SIX. TIMES. | Semi-Final and Final Highlights | 2020 Ladbrokes Players Championship Finals

29 nov. 2020
122 965 Weergaven

Catch all the best bits from the semi-finals and final from the 2020 Ladbrokes Players Championship Finals

  • Hahahaha did King call Van Gerwen a “twat” at 15:49? Edit: and “what’s wrong with you?” At 15:21 😂😂😂

    CJ CalCJ Cal12 dagen geleden
  • Price”s and MVG’s celebrations somehow piss me off lol. Otherwise I don’t have anything against them, great players but man do they piss me off somehow. Always rooting for their opponents lol.

    Nero IVNero IV20 dagen geleden
  • Mervyn probably needs to quit if other players celebrating bothers him so much, because the celebrations certainly aren't going away.

    Eliot MooreEliot MooreMaand geleden
  • Mervyn got swervin' and got caught with his focus split between throwing and worrying about MVG's reactions to his own throws. That's always a recipe for disaster. You have got to stay inside your own head to be victorious.

    Michael LinnerMichael LinnerMaand geleden
  • King = Comedy Gold

    Aaran O'KeefeAaran O'KeefeMaand geleden
  • 0:22xx

    Thu NhuThu NhuMaand geleden
  • King choked yet again.

    steve bluessteve bluesMaand geleden
  • Merv Merv your a flogger

    Ken WieseKen WieseMaand geleden
  • I have to look at Mervs face in the thumbnail at least twice a day. Makes me chuckle. Dude has got a smooth throw as well. Good to see him doing OK again.

    Brendan JordanBrendan JordanMaand geleden
  • The thumbnail is the face you make when you go for a double you hate but end up actually hitting it

    Dean WDean WMaand geleden
  • Poor Merv was put off by gerwen celebrating.

    minislaminislaMaand geleden
  • Michael van Gerwen is back

    sam covingtonsam covingtonMaand geleden
  • Merv needs a sports psychologist. Always been a great player let down by his temperament.

    HedgetrimmerHedgetrimmerMaand geleden
  • Surprised King didn't start hobbling round the oche as well with his 'bad' back ....

    Jaybee89Jaybee89Maand geleden
  • Price face is like a tomato ... 😂😂😂. what nerve!!!

    yariz mai-yaoyariz mai-yaoMaand geleden
  • Mervin King came across so jealous in his reactions, think he would have won if he hadn't been affected by it

    captain unwashed 1captain unwashed 1Maand geleden
  • Mervyns finishing throughout this tournament was great ... unlucky ... haha the faces though ... lol

    The Humble GuyThe Humble GuyMaand geleden
  • All respect to Mavin

    Abshir MontaguAbshir MontaguMaand geleden
  • Love The King's reaction when he wins his 8th Leg !

    gno nimogno nimoMaand geleden
  • King needs to grow up and concentrate on his own game. Calling him a twat is childish

    Robert SmithRobert SmithMaand geleden
  • Some of us didn't know the result so big thanks for putting it in the title

    Ashley WoodAshley WoodMaand geleden
  • Over exuberant celebrations deliberately designed to wind up the opponent, Out of order.

    Aesthetic PerfectionAesthetic PerfectionMaand geleden
    • @Aesthetic Perfection Yeah it is totally out of order to celebrate when you have a great checkout to win the leg.... How dare MVG celebrate that he is finally playing great after a whole year of sub standart performances!! It is much more respectful to act like Mervin King: staring your opponent down with a smerky face during the whole match, whine like a bitch every time you miss a double or lose a leg. And also call your opponent a "twat" during the match!!! And then barely shake your opponents hand after he beats you and wins the tournament.... Because reverting to verbal abuse against your oponent during a match is a definative sign of real 'class' ... right? MVG is a class act who only focusses on his own game and not on his opponent. You won't see MVG calling his opponent a twat during any match. Ever. MVG celebrates only when he makes a great checkout. When it matters. Always and against every opponent he acts the same. He is who he is and doesn't change for anyone. Merv is the opposite of MVG class. Merv is a perv and a sore loser with a pathetic loser mentality. MVG is on another level completely. MVG is always reaching for the stars. Merv the perv is always staring at the dirt below. You can deny all you want but these are the facts.

