SLEEPER BUG: 517 WHP Subaru-powered 1973 VW Super Beetle | Nicole Johnson's Detour EP1

9 feb. 2021
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Would you ever guess this cute little VW bug produces 517 horsepower at the wheels and screams like a Formula 1 race car? Nicole Johnson goes for a wild ride in the ultimate Sleeper Bug, a Subaru WRX-powered 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle that you’d swear was bone stock. But that’s the whole point…
Designed, built and owned by OG13 King of the Hammers winner John Reynolds.

SPECIAL THANKS to Kicker for their years of support!
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  • Did he really just let a Standard Transmission driver virgin drive his baby WTF dudes crazylol!! Also Someone plz find his 1/4mi. Timeslip plz!

    Mikel RoblesMikel Robles52 minuten geleden
  • Maybe he should've used a synchronized transmission.

    AnthonyAnthonyUur geleden
  • Gotta love this guy

    Tyler SpinTyler Spin4 uur geleden
  • Truly a sleeper. Nice job

    Tyler SpinTyler Spin5 uur geleden
  • Love the glasses. Great video

    Scott S.Scott S.5 uur geleden
  • You're a very trusting person! She looked like she had 2 "O's" between 2nd and 3rd, the last time you drove it before she started grinding gears!

    William GuillWilliam Guill5 uur geleden
  • I see that ls4...

    Dane FullerDane Fuller6 uur geleden
  • his face when he drives (kills me) haha

    KevlarKevlar7 uur geleden
  • Realmente el video lo veo porque me gusto la chica, gracias buenas tardes...

    jose gutierrezjose gutierrez7 uur geleden
  • Unbelievable... People can't drive manual and doing a car review...

    Victor ScursVictor Scurs8 uur geleden
  • I think he’s scared of is car

    Keith CombsKeith Combs9 uur geleden
  • Amazing car and looks fun to drive. Would love to have it and drive up to a muscle car and smoke him to the next stoplight. haha

    Steve PadillaSteve Padilla10 uur geleden
  • She is my sweet spot. 😍😍😍

    nothereforlongnothereforlong11 uur geleden
  • When you said sleeper bug, I thought you meant it has a place to sleep inside.

    AC WrightAC Wright11 uur geleden
  • Wow...driving way too fast (110+) on a public road in a vehicle that can "get squirrely ". Stunningly irresponsible. Take it to the track.

    Herbert SimonHerbert Simon12 uur geleden

    Mike FolgersMike Folgers12 uur geleden
  • Herbie Goes Bananas

    3rdpull3rdpull13 uur geleden
  • I find her really attractive

    Rolly PollyRolly Polly15 uur geleden
  • That fella was a good sport. You did a good job 👍

    BigDmikeBigDmike17 uur geleden
  • Drive it like a tractor, pick a gear and use it, or like the old mini start in second change to fourth. The only difference is if you hit the gas and it does not break loose then you will need a glass floor to see where you are going.

    Kevin OxtobyKevin Oxtoby19 uur geleden
  • Love this!

    RobsthedonRobsthedon19 uur geleden
  • Vw bugs were death traps. My dad had the 1.6l double carburettor version of it and he said, with the engine in the rear and the low weight front, its road grip sucked, especially in wet conditions.

    wingskenwingsken22 uur geleden
  • F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

    Willy ZaragozaWilly Zaragoza22 uur geleden
  • That’s now an early 911, a widow maker lol.

    toose70toose7023 uur geleden
  • Hes not happy at the end😡

    John TerlajeJohn TerlajeDag geleden
  • No better racecar/monster truck driver on the planet to test drive the "Sleeper Bug" !! GREAT video !

    Frank GabronFrank GabronDag geleden
  • Please mention all the experts that actually build these cars its lovely you can afford these projects but please appreciate the engineers.

    captainothingcaptainothingDag geleden
  • you know it's fast..... when the owner looks panicked in the pull.

    Freedom NuggetsFreedom NuggetsDag geleden
  • When a woman man handles a full blown rock crawler for 6 hrs at a time but a 73 vw beetle gives her a giant wet spot! Lmao

    SmittySmittyDag geleden
  • 18:32 😱👀 when panic attacks

    marsocreapermarsocreaperDag geleden
  • super beetles sux

    skinnytskinnytDag geleden
  • Cool car, shite viddy.

    Glenn MuirGlenn MuirDag geleden
  • Wow the work underneath is top notch

    cjones29hdcjones29hdDag geleden
  • Not a car where you would want to sit in the passenger seat with an amateur driving

    c1965MGc1965MGDag geleden
  • His face when he drives is funny as hell. He is white knuckling the steering wheel.

    Thom PlattThom PlattDag geleden
  • I like sleepers, especially ones that appear this stock. Now about that E85, it may be clean burning but the energy to convert grain to ethanol pollutes as much as gasoline when it's all said and done.

