4 nov. 2020
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In this video Dixie, Addison, Noah and I played spin the bottle.. and things got crazy! If you enjoyed the video at any point don’t forget to like and SUBSCRIBE!
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  • Love Addison love dixie

    Elvira CelebijaElvira Celebija13 uur geleden
  • 😅😅😅😅😅🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚😧😧😧😓😥😥😥😥😥😓😓😓😓😓😓🤭🤭🤭😃😃🥳🥳🥳

    ilyas Yousifilyas YousifDag geleden

    Hannah HumayunHannah HumayunDag geleden
  • The way Noah screamed 😂😂 I can't

    AnikaAnikaDag geleden
  • A camisa dele:p4u

    isabel namoraisabel namora2 dagen geleden
  • POV:your in the comments cause there’s an add and you have nothing else to do

    Jessie ThomsonJessie Thomson2 dagen geleden
  • Me and blake gray have the same birthday jan 10th

    Kylie MagroKylie Magro3 dagen geleden
  • K that was wierd

    Joachim KloweitJoachim Kloweit3 dagen geleden

    Ivona StojcevaIvona Stojceva4 dagen geleden
  • That was H O R R I B L E

    Ronald McDonaldRonald McDonald4 dagen geleden
  • ,

    Charles FridayCharles Friday4 dagen geleden
  • 3:25 BRUHHH HAHA

    Rhea RFLRhea RFL4 dagen geleden
  • Nobody: Still nobody: Not a single soul: Bryce: I'm going to be filling my entire pool with colorful balls 2 minutes later: Finish

    Sofia PachecoSofia Pacheco4 dagen geleden
  • That was so funny

    Atheel MohamedAtheel Mohamed4 dagen geleden
  • when the girl fell at the end lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lekeshia PughLekeshia Pugh5 dagen geleden
  • this suck's CLICK BAIT!!!!!!

    Angela SimpsonAngela Simpson5 dagen geleden
  • I will kissu

    Leticia FosterLeticia Foster6 dagen geleden
  • Noah is funny

    Lydia V.Lydia V.7 dagen geleden
  • Noah: Bryce was starring at me the whole time he was kissing Addison Bryce:*laughing* Me:Lmao

    Lizette AldavaLizette Aldava7 dagen geleden
  • 2:32 thats how every girl pillow fights go down lol

    Teigan RoseTeigan Rose7 dagen geleden
  • Fack you bryce hall

    Julia DerxenJulia Derxen7 dagen geleden
  • The pillow fight was the best

    Triplex XxTriplex Xx7 dagen geleden
  • The fact that we get ads when no one asked

    Triplex XxTriplex Xx7 dagen geleden
  • You didn’t think Noah and Bryce were actually going to kizs😭💀

    12ktrvvstt Roblox12ktrvvstt Roblox7 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Chase Da GoatChase Da Goat8 dagen geleden
  • Bryce hall is basically jake Paul

    Leah BrautigamLeah Brautigam8 dagen geleden
  • Jake Paul 2.0

    SlaxifiedSlaxified8 dagen geleden
  • Trying way to hard to be David dobrik😂😂

    Blake MillerBlake Miller8 dagen geleden
  • bryceeeeeeee omg look i respect you and dixies relationship but i dont like the name braddison all do respect fire name but i love ayce like ace but unique

    Tayler MongerTayler Monger8 dagen geleden
  • Noah*. It’s fine:(

    tik toker katik toker ka8 dagen geleden
  • Wow Addison and Bryce chill hahahah

    tik toker katik toker ka8 dagen geleden
  • The merch is op wayyy to op

    Rithvik cRithvik c9 dagen geleden
  • The merchant is op

    Rithvik cRithvik c9 dagen geleden
  • 4:20 OMG!!!!they actually KISS!!!!!!😲😲😲BROAH!!!!

    Whing VilasWhing Vilas9 dagen geleden
  • 3:44 💀

    Wish WoahWish Woah9 dagen geleden
  • Actually don’t cuss

    Rayan ChbaniRayan Chbani9 dagen geleden
  • where they for reall fighting

    Sky TvSky Tv10 dagen geleden
  • 0.20 not him roasting hype house lol😂😂 I'm back here because I was bored lol!

    Jimin's JammyJimin's Jammy10 dagen geleden
  • 1:50 y'all waisting food

    •CutieWinterCat••CutieWinterCat•10 dagen geleden
  • I luv wheb noah and bryce did the pillow fight

    Jonadab ReyesJonadab Reyes10 dagen geleden
  • 🤣🤣

    Emi SanchezEmi Sanchez11 dagen geleden
  • that fight tho 😂😂

    Sam StevensSam Stevens11 dagen geleden
  • Bryce has made a whole new meaning to the words going broke

    Josh gamer and moreJosh gamer and more11 dagen geleden
  • Maybe you would have some money if you didn’t smash your screen on your murch

    Amelia ClarkeAmelia Clarke12 dagen geleden
  • Wow the guy with the ear ring, that chubby girl with the gang ring....these try hards really think they are all it don't they

    Archie TattonArchie Tatton12 dagen geleden
  • the fier is soooooooooooo fake

    Anna-Elle MaximeAnna-Elle Maxime12 dagen geleden
  • Bryce knew that he is gona kis noah 🤢🤮

    Samuel GachatrianSamuel Gachatrian12 dagen geleden
  • NOAH wtf- how did he swallow a uncooked egg 🥚

    Strawberry4321Strawberry432112 dagen geleden
  • Esses cara na Broderagem ksksksk

    Two 333Two 33312 dagen geleden
  • Ur literally Logan Paul before he became shit

    Zachary FarhanZachary Farhan12 dagen geleden
  • Addison rae you need jamov

    Galiana GeorgievaGaliana Georgieva13 dagen geleden
  • Oop

    Kawaiixgurl XKawaiixgurl X13 dagen geleden
  • Cerchi un commento italiano ecco l'hai trovato 😉

    ashraf aichaashraf aicha13 dagen geleden
  • I can’t be the only one getting Jake Paul 2019 vibes

    Maja SørheimMaja Sørheim13 dagen geleden
    • This is so hard to watch.... like I can’t believe people actually like this content. It just has to be all kids..

      Scott KroghScott Krogh8 dagen geleden
    • Me to

      Frida NFrida N12 dagen geleden
  • This is the gayest thing ive ever seen

    Baba YagaBaba Yaga13 dagen geleden

    Melissa TownsendMelissa Townsend13 dagen geleden
  • Yes please

    Mohammad JamaluddinMohammad Jamaluddin13 dagen geleden
  • Bryce on NLworld; 😈 Bryce in Ad mode; 🤓

    Maya CornejoMaya Cornejo13 dagen geleden
  • How he grabbed Addison at the end tho 😂

    Angelica EspinosaAngelica Espinosa13 dagen geleden

    LilPeepWasAngelLilPeepWasAngel14 dagen geleden
  • 1:56 LOL

    Anthony SuarezAnthony Suarez14 dagen geleden
  • that fight when the banana peel tho- how did no one get hurt i would be BAWLING

    Cute PuppiesCute Puppies14 dagen geleden
  • is it just me that noticed blake in the back.,

    atraxiiaatraxiia14 dagen geleden
  • o bryce e tipo o luccas neto americano haha

    kallyne Santoskallyne Santos14 dagen geleden
  • I didn’t think that Noah and Bryce would actually kiss-

    Zya DunkinZya Dunkin14 dagen geleden
  • Wtf the fight at 1:30 to 2:20 damn when he threw that guy *into the trash*

    Zya DunkinZya Dunkin14 dagen geleden
  • I hâte you

    Alix fan_de_roblox_channelAlix fan_de_roblox_channel14 dagen geleden
  • My 🇵🇹

    Kiko LinoKiko Lino14 dagen geleden
  • I am sad you are dating with loren

    Katniss ChongKatniss Chong14 dagen geleden
  • what is written on their T-shirt is something like +18 here in Brazil .....