      Han SoloHan SoloMaand geleden
  • MVG congratulations for winning the title, but all credits to Mervin King for the game shown in this tournament .... p.s. MVG did not win this tournament only when the World Cupin football was played... 😉

    ZoranSkopjeZoranSkopjeMaand geleden
  • Mvg was to good for king

    Steve HendersonSteve HendersonMaand geleden
  • Mervyn king is a right nob lol

    Jamie TalbotJamie TalbotMaand geleden
  • Price vs King would great also.

    Accordingto FrankAccordingto FrankMaand geleden
  • Michael wasn't celebrating over being disrespectful .this meant SO MUCH to Michael to get back to winning and hes doing it the way he used to with great darts

    Stacey ButtStacey ButtMaand geleden
  • MVG needed some humbling but great to see him back on form.congrats

    Stacey ButtStacey ButtMaand geleden
  • Why does Peter wright switch from the darts that he won the world s withi never will understand. Hes making himself miserable and if keeps switching he will i pray not but he will end up with dartitus trying to get to perfection

    Stacey ButtStacey ButtMaand geleden
  • Who is MvG showing off too after each leg he wins, theres no audience or is there? The cheers are recorded are they not. King seemed to be annoyed at it as I was. At on point it looked like he was going to pull a Mvg & stopped :) King is a better sportsman hands down.

    Paul O'ToolePaul O'TooleMaand geleden
  • Goed zo macal van Gerwen prisma goed ge gooit Gerwen

    Arjanengea TillartArjanengea TillartMaand geleden
  • Good to see MVG back to his form....!!! Congratulations and keep winning......

    Mario EstebanMario EstebanMaand geleden
  • King throws great darts, but i love it to see mvg happy again.

    Tom12 3Tom12 3Maand geleden
  • The "king" without a crown is just a sad person who looks 20 yrs older then his true age!

    Semper amiciSemper amiciMaand geleden
  • He will always win no matter what. Only one man has won more but then again he was in the game for over 30 years. Remember MVG has done it in a matter of 8 years and looks as if he can go on and on. Congrats and STILL the World No.1.🏆👏🏾

    Zed EarlZed EarlMaand geleden
    • But can he do it 16 times?

      SuperGeronimo999SuperGeronimo999Maand geleden
  • Them epic finishes won it for van gerwen. The 135. The 160 and a 120

    Dylan CorcoranDylan CorcoranMaand geleden
  • Still waiting for mvg to get back to his best

    inelectroninelectronMaand geleden
  • Mvg comeback

    s 3s 3Maand geleden
  • really willing for king to win he has played so well his face a picture when he sees mvgs face every time he goes out

    richard daviesrichard daviesMaand geleden
  • 17:30 king wanted to do the mvg roar but then he thought: nah , calm the f down . lmfao🤣🤣🤣

    Lukas HelmhartLukas HelmhartMaand geleden
  • Mvg ain't back to his best the scoring is better but doubling in some matches was bad still. Match of the semis was king v Wright

    marty mcflymarty mcflyMaand geleden
  • Gurning van gerwen R the cameras on I shout scream and gurn Well done on reaching final marvin king Been a great year

    Martin DugganMartin DugganMaand geleden
  • King look like a little bit of unhappiness,only he can do is practice very hard~

    冷刃冷刃Maand geleden
  • You have got to love Mervyn King

    Dolph ZigglerDolph ZigglerMaand geleden
  • I was so gutted for Price when he lost......not!!!

    bg anonimousebg anonimouseMaand geleden
    • Agree

      Martin DugganMartin DugganMaand geleden
  • Can`t stand the arrogance of King. He is such a bully.

    Janne StjernkvistJanne StjernkvistMaand geleden
  • Why does king stare like you’re not allowed to celebrate. Stfu

    Danny RoversDanny RoversMaand geleden
  • King played brilliant last night considering mvg was back to best standard and king was only 45 points away from winning. Some of them faces he was pulling he really hates shouting , in the world champions I hope he draws price he really won't be happy

    Jake WilliamsJake WilliamsMaand geleden
  • Sorry Merv, the darting world doesn't do gamesmanship like they used to.

    BillyBob NaughtyKnobBillyBob NaughtyKnobMaand geleden
  • King definitely called mvg a tw#t lol to be fair he ain't wrong 😁😁

    Mark EatonMark EatonMaand geleden
  • I am sure King called MVG a twat at one point hahaha

    Nigel ArmstrongNigel ArmstrongMaand geleden
  • Great win for MVG! Some great finishes. Lesson 1 for darts is not to focus on your opponent, but focus on youre on game. Up to the world champs!

