Stormi Webster being RICH for 3 minutes straight

3 jun. 2020
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  • Love this cute little girl

    Deborah RollinsDeborah Rollins9 uur geleden
  • She can get a home teacher for lifetime 😂😂 she doesn't need to get to school

    Sofiya NagarSofiya NagarDag geleden
  • She is so sweet and so cute

    Caitlin CallauCaitlin CallauDag geleden
  • tomholland

  • It’s actually sick why does the baby need all that stuff why can’t you spend your money on charity??

    nadiarofailnadiarofail5 dagen geleden
  • They,,, being RICH for 3min.. Really? 🙄 she's RICH for her WHOLE LIFE 😪

    Divyanshi BudakotiDivyanshi Budakoti7 dagen geleden
  • Not stormi been the rich 3 minut straight she is rich for her whole life lol 🤣🤣

    anil reddyanil reddy8 dagen geleden
  • Title. : Stormi Webster being rich for three minutes Me : Hasn’t she been rich all her life

    ChocoChip KittenChocoChip Kitten8 dagen geleden
  • Gurl it’s queen not king

    Iamda_ Puppy girlIamda_ Puppy girl9 dagen geleden
  • Why is her last name Webster??

    Ava MacintyreAva Macintyre9 dagen geleden
  • I don't follow the Jenner's or Kardashians but I do know Kylie Jenner is probably one of the best celebrity moms

    OreoCookie SdtOreoCookie Sdt9 dagen geleden
  • What do u mean by "BEING RICH FOR 3 MINUTES" she's always rich:)

    to gaato gaa10 dagen geleden
  • I just hope she doesn't get spoiled when she grows up

    S. Sunaina MundS. Sunaina Mund11 dagen geleden
  • Dang she bowls better then me-

    Buuzy.Buuzy.11 dagen geleden
  • Honestly everyone thought Kylie was going to be a bad mom but she is so good at it and Travis is such a good dad. Honestly I love Kylie

    Lilly ThornLilly Thorn12 dagen geleden
  • honestly she deserves to be rich af cos shes adorable LOL

    leahleah13 dagen geleden
  • Birkin

    vardaavardaa14 dagen geleden
  • Stormi has a Happy life with Happy parents. Thats is a cute family

    Samuel WagtbergSamuel Wagtberg15 dagen geleden
  • However Wen she grow up she end up doin plastic surgery like her mom

    gigi chirstgigi chirst15 dagen geleden
  • You’re 57 seconds over, I’ll teach you how to count weirdo.

    DEENA PLAYZDEENA PLAYZ16 dagen geleden
  • Stormi is looking like Indian baby

    Pammi KishorPammi Kishor17 dagen geleden
  • Stormi is so adorable

    Breezy & CheezyBreezy & Cheezy18 dagen geleden
  • Stormi being cute for 3 mins ❤️❤️😘

    Pranav KashyapPranav Kashyap19 dagen geleden
  • This video describes my personality🤑😍🥰🏦💷

    Khattana zindabad0.2Khattana zindabad0.220 dagen geleden
  • She's legit rich for her entire life .. there's no fucking doubt in that

    Varsha RajVarsha Raj21 dag geleden
  • I loveeee STORMI

    Andrea Camila Sanchez MelchorAndrea Camila Sanchez Melchor21 dag geleden
  • She is rich all her life

    Paula WróblewskaPaula Wróblewska21 dag geleden
  • Title *Stormi Webster being a kid and having fun in style for 3 minutes straight*

    Shona S.Shona S.22 dagen geleden
  • He looks so cute when she is rich

    Violet ChristmasViolet Christmas22 dagen geleden
  • lmao this kid is richer then the CEO of amazon on god

    AzaleaAzalea22 dagen geleden
  • Unpopular opinion: everybody knows that a child don't know what is it to be rich? She don't know what is luxury the price of things she have she is just a kid..

    Vishakha MeenaVishakha Meena22 dagen geleden
  • I loved how she didn't throw that in the swimming pool 1:05

    Ziya ShaikhZiya Shaikh22 dagen geleden
  • The minion got a second chance

    Prabhleen SadhraPrabhleen Sadhra23 dagen geleden
  • 😍😍😍

    JESUS LOVESJESUS LOVES24 dagen geleden
  • **She is only 2 but have Kingdom that no one has.** such a happy and successful life

    Bia UrquizaBia Urquiza24 dagen geleden
  • **Stormi can say "Life is beautiful." she has literally no pain in it!** the most lucky kid in the world

    Bia UrquizaBia Urquiza24 dagen geleden
  • Stormi being rich for 24 hours

    Varsha BharneVarsha Bharne24 dagen geleden
  • I laughed so hard on this one XD 1:34

    OaklynplaysrobloxOaklynplaysroblox24 dagen geleden
  • Alt title : Stormi being iconic for 3 minutes straight

    ur momur mom25 dagen geleden
  • Srormi is being rich for her entire life

    Nataliko TurmanidzeNataliko Turmanidze25 dagen geleden
  • 1:03 "Sis was really about to end that poor minion's life.".....

    Sakshi SSakshi S25 dagen geleden
  • I mean she can’t watch tv and stuff I think so she got to pass the time

    Baljit GillBaljit Gill25 dagen geleden
  • She's cute outfit ideas for baby serie arrow felicity Jones walking dead presidentseverything Is discussing how big is the name is discussing your family

    Michelle GerardoMichelle Gerardo26 dagen geleden
  • Stormi is being adorable not rich.

    Stephen HerbertStephen Herbert26 dagen geleden
  • The title is:stormi Webster being *RICH* for 3 minutes What the title should be:Stormi Webster being *CUTE* for three minutes straight OR Kylie and Travis being the *BEST* parents for 3 minutes

  • 3 minutes? Hunny she is rich all the time

    Ema & PetraEma & Petra27 dagen geleden
  • This kid has no idea how crazy famous her parents are.

    Leila HapersLeila Hapers27 dagen geleden
  • 1:36 ✨ no ♥️

    Leila HapersLeila Hapers27 dagen geleden

  • She is sooo cutee😊😊❤❤

    Muzamil ShamimMuzamil Shamim28 dagen geleden
  • imagine being in high school and being Kylie Jenners Daughater I can already see her popularity level.

    xXSunsetXxxXSunsetXx28 dagen geleden
  • lmao

    Haylee JohnsonHaylee Johnson28 dagen geleden
  • she looks like mooana

    Vallari DeodharVallari Deodhar28 dagen geleden
  • Sis almost ended that minions life by throwing it to the pool😁😁

    Meena ShrivastavaMeena Shrivastava28 dagen geleden
  • Awwww

    Sanjay KumarSanjay Kumar28 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: Almost every sister in the kardashians have a black husband except for kourtney's

    stacy calvastacy calva29 dagen geleden
  • When stormi sees somebody normal not rich:Where’s your bags?

    The DiamondsThe DiamondsMaand geleden
  • I’m pretty sure she has been rich her whole life actually

    Bodhi PerryBodhi PerryMaand geleden
  • Should I ruin the pool water???? Naah I don't wanna be a spoiled girl.

    Sailor AshySailor AshyMaand geleden
  • When she starts school kids will only be her friend. So at birthday parties that get the best presents.

    Samantha PetersSamantha PetersMaand geleden
  • It' Queen Kylir Jenner not king

    Luna EditsLuna EditsMaand geleden
  • Stormi really gave that purple minion another chance at life 😂 😂

    Paper.JupiterPaper.JupiterMaand geleden
  • Stormi being rich for 3 yrs

    iiSimplieLeynaXxiiSimplieLeynaXxMaand geleden
  • What was that purple toy she was holding??

    MuskanMuskanMaand geleden
  • Bet this kid not even know what going on

    Ash QueenAsh QueenMaand geleden
  • Bitch this a kid she supposed to be playing man she go grow up spoiled wondering if the real world will give her what she wants she go to be a spoiled ass kid

    Ash QueenAsh QueenMaand geleden
  • Who else would love if their mom was like kylie

    iwormiiwormiMaand geleden
  • Stormi: not wanting to take of her golden designer earrings that has her name on it Me when I was her age:not wanting to share my alphabet toys with my sister because we both start with K and there’s only on K toy alphabet

    Weird_ potatoWeird_ potatoMaand geleden
  • She being rich for 2 years AND RAST OF HER LIFE

    Quentine TramblneQuentine TramblneMaand geleden
  • correction: stormi webster being a BILLIONAIRE for *her whole life*

    Margret schaumkelMargret schaumkelMaand geleden
  • The way she said mumma it's very adorable😍😍

    Neha BhakreNeha BhakreMaand geleden
  • The caption: stormi Webster being rich for 3 minutes straight That one person: it’s not 3 minutes straight it’s 3 minutes and 37 seconds🙄

    Layan AljulhumLayan AljulhumMaand geleden
  • this just called me poor in 123456789876543212461234567890234567898765432345678 languages

    Sophia BernsSophia BernsMaand geleden
  • stormi is gonna have the best life as a teennager

    chanel villechanel villeMaand geleden
  • i love the part she says mama with dem glasses so cuteeee

    • sleepy skribbles • •• sleepy skribbles • •Maand geleden
  • My fav jenner/kardshians kidz 1 stromi love her 2 true 3 dream 4 north 5 penelope 6 Mason

    EurophixEurophixMaand geleden
  • 1:27 rain rain go away AAAAAWWWWWWW

    EurophixEurophixMaand geleden

    EurophixEurophixMaand geleden
  • 0:03 the way she is grabbing that purse 🥺 its so..cute😍

    EurophixEurophixMaand geleden
  • Awwwwww stormi is sooo cuteee, she is a fouture princes

    M A X I M OM A X I M OMaand geleden
  • Imagine so beautiful will stormi look in future 🥺😍

  • okay hands down the second one her little face- I can't-

    Soph LoafsSoph LoafsMaand geleden
  • Stormi's shoes are everything

    Godplzhelpme tocrackJEEGodplzhelpme tocrackJEEMaand geleden
  • Such a happy kid..

    Ifebunandu NicholasIfebunandu NicholasMaand geleden
  • mehmah

    Emily ChildsEmily ChildsMaand geleden
  • Cute Stormie

    Maria Goretti RalteMaria Goretti RalteMaand geleden
  • stormi i hope one day i get an abbay like her

    ismaila barryismaila barryMaand geleden
  • *For every minute of her life.

    Clarysse Anne FellescoClarysse Anne FellescoMaand geleden
  • I feel like Kourtney is a nazi because she only had white children while her sisters had black babies :(

    Arthur ReadArthur ReadMaand geleden
  • Stormi Webster being the child you wish you were for 3 minutes straight

    MindKraftMindKraftMaand geleden
  • everyone: go stormi! Stormi: *eating*

    Tips and TricksTips and TricksMaand geleden
  • hehe

    Heaven GoldenHeaven GoldenMaand geleden
  • Those glasses doee

    Smoothies And cookiesSmoothies And cookiesMaand geleden
  • Stormy is rich for entire life not 3 mins

    prarthona afrin PRITHUprarthona afrin PRITHUMaand geleden
  • Even a baby is richer than me 🥺

    Travis scott fanTravis scott fanMaand geleden
  • So interesting

  • being rich? no, billionaire!!

    Gabrielly GoisGabrielly GoisMaand geleden
  • Her getting stuff that cost more than me 🥺

    Makennah ChristianMakennah ChristianMaand geleden
  • No matter how hard you work, stormi is always richer than you.

    Ayubi KvltAyubi KvltMaand geleden
  • Hii

    Dhiya GeorgeDhiya GeorgeMaand geleden