9 apr. 2021
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days - Thanks again to Raid for sponsoring this video.

    TheRussianBadgerTheRussianBadgerMaand geleden
    • I shall never install RAID: SHADOW LEDGENDS ever no matter how many youtubers they sponsor

      Canadian AssholeCanadian AssholeDag geleden
    • "No, I dont think I will."

      MilkMan The CowMilkMan The Cow3 dagen geleden

      Martin RiveraMartin Rivera3 dagen geleden
    • 16:16

      Owen hemmerickOwen hemmerick4 dagen geleden
    • Fuxk raid shadow legends

      kjtj397kjtj3975 dagen geleden
  • I’m a degenerate asshole who plays heavy with a maxed out enhanced combat shield, a star card that makes it so that I get battle points for taking damage, and another one that makes it so I gain battle points faster. I average anywhere between 26-54 kills per game with that shit

    Nick HullNick Hull5 uur geleden
  • the jetpack rocketers are just doom renevants change my mind

    Ribbons0121 R121Ribbons0121 R1215 uur geleden
  • i know you have access to mocap make taht pick up that can scene with a death trooper

    Ribbons0121 R121Ribbons0121 R1216 uur geleden
  • reason why bears win: despite their bottomless budget, they only make armor made of "plastic but with extra steps"

    Ribbons0121 R121Ribbons0121 R1216 uur geleden
  • 5:55 StUcK iN tHiS sHiThOlE wItH yOu

    Alastor FazbearAlastor Fazbear11 uur geleden
  • PLS make a part 2🤣

    zach Nzach N12 uur geleden
  • Oh look, it's Darth Vader! Me: *Minigun with explosive bullet reloading intensifies*

    Lani BoathLani Boath12 uur geleden
  • Maybe we can get a cover of Lost Planet 2, show Capcom the ye ol best last LP game deserves a sequel more like it instead of 3.

    BangcatBangcat13 uur geleden
  • Ewoks are like little bears but you can choke them and see them pop

    JugggerNaawwt !JugggerNaawwt !14 uur geleden
  • 0:18

    Captain FordoCaptain Fordo15 uur geleden
  • Americans: you get a cough shoot you in the fucken liver call that shit healthcare

    2021 P5A 04 CHAN LOK HAY HAYDEN2021 P5A 04 CHAN LOK HAY HAYDEN15 uur geleden
  • The idea for star wars was literally scifi WW2.

    That WW2 NerdThat WW2 Nerd16 uur geleden
  • It’s hilarious how before the video started there was a raid shadow legends ad 😂

    Corrupted lolCorrupted lol16 uur geleden
  • Amazing grace starts playing when Badger uses death trooper against an ewok

    Skulduggery PleasantSkulduggery Pleasant17 uur geleden
  • Bruh plankton death trooper be like im you but not a shifty knockoff

    Skulduggery PleasantSkulduggery Pleasant17 uur geleden
  • this is legit funny as fuck lol! and I like that avatar you are using with the infrared night vision.

    T-K-T-K-18 uur geleden
  • Everybody gansta... ‘Till Besh is on the other team

    DaniBoiDaniBoi18 uur geleden
  • H A M P T E R

    UnholyHardyUnholyHardy18 uur geleden
  • you look like young tom hanks

    SKEETERBOY87SKEETERBOY8719 uur geleden
  • You dare pronounce Jotun incorrectly?! I’ll…! Do nothing because I can’t do anything to ya

    DOVahKiiN 117DOVahKiiN 11719 uur geleden

    da_cod_playada_cod_playa22 uur geleden
  • im not a fan of the motion suit i prefer the older stuff tbh

    YOND3RraeYOND3Rrae23 uur geleden
  • i NEED to know what song was playing while the imperial troopers where just straight vibin

    Rebel RabbitRebel RabbitDag geleden
  • 15:08 marines in a nutshell

    Jack JeffriesJack JeffriesDag geleden
  • He converted wwI and WWII weapons because they were cheap at the time for him to turn into props

    Jack JeffriesJack JeffriesDag geleden
  • Lizard Wizards in raid. Are there any Gizzard Kings

    Hugh GanisHugh GanisDag geleden
  • Bro why is nobody talking about the “*SHAMK*”

    JaydDragonJaydDragonDag geleden
  • Death trooper, best trooper!

    Lucxic LocLucxic LocDag geleden
  • I have no more tiers anymore because I have Been crying because I have be laughing so much at your content!

    Lucxic LocLucxic LocDag geleden
  • How do you dare to use a skink in your raid shadowlegend ad and not make a second vid on total war warhammer 2

    Haarzuilensboy_ 030Haarzuilensboy_ 030Dag geleden
  • I don't think badger understands how weak heroes are in bf2 compared to bf1. Shit was scary

    Redknight 220208Redknight 220208Dag geleden
  • If only you can join a server, must of them are dead

    Ph.D DylanPh.D DylanDag geleden
  • You can tell there was a shit ton of work that went into this

    Cole BCole BDag geleden
  • Oh hey more Dark Souls 3 weapons in the Raid sponsorship thing. Gael looked different but Sir Vilhelm looks normal (if you killed him with pyromancy)

    IridescentFateIridescentFateDag geleden
  • 3:43 *"HOOPLA!"*

    QuiiverrQuiiverrDag geleden
  • WW2 weapon repros were modified for the movie. Only prop guns they could afford at the time.

    NCBanditNCBanditDag geleden
  • I really don't know why, but in BF2 classic the Empire was the most satisfying team to play as. Was it in the oomph the weapons have, or maybe the feeling of shooting flesh (non-armored\ non-metal enemies), but it was!

    George CorbulGeorge CorbulDag geleden
  • The slippery tea immunocytochemically educate because respect anatomically explain but a innate property. real, majestic care

    Jose MedinaJose MedinaDag geleden
  • "Someone should put you in a box flowing down the river, Grandma!"

    Noah FreemanNoah FreemanDag geleden
  • Bro its GREAT please do more battlefront 2 video

    Orbik_ctmOrbik_ctmDag geleden
  • 16:08

    Luci the DemonLuci the DemonDag geleden
  • 21:10 Gylo man , maul , and general dumdass 😂🤣

    Bryson TYLERBryson TYLER2 dagen geleden
  • 2:17 wow he used Taki from SoulCalibur.

    Marco BastidaMarco Bastida2 dagen geleden
  • {♡}{♤}{◇}{♧}

    Edward JonassenEdward Jonassen2 dagen geleden
  • I don’t like the motion tracking suit

    Robert MazeikisRobert Mazeikis2 dagen geleden
  • God I hope they play EDF 4.1 or 5

    Mario CasanasMario Casanas2 dagen geleden
  • It's great as the heavy class in co op when everyone is a heavy and all of you are just mowing down the horde of enemies with sentries.

    DeutschesVeilch Panzerkampwagen ProductionDeutschesVeilch Panzerkampwagen Production2 dagen geleden
  • I play this game when I drink cause its flashy colorful and I can play my childhood fav characters, thats literally all this game has going for it ............drunken fun!😑

    Matt MadillMatt Madill2 dagen geleden
  • Fucking glorious

    NiteDragonGGNiteDragonGG2 dagen geleden
  • Man, I need a group of friends to play battlefront 2 with

    Funny ManFunny Man2 dagen geleden
  • instead of "oh shit!" they say "fierfek" or "karablast" in the starwars universe

    Mason CallahanMason Callahan2 dagen geleden
  • Roger roger P.s. DID I HEAR C L A N K E R

    B-1 Battle Droid unit number 5-2177B-1 Battle Droid unit number 5-21772 dagen geleden
  • What software is skulker using. I need it to screw around with. The voice mod software

    Hanan LomaxHanan Lomax2 dagen geleden
  • got the game, tried to play it, crashes my pc any time i try to play it. anyone know why?

    swapertxkingswapertxking2 dagen geleden
  • He killed nom carver!

    Name LessName Less2 dagen geleden
  • don't take the Lord's name in vain, please repent for its a sin

    -TK --TK -2 dagen geleden
  • To anybody looking for the meme, 16:14. You're welcome.

    Connor LeeConnor Lee2 dagen geleden
  • Why was there no slave 2 reference come on

    Shaun SullivanShaun Sullivan2 dagen geleden
  • Everybody gangsta till Badger dabs on yoda

    Chilly_Chilly_2 dagen geleden
  • First order jet troopers are op tbh

    AbeAbe2 dagen geleden
  • *E = SLAVERY 2*

    Mason BushMason Bush2 dagen geleden
  • lol 10:04

    Julius MottoJulius Motto2 dagen geleden
  • Was definitely expecting fortunate son

    NickIsMe 123NickIsMe 1232 dagen geleden
  • only reason i don't play raid is because i have to install it and that's literally it

    ExstaccExstacc2 dagen geleden
  • Now this is a certified hood classic

    Joe GibsonJoe Gibson2 dagen geleden
  • It took me watching this video 5 times to realize that the timbs that darth Vader had on was just mud. I feel real dumb

    Paco_ McPidStickPaco_ McPidStick2 dagen geleden
  • How did I have the feeling that Badger would be a shitter with the Z6, lol I approve of the cheese tactics

    Trestan HeadyTrestan Heady3 dagen geleden
  • Hoopla kid and Clone Troopers share the same voice actor in Dee Bradley Baker

    TheRoadblock161TheRoadblock1613 dagen geleden
  • U should do another vid about the heroes vs villains game mode

    Chase BChase B3 dagen geleden
  • I mean hey man. The fallout video got me to pay $20 for dlcs with the base game.

    DeaconBirbSpyDeaconBirbSpy3 dagen geleden
  • I loved this game, I got it for 20 CAD for PlayStation and it was awesome. I remember this one session where my team was supposed to stop the clankers from getting to the cloning labs on Kamino; I situated myself behind a cargo box as three of my comrades ran past me followed by the entire enemy team, as soon as they turned the corner I unloaded into them and managed to kill them all until a Major Malevolence crawled up to me and defeated me in hand to hand combat.

    Logan ReidLogan Reid3 dagen geleden
  • It's Clone Wars all over again... but this time punching droids works.

    Tal's CornerTal's Corner3 dagen geleden
  • Those are nice motion capture shit rn. Now, become Vtuber

    LukeirinLukeirin3 dagen geleden

    阿蛋阿蛋3 dagen geleden
  • the only reason these games are fun is bc burger has people to play with

    Dalton McgowanDalton Mcgowan3 dagen geleden
  • gabagool

    AllenAllen3 dagen geleden
  • 12:58

    Ella VenisoElla Veniso3 dagen geleden
  • I play battlefront on Xbox one,so I watch this video for fun.

    Maxwell KriderMaxwell Krider3 dagen geleden
  • To answer the statement about WWII weapons. It was just easier to convert them. Oh they did it to a few WWI weapons too.

    Zael MoonbladeZael Moonblade3 dagen geleden
  • hey captain phasma ya captain fucken dead.... gabagool!

    King SchickKing Schick3 dagen geleden
  • skulker is one of my favourites, he's funny and knows how to make me laugh

    FrodyDog Geon MusicFrodyDog Geon Music3 dagen geleden
  • If i see someone play Bossk and have him at level 100, im leaving the game, no hesitation

    Captain RavenovCaptain Ravenov3 dagen geleden
  • Badger is litrerally a sell out piece of shit who has fun with his pals and loves to make us laugh.

    MatejMatej3 dagen geleden
  • 16:06 comedy gold

    Darren GDarren G3 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone actually play Raid Shadow Legends?

    KyleNo4Mk2KyleNo4Mk23 dagen geleden
  • *Badger says Noble Templars* Me- *Has flashbacks to every Assassins creed*

    Joshua MartinJoshua Martin3 dagen geleden
  • I was about to say how the animations got a huge buff on your end and then you brought up the mocap suit and it all makes sense (also that Mitch McConnell joke caught me off guard)

    Walter WalterWalter Walter3 dagen geleden
  • you using source filmmaker

    K&D StudiosK&D Studios3 dagen geleden
  • Bro it went from o oo To o 0 8 oo

    the good gamerthe good gamer3 dagen geleden
  • Where’s the clip of grouse saying “LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO”?

    Chiseled Medal2Chiseled Medal23 dagen geleden
  • MG-34 not MG-42

    FoxtrotSierraProductionsFoxtrotSierraProductions3 dagen geleden
  • That’s why it looks so good it’s motion captured

    Wandering ApeWandering Ape3 dagen geleden
  • what are these videos

    Reece ChristensenReece Christensen3 dagen geleden
  • i laughed so fucking hard in the first 30 seconds, fucking subcribed

    boris tankistboris tankist3 dagen geleden
  • I know I'm late but why does the droid sound like a 12 year old version of Zimo from Saints Row 3 and 4, whose still somehow a virgin playing with a bdsm kit replacing eureka every time he discovers something fascinating with *"HOOoooOPLa!!"*

    Maple' JaegerMaple' Jaeger3 dagen geleden
  • 15:07 so marines

    CrunchyCrunchy3 dagen geleden
  • Is you guy fork shadow company??

    Jake CokerJake Coker3 dagen geleden

    milkfruitmilkfruit3 dagen geleden
  • i love your videos so much every time i see that you posted a new one i instantly whach it plz make more

    Zach WilliamsZach Williams3 dagen geleden