    •k u r••k u r•14 dagen geleden
  • Blake In The Back: |🤛🏻🚶

    LarskeilaLarskeila14 dagen geleden
  • Noah and Bryce pillow fighting *noah hitting Bryce: OW B.TCH *Bryce hitting Noah: girly ows

    Leila’s EditsLeila’s Edits14 dagen geleden
  • 0-0

    Joshaline ramirezJoshaline ramirez14 dagen geleden
  • Okay No One Gonna Talk about The Pillow Fight?

    H o n e y b e eH o n e y b e e15 dagen geleden
  • How do you join the club

    Cloudy LexieCloudy Lexie15 dagen geleden
  • Soy el comentario en español que buscabas

    Elizabeth RomeroElizabeth Romero15 dagen geleden
  • The ending got me

    Amiah WithherspoonAmiah Withherspoon15 dagen geleden
  • NLworld doesn’t pay me I’m broke, 2 seconds later breaks apple pc

    Caleb WardCaleb Ward15 dagen geleden
  • Bryce✨Oww BITCH HITS NOAH NOAH:euûûuuuuu

    EaRtH wOrM sAlLyEaRtH wOrM sAlLy15 dagen geleden

    maddysvolgsmaddysvolgs15 dagen geleden
  • I can’t believe Noah and Bryce kissed then makes out with Addison

    Jessica OrtizJessica Ortiz15 dagen geleden
  • when noah said u wiped it ahahahahah

    curraghgirl23curraghgirl2315 dagen geleden
  • Noah hitting bryce:OW BATCH!👊 noah getting hit:AhHhhHhhhHh😩🥵

    Angelica MalamionAngelica Malamion15 dagen geleden
  • Rip for the pillow 😂

    Michelle UsunMichelle Usun15 dagen geleden
  • Rip Addis head at the end

    lillylilly15 dagen geleden
  • Addison:eEwWw

    Pudgy MaplePudgy Maple15 dagen geleden
  • Can't believe noah and Bryce kissed

    sophie Martinez I'm a girl and idk hello peoplesophie Martinez I'm a girl and idk hello people15 dagen geleden
  • He's like the better version of jake paul 😂

    Samantha JahnsSamantha Jahns15 dagen geleden
  • noah ah ah

  • 1:34 I don't even know why, but that part made me laugh so hard: "WhY iS tHeRe A bAnAnA pEeL oN tHe FlOoR?!" 🤣

    Ashley MathonAshley Mathon15 dagen geleden
  • I love everyone except for Bryce 😒

    Marzhellica bermudezMarzhellica bermudez15 dagen geleden
  • why does noah even have tinder

    Edits MultiEdits Multi16 dagen geleden
  • The pillow fight was hilarious

    Aaliyah RaufAaliyah Rauf16 dagen geleden
  • The first 2 and a half minutes were hilarious

    Aaliyah RaufAaliyah Rauf16 dagen geleden
  • Ummmmmmmmm 😳

    Mary GrossMary Gross16 dagen geleden
  • איכססס🤮✌️. 💩🤞🏻 🤬🤬😠😠😠

    robloxroblox16 dagen geleden
  • Oh my gawd noah what were those voices while pillow fight lol😂

    Vidyottama ShrivastavaVidyottama Shrivastava16 dagen geleden
  • Their the new david dobrik

    Alfredo_ Campos7Alfredo_ Campos716 dagen geleden
  • Lets be honest, this was filmed before Addison and Bryce are confirmed... Lets be more honest, the real reason why we all clicked on this video is because #Braddison was about to kiss💖

    yip eicyyip eicy16 dagen geleden
  • The fact that the pillow fight was SO DRAMATIC

    edits_o_editsedits_o_edits16 dagen geleden