    Rik KreemersRik KreemersMaand geleden
  • Did merv just call michael a twat after that shanghai finish😂

    Tuomas SavijokiTuomas SavijokiMaand geleden
    • I’m surprised he has not been called to explain his actions. Can you imagine what he would have called Price if he was in the final against him 🤣

      Robert SmithRobert SmithMaand geleden
    • Ye he did aswell as a few other names during the game 😂😂

      ozzyefc44ozzyefc44Maand geleden
  • Mervyn King beat himself, started the muttering & head shaking only a couple of legs in. Great player, stinking attitude. 🔔🔚

    Mark LMark LMaand geleden
    • @Mark Pugh Met him and he was a top bloke. Really really friendly, loads of time for the fans. Almost always gracious in defeat. This video just showed me a grumpy old fart (King) who couldn't get on with the game and chose to keep pulling faces and muttering to himself.

      Adam CaterAdam CaterMaand geleden
    • @Mark Pugh no big fan of MvG, but he's always gracious in defeat I'll give him that.

      Mark LMark LMaand geleden
    • Could say the same about MVG great Dart player but an absolute trash bellend of a person

      Mark PughMark PughMaand geleden
    • Hes an old grumpy fart thats jealous of Michael

      Swords ChantSwords ChantMaand geleden
    • True, he would be way better without his whiney mentality. This time maybe he shook his head because of MVGs loud roars.. As you can see a hint to hit at 17:25 at Mervyn's finish. But I mean he knows MVG well, so why bother?

      bastooo3bastooo3Maand geleden
  • It may be about time Peter Wright dropped that gaudy head dress. It makes him look rather silly when he loses a match by a big margin. Maybe he needs a reset too.

    Colin GantiglewColin GantiglewMaand geleden
  • I was supporting King but MVG is a worthy champion and I loved King reacting to MVG and his doubles celebrations

    Dante MarottaDante MarottaMaand geleden
  • Mvg is a earned winner

    Eric de WolffEric de WolffMaand geleden
  • Thanks God that Price didnt won the Championship....

    JO -JO -Maand geleden
  • Great vid

    Thomas MawThomas MawMaand geleden
  • Those ton+ finishes of mvg are what made him so great 4/5 years ago, lets hope these come around more often

    Mitchel BecksMitchel BecksMaand geleden
  • 15.49 king calls mvg a twat🤣🤣🤣

    Jamie BagnallJamie BagnallMaand geleden
  • Definitely think price is a good bet for the world's, I think he's on fire at the moment, can't see anyone betting him if he keeps this form up ,,brilliant

    • He lost

      Martin DugganMartin DugganMaand geleden
    • His form not great in the last 2 tournaments

      Graham AlfordGraham AlfordMaand geleden
  • GG MvG, not bad for someone who's finished 😁

    ϯ ФҀҀЦLГ ϯϯ ФҀҀЦLГ ϯMaand geleden
  • ha he calls mvg a twat at 15.45

    Andy KingAndy KingMaand geleden
  • ... probably merv at his (worst) best

    naveed hussainnaveed hussainMaand geleden
  • 15:21 merv 'whats wrong with you' 😂😂

    Rachel EdwardsRachel EdwardsMaand geleden
  • Any lip readers out there are more than welcome.

    Pandemic PrisonerPandemic PrisonerMaand geleden
  • Smart move when Merv picked up his darts kit before the presentation. Had his hands full so he couldn't applaud or shake hands with MVG! Great to see him go 21 legs in a final, and not show any back pain.

    Pandemic PrisonerPandemic PrisonerMaand geleden
    • No just face pain when mvg celebrated what a sore loser he is . Glad he lost 😂

      ozzyefc44ozzyefc44Maand geleden
  • @pdc stop spoiling!!!!

    Ro F.Ro F.Maand geleden
  • 17:29 best King moment that day

    Ro F.Ro F.Maand geleden
  • 15:21 'stop shouting' 😂

    Ro F.Ro F.Maand geleden
    • We all can agree with that lol

      Nero IVNero IV20 dagen geleden
    • Ro F. "what is wrong with you"

      Scotty Doesn't KnowScotty Doesn't KnowMaand geleden
  • Still love Price! So glad he’s one of the top dogs! GG MvG!

