“Stop It!” Sean Lock Has Jimmy Carr IN TEARS! | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown | Best of Series 17

2 mrt. 2019
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The funniest moments from series 17 of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, featuring Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock, Jon Richardson, Johnny Vegas, Joe Wilkinson and more!
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  • What's your favourite Sean Lock quote?! Watch FULL EPISODES: bit.ly/2FROYtr

    Channel 4Channel 42 jaar geleden
    • "I feel the need to interrupt because you're getting too many laughs. I don't really have a contribution, I'll just make a slightly hostile and derailing comment or question."

      Timothy SpoolTimothy SpoolMaand geleden
    • Toss up between "Rear of the Year" and "Spine in a Sack".

      Anthony ShostalAnthony Shostal2 maanden geleden
    • @Megan Rose yup easily that one on this show. Sean lock generally? The reverse minotor made me laugh a big belly laugh for the first time in years... lol

      Bubblezov LoveBubblezov Love6 maanden geleden
    • When he went seal clubbing😂

      Kieron McfarlaneKieron Mcfarlane7 maanden geleden
    • Rear of the Year with the gloves off.

      John SyJohn Sy10 maanden geleden
  • "That's a challenging wank." No. No it isn't.

    mellowliammellowliamDag geleden
  • This show is amazing. Babes, comedy, and people who suck at math just as bad as me

    Timeless PulseTimeless PulseDag geleden
  • Challenge accepted...

    PAUL DOBBSPAUL DOBBS5 dagen geleden
  • Every time a poc is on the telly, there is color comments....racist the lot of them...ENVY!!!!!

    Django ReinhardtDjango Reinhardt5 dagen geleden
  • What was that last bit that Sean said?

    Buck RogersBuck Rogers7 dagen geleden
  • "That's a challenging wank" might be one of the funniest things Sean has ever said.

    Zion ZixZion Zix9 dagen geleden
  • Is Rachel the Q Anon Shaman?

    bluebuddhamusicbluebuddhamusic9 dagen geleden
  • Sean Lock is my fave comedian, best in UK by far.....comdey genius....he actually toned it down fr TV compared to his early gig circuit stuff ( before his breakthrough into mainstream TV.)... which was utter surreal brilliance

    David AugustineDavid Augustine23 dagen geleden
  • 30 seconds, that's an eternity

    Weirdo Willa 102Weirdo Willa 10224 dagen geleden
  • Sure, it's funny when black people put on white face.... Pots and kettles eh?

    Simple JackSimple JackMaand geleden
  • Can't get over how much of a superior impersonator Rachel is to Aisling, at least here.

    golden ponygolden ponyMaand geleden
  • I love the fact that these clips have a warning at the start. But, in Blighty this show is considered Family entertainment. lol

    R WR WMaand geleden
  • How do you say School... same for Schedule its NOT SHED-ULE.... its SKED-ULE...

    ꧁AQUA꧂꧁AQUA꧂Maand geleden
  • Can somebody explain the Maradona Joke?

    FolkertFolkertMaand geleden
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    Jamal JamaJamal JamaMaand geleden
  • White chicks?? Wheres the outrage for white face

    Whoji BobWhoji BobMaand geleden
  • Ya'd do Claudia.......Yeah!!!

    David MiatkeDavid MiatkeMaand geleden
  • How boring is that Richard guy !

    Antony WareAntony WareMaand geleden
    • @Antony Ware All fair points, I do like his comedy but not the other things he does.

      Gavin HGavin HMaand geleden
    • @Gavin H it’s a stance, pose, act that doesn’t work for me. I’ve watched quite a few of his travel programmes and find him very very irritating. If the programmes got a new host I’d watch more of them. Just another over educated posh boy to me who believes he must be funny ‘cos he went to Oxbridge

      Antony WareAntony WareMaand geleden
    • He's actually very funny, this is him acting his usual role as awkward, flat & socially-inept.

      Gavin HGavin HMaand geleden
  • who’d have thought winning that world cup wasn’t the crowning achievement of Maradonnas career

    Will TWill TMaand geleden
  • That’s a challenging wank - kills me every time

    BarracudaVapeBarracudaVapeMaand geleden
  • (75+50+8+25/100)*5 = 666.25

    Electro-CuteElectro-CuteMaand geleden
    • @Electro-Cute OMG, too much info! But, I did ask...

      Gavin HGavin HMaand geleden
    • @Gavin H Painfully aggressive, even bloody at times.

      Electro-CuteElectro-CuteMaand geleden
    • Well done, how's the challenging wank going?

      Gavin HGavin HMaand geleden
  • omg i'm in tears.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis DemitriusMaand geleden
  • Sean's comment is so good i wont even mention it here and ruin it. It may be the greatest witty remark of all time. lol. he turned SO red. I fucking love Rachel, she appreciates the joke most of anyone.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis DemitriusMaand geleden
  • The face Jimmy makes when Rachel burns him about his "30 seconds" is the most (possibly only) genuine expression i've ever seen on Jimmy. 3:21

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis DemitriusMaand geleden
  • 3:30 Best comeback ever!

    jmmyhayesjmmyhayesMaand geleden
  • You need a wheelchair

    rtuck88ifyrtuck88ifyMaand geleden
  • If i could share a bed with claudia and rachel i would consider myself a god.

    Red LeicesterRed Leicester2 maanden geleden
  • Dirty talk from the grown ups I 😻 💜 💛 it 😆

    Wonder WomanWonder Woman2 maanden geleden
  • White Chicks = Black guys doing White Face. Shame on you Richard.

    Tht1GyTht1Gy2 maanden geleden
    • @Tht1Gy Good points & it does stick in my throat, too.

      Gavin HGavin HMaand geleden
    • @Gavin H While I am aware of the book and the dynamic you address, I am not aware of its specific contents. So unless he addresses "the White Face issue", don't care. To be fair, I like Richard and will watch him. It's just a little thing that gets 'stuck in my craw', ya know?

      Tht1GyTht1GyMaand geleden
    • That is part of the joke - he wrote a book about it. He's being ironic by choosing the film.

      Gavin HGavin HMaand geleden
  • I beat fearne cotton.

    Sukhbir SekhonSukhbir Sekhon2 maanden geleden
  • Sean obviously gives a shit about how schedule is pronounced because he raised the subject. I say he's disingenuous.

    Sukhbir SekhonSukhbir Sekhon2 maanden geleden
    • I bust peoples balls all the time for pronouncing the T in often. Truth be told, I dont really give a shit if they pronounce it. Its just something to pick on.

      Patrick TurnerPatrick TurnerMaand geleden
  • So... Barely any Sean Lock in the video with this title?

    KronkKronk2 maanden geleden
  • Lmao 8:09

    Nicholas WayneNicholas Wayne2 maanden geleden
  • RIP Maradona

    fLightTakesFlightfLightTakesFlight3 maanden geleden
  • Watching Claudia loosing it is almost as funny as Sean's joke...😂😂

    Das MaurerleDas Maurerle3 maanden geleden
  • Women trying to be funny is tragic

    LukeLuke3 maanden geleden
  • Henning laughing at that RNLI joke ends me everytime

    JambaxJambax3 maanden geleden
  • It's absolutely adorable when Claudia gets the giggles during Sean's recounting of his greatest achievements speech.

    Karl SangreeKarl Sangree3 maanden geleden
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    Darren HodgkissDarren Hodgkiss3 maanden geleden
  • 4:19 "That's a challenging wank." 😂 Probably one of Sean Lock's best jokes. That and the "Nazi Island".

    SyntaxTerr0rSyntaxTerr0r3 maanden geleden
    • @Nick taylor Yep fair enough, you can have that one mate

      Alexei Navalny Is In Prison Because Putin Is WeakAlexei Navalny Is In Prison Because Putin Is Weak18 dagen geleden
    • Nazi island you mean seig isle

      Nick taylorNick taylor24 dagen geleden
    • I don’t get it

      Mr SpooksMr SpooksMaand geleden
  • White Chicks is black people doing "Whiteface" Sounds racist to me.

    Tht1GyTht1Gy4 maanden geleden
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    Địt, địt nữa, địt mãiĐịt, địt nữa, địt mãi4 maanden geleden
  • she's like a mathematical gwynneth paltrow

    beetaliusbeetalius4 maanden geleden
  • Richard, making fun n of shit films isn't that funny

    wanida andertonwanida anderton4 maanden geleden
  • That last story.. I didn't understand anything!

    Blink OwlBlink Owl4 maanden geleden
  • 😂 RIP Diego Maradona!!!!

