Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

10 dec. 2019
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Late Late Show guest host Harry Styles challenges Kendall Jenner to a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which the two ask each other very personal questions and face a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever is in front of you. Will cod sperm and a salmon smoothie force them to spill their guts?
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  • Idk why we are watching someone who clearly has an eating disorder

    Matthew AhernMatthew Ahern32 minuten geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/mqmjk7LFq2mcoqo 💪🏻

    Lucas GomesLucas Gomes49 minuten geleden
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    Bobby's SneaksBobby's SneaksUur geleden
  • Harry- its just bull penis

    Zara KhanZara KhanUur geleden
  • i'm still coming at this video for the comments lmao

    macca's clownymacca's clowny3 uur geleden
  • Kendall is so dumb

    PiedpiperPiedpiper3 uur geleden
  • I didnt even notice but Harry had his nails painted and thats cool asf

    Joshua AllenJoshua Allen4 uur geleden
  • not to be dramatic or anything but this is my probably favourite video to ever exist

    Sabrina GullSabrina Gull4 uur geleden
  • harry is just effortlessly funny 😭😭

  • Kendall is the best loooking kardashian. FACT

    TheMakaveli09TheMakaveli094 uur geleden
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    David JarrahDavid Jarrah5 uur geleden
  • Harry debería tener su propio programa de entrevista no creen? Lo hace tan bien y es tan entretenido 😂

    Y-HumansY-Humans7 uur geleden
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    Imeh OkonImeh Okon7 uur geleden
  • Jesus is King. Jesus Christ died for our sins so we can have a chance to make it to the where the path of righteousness leads (heaven/eternal life). I highly suggest you repent and take the Gift! 🙏🏾💙✨

    Imeh OkonImeh Okon7 uur geleden
  • Are they dating

    LivyLivy8 uur geleden
  • The person who came up with Kendal's questions meant business hehehehe

    Chisha SinyangweChisha Sinyangwe8 uur geleden
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    Sarah OliverSarah Oliver8 uur geleden
  • In German there is a word for a man who did what Harry did to the last question. Ehrenmann. Which basically means, honor man. Not gonna even think about answering such a question, no matter what. Harry ist ein Ehrenbruder!

    ajdchajdch10 uur geleden
  • I love how bad they ramp this up. This stuff is too easy

    The Grand Life AdventureThe Grand Life Adventure10 uur geleden
  • they make a cute couple

    deranged_wolfderanged_wolf11 uur geleden
  • Kendall: Just swallow it why are you...? Harry: (can you not, I’m eating)

    JudEMaY #JudEMaY #11 uur geleden
  • harry's voice is so calming.

    Lei HollandLei Holland12 uur geleden
  • I bet adore you was for kendal

    teganplayz robloxteganplayz roblox12 uur geleden
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    ALexrina PEtALexrina PEt14 uur geleden
  • i love how chill they are with each other tho

    Mia HMia H15 uur geleden
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    anna avolioanna avolio15 uur geleden
  • Ewwwww does anyone want to eat these stuff🤢🤮

    Elisama HerreraElisama Herrera16 uur geleden
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    Nagy BraydenNagy Brayden16 uur geleden
  • 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3 v 16

    Joshua VargheseJoshua Varghese18 uur geleden

    m23baldinim23baldini19 uur geleden
  • BOB

    m23baldinim23baldini19 uur geleden
  • kendall è una chica mala capito Giada!

    m23baldinim23baldini19 uur geleden
    • Gigi è la migliore chica mala

    • Ciao

  • b u l l p e n i s harry is obsessed with it

    •ɴıɴɑ••ɴıɴɑ•20 uur geleden
  • 07:02 Omg Harry's laugh🥺 so cute🥰

    Julia BjerstedtJulia Bjerstedt23 uur geleden
  • Harry: „Ready?” Kendall: „No!” Harry: „Ok.”

    Elena EElena E23 uur geleden
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    Alisha dianahlAlisha dianahlDag geleden
  • Be honest - - - - Thia aiN't the first time you're seeing it.....

    Urshia SaharishUrshia SaharishDag geleden
    • hahaha yeah

      angel dustangel dust23 uur geleden
  • 8:23 the power of editing! This close-up shot was definitely filmed afterwards because it's already bitten in half by Harry

    Melissa NgaiMelissa NgaiDag geleden
  • I remember that episode when kourt and her kids were stuck at Kendall’s and they were so misbehaved so I believe her when she says kourt is the worst lol

    Daniela CarreraDaniela CarreraDag geleden
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    Isabelle JacksonIsabelle JacksonDag geleden
  • kourtney: has 3 children and has been a mom for the longest out of everyone in the family *gets rated as the worst mom*

    Filippa KFilippa KDag geleden
  • I want to date Harry just to get into an argument with him. Him yelling at me and calling me mean names would be hot.

    Dag geleden
  • 'To spit or to swallow' HAROLD 😳 😏

    Dag geleden
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    daniela samaniegodaniela samaniegoDag geleden
  • I've watched this like a thousand times and never get tired of it

    MarieMarieDag geleden
  • IMAGINE if Harry answered the last question just imagine what would've happend

    GustekanGustekanDag geleden
  • Harry is actually really good at this

    M SaM SaDag geleden
  • Harry "drink the egg nog"

    Praise MajemitePraise MajemiteDag geleden
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    Jane KimJane Kim2 dagen geleden
  • Let’s be real for a second how many time have you watched this

    Violeta VaqueraVioleta Vaquera2 dagen geleden
  • wait why did they break up i forgot i mean Kendal is gorgeous and don’t let me start with Harry

    Hamda alsharqiHamda alsharqi2 dagen geleden
  • Welcome to the final show...