    Jaime SanJaime SanDag geleden
  • i like her!! petrol girl

    HollandaGuyHollandaGuyDag geleden
  • Is a Sleeper Bug like a Bed Bug?

    Thomas PikeThomas PikeDag geleden
  • That’s about the stupidest thing that you would ever do to a race engine is to put a dog box in there so you could grind the gears and potentially ruin the whole thing

    orangecounty60orangecounty60Dag geleden
  • Mighty car mods did it first with miss daisy

    Jonathan EdmondsonJonathan EdmondsonDag geleden
  • Make sure you get a guy to drive you around in it.. Lord you will be dead in that..

  • So she is ignorant, but at least she is interested which most gals are not. She's also nice to look at.

    Open CarryOpen CarryDag geleden
  • wow nice guy

    Marcus VargasMarcus VargasDag geleden
  • That would be a great triple take bug!:)

    Al GobotsfanAl GobotsfanDag geleden
  • For such a light car, that's a lot of power!

    Jack TaylorJack TaylorDag geleden
  • It's so naked in John's eyes that the bug is his precious!!

    Ufkun ÇakırUfkun ÇakırDag geleden
  • Did she allow him to even finish one sentence?

    mikeinwtbymikeinwtbyDag geleden
  • My dad had a baby blue super beetle back in the day.

    Delta_1103Delta_1103Dag geleden
  • The VW is pretty cool, but I was alot more interested in the Hot Female showing it off, and she knows her stuff too. 😁

    Tony LucianoTony Luciano2 dagen geleden
  • is that a 66 corvair

    mr toeheadmr toehead2 dagen geleden
  • I like that!

    Apixture PhotoboothApixture Photobooth2 dagen geleden
  • I like the girl's expressions...

    Vicente FuentesVicente Fuentes2 dagen geleden
  • I had a 73 super beetle, built just enough to enter and exit freeway traffic, could buy every piece but new struts....good memories

    James WebbJames Webb2 dagen geleden
  • He looked stressed when he hit it

    DragNDriveDragNDrive2 dagen geleden
  • everyone herd of herbie the love with that being said my dream car would be a 73' beetle and all painted up the same fashion as herbie the love bug BUT remove 53 and put 73 THIS 73 beetle as seen here would be the ultimate dream beetle for me BUT painted as i said like herbie the love bug BUT 73 of course :)

    JOE KINGJOE KING2 dagen geleden
  • Damn shes constantly interrupting him

    JohnsmoparJohnsmopar2 dagen geleden
  • Around 1975 a friend of mine was looking to buy a new car. She was considering a Subaru so we went to the dealer. When I saw the water-cooled horizontally opposed engine in the Subaru, it blew me away! I had been driving a wimpy Volkswagon Beetles (1962, 1200cc ragtop) for a few years and was totally surprised by how Subaru had essentially taken a Volkswagon engine and re-engineered it. John Reynolds has taken it to another plateau!

    Emil OlguinEmil Olguin2 dagen geleden
  • I had a 72’ super Beatle. It was $7 to fill, fit a 1/4 keg in the spare tire and run tap through Glove box. I never drink alcohol so I drove and it was fun. My Beatle had about as much power as a basic John Deere rider. The super Beatle was a superior bug and I think with the better suspension and round windshield was much better than a standard.

    OakieOakie2 dagen geleden
  • Shes cute

    Sat SSat S2 dagen geleden
  • You should race the dung beetle in OKC with the street outlaws

    Rob YoungRob Young2 dagen geleden
  • *miss daisy has entered the chat*

    derek bderek b2 dagen geleden
  • Pobre auto!!! Qué lo maneje alguien que sepa

    Diego GuzmanDiego Guzman2 dagen geleden
  • Nunca manejo con embrague???? Jajajajajaja 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, se acostumbran a la caja automática y con 3 pedales se quieren matar!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Diego GuzmanDiego Guzman2 dagen geleden
  • Love the car. Where can I get one?

    UncleEddUncleEdd2 dagen geleden
  • Lots of anxiety seeing that even he didn't seem to know what's gonna happen every time he floored it - definitely too much power for that little VW 😅

    Gamer OficialGamer Oficial2 dagen geleden
  • The look in his eye as he did that booty bump.

    Jono GJono G2 dagen geleden
  • Why is she learning how to drive manual in this car🤦🏻‍♂️

    Taylor OdonnellTaylor Odonnell2 dagen geleden
    • Most standard transmissions have synchronizers that make it easier to shift. This car doesn't have those so you have to match revs. In a car that you've never driven before, and especially one that's heavily modified, that's quite difficult and takes practice.

      JcewazhereJcewazhereDag geleden
  • How tf is this his car and he accidentally popped the front trunk looking for the engine 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Taylor OdonnellTaylor Odonnell2 dagen geleden
    • That’s was a joke dude Jesus, clearly you’ve never met a beetle owner

      Christian's CustomsChristian's Customs2 dagen geleden
  • "People like that... whatever... whatever dude". HAHA I love her.

