Stack Colors 2 - Gameplay All levels #1

3 apr. 2021
68 848 745 Weergaven

hello and welcome to the first episode of Stack colors 2!
Each video is 100% made by me, including gameplay recording, editing, thumbnail creation, title, description and tags.
Stack colors 2, as the name suggests, is second version of the most popular game that has been downloaded over 50 million times in the google play store.
The main thing in the game is to collect rings of the correct color. Goal is to collect as many points as possible and get the highest bonus
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  • At least he is not saying something like oNlY %0.000001 cAn sOlvE tHiS 😱😱 he is just playing the game. Nice guy.

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  • Só ver o jogo ali Como é que é o nome do jogo me diz que eu vou

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