Super Rugby Aotearoa | Blues v Hurricanes - Rd 6 Highlights

3 apr. 2021
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Super Rugby Aotearoa | Blues v Hurricanes - Rd 6 Highlights
The Blues returned to winning ways in Super Rugby Aotearoa on Saturday, holding off the Hurricanes at Eden Park.
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  • Barret had such a massive boot

    dylan vallelydylan vallely5 dagen geleden
  • As a Blues supporter, that penalty try and sin bin was an absolute rubbish call!

    Blair FraserBlair Fraser10 dagen geleden
  • Rugby is american football with no pads it’s fr just street football on turf

    KFNPKFNP10 dagen geleden
  • guys we making a show soon be sure to leave a comennts

    Emihle TshanganaEmihle Tshangana14 dagen geleden
  • why juliansavea not perform every match game

    Misteri ManMisteri Man14 dagen geleden
  • Another woman commentating... its just getting worse and worse ... Pathetic

    PHVPHV14 dagen geleden
  • Respect from Crvena zvezda 🔴⚪

    Crvena zvezda 1945Crvena zvezda 194515 dagen geleden
  • Well done Blues!

    Greg OGreg O15 dagen geleden
  • Nz = awesome players + teams Also NZ = terrible officials 😂😂😂

    Mthunzi PhakathiMthunzi Phakathi15 dagen geleden
    • they produce the best coaches aswell, 7 of all 20 coaches in the 2019 rwc were kiwi

      Mike Jones SrMike Jones Sr14 dagen geleden
  • 2:51 😂

    Letho GwalaLetho Gwala15 dagen geleden
  • It seems the crowd's are really dwindling again. Is there some covid restrictions in place?

    jacques ackermannjacques ackermann15 dagen geleden
  • I think its nice to have women comentators support but being the lead comentator and the men afraid to talk over her means we get dosey-doe comentry which doesnt fit the bill here. I think women commentry lead should comentate on womens sport not mens sport. what do you think?

    Adam CinelliAdam Cinelli15 dagen geleden
  • This lady does not suit the role her voice is annoying AF get her offffffffffff

    Soul CatcherSoul Catcher16 dagen geleden
  • Not the biggest fan of the commentary

    SDALiiONSDALiiON16 dagen geleden
  • Nz rugby is so fun to watch👊🇫🇯

    Slim ShadySlim Shady16 dagen geleden
  • 2:46 Blue 21 hits Laumape in the face with his shoulder. Would be red here in the Northern hemisphere.

    Alasdair DuncanAlasdair Duncan16 dagen geleden
    • @Mthunzi Phakathi : from what I see, high shots are refereed about the same everywhere, north or south. Anyway, there's no common sense in ignoring dangerous play.

      newremotenewremote15 dagen geleden
    • Been watching a lot of the NH games especially the Prem (top what not isnt as exciting), I would say the refs up there are trying to stick to the letter of the law. In the SH we tend to let things slide sometimes, using common sense more often.

      Mthunzi PhakathiMthunzi Phakathi15 dagen geleden
    • @Alasdair Duncan: Maybe, but watching it in slo-mo it looks more shoulder to shoulder/chest. Laumape's head goes back a bit but I don't think the shoulder hit it directly. A different angle might clear it up, but we'll never know now.

      newremotenewremote15 dagen geleden
    • @newremote seemed like one of those that would have been a card had play stopped and the officials had a look.

      Alasdair DuncanAlasdair Duncan15 dagen geleden
    • The refs are pretty hot on this in Super Rugby too. This one's a close call. The ref was right there and none of the players reacted so I have no problem with the no call. Earlier Kirifi got a yellow card for what looked like a pretty soft arm/head contact. It not as if they're lax on this stuff.

      newremotenewremote16 dagen geleden
  • well done Blues........

    Niuean LahoNiuean Laho16 dagen geleden
  • This lady is such an amazing commentator 😂

    Dylan MtongwizaDylan Mtongwiza16 dagen geleden
  • "coles goes dosey-doe and round he goes" is one of my favorite bits of commentary for a while now lol

    Daniel BetekhtinDaniel Betekhtin16 dagen geleden
    • @Daniel Betekhtin wow you are complicated.... at least you calmed down a bit. my point is that she did 90 percent of the talking in the comentary, whether or not she is a good comentator or not is beside the point. Super rugby is a high adreniline mens sport and my prefference is for the traditional comentary, MOSTLY deep male voices and mans humor. Yes try a female lead comentator as an experiment, but in my opinion she should be support or less dominent. lets get back to tradition and stop doing identity PC

      Adam CinelliAdam Cinelli15 dagen geleden
    • @Adam Cinelli "I never said anything about segregation" ah yes one must refer to a concept by name or else it doesn't count I see how it is lol - the classic "I'm not sexist but [says something sexist]" and then pivot to some other vaguely connected issue lol - listen G I didn't ask for a debate about gender relations I just started this all by saying I enjoyed a funny bit of commentary from a legitimately really good commentator

      Daniel BetekhtinDaniel Betekhtin15 dagen geleden
    • @Daniel Betekhtin wow what a fool, I never said anything about segrigation I said I prefer mans comentry in rugby, the womens comentary in cricket is super. You cant stand someone having an opinion different from your own. you should have a look at whats happening in the world and whats happening to womens sports now which DOES require segrigation.

      Adam CinelliAdam Cinelli15 dagen geleden
    • ​@Daniel Betekhtin​: It's strange alright. The objection seems to boil down to: maybe she knows the game, calls accurately, has a nice turn of phrase - but she shouldn't be there because, um, because … she's not a man. I see men calling women's sport all the time, but apparently that's different!

      newremotenewremote15 dagen geleden
    • ​@Adam Cinelli 1. Doesn't fit the bill? Bruh it's a goddamn game with a rubber ball not prime minister's questions there's nothing wrong with the shit being funny as long as it's not forced (see the tiresome puns in MLR commentary for an example of forced) 2. You really see the need for gender segregated lead vs. not lead commentary? For real? Who... who fucking cares dude she's a good commentator let her do her thing - how insecure in your own manhood do you need to be to insist that women commentators be herded off to their own little nature preserve goddamn

      Daniel BetekhtinDaniel Betekhtin15 dagen geleden
  • tf is a dozey doe🤣🤣

    POLY KIDPOLY KID16 dagen geleden
  • Why is there a female on commentary ...

    robskee onerrobskee oner16 dagen geleden
  • Jordi Barrett is good player but the haircut...

    EL TimmarEL Timmar16 dagen geleden
  • there is something just so satisfying about watching nz teams play, love from South Africa

    CløudyCløudy16 dagen geleden
  • What a wild nasty game!! Eww!

    Soumyadip RaySoumyadip Ray16 dagen geleden
  • Watching from ABQ New Mexico 🏉❤️ Thank you for these uploads

    scrumlassscrumlass16 dagen geleden
  • oh, man, just another magical tour to NZ rugby you guys are gifted... blessings

    mataqeanmataqean16 dagen geleden
  • Great commentating. But was missing Tony Johnson in this type of classic.

    Benn Daniel VaiBenn Daniel Vai16 dagen geleden
    • Rubbish commutating. Couldn't grasp the intensity of the game

      J. Patricio CareagaJ. Patricio Careaga16 dagen geleden
  • Take this woman off commentary asap

    MK GMK G16 dagen geleden
  • commentary is not very good

    Adam CinelliAdam Cinelli16 dagen geleden
  • The future futuristic guide oppositely balance because skill infrequently disapprove out a second-hand meter. orange, abounding numeric

    PlasticMoldInjectionPlasticMoldInjection16 dagen geleden
  • scrappy game but a decent watch, that yellow on ardie was dog shit though. Refs are trash this year

    Sam KSam K16 dagen geleden
  • Auckland is so overated. Lol poor attacking game. Boring.

    Sexy KillerSexy Killer16 dagen geleden
    • @Sexy Killer 33-12 😍😍😍😍

      CoolStory BroCoolStory Bro16 dagen geleden
    • @CoolStory Bro lol both boring. Crusaders is much more entertian.