    Shopa BoutiqueShopa Boutique2 dagen geleden
  • 7:16 love it

    Romii orsiRomii orsi2 dagen geleden
  • half of the views are from me because i come back after every minor inconvenience

    HelloHello2 dagen geleden
  • between Louis Liam nial and... harry: not my boys 'eats scorpion

    Jemimah SatchellJemimah Satchell2 dagen geleden
  • why do i feel like this was so awkward because they broke up in what 2015?! How was it not awkward

    gracegrace2 dagen geleden
  • All im thinking is that he ate my zodiac sign

    Noor WillemsenNoor Willemsen2 dagen geleden
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    Mary McDowellMary McDowell2 dagen geleden
  • Harry: that looks horrible Audience: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    james rothwelljames rothwell2 dagen geleden
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    Nicholas MineNicholas Mine2 dagen geleden
  • Who here likes Kendall's outfit?

    Frances tanFrances tan2 dagen geleden
  • this is such an iconic duo

    jordan highfieldjordan highfield2 dagen geleden

    Lee perezLee perez2 dagen geleden
  • I suddenly remember why I used to have such a huge crush on Harry 😳😳😳 woah.

    Leenah AudioLeenah Audio2 dagen geleden
  • 8:31 🥺

    Strawberry Lemon IceStrawberry Lemon Ice2 dagen geleden
  • Chew food and then spit it out? I do not understand.

    Nicolas DustinNicolas Dustin2 dagen geleden
  • Harry is too beautiful seriously makes me fall in love with his beauty

    Pau PérezPau Pérez2 dagen geleden
  • And I'm here again for the 999999th time

    Lol LegoLol Lego2 dagen geleden
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    Ryan Dan HazerRyan Dan Hazer2 dagen geleden
  • Thats my man harry styles 🤣🔥🔥

    Sharma CrSharma Cr3 dagen geleden
  • They are so hot together I can’t lie

    Chloe GustafsonChloe Gustafson3 dagen geleden
    • ikr can't stop waching

      Ingrid LopesIngrid LopesDag geleden
  • I think I've watched this three times, that's how funny they are and how crazy I am.

    Charlotte AvilaCharlotte Avila3 dagen geleden
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    Pooh PryorPooh Pryor3 dagen geleden
  • They mostly didn't eat any of the food. They mostly spit it out.

    Alex QuevedoAlex Quevedo3 dagen geleden
  • I would always answer it

    Izzy CookieIzzy Cookie3 dagen geleden

    Izzy CookieIzzy Cookie3 dagen geleden
  • don't mind me just came for my weekly re watch

    blessingloveshblessinglovesh3 dagen geleden
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    SEMA james LLLKkaniaruSEMA james LLLKkaniaru3 dagen geleden
  • I lost it when Kendall said 'why are you like this'😂😭5:13

    NAESHNAESH3 dagen geleden
  • The way he doesn’t even listen the last question to the and got me like 🥺🥺

    Coco •Coco •3 dagen geleden
  • Harrys laugh at 7:03

    Coco •Coco •3 dagen geleden
  • „You ready?“ „noooo“ „ok“ *asks the question

    Coco •Coco •3 dagen geleden
  • Who is the most surprising celeb who slide it to your dmss Harry Is someone in ur mind i In her mind it is is u

    Mira EzzatMira Ezzat3 dagen geleden
  • Pig

    Not Han Nad The All Yuk A LaNot Han Nad The All Yuk A La3 dagen geleden
  • The amount of times I’ve come back to this video in concerning for my mental health

    Anna PfannenstielAnna Pfannenstiel3 dagen geleden
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    #supargirl #suparboy#supargirl #suparboy3 dagen geleden
  • the last question is so cute 😂😂

    hein styleshein styles3 dagen geleden

    Strawberry Lemon IceStrawberry Lemon Ice3 dagen geleden
  • OMG this was so funny

    Riley Jane KingiMcKinnonRiley Jane KingiMcKinnon3 dagen geleden
  • I see that Harry is starting to grow a mustache

    Mark HayserMark Hayser3 dagen geleden
  • Me now realizing that Harry ate cod sp3rm and he’s probably going to have a baby cod inside him 😂😂😂😂

    Alexandra YouTubeAlexandra YouTube3 dagen geleden
    • Yeah and by humas it is the same?! :') ... lil bit of a stuipd statement ^^

      HannahHannah2 dagen geleden
  • bi panic

    Iustina PetrescuIustina Petrescu3 dagen geleden
  • Isn't Kendall the only one in the Kardashian - Jenner clan who didn't do any surgeries? Corect me tho if I'm wrong.

    DianeDiane4 dagen geleden
    • She might've... it doesn't really matter though. It's her body

      Isabella ChidiakIsabella Chidiak3 dagen geleden
    • she mightve gotten a few lip injections, but otherwise no, she's not really gotten anything done.

      Hania OmerHania Omer3 dagen geleden
  • awe, that was cute 3:15

    goofy goobergoofy goober4 dagen geleden