    VizualVizual3 dagen geleden
  • hot cars always showing off they hot girls!

    Relapse. 88-Relapse. 88-3 dagen geleden
  • The flame thrower at the end.👍🏻

    harry twatterharry twatter3 dagen geleden
  • Reminds me of a fellow racer. 500+ ponies to the rear of his 240z. Yank that datsun inline 6 and drop in a Supra twin turbo inline 6. He had no problem over taking a Viper V10 any place on the track.

    BubaJ1000BubaJ10003 dagen geleden
  • I had to stop watching this video. It felt like "since I think I'm hot, let me strip out your gear box on your very expensive modded Super Beetle". She should have quit asking as soon as he said, "no syncros".

    GAS ManGAS Man3 dagen geleden
  • 18:32 WoooW WOooooooooooooW Adrenalina 1000 %

    Luis HernándezLuis Hernández3 dagen geleden
  • Extremely entertaining! I was laughing at Nichole scaring John as she started learning the beetle. 😂

    Scott RogersScott Rogers3 dagen geleden
  • Daughter: when are you going to let me drive? Father: soon as I pick up my stomach from the last time.

    powergirlpowergirl3 dagen geleden
  • The look on his face when she purposefully gunned it...priceless.

    powergirlpowergirl3 dagen geleden
  • Jeez. Let the guy talk! HAHAHA

    Drex QuinsaatDrex Quinsaat3 dagen geleden
  • Sad... You missed the point.... It's a very cool, clever , sleeper ..... But you didn't get any footage of mugging people off !

    JCisJDJCisJD3 dagen geleden
  • You better not have a front end crash or you’ll be a human fireball.

    Jim NorrisJim Norris3 dagen geleden
    • Those seat belts won't matter after an 80mph roll over in a Volkswagen.

      powergirlpowergirl3 dagen geleden
  • She doesn’t ask the right questions.

    Jim NorrisJim Norris3 dagen geleden
  • Super Beetle, they were only 50 hp. They couldn't handle the emission control,air pump,Cat. ect. in 1974 so they quit making them.Incredible job on that one, would like to see it on the Race Trac.

    Albert NeumannAlbert Neumann3 dagen geleden
  • Also she's not educated properly, smashing doors, dude, respect others creation, where did you grow up, in the forest alone?

    Pau SimPau Sim3 dagen geleden
  • When the driver look nervous, you probably shouldn’t ride with them.

    Aladdin SaneAladdin Sane3 dagen geleden
  • hit like if you said holy shit when she did!!

    I apologize in advanceI apologize in advance3 dagen geleden
  • The Super Bug , Get up and Go , very cool 😎.

    Jim Lawn JrJim Lawn Jr3 dagen geleden
  • This man could have shat out a diamond when she started driving.

    Cold As The PolesCold As The Poles3 dagen geleden
  • Cool video Nicole! I had a bug exactly like that one. Well....not exactly. Mine did 0-60 in 5 minutes.... ;)

    Jeep LifeJeep Life3 dagen geleden
  • My favorite classic beetle🔥🔥

    Tre WebsterTre Webster3 dagen geleden
  • 1:10....DEAD WRONG!!! bout to eat those words chica!!

    Dre' The Cajun '81Dre' The Cajun '814 dagen geleden
  • John has put ALOT of work in this 1303S....

    Dre' The Cajun '81Dre' The Cajun '814 dagen geleden
  • A bit scary.... with the lady behind the wheel! Clink, clank and pop!

    Pat AlexanderPat Alexander4 dagen geleden
  • Thats a bad ass little mans car

    young11984young119844 dagen geleden
  • I want it!

    Dan MoDan Mo4 dagen geleden
  • someone needs to get this guy to the autobahn and pass some audis

    Justin MJustin M4 dagen geleden
  • Whats the 1/4 mile time on this beast??

    Mark RMark R4 dagen geleden
  • Cool video but if a driver doesn't offer you the drivers seat you shouldn't ask for it, that's something you have to earn.

    Benjamin VelitchkovBenjamin Velitchkov4 dagen geleden
  • He must have spare transmissions if he lets people drive that car. He was bugging out a few times.

    jhon halljhon hall4 dagen geleden
  • This guy looked a lot nervous there. If there was any miss at shifting by this clumsy lady, it's all over.

    Ken LeroyKen Leroy4 dagen geleden
  • He knows damn well he's created a monster. One little lapse in judgement and totalling the car is the least tragic of possible outcomes. Bet he's scared himself sh--tless more than once. A VW has hardly any weight in the front, but that's no problem when you're dealing with 30hp! Look closely when he punches it. That thing absolutely wants to fly, haha. Bet it's hard to keep the genie in the bottle, even under the best conditions. Well done, though. Well done!

    Mike WilliamsonMike Williamson4 dagen geleden