      Sexy KillerSexy Killer16 dagen geleden
    • But but but but hurricanes just go for 3s 😴

      CoolStory BroCoolStory Bro16 dagen geleden
    • @The Blazedest ok little d

      Sexy KillerSexy Killer16 dagen geleden
    • Ok couch potato

      The BlazedestThe Blazedest16 dagen geleden
  • Hurricanes boring rugby. 3s 3s 3s 3s 😴😴

    CoolStory BroCoolStory Bro16 dagen geleden
  • No female commentary please it's not cricket

    Cameron CooperCameron Cooper16 dagen geleden
    • @scrumlass may you be cured of your place

      Cameron CooperCameron Cooper15 dagen geleden
    • May you be cured of your pathological misogyny, my man.

      scrumlassscrumlass16 dagen geleden
    • I watched the whole game and thought she was very good.

      newremotenewremote16 dagen geleden
    • I'm all for women in sports but it's rugby not swimming or netball

      Cameron CooperCameron Cooper16 dagen geleden
    • Honestly watching it on mute

      Cameron CooperCameron Cooper16 dagen geleden
  • And in the meantime Jaguares is playing against Paraguayans and Colombians... I want to cry.

    maxpower252maxpower25216 dagen geleden
    • They need to stay in NZ for now

      Inyour MumseyeInyour Mumseye16 dagen geleden
    • @javier Flores Little difference. It’s more like Argentina XV.

      maxpower252maxpower25216 dagen geleden
    • @Nicholas Vanlierde We need competition. ASAP. Otherwise we will fall back.

      maxpower252maxpower25216 dagen geleden
    • We all miss the Jaguares!

      Nicholas VanlierdeNicholas Vanlierde16 dagen geleden
    • its jaguares XV

      javier Floresjavier Flores16 dagen geleden
  • 1:49 Dosey dough and wtf did she saaaaaaaaay 😂 don’t ever say that again yeah

    UchikageUchikage16 dagen geleden
    • Dos si dos is back to back

      Catherine FraserCatherine Fraser15 dagen geleden
  • Well that's disappointing

    Jack SemenoffJack Semenoff16 dagen geleden
  • Sorry what on earth is that first yellow? Savea gets under the ball carrier as he falls to the try line to score a try, and he gets done for collapsing the maul? What?

    Michael EdlinMichael Edlin16 dagen geleden
    • I was actually scratching my head on that and I’m a blues supporter....oh well, we’ll take it 🤷🏽‍♂️

      DaAdaGuyDaAdaGuy16 dagen geleden
  • Too many penalties for what should be free kick offences

    Sean SyddallSean Syddall16 dagen geleden
  • Imagine if New Zealand actually had good refs

    Thomas ClarkThomas Clark16 dagen geleden
    • Ben O'Keefe is alright.

      Mista GroveMista Grove16 dagen geleden
  • C'Mon #BluesRugby. Italy

    Umberto CoccoUmberto Cocco16 dagen geleden
  • Ahah , i Wonder how can people dislike a video of a rugby game . There nothing but a game , you watch it or not , but how to dislike ? Strange people

    titi64230titi6423016 dagen geleden
    • Must be people annoyed that the video is not long enough. MOAR RUGBY!

      Alasdair DuncanAlasdair Duncan16 dagen geleden
    • Probably trying to manage their NLworld feed

      Jamie BurkeJamie Burke16 dagen geleden
  • Ioane nd Barret are so good. The NZ team will be spooky in 2023

    Yzaac TremouluYzaac Tremoulu16 dagen geleden
    • @X FILES The All Blacks have a terrible habit of wanting to get all of their best players on the park and achieving this by playing them out of their preffered position. Jordie Barrett is a great fullback but he struggles out on the wing and that's where they keep picking him, he's just not quite fast enough and he gets caught out of position because he doesn't normally defend there. You can bet they'll be thinking about starting Ioane on the wing even though he plays better in the centres and they'll probably be doing a bit more shuffling to get everyone in.

      Evil DanEvil Dan16 dagen geleden
    • J.Barrett with ABs is just useless!

      X FILESX FILES16 dagen geleden
  • Ioane is doing well in #13

    Joe TataJoe Tata16 dagen geleden
    • When he's not asked to defend

      Tom's TuppenceTom's Tuppence16 dagen geleden
  • Savea comes through the maul legally, never a penalty try

    RoryRory16 dagen geleden
    • @Abcd1234jason : Correct. I'm a big fan of Ardie Savea but there's no question, he wasn't supporting himself.

      newremotenewremote14 dagen geleden
    • Take 7 points away, blues still win by 3 points. End of argument

      b2b kiwistyleb2b kiwistyle15 dagen geleden
    • Bruce McChesney that was the second infringement of that maul as lomax was already penalised and you can clearly see Savea trying pull it down he wasn't even standing he was holding and pulling down, maybe take those Fancy Wellington glasses off and see for your own eyes

      Abcd1234jasonAbcd1234jason15 dagen geleden
    • @Kevin Lynott - The Blues player was trying to get it to the ground. That's how you score a try - yanno!