    Low Tier ManchildLow Tier ManchildMaand geleden
  • King is such a sour player, you can see him call MVG a twat after MVG finished 120.

    tranzLift416tranzLift416Maand geleden
    • Really? I think I’m starting to like him.

      Nero IVNero IV20 dagen geleden
    • lol I caught that one too. Merv isn't my fave player but I was rooting for him.

      GonnaDoABarrelRollGonnaDoABarrelRollMaand geleden
  • So glad every time King gets punished in finals by whomever he is the biggest Bellend in Darts along with Price. Cheers MVG for dismantling this miserable Melt

    Andrew RothschildAndrew RothschildMaand geleden
  • MVG is back bitches.....

    Albart ZweisteinAlbart ZweisteinMaand geleden
  • Наконец-то, дождался)

    Picnic GamesPicnic GamesMaand geleden
  • F*** King unlucky

    FPFPFPFPMaand geleden
  • Good match ,Come back to mvg 😉👏

    Didier UrbainDidier UrbainMaand geleden
  • 17:25 😂👑king of kings

    DavidDavidMaand geleden
  • what was king muttering at 15:18 ?

    Darksyde YoshiDarksyde YoshiMaand geleden
    • @Martin Kerr spot on ...thank you , i think you are right

      Darksyde YoshiDarksyde YoshiMaand geleden
    • "what's wrong with you?" I think...

      Martin KerrMartin KerrMaand geleden
  • Mvg rat

    Pieface has 20 chins HePieface has 20 chins HeMaand geleden
  • That Face tho 😲🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Son Of OdinSon Of OdinMaand geleden
  • If I knew my opponent was that weak mentally and so easily bothered you best believe I’m celebrating every leg I win

    nick becknick beckMaand geleden
  • Looks like Wright was bothered by that big head he's got. And laughed my a$$ off when that sore loser King didn't win a major....AGAIN!

    rikkierikkierikkierikkieMaand geleden
  • Damn, this thumbnail was misleading. Still love it :D Would have loved King to win this.

    Kasumi YoshizawaKasumi YoshizawaMaand geleden
  • What happened to peter wright in that match

    Andrew ShoreAndrew ShoreMaand geleden
  • Poor Merv.. took him to the last leg and all. Least he gets a nice check. MvG just had the darts on the day.

    Spooky BizzleSpooky BizzleMaand geleden
  • Moody Mervyn

    d4rkel3mentz 97d4rkel3mentz 97Maand geleden
  • Feel sorry for Merv, had a solid tournament and doesn’t go on like an arse when he hits a big score or a checkout

    Michael StephensonMichael StephensonMaand geleden
    • Go watch the BDO of you want graveyard darts bruv

      d4rkel3mentz 97d4rkel3mentz 97Maand geleden
    • Stfu mvg is the face of darts, he makes it entertaining

      d4rkel3mentz 97d4rkel3mentz 97Maand geleden
  • Merv just bitter he didn’t win.

    The John Cooper ShowThe John Cooper ShowMaand geleden
  • MVG is back

    fadzly mohd pauzifadzly mohd pauziMaand geleden
  • King, if you keep this up. You will be the king.

    Vijay SVijay SMaand geleden
  • Know what? He played like MVG.

    Vijay SVijay SMaand geleden
  • Right ÅLL , Feeling the Mervyn STÎNG 🦟✅

  • Nice to see MVG win it!!

    Lee A HeronLee A HeronMaand geleden
  • 15:49 "Twat"

    Houmous & HumusHoumous & HumusMaand geleden
  • Merv calling mvg a twat under his breath 😂 he's not wrong though, he is a twat ........

    Jay WatersJay WatersMaand geleden
  • You missed the end where king just stares at him

    Jake SullivanJake SullivanMaand geleden
    • Ye they should’ve showed that where merv pulls a face it was brilliant 😂

      ozzyefc44ozzyefc44Maand geleden
  • That was a great final to watch. Both players played well. Merv stayed in it by, oddly enough, doing the right things at the right moments. MVG just scored like crazy.

    Stinger BeeStinger BeeMaand geleden
  • Feel for merv he just can't win a final. Mvg form is ominous. 105 in a best of 21 that went long is pretty scary stuff.

    marx117 xmarx117 xMaand geleden