
  • This is fine.

    II. Abdülhamid HanII. Abdülhamid Han7 dagen geleden
  • 3:20 / 3:21 Repeat button for you ;) Edit: take this repeat button too 5:17 / 5:18 - 5:35 / 5:36 (;

    Vinay ThakurVinay Thakur7 dagen geleden
  • And I thought Indian politics is a mess......

    8235 Siddhant Verma8235 Siddhant Verma8 dagen geleden
  • "Forced recess" *loads shutgun*

    francesco mielefrancesco miele8 dagen geleden
  • Why is (mostly) everyone girls for some reason?

    Rafael ReisterRafael Reister8 dagen geleden
    • people often refer to their state or country as a she

      ApricotManApricotMan6 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone else notice that the smoke at 2:45 is red, white and blue? I love the attention to detail on this channel.

    Max RileyMax Riley8 dagen geleden
  • Can the vice president not go ask for a roll call?

    James HedinJames Hedin9 dagen geleden
    • Could but the Senate would still automatically adjourn

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams3 dagen geleden
  • What's the stop one random senator from showing up and shouting "ROLL CALL" and ruining everything?

    InspHCallahanInspHCallahan9 dagen geleden
  • No humans on me Go me!!

    Pluto The Dwarf PlanetPluto The Dwarf Planet9 dagen geleden
  • The supreme court always looks bored and tired. Makes sense.

    cheezkid26cheezkid269 dagen geleden
  • gotta say, as a non american, this seems like an exceptionally bad system lol

    Brian -Brian -9 dagen geleden
  • wait... isn't the congress never get a recess cause they take break every 3 day- doesn't that mean the nuclear shenanigans wouldn't affect

    idkidk9 dagen geleden
    • Yes. The rule will never come in the houses are always "in session".

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams3 dagen geleden
  • I'm going to date this comment terribly by saying that the "I'm so tired of all this" look on the United States judicial system been more appropriate than right now.

    HfarHfar9 dagen geleden
  • And meanwhile, we just spent 4 years where a minority of the country controlled both the presidency and Senate, using that power to also pack the court with their followers to end up controlling all 3 branches of government. A minority of the country. I hate the Electoral College with a passion...

    Gianluca TartaroGianluca Tartaro9 dagen geleden
  • 3:30 CGP grey tells the future

    Comp NerdComp Nerd9 dagen geleden
  • I fell like we should just burn the constitution and just start over at this point

    zachattack12zachattack1210 dagen geleden
    • Can't for many reasons one of the bigger ones would be who gets to write it Because depending on that groups political view points they would write it in a way that they see fit like for example some people argue the real definition of the 2nd amendment was talking about militias

      Destroyer 1112Destroyer 111210 dagen geleden
  • I am interested in yellow and oranges policies, as in, what makes them different

    MukiningMukining10 dagen geleden
  • Why can't instead of lifetime tenure, they can have the same retirement age for each and every judge

    kunal gulyanikunal gulyani10 dagen geleden
    • Needs a rewrite of the constitution or an amendment.

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams2 dagen geleden
  • Government structure is like an electronic component, take a storage drive, A hard drive has many moving parts and is slow and more likely to fail Parts of the us government are incredibly complex and result in slowdowns and shenanigans/rules lawyering Is the uk/Canada a more simple government? Maybe. I should do more research before saying anything

    daedalusdaedalus10 dagen geleden
  • I Forgot What I Was Watching For A Second.

    System ShockSystem Shock10 dagen geleden
  • I bet it wont be long and were gonna find out how flawed this system is. The hard way.

    Jason StoverJason Stover11 dagen geleden
  • With all that time off , I wonder how they get anything done.... ...... OHHHHH so that’s why people go into politics...ha...ha.... 😑

    Andrew CharronAndrew Charron11 dagen geleden

    295Phoenix295Phoenix11 dagen geleden
    • @Scottish Banana Clan No just the Senate. The House has rules to prevent shenanigans like this... The Senate emboldens shenanigans like this.

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams2 dagen geleden
    • *Senate becomes blue and house of representatives becomes red* "ABOLISH THE HOUSE!"

      Scottish Banana ClanScottish Banana Clan4 dagen geleden
  • And the supreme court is sueing Google for some reason.

    Olivia PetersenOlivia Petersen11 dagen geleden
  • Pres: Ok guys I need you back at the Capital Sen:Ok were done Pres: Go on recess Sen: A week? House: a month? Pres: take 15 years off, you’ve earned it

    Sub Par BananaSub Par Banana11 dagen geleden
    • Think they have to meet at least once a year to start the incoming session of Congress. They'll gavel in and adjourn the last session of Congress "sine die" (without day) and will start the next Session.

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams2 dagen geleden
  • Hexagons

    Max NguyenMax Nguyen11 dagen geleden
  • I don't really get the recess shenanigans. Can't a senator from the minority party just ask for a role call?

    Nikola OvcharovNikola Ovcharov11 dagen geleden
  • This guy needs to rewrite our constitution

    Jake MertzJake Mertz11 dagen geleden
  • 7:28 I just love the "Listen, executive branch". It sounds like a great insult even tho it isn't. Just like "oo, fancy pants here is getting angwy he can't mess wiff us. Boo, boo, boo." Oh yes, passive agressive, that's the word I was looking for. xd

    Kryštof KlemanKryštof Kleman12 dagen geleden
  • I-Not full time?!!?!!!!!!!!!??

