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29 apr. 2021
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  • Does Arsenal make you happy? Thanks for watching !!!

    Tuan Susan TVTuan Susan TV6 dagen geleden
    • @WERE LAWRENCE arteta is the best man for the job. No one can outsmart him if they are given the same squad as arteta has now

      Andy TownsendAndy Townsend4 dagen geleden
    • Sebo tv comedy

      sebo tv comedysebo tv comedy5 dagen geleden
    • Indeed.

      Ferry SitorusFerry Sitorus5 dagen geleden
    • Stan Kroenke never make me happy. And with Arsenal lose it was not make me happy too.

      จิรายุส จุลปานะจิรายุส จุลปานะ5 dagen geleden
    • The best team on paper only 😂😂🤣🤣

      Eugene AngwaEugene Angwa5 dagen geleden
  • Is this the team that was trying to create a Superleague? hahahahahaha

    Lucas FiorentinoLucas Fiorentino4 dagen geleden
  • Most of the Arsenal players are very lethargic. Pepe plays worth 50% of fees he claims. Arleta as a coach remains doubtful because of his weak capability and repeated mistakes in making selection of players judging play of opponents. and repeating mistakes.

    Indra ThapaIndra Thapa4 dagen geleden
  • Tottenham Hotspurs fans are now crying for Juan Foyth! 🇦🇷 What a performance. Mourinho simply failed to give him match times in London. Now look at his improvement. A beast of a defender! Arsenal strikers couldn’t handle him.

    Julker TaouJulker Taou4 dagen geleden
  • Emery Out

    Marco FriedlMarco Friedl4 dagen geleden
  • I am asking myself why l am still sticky supporting to this Arsenal team am l the only one look stupid here?

    God is for all Never give upGod is for all Never give up4 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal Coach and his players they are lazy thinkers always to fight for early goals the chances to win the game are high

    God is for all Never give upGod is for all Never give up4 dagen geleden
  • When Arsenal made a very big mistake that Thomas Partey made no improvements for Arsenal he loose ball so easily and when he try to shoot he has never hit ball to the post always out

    God is for all Never give upGod is for all Never give up4 dagen geleden
  • A comeback with a man down away is a great relief considering those saves by leno.

    Samson ThuoSamson Thuo4 dagen geleden
  • I love Manchester United 😍 Road To Final 😘

    Ucup Sang PenghancurUcup Sang Penghancur5 dagen geleden
  • Lihat Permainan Arsenal. Kok Bete Banget Ya. 😂. Bnr2 Hancur Setelah Ditinggalkan Oleh Arsene Wenger...

    Ucup Sang PenghancurUcup Sang Penghancur5 dagen geleden
  • I block your channel because you post the score result at the video title

    roy leungroy leung5 dagen geleden
  • 2nd goal of Villareal is similiar with Ole's goal at 1999 UCL Champions,, see u at EL Final 2021 GGMU

    Arief RahmanArief Rahman5 dagen geleden

    jeffrey jonathanjeffrey jonathan5 dagen geleden
    • +>2>3>4>8>1>0>3>8>0>3>1>2>0 💓❤

      jeffrey jonathanjeffrey jonathan5 dagen geleden
    • What'sapp 💖🖤⚽

      jeffrey jonathanjeffrey jonathan5 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal defenders every time Villarreal attacks : we don't know what the f#@k is going on

    Vismay GuptaVismay Gupta5 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal= cursed team of this year

    Fadli SuryantoFadli Suryanto5 dagen geleden
  • Asmom

    Bass DipufBass Dipuf5 dagen geleden
  • Sebo tv comedy

    sebo tv comedysebo tv comedy5 dagen geleden
  • Hope Villareal make it through... as a United fan I don't fancy a final with Arsenal... for some reason we can't seem to get the beating of them...

    KayDeeKayDee5 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal performance was very poor

    sanura mdegelasanura mdegela5 dagen geleden
  • When he said “ and Unai Emery’s team strike first” I thought I was watching an old game ! I had to double check when it was posted

    Dini AbdiDini Abdi5 dagen geleden
  • Arteta is arguably the worst inexperienced coach have ever seen, why Would ceballos still be in the pitch for that long despite not contributing anything to game?

    Rahel AsfawRahel Asfaw5 dagen geleden
  • Makanya sy gak pernah lg mau nonton arsenal main krn sudah tau hasilnya pasti kalah

    Basri BasBasri Bas5 dagen geleden
  • Saya sangat kecewa melihat arsenal skr jadi time pecundang yg betul wigner juga

    Basri BasBasri Bas5 dagen geleden
  • Villarreal should’ve won this 4/5-0

    Nagraj ChandrasekarNagraj Chandrasekar5 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/mqeJlMbYhZyaoHw

    Alphaxard jubeck Wa-ndahibhaAlphaxard jubeck Wa-ndahibha5 dagen geleden
  • NLworld is becoming annoying now. An ad after every 10 secs seriously?

    MuhivanovicMuhivanovic5 dagen geleden
  • 2nd leg is crucial and may work for Arsenal they just need to score one goal and keep a clean sheet.

    Vivek MaruVivek Maru5 dagen geleden
    • @Avisek Rajbhandari Need to take FULL ADVANTAGE and ALL OUT ATTACK.

      Vivek MaruVivek Maru5 dagen geleden
    • its really that easy ?

      Avisek RajbhandariAvisek Rajbhandari5 dagen geleden
  • Bye bye Arsenal 🤣🤣

    พุฒิพงศ์ แก้วสังข์พุฒิพงศ์ แก้วสังข์5 dagen geleden
  • What’s wrong with Arsenal? (Gunners). They can’t shoot straight. 🙈🥲

    Peter KariukiPeter Kariuki5 dagen geleden
  • Leno best man on arsenal

    Romario RobinsonRomario Robinson5 dagen geleden
  • Having Gabriel, but playing Holding or Mari instead "genius".

    mamba blackmamba black5 dagen geleden
  • สู้ไม่ได้

    โก้ กันเน่อร์สโก้ กันเน่อร์ส5 dagen geleden
  • Typical Arsenal😂

    2015 Arya Karkera 582015 Arya Karkera 585 dagen geleden
  • No Auba no win😂😂

    Sebastian DiazSebastian Diaz5 dagen geleden
  • Arteta Out...!!!!!

    Ary antAry ant5 dagen geleden
    • Emery Out

      Fabian ReeseFabian Reese4 dagen geleden
  • Red devil awaits 😁😁😁😁😁😅😅

    Samuel ArinzeSamuel Arinze5 dagen geleden
  • 06:35 Tiết kiệm nước là chính sách quốc gia, thế nên anh đừng tắm một mình nữa. 🍠

    Phương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyzPhương Anh 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz5 dagen geleden
  • Come on Arsenal! Let's do this! Let's win the second leg! #COYG

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne5 dagen geleden
  • When the commentator said and Unai Emery's team strike first in the semi, I forgot he was no longer at Arsenal.😂

    Thikusho MichaelThikusho Michael5 dagen geleden
  • We need to win this cup no matter what guys.... Comeon

    baker Mamboleobaker Mamboleo5 dagen geleden
    • Neither team can beat United.

      KayDeeKayDee5 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal saiki dadi lawak, mbok wes bubar ae ngisin²i,

    Arik SetiawanArik Setiawan5 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal macan ompong

    Liusjhon Liusjhon82Liusjhon Liusjhon825 dagen geleden
  • Ayolah cokkk

    Arsyandra arif mesyaputraArsyandra arif mesyaputra5 dagen geleden
  • Good ebening mapla Villareal la irundhu - Unai Emery

    Anish MuraliAnish Murali5 dagen geleden
  • beaUtiful goaL ,,👍👌🤏

    Abdul GhofurAbdul Ghofur5 dagen geleden
  • Wait did arsenal even have a shot on target?😂😂

    Xazzy BwoiiXazzy Bwoii5 dagen geleden
  • ดูจนจบ จบแบบงงๆ

    ศรชัย อองโนนยางศรชัย อองโนนยาง5 dagen geleden
    • 🤣

      johor marijohor mari5 dagen geleden
  • Good staff,, but just improve your editing skills

    mr pmr p5 dagen geleden
  • Arteta out

    Abdullah AzzamAbdullah Azzam5 dagen geleden
  • Omg this video is so bad ahah

    Alessandro BoscaratoAlessandro Boscarato5 dagen geleden
  • Unai Emery is going to haunted Arsenal when he lead Villarreal to win the Europa League. It was slapped in the face of Arsenal and Mikel Arteta. For Emery himself, he might not lead the Gunners to win but now he will lead his Villarreal side to win the Europa League!