      Bruce McChesneyBruce McChesney15 dagen geleden
    • @newremote - you don't know what you're talking about. Savea got his hands on the ball and the Blues player tried to get down to score. Savea doesn't have to do anything in that case and has every right to hold on. Crap officiating again on a weekend where the TMO and match officials got it wrong far too often. They have the advantage of different camera angles and replays. Use them. No excuse. It's just crap officiating.

      Bruce McChesneyBruce McChesney15 dagen geleden
  • How good is a female commentator??!!

    Mista GroveMista Grove16 dagen geleden
    • I'm all for equality, i have 2 daughters...but a female commentating Male rugby just is not right.

      Rik SavRik Sav16 dagen geleden
    • Better than Grant 'one eye for the Crusaders' Nesbitt

      El Scruffo McScruffyEl Scruffo McScruffy16 dagen geleden
    • I watched the whole game and thought she was very good.

      newremotenewremote16 dagen geleden
    • @Blaque Nguni that’s because most people’s mums are also women

      Thomas ClarkThomas Clark16 dagen geleden
    • Atrocious high pitched voice. She doesn't sound good at all. Sounds like someone's mum

      Blaque NguniBlaque Nguni16 dagen geleden
  • Super rugby if you're listening having a female commentator who is given the job for the sake of political correctness cheapens your product

    SeminalSeminal16 dagen geleden
    • Careful. You'll offend half of the population! Haha

      El Scruffo McScruffyEl Scruffo McScruffy16 dagen geleden
    • I watched the whole game and thought she was very good.

      newremotenewremote16 dagen geleden
  • Up the Blues!!💙💙

    Patrick JamesPatrick James16 dagen geleden
  • Stop with the feminist bull and shoving female commentators down our throats. Utmost respect for female rugby players and if there are good meritorious female commentators with a good voice then please put them in the box. Just not this one

    SeminalSeminal16 dagen geleden
    • I watched the whole game and thought she was very good.

      newremotenewremote16 dagen geleden
    • @Matthew coz she's actually terrible as a rugby commentator. It's like "how the hell did she get the job" type bad

      Blaque NguniBlaque Nguni16 dagen geleden
    • Lol why do nonces like this claim it’s being ‘shoved down their throats’? It’s one commentator on one game out of how many? Bless you poor little ears for having to listen to a woman who knows about the game, what a hardship

      MatthewMatthew16 dagen geleden
  • that female voice....just makes RUGBY SO FERKIN LIMP WRISTED ?. SOUP AH RUGBY ...grow a pair ,..will ja !

    Rockin Rollin n TrollinRockin Rollin n Trollin16 dagen geleden
  • Well done to The Blues!! My adopted Aoteoroa team! Great game! From SA.

    Paul FouchePaul Fouche16 dagen geleden
    • @jacques ackermann Crawford is anti-Moari. Going on about woke people.

      Mthunzi PhakathiMthunzi Phakathi15 dagen geleden
    • @jacques ackermann I think based on the original statement I understand the context.

      Mthunzi PhakathiMthunzi Phakathi15 dagen geleden
    • @Mthunzi Phakathi I think you might have misread the context behind some of these comments

      jacques ackermannjacques ackermann15 dagen geleden
    • @jacques ackermann It isn't anti-Saffa, it is anti-Moari.

      Mthunzi PhakathiMthunzi Phakathi15 dagen geleden
    • @paul support our local teams clearly there is alot of anti SA sentiment on here

      jacques ackermannjacques ackermann15 dagen geleden
  • Why do we have to listen to an annoying Woman commentator when it's a Mans game....aaaaaaaargh!!!!!!

    A DA D16 dagen geleden
    • @Sebastjens cool story Bro

      The BlazedestThe Blazedest15 dagen geleden
    • @The Blazedest I don't give a fuck about the commentary. I'm more interested in the game of rugby.

      SebastjensSebastjens16 dagen geleden
    • @Sebastjens LOL do you get upset that a woman is commentating to princess snowflake? I don’t let the commentary ruin a good game of rugby, it’s hilarious that people do and get T R I G G E R E D over it.