    Saturnnotfound _Saturnnotfound _12 dagen geleden
  • Ok that recess things is just ridicules :/

    EgonEgon12 dagen geleden
  • Love the Wyoming senators actually appearing. No idea if you got them all in there or just some, but still cool to see

    CZaneCZane12 dagen geleden
  • i literally had meth watching this oh oh i meant math

    Coey CoPilotCoey CoPilot12 dagen geleden
    • sure bucko who is your dealer(definitely not your FBI agent)

      disappointed messdisappointed mess6 dagen geleden
  • But what stops a second senator from asking for quorum to be checked?

    beskydykbeskydyk13 dagen geleden
    • Literally nothing. Other than a standing order to make it out of order.

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams2 dagen geleden
  • Ready to upload another Supreme court Shenanigans video?

    Joseph FoxJoseph Fox13 dagen geleden
  • What is to stop a senator allied with the president from calling for a roll call messing up the false recess and giving the president a chance to make an appointment?

    Dorian CarterDorian Carter13 dagen geleden
  • boi oh boi

    Piotr BPiotr B13 dagen geleden
  • No I think I'm just gonna run for president

    Luke SweeneyLuke Sweeney13 dagen geleden
  • Can't a senator friendly to the president come and ask for a roll call?

    Peasant of PontusPeasant of Pontus13 dagen geleden
    • Chair can rule them out of order (I think)

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams2 dagen geleden
  • Pppppppppó

    Cyan The StickmanCyan The Stickman13 dagen geleden
  • .………………........

    Cyan The StickmanCyan The Stickman13 dagen geleden
  • Just America being America

    Finlay HumberstoneFinlay Humberstone13 dagen geleden
  • Not everyone went with it. Andy Jackson said, "Marshall has made his ruling, now let him enforce it."

    corvus13corvus1313 dagen geleden
  • 3:17 Amy Coney Barret getting put in the Supreme Court in a nutshell

    Yeet ManYeet Man14 dagen geleden
    • yeah I gonna say that but I searched to see if anyone already said it

      disappointed messdisappointed mess6 dagen geleden
  • So, CGP GREY predicts the future😂😂😂😂

    Mihai - Cristian OlteanuMihai - Cristian Olteanu14 dagen geleden
  • Gotta love Schrodinger’s Congress.

    Tyler OconTyler Ocon14 dagen geleden
  • These political parties are so adorable (っ´▽`)っ ♥

    Ali GoliAli Goli14 dagen geleden
  • I love how the Supreme Court is nigh omnipotent in his videos LOL

    The Blue Phoenix: Captain GamerThe Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer14 dagen geleden
  • somehow this is more funny than concerning

    xydxydxydxydxydxyd14 dagen geleden
  • Schrödinger's Senate: The senate is and is not in recess unless someone asks for a roll call.

    LordMardurLordMardur14 dagen geleden
  • allstar

    Yeet YettiYeet Yetti14 dagen geleden
  • Love how my home state gets to swing. We are completely useless yet vermont still gets a swing

    The GooseThe Goose14 dagen geleden
  • And to think, our entire system hinges on a round-robin of blowing rasberries and sneering "neener, neener!"

    RamathRSRamathRS14 dagen geleden
  • Just waiting for the one senator who has the guts to actually make a roll call and force the entire senat back from vacation.

    kommo1kommo114 dagen geleden
  • Noooo! You cant just be one recess without being on recess! Haha, 3 day vacation go Zzzzzz

    Spuds LarssonSpuds Larsson14 dagen geleden
  • Sounds like we should have used a hexagon.

    GI JUSTINGI JUSTIN15 dagen geleden
  • Other kids: I want to be an astronaut and go to space and discover really cool things! Me: I think I’ll just go join the senate and work 1 every four days and then just vote with the majority whenever a remotely controversial decision must be made.

    Um noUm no15 dagen geleden
  • Best line: “shenanigans beget shenanigans” 😂

    Nick HinikerNick Hiniker15 dagen geleden
  • US has a unique legal system where precedent is the law and has equivalent weight in court. its a really odd system and leads to stuff like copyright trolling under the guise of one precedent set in the past.

    StrazdasStrazdas15 dagen geleden
  • 6:45, why doesn't the minority of the senators just ask for a roll call; it's not like ALL the senators will be opposing the government?

    Nathan BrownNathan Brown15 dagen geleden
    • Chair can rule them as out of order. If they get rowdy, they can adjourn the senate on the fly.

      Paul WilliamsPaul Williams2 dagen geleden

    Riley von BevernRiley von Bevern15 dagen geleden
    • I LIKE BEER!

      Phil ThyPhil Thy13 dagen geleden
  • Makes me wanna become a senator just so I can demand quorum every single time

    Mikihisa KaribeMikihisa Karibe15 dagen geleden
  • I love how 3:15 happened exactly like that

    Casual BirdCasual Bird15 dagen geleden
  • Why are we like this

    Maceo MobleyMaceo Mobley15 dagen geleden
  • shit's confusing y'all

    JierJier15 dagen geleden