    Martin SilverMartin Silver4 maanden geleden
    • Legend. God bless

      Bud BonkersonBud Bonkerson4 maanden geleden
  • Where is Sean saying he embezzled money from? 7:31

    Christian Novak-ZemplinskiChristian Novak-Zemplinski4 maanden geleden
    • RNLI....Royal National Lifeboat Institution......perfectly random organisation

      Johnny NJohnny N4 maanden geleden
  • I read this as "Sean locks Jimmy in car and has him in tears"

    Randy LeighRandy Leigh4 maanden geleden
    • Oh God, my imagination has gone to a dark place. Nurse, the bleach!

      Gavin HGavin HMaand geleden
  • The pure shock on Jimmy's face at 4.29 is absolutely priceless. Must be 1 of the few times in his life when he's truly speechless!!!!!

    issa mirzaissa mirza4 maanden geleden
  • So the legacy of Diego Maradona is rectum of the year?

    jakamneziakjakamneziak4 maanden geleden
  • RIP Diego Maradona, rectum of the year 20xx.

    JJ4 maanden geleden
    • The sun will never set over his, er him.

      Gavin HGavin HMaand geleden
  • Help a non-english speaker out: What is Sean saying at 8.33?

    Linus BerglundLinus Berglund4 maanden geleden
    • He said "I beat Fearne Cotton, and let me tell you, hers is pretty messed up". Fearne Cotton is a British TV presenter. I don't think there's anything specific that makes her the target of the joke, I think Sean just picked a random well known TV personality.

      DakkapowDakkapow4 maanden geleden
  • claudia winkelman, hubba hubba

    Arch StantonArch Stanton4 maanden geleden
  • 3:08 (50:5) x (75-8) = 670 670 - (100:25) = 666 This was a tough one.

    FréFré5 maanden geleden
  • Can anyone explain Sean's seal clubbing joke?

    andy gonzalvesandy gonzalves5 maanden geleden
    • He basically frames himself as a rather heartless and insidious figure, who list embezzling money from a charity organisation (RNLI), as one of his "greatest achievements", only to amplify this image in his next joke. Seals are being clubbed to death for their fur. He makes a joke about how he was able to impress even the poachers themselves, with his "technique" of hitting four at once - with a hammer in each hand and even using his boots, which paints a picture of a truly sadistic psychopath and devoid of all feeling.

      Sindri MyrSindri MyrMaand geleden
  • I love everyone's sense of humor.

    Ryan HolmesRyan Holmes5 maanden geleden
  • Sean Lock. Absolutely brilliant! What a crazy guy. Genius.

    Ian KedemIan Kedem5 maanden geleden
  • White chicks is hilarious

    Jayne BrennanJayne Brennan5 maanden geleden
  • Didn't say the men where black

    Barry EtheridgeBarry Etheridge5 maanden geleden
  • I’m surprised Richard Ayoade was allowed to get away with such blatant racism, then again it’s Channel 4 so I really shouldn’t be!

    T StevensT Stevens6 maanden geleden
  • Claudia has an amazing smile.

    Stay hereStay here6 maanden geleden
  • Aisling isn’t funny at all.

    C FC F6 maanden geleden
  • I met Sean lock once. Was the strangest thing, his rug matched mine. Bit full of himself though because he made a claim to the hole I already dug. He brought this terrible little garden shovel, totally unprepared so he just threw his body into the hole before I could throw mine in. Worst thing was he opened a sweet and just threw the wrapper on the ground. Completely irresponsible. Put me in a foul mood that did.

    Mark JonesMark Jones6 maanden geleden
  • Is Rachel perfect or what?! Smart, intelligent, funny and exceptionally beautiful (without being too much conscious about her beauty, she does not capitilize on it much anyway)

    salwa Ajsalwa Aj6 maanden geleden
  • Claudia’s laugh is delightful!

    Blue BeardBlue Beard6 maanden geleden
  • "You have to stop speaking" "Stop it" Sean almost killed Claudia

    yaicob.comyaicob.com7 maanden geleden
  • that's a challenging wank !! not with that ass it isn't.

    phoenix1977phoenix19777 maanden geleden
  • (75-8)×(50÷5)-(100÷25) don't know why Rachel found that hard, she's brilliant.

    Doug SwampRatDoug SwampRat7 maanden geleden
  • 0:30 schedule 1:30 white chiks 4:20 chalenging wank 5:50 aisling 7:32 biggest achivment in life

    Dr. PlaugeDr. Plauge7 maanden geleden
  • You and Taylor are a super cute couple!