    จิรายุส จุลปานะจิรายุส จุลปานะ5 dagen geleden
    • poor grammar

      BScN 2016 ClassBScN 2016 Class5 dagen geleden
  • United waiting ❤️

    Aeryl valesAeryl vales5 dagen geleden
    • @Sledge Hammer yaa salty boii , you yteam got spanked today , will be drinking those tears once the game ends in the finals (6-2) first leg 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

      Aeryl valesAeryl vales5 dagen geleden
    • with UEFA referees

      Sledge HammerSledge Hammer5 dagen geleden
  • Never mind.. There is one more leg to go+ we hve an away goal..

    Elvis RyntathiangElvis Ryntathiang5 dagen geleden
  • น่าโดนหลายลูกมาก

    ronnyronny5 dagen geleden
  • I hope villareal Will earn the cup!

    Mehmet Ali BayrakMehmet Ali Bayrak5 dagen geleden
  • theres no way u can start a team without a striker this squad ws bullshit

    Brian MwakwaBrian Mwakwa5 dagen geleden
  • คนดูเต็มสนามเลย

    ronnyronny5 dagen geleden
  • อ่อนรุปเกมส์สุ้ใม่ใด้สักนิดโอกาสจบแทบใม่มีพี่โก้ทำทีมดีกว่าเยอะออกไปเถอะต้าร์

    ชีวิตอิสระ ชายพเนจรชีวิตอิสระ ชายพเนจร5 dagen geleden
  • Good ebening with a perfect revenge

    Thee RyanThee Ryan5 dagen geleden
    • Lol

      Adulphus MartinsAdulphus Martins5 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal deserved to loose this game, so poor

    Matumbei mosesMatumbei moses5 dagen geleden
  • Pandemic

    Susan MilimoSusan Milimo5 dagen geleden
  • Dog TRIGUEROS 💩💩💩

    Tùng LêTùng Lê5 dagen geleden
  • i am actually happy we need to see a big change to this team they have to start from zero

    Ibrah kikinaIbrah kikina5 dagen geleden
  • Chukwueze damn good bruff

    Joe KaitoJoe Kaito5 dagen geleden
  • Simba yako

    Robert EliezaRobert Elieza5 dagen geleden
  • United 6-2 goles arsenal 1-2 😂

    A KA K5 dagen geleden
  • Arteta is shit...the defense is worst how can you win with a team like this?arteta has lost it...fcukinh moron

    Abdul TonyAbdul Tony6 dagen geleden
  • Partey should not and should never shoot outside the box so pathetic

    Eric jkoredoEric jkoredo6 dagen geleden
  • 5555ปืนปลอม

    MaLiMaLi6 dagen geleden
  • at first i thought it was real human spectator over there

    PissMennPissMenn6 dagen geleden
  • is it just me or has Arsenal forgotten how to pass :/

    Chris SlintChris Slint6 dagen geleden
  • willian what did you just do choosing arsenal :'(

    Mario Alvarado San FeliúMario Alvarado San Feliú6 dagen geleden
  • ...Arsenal has to loose this tournament so that it can be a chance for awaken...then identify the main problem..Kronkes..and thier opportunist emoyees..the Ceo ,Edu...and Arteta...who all have to go and rejuvinaton comes through new owners probably the EK...and supporters has their voice heard...

    Hayattu EsmaelHayattu Esmael6 dagen geleden
  • ilanmhbjklh;i

    ACctv SaroalngunACctv Saroalngun6 dagen geleden
  • aneh banget line up nya LoL

    dwiki kurniawandwiki kurniawan6 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal never disappoints 😂😂

    Mayur DasMayur Das6 dagen geleden
  • อูไนมันเจ้าพ่อยูโรป้า รู้ทางลูกทีมเก่า 5555555

    JK NanthawatJK Nanthawat6 dagen geleden
    • #GGMU BRO 🤚

      Ucup Sang PenghancurUcup Sang Penghancur5 dagen geleden
  • My frans misout Ozil....

    Baim jr sayaBaim jr saya6 dagen geleden
  • ทีนปืน..ทีนเล่นเพื่อสุขภาพ555

    ปรีชา พรหมพัฒน์ปรีชา พรหมพัฒน์6 dagen geleden
  • Villarreal is ready for 2nd leg in london

    Ashish AmatAshish Amat6 dagen geleden
    • @Ashish Amataaaw I am sorry to let you know before it happens that they can’t make it

      Ernest NyameErnest Nyame4 dagen geleden
    • @Ernest Nyame no Villarreal will go to the finals

      Ashish AmatAshish Amat5 dagen geleden
    • They will be kicked out

      Ernest NyameErnest Nyame5 dagen geleden
  • Disaat mu menang , disitu arsendal kalah wkwkwk

    SD LamburSD Lambur6 dagen geleden
  • Hilih ternyata arsenal gol penalti wkwkw,kirain nggak

    Fathan .RFathan .R6 dagen geleden
  • Pepe sok pro

    Nip AnippNip Anipp6 dagen geleden
  • Two English finals - in Champions and Europa leagues this year?

    Vladislav NepomnyashiyVladislav Nepomnyashiy6 dagen geleden

    Fathan .RFathan .R6 dagen geleden
  • Good ebening arsenal 😂

    Ericko SinuhajiEricko Sinuhaji6 dagen geleden
  • Arteta is getting a whole lot wrong in his management plan. How on Earth will you be experimenting new formation and squad players selection at this crucial stage of the tournament? Stop exposing xhaka's lack of pace by using him as LB. In the first place,I don't think going for 3-5-5-1 formation is a wise one with the squad we had. Martinelli should have started as true 9 rather than Pepe as false 9,and one of MÓ or ESR should have been dropped to accommodate him,while xhaka should have been paired with partey in the middle. Cedric spares would have perfectly slot in as LB in a 442/433 formation. I doubt if the coach actually experiment his tactics in the training. Anyway,whether is in to the final or not,I think Man u has this cup already. I'm a Gunner I'm btw,but I've stopped believing in this useless, unreliable, unambitious, inconsistent team.hence,I hardly gey disappointed when they mess up.

    Nelmab MayowaNelmab Mayowa6 dagen geleden
  • 😩😩😩

    Ragil StafbergRagil Stafberg6 dagen geleden
  • Artetas tactics really sucks man . There is literally no arsenal player inside the box who has the physical strength for crosses but the crosses keep on coming .

    Sivasree SSivasree S6 dagen geleden
  • Eh pd tkt klo arsenal msk final, smp2 dbantu var dan red card. Hadew

    Septian EzaramseySeptian Ezaramsey6 dagen geleden
    • laaah takut? lawan persija gw masih pegang persija😂

      Fizi JinenkFizi Jinenk5 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal are nothing without Auba.

    Robert KarumbaRobert Karumba6 dagen geleden
  • ไก่อาเชน่อล

  • Dear EPL teams don't think Laliga teams are easy... That was the result

    Remson NaoremRemson Naorem6 dagen geleden
    • @Messi Skills indeed it's gonna be lit

      Aeryl valesAeryl vales5 dagen geleden
    • @Aeryl vales No against Boht villereal and aresenal it's gone be a great match 🙏🙏

      Messi SkillsMessi Skills5 dagen geleden
    • United gonna squash both aresnal or Villarreal , no matter who wins , United's definitely winning the finals

      Aeryl valesAeryl vales5 dagen geleden
    • Premier league is the most tough followed by la liga

      Messi SkillsMessi Skills5 dagen geleden
    • @smurf king currently la Liga is bad, but remember they dominated last decade.

      Zero DeathsZero Deaths5 dagen geleden
  • Good ebaning.

    Dixit _Zeus God_ PatelDixit _Zeus God_ Patel6 dagen geleden
  • Arsenal fans. U gotta sack arteta out. This team sucks and plays like crap.

    clean dentclean dent6 dagen geleden
  • Kkko7a

    Mohd AnamuMohd Anamu6 dagen geleden
  • Unai emery be like 😎

    Dicky WahyuDicky Wahyu6 dagen geleden
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      Justin MorgenJustin Morgen6 dagen geleden
  • Udah gol cuma 1 ehh trnyata penalti pula

    MallakianMallakian6 dagen geleden