      The BlazedestThe Blazedest16 dagen geleden
    • @The Blazedest Take a hike, honey.

      SebastjensSebastjens16 dagen geleden
    • @A D Na, Just stop being a lil Weasel instead of getting offended at commentary. I drink coffee stronger than your feelings

      The BlazedestThe Blazedest16 dagen geleden
  • 55m kicks from Jordie Barrett, really good. Just lacking in a bit of pace, because to me he would be NZ's perfect FB if he just had more pace.

    Graggle5Graggle516 dagen geleden
    • @El Scruffo McScruffy Yeah hes a really good all rounder, for sure he makes All-Blacks and I would like you say at least have him on bench. Is he the best NZ have kicking wise at the moment too?. I know Mo'unga has really stepped up recently, apart from today of course, haha.

      Graggle5Graggle516 dagen geleden
    • Talented yes, but he'd be a good bench player being able to cover 3-4 positions

      El Scruffo McScruffyEl Scruffo McScruffy16 dagen geleden
    • He would be my first choice kicker for the abs though

      zephanishzephanish16 dagen geleden
    • Christian Cullen is still faster...

      A DA D16 dagen geleden
  • Well done my Blues fantastic win and hats off to the Highlanders great win also

    PaulPaul16 dagen geleden
    • @james sexton sorry

      PaulPaul13 dagen geleden
    • Spoiler alert:)

      james sextonjames sexton16 dagen geleden
  • Differences here when the blues had a chance to score a try they took it whiles the hurricanes kept on knocking over 3s and only scored a try in the last 10 mins your not going to win a match with just 3s tries win games

    Cormac DoyleCormac Doyle16 dagen geleden
    • Yep, feels like the ‘Canes have fallen a bit in love with the idea that Jordie can bang them over from anywhere. 2 tries later and you’re behind on the board after having kicked 5 times (seems he missed one that wasn’t shown). Also feels a bit like you’re lacking confidence in being able to turn good possession and territory into points.

      Simon AdamsSimon Adams16 dagen geleden
    • Thanks cormac i reckon they know a bit about the game lol

      Rhys SandersRhys Sanders16 dagen geleden
  • How is that a pen try and yellow against Ardie beats me, he's trying to stay on feet but the Blues maul is just too powerful for him, he fell over and it's pulling down the maul?

    t3n9t3n916 dagen geleden
    • I've been saying for weeks now how inconsistent the refereeing is in NZ

      El Scruffo McScruffyEl Scruffo McScruffy16 dagen geleden
    • yeah that was a trash decision - but its more how is a very similar maul but with more infringements not a penalty try at the 75 min mark.

      Sam GeorgiaSam Georgia16 dagen geleden
    • @Douglas Horrocks the blues were trying to get to ground to score the try, savea was perfectly legal

      S BS B16 dagen geleden
    • Haha "he fell over"?? Mate, he dragged that maul down 100%

      Douglas HorrocksDouglas Horrocks16 dagen geleden
  • Watching from Cornwall in the UK this is just so great to watch.

    Thoughtful ProfessorThoughtful Professor16 dagen geleden
    • Well when I say shit hole, I do not mean the actual country, Wales is gorgeous and beautiful, so green and the valleys and hills go on for mile after mile oh and the BIG SKY it has. It is just some of what resides on it that is to be desired.

      Graggle5Graggle514 dagen geleden
    • Same, up the Kernow

      Archie HarrisArchie Harris14 dagen geleden
    • Is that Cornwall padstow?

      Reupena MuaimalaeReupena Muaimalae15 dagen geleden
    • @Graggle5 only a shithole because you havent left your bedroom

      IoanIoan15 dagen geleden
    • I am watching from Zimbabwe. Great footy

      Gerald AliseniGerald Aliseni15 dagen geleden
  • Commentary rubbishh

    shivneil pratapshivneil pratap16 dagen geleden
  • Barret kick went beast mode

    Emori verevinakaEmori verevinaka16 dagen geleden
  • Coles...wth

    Muhamad AnsharMuhamad Anshar16 dagen geleden
    • haha that's what I was thinking !

      Marcus WilliamsMarcus Williams16 dagen geleden
  • 💙

    Kavinda WijesingheKavinda Wijesinghe16 dagen geleden