    Stuart K. SeelsStuart K. Seels7 maanden geleden
  • Rachel is a dirty rightwing racist zionist

    Brill SmithBrill Smith7 maanden geleden
  • It was a challenge, but still managed it before the Countdown music finished.

    Rob PrattRob Pratt7 maanden geleden
  • Bailed after 9:32 nothing more appalling than seal clubbing - shame was a big fan before

    Henna GalHenna Gal7 maanden geleden
  • white chicks. where two black guys wear whiteface. tisk, tisk!

    James HudsonJames Hudson7 maanden geleden
  • How is this funny? I dont get it.

    Craig DuncanCraig Duncan8 maanden geleden
  • Aisling ❤️

    Iain youngIain young8 maanden geleden
  • There should be a Nobel Prize for comedy. Sen Lock would win, hands-down!!!

    Chris FournierChris Fournier8 maanden geleden
  • Challenge accepted

    Richard HartleyRichard Hartley8 maanden geleden
  • I watched Sean's joke three times before the comments helped me figure out he was saying, "I went seal clubbing." I kept hearing it as, "I went to see your clubbing," and just wondered, "Why did he take hammers to watch Jimmy Carr go clubbing?" 🤨🤔

    Stephen BarringerStephen Barringer8 maanden geleden
  • White chicks is bloody awful.

    Beard WierdBeard Wierd8 maanden geleden
  • Hennings reaction to the RNLI joke xD

    garden clawgarden claw8 maanden geleden
  • Where did Sarah get those earrings 🤩

    Liv TaraxacumLiv Taraxacum8 maanden geleden
  • omg Claudia is just too adorable for her own good.

    madwilliamflintmadwilliamflint8 maanden geleden
  • This is probably one of the best compilations (from 8 out of 10 cats does countdown) outhere. It just has so many amazing moments, Jimmy and Rachel, Richard, John and Sean Lock just completely slaying it. Of course there are many more compulations which contain pure gold like Carrot in a box or Sean Lock together with Miles Jupp, Johnny Vegas, Robb Becket,... but this one is just all pure gold. It just always gets me in tears XD

    Natan thesecondofhisnameNatan thesecondofhisname8 maanden geleden
  • Turns out, it wasn't that challenging ;)

    Jean DumasJean Dumas9 maanden geleden
  • Really don't find richard funny

    harry haydenharry hayden9 maanden geleden
  • "Thats a challenging wank" Is it though.. Is it? Its still Rachel under that sexy beard and viking helmet.

    Darrell GardnerDarrell Gardner9 maanden geleden
  • "I don't know, I don't give a shit", Sean Lock in a line.

    Akshat AggarwalAkshat Aggarwal10 maanden geleden
  • Hennings eyes are so far apart they're social distancing

    Callum DonoghueCallum Donoghue10 maanden geleden
  • Love Sean "they said they'd never seen anything like it" 🤣🤣🤣

    Andy DaviesAndy Davies10 maanden geleden
  • I love when Sean makes himself laugh

    heyysimoneheyysimone10 maanden geleden
  • That last clip of Sean Locke, on of the most legendary moments on countdown. He almost killed Claudia wiith laughing

    Yannick BiermansYannick Biermans10 maanden geleden
  • Glad no one got 666😂❤️👍that's positive 👍

    Rob MarrinRob Marrin10 maanden geleden
  • me: rachel you cant get any hotter! rachel: hold my beer! puts glasses on.

    gtp1172gtp1172Jaar geleden
    • Puts a beard and viking horns on. FIFY

      Mark NapiorkowskiMark Napiorkowski10 maanden geleden
  • Rachel's Irish accent is better than Aisling's impersonation which I think sounded more like an attempt at an Australian accent.

    binawaybinawayJaar geleden
  • We really need a full episode of Claudia losing it

    Jason's TabJason's TabJaar geleden
    • Yes! I adore Claudia

      Terse and TinyTerse and Tiny10 maanden geleden
  • "I don't know. I don't give a shit." Best Sean Lock quote ever.

    Daniel HintonDaniel HintonJaar geleden
  • Elephant in the room: Sean's voice.

    Dave GilesDave GilesJaar geleden
    • Throat cancer

      Mitch DdhfacetyyMitch Ddhfacetyy7 maanden geleden
  • Hated White Chicks.... any movie called black chicks wouldn't even make it to the proposal stage.

    InservioInservioJaar geleden
    • They've done plenty of movies on them. Historically

      Terse and TinyTerse and Tiny10 maanden geleden