Simple off grid Cabin that anyone can build & afford

30 nov. 2020
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In this video my wife Brooke and I build a very simple, very affordable cabin. With a simple single pitch roof and only 2 windows. While I was filming this building project so was Brooke. You can check out her first video featuring this cabin by clicking the link below. I'll see you on part 2

Brooke's video

  • What books do you recommend for building a home?

    Tony TrilexTony Trilex8 minuten geleden
  • You have a beautiful property sir. Very jealous!

    Tyler HanksTyler HanksUur geleden
  • awesome!!!!

    Frank HumphriesFrank HumphriesUur geleden
  • Instead of hammering so much can you use a nail gun?

    Tony TrilexTony TrilexUur geleden
  • People should make up a bunch of these for the homeless.

    Isis BlackfeatherIsis Blackfeather3 uur geleden
  • After watching your 3 part series. I am going for it! I am building my wife an office for her business 16x24!!!! Thanks man learned a lot from these vids!

    Keith PrivetteKeith Privette4 uur geleden
  • Like your simple approach to building a little house. I am very poor but have a minimum wage job. I live in my car. If I can find a place to build one, I will. I need a place to live and would rather build it myself.

    W. R.W. R.5 uur geleden
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    Edgar SalazarEdgar Salazar5 uur geleden
  • Awesome.

    ldn0224ldn02245 uur geleden
  • Wow thanks alot for this vid xx I see my dream becoming a reality sooner than I thought God Bless you both

    Michelle Gardiner LyonMichelle Gardiner Lyon7 uur geleden
  • watching this feel weirdly peaceful. There is something calming to seeing humans building simple beautiful homes like that

    jo jojo jo8 uur geleden
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    Debbie AndrewsDebbie Andrews8 uur geleden
  • Nice

    jim irvinejim irvine10 uur geleden
  • Show me you’re unaware of your privilege without telling me you’re unaware of your privilege.

    Kristopher BattyKristopher Batty10 uur geleden

    anonymous towersanonymous towers12 uur geleden
    • yes....and your point is what?

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • grid ? did you have to buy the land

    Joker VbatmanJoker Vbatman12 uur geleden
    • yes

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • Grandpa would certainly be proud. This has been a VERY inspiring video. Thank you for sharing.

    Chris RhoadsChris Rhoads13 uur geleden
    • Thanks

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • Think I will try this as my life long challenge...... let’s see if I have the guts! Keep you posted!,,,,

    Elsa RuizElsa Ruiz15 uur geleden
    • You can do it!

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • Why are you eating that tree?

    NickNick18 uur geleden
    • ?

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • Wow...?1 kerja keras... Amazing... Nice Video, Informatif...

    Lan's KitchenLan's Kitchen19 uur geleden
    • Thanks

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • Around here we call those shoot houses ;-)

    Brandon CreightonBrandon Creighton22 uur geleden
    • Yeah it would make a fine deer blind

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • Is it possible to do this without a beard?

    Hank KingsleyHank KingsleyDag geleden
    • Nope

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • Dat dog tho 🥰

    • she's a Daisy

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
  • By chance watching this got me hooked on both your channel and Brooke's. You both have such a great attitude towards life and the simple things that end up mattering the most! Appreciate the wisdom and advice! Thanks for sharing! 👍

    Michie IMichie IDag geleden
    • Thanks so much!!

      BushradicalBushradical6 uur geleden
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    Tyrell AbbottTyrell AbbottDag geleden
  • Does anyