So... I Got A New Base!!! - Minecraft Hermitcraft Season 7 #38

17 feb. 2021
522 627 Weergaven

Today we move into Grian's Mansion and immeadiately get to work adding in a new contraption to make it feel more like home!
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Season 7, Episode 38.
#Zedaph #Minecraft #Hermitcraft

  • Barrels are amazing. They even have storage lmao

    Alejandro OjedaAlejandro Ojeda9 minuten geleden
  • Anyone els noticed that he never used dark prismarine as he had just unlocked the recipe for it in the crafting table.

    Sietze ZeggelaarSietze Zeggelaar46 minuten geleden

    mr smilemr smile4 uur geleden
  • “So I did some mining off camera.”

    BeanBean7 uur geleden
  • I guess u got a subscriber to use your elevator

    Mr PiMr Pi8 uur geleden
  • Just can't believe that one of the most Genius Hermit lives on a Cave😂

    Ronald JrRonald Jr13 uur geleden
  • 😂 the viewssss

    MaiyoMaiyo15 uur geleden
  • Me getting 6 ads and not even being halfway through the video

    FrostcicleFrostcicle16 uur geleden
  • I did some building off camera

    SupremeMoist SweatySocksSupremeMoist SweatySocks16 uur geleden
  • “so call me crazy but the real answer that nobody has thought about yet is-“ *ad plays* Me: ARE YOU KIDDING ME

    Addalyn WooldrikAddalyn Wooldrik16 uur geleden
  • It's heartwarming seeing his view count multiply by 5

    DilshubDilshub17 uur geleden
  • This video is fantastic! Loved the cut aways.

    Marcus LakeMarcus Lake18 uur geleden
  • I did not realize how much I missed Science with Zedaph!!! I literally said "Oh yes!" When I heard and saw the Science intro. Love the video sir!

    Evan SchubertEvan Schubert18 uur geleden
  • Lmao the bump in the vieuws lol

    Henkie THenkie T19 uur geleden
  • You deserve at least 1m subs

    Rose ChurchRose Church22 uur geleden
  • "I could definitely bring some friends if I get any" felt that

    Chloe McIlroy MageeChloe McIlroy Magee23 uur geleden
  • Where did you get do many diamonds

    Amy ClineAmy Cline23 uur geleden
  • You better not Break his mansion if you do I will mess you up that is a glorious mansion and I love Grian if you destroy that Castle I will find you!!!

    Daniel RuizDaniel Ruiz23 uur geleden
  • I am falling in love with this channel I’m sad I never saw a video from you Till now

    D CD C23 uur geleden
  • O my goodness you have such a clean inventory

    Lucas GradyLucas GradyDag geleden
  • No words 😮😮😮

    Knowledge Tech teluguKnowledge Tech teluguDag geleden
  • Grian said he was going to make a elevator anyway or attempt to

    Aem PierceAem PierceDag geleden
  • Do not look the back off the mansion

    Firdaus Whiz KidsFirdaus Whiz KidsDag geleden
  • How would you get in the elevators if you don’t have an elitra?🤔

    B riveroB riveroDag geleden
  • Hallo Zedaph! If you are gonna be in Grian’s base you need to have the Internal shaders with Old Lightning: OFF. It gives the full mansion feel!

    TheodetvarenTheodetvarenDag geleden
  • You're videos are very entertaining, I'm kind of regretting not checking you out until now.

    QuackersOatlingQuackersOatlingDag geleden
  • In the fireplace grian hase a hole

    Levi HeynensLevi HeynensDag geleden
  • When Zedaph talks red stone me what on earth is he saying I don’t talk red stone case I trash at It XD 🙃

    Happy UnicornHappy UnicornDag geleden
  • I think grian put a small entrance in the huge fireplace

    Lol innit famLol innit famDag geleden
  • It's 0:12

    uddyan Tripathiuddyan TripathiDag geleden
  • Lol Zedaph wither

    LilyJoy _LilyJoy _Dag geleden
  • Zed's reaction to the back of Grian's mansion is absolutely perfect! XD

    christopher parkinchristopher parkinDag geleden
  • Cheap the back of the mansion

    John GraybielJohn GraybielDag geleden
  • I already watched this but just came back to say I'm glad Zedaph got a lot of attention and I hope all of you grian fans gives him a lot of loves and support. I watched all hermits when I just found out about Hermitcraft and I see Zedaph as one of the underrated hermits and needs more recognization cause how underrated he is. So I want most of you who haven't subscribe to Zedaph to hit that subscribe button! It's free, you could always unsubscribe later. Just hit the sub button ;D

    Kiyuu 16Kiyuu 16Dag geleden
  • Wonderful!!! Amazingly wonderful!!!😌

    apolla d thirdapolla d thirdDag geleden
  • Why do all inputs for the elevator have to be linked? The way I see it, the puzzle is to NOT have 2 elevators on the same floor. You can detect when an elevator arrives and send the other away.

    CupO'HappinessCupO'HappinessDag geleden
  • I think leaf blocks now make an infinite state change line if a log touches them? be a ton cheaper than 2 lines of observers if true

    Spuds McCatSpuds McCatDag geleden
  • Thx that redstone tutorial it was helpful

    Kevin CubiletteKevin CubiletteDag geleden
  • Their reaction to the back of the mansion was priceless

    Katie EKatie EDag geleden
  • the zedaph wither was so funny

    Gunar KroegerGunar KroegerDag geleden
  • I don’t understand why youd need a vertical connection if the elevators are different speeds anyways if its for symmetry’s sake. Triggering a observer as the elevator arrives sending the other one down would be just as effective but that would obviously be even more unsymmetrical if thats the issue.

    claudius Hclaudius HDag geleden
  • Mumbo on drugs

    don't worrydon't worryDag geleden
  • cool !!!

    Péca RixPéca RixDag geleden
  • I agree, Zedaph is very underrated.

    Mr AwesomeMr AwesomeDag geleden
  • I’m 24 seconds in and I subbed

    Kenneth RaffertyKenneth RaffertyDag geleden
  • Zedaph the barrel boi

    chameleon ciaránchameleon ciaránDag geleden
  • can you make it downloadable

    day deficiencyday deficiencyDag geleden
  • You should have used shulkers to levitate you up

    Zachary SZachary SDag geleden
    • would probably take several hours to transport a shulker to the mansion

      bloobloo17 uur geleden
  • I just came from grians video I’ve never watched you before but I just wanna say I love your videos they are really funny I’m glad I get to watch your videos!

    River :pRiver :pDag geleden
  • I'm glad this happened... I strictly only watch grian and mumbo but you!! I'm glad I was given a excuse to check you out This is just so cool

    Joren PerezJoren PerezDag geleden
  • i always wanna duck on the beat with Zedaphs intro

    Lucas StroobantLucas Stroobant2 dagen geleden
  • Hello, I am new here, I just wanted to say that you are a really cool and funny youtuber! Deffinitely subscribed to you!

    Tudor VoicuTudor Voicu2 dagen geleden
  • I’m really glad that Zedaph is getting the attention he deserves due to the HCBBS. I’ve been here since Moonlight, and I think Zed is just really underrated. Glad to see that the HCBBS is introducing some new people to Zedaph!

    Useful PineappleUseful Pineapple2 dagen geleden
  • 7:56 this one moment makes the whole episode XD

    RedFoxLightningRedFoxLightning2 dagen geleden
  • there is already a hole behind the fire place

    Jake CollinsJake Collins2 dagen geleden
  • I LOVED the ender pearl bit, actually had a good laugh at that. I can’t believe I waited this long to check out your content! I’ll be coming back for sure though

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith2 dagen geleden
  • I always like putting a lever on the face of an observer, like a big weird nose, to get a single output.

    MattMatt2 dagen geleden
  • Why didn't he make a bubble elevator ..? It is easier to make and easier to design

    DimmakDimmak2 dagen geleden
  • The zither

    Tindrasaur !Tindrasaur !2 dagen geleden
  • This was fun.

    VictorVictor2 dagen geleden
  • 5:04 You could have just used water.

    Roberta GuerraRoberta Guerra2 dagen geleden
  • "A hotdog that knows how to go up and down"...

    Piddly WinkPiddly Wink2 dagen geleden
  • kill all the villagers

    BinkieBinkie2 dagen geleden
  • Feedback: You could've just made the elevator system so that one arriving sends a signal to the other one at the same floor to move. That way there are never 2 at the same floor. That would solve your issue much more easily :) No up-down connection needed.

    alexanderjealexanderje2 dagen geleden
  • 22:49

    Ebraw EbrawEbraw Ebraw2 dagen geleden
  • Kinda sad i didnt watch zedaph earlier, because there are a lot of hermits and not enough time in the day. But i guess this was the push i needed to start watching you

    hyskehyske2 dagen geleden
  • i love the intro

    Kate DoranKate Doran2 dagen geleden
  • Another solution to the vertical problem: targets. That way one pillar would be enough to send signals both ways

    Gergő BieleczkiGergő Bieleczki2 dagen geleden
    • And I wrote this while watching the video, so i didn't see that he hid it... I mean... that's also a solution

      Gergő BieleczkiGergő Bieleczki2 dagen geleden
  • The captions really said ✨ green ✨ Also,I support you too now! Not because of the big base switch but the fact that I saw this video in my recommended is a blessing to you! I'll also recommend you to my friends!

    RenDraco YTRenDraco YT2 dagen geleden
  • Guess we now need a Zedaph Wither mod 😹😹

    Sophie Joan SalcedoSophie Joan Salcedo2 dagen geleden
  • I would have set up somthing that toggled the redstone when an elevator arrived. Elevator reaches top, send on down. elevator comes down, send other back on.

    BirdyKunBirdyKun2 dagen geleden
  • trade grian 's base for your base again ppppplllllllssssss

    Gabriel CaguimbalGabriel Caguimbal2 dagen geleden
  • hallo

    Raya DrawsRaya Draws2 dagen geleden
  • how does one science up an up

    Alex PilotinAlex Pilotin2 dagen geleden
  • Could have just used observers. Basically you push the button, the elevator goes up, and when it arrives it triggers an observer which activates the other elevator to go down. When you go down and it arrives it triggers an observer and sends the other up. The only downside to this method is you have to wait for one elevator to arrive before the other will be triggered. But the great thing about it is, you are using the elevators themselves as the signal so you don't need observer towers to send a signal up and down. The other great thing is if it ever somehow gets out of sync, as soon as you use one it will fix itself. While the method you are using will just send both up or down regardless if it's out of sync. Which means you would need to manually trigger one to fix it.

    ThatMarchingBunnyThatMarchingBunny2 dagen geleden
  • This is my first time watching him and I like it.

    Neptune's LoungeNeptune's Lounge2 dagen geleden

    amr321 hejaziamr321 hejazi2 dagen geleden
  • you and grain are my favourit youtubers with others and now you change base!!!!!!!

    Constantinos KyriakouConstantinos Kyriakou2 dagen geleden
  • Awesome video Zedaph. I think this is one of the first video i have watched of your, apart from your film mumbo helped you make. I loved it. You have a unique way of making hermitcraft videos compared to other hermits.

    Josh RenallJosh Renall2 dagen geleden
  • Zedaph could have just transfer the redstone line with slabs

    akis sevastosakis sevastos2 dagen geleden
  • This base swap is helping us to see other hermits by watching how they imrpove other's bases Is amazing

    Ian Said Torres MirandaIan Said Torres Miranda2 dagen geleden
  • How is "Runaway Elevator" not a Hollywood blockbuster yet?

    PpaattPpaatt2 dagen geleden
  • Instead of the whole ordeal of connecting all 4 buttons, why not just have observers that detect the arrival of an elevator and trigger the other elevator to move off if its on the same floor?

    Ryan KelkRyan Kelk2 dagen geleden
  • Love thissss hahahah

    Reen ArmanReen Arman2 dagen geleden
  • Hey zedaph that means you have a diamond chandaler

    Nathan MosesNathan Moses2 dagen geleden
  • # stampy

    Damarion SpencerDamarion Spencer2 dagen geleden
  • I don't know, I think a bubble elevator would've been more compact, faster and more elegant... And with block swapping it could still be pretty redstone-y

    NeoCat1993NeoCat19932 dagen geleden
  • My mind just can't handle the confusion of Redstone🤔😣😵

    Katie MitrokaKatie Mitroka2 dagen geleden
  • recommendation maybe get a pop filter or something to help the mic from picking up the "spitting breaths" dunno how to word it, my subwoofer keeps booming

    Idiot ChefIdiot Chef2 dagen geleden
  • Put a Big “z” between the elevators

    Emil LarsenEmil Larsen2 dagen geleden
  • This was delightful.

    Luke HowelLuke Howel2 dagen geleden
  • I think the 'Z' looks better than the 'G' in the mansion. 😂 Sorry Grain

    Elizabeth KanzenbachElizabeth Kanzenbach2 dagen geleden
  • Congrats on building that so fast within 1 episode you're so good at building I can't believe you built all that!!!!😀😀😀😀

    NoodleHqNoodleHq2 dagen geleden
  • I love it! Zedaph made a dumb waiter system to be the Elevator Shaft. Call the servants to send stuff from the storage room, or ride the dumb waiter and get it yourself!

    SoccerjakobSoccerjakob2 dagen geleden
  • Zedaph: the real answer that no one has thought of yet is-. Me: gets flex tape ad

    Exquisite ToastExquisite Toast2 dagen geleden
  • 13:15 LOL imagine if it happen 😂

    Wske 18Wske 182 dagen geleden
  • the donut elevator looks like a tire

    Sans ComicSans Comic2 dagen geleden
  • This is one of the best trade deals of the century, First vid of watching Zedaph, and I'm already loving the energy.

    mondasinmondasin2 dagen geleden
  • Urm... Water elevator 🌊????

    Harry ChesterHarry Chester2 dagen geleden
  • Never watched his channel before, but I gotta see what he’s gunna do with Grians base!

    Aug 101Aug 1012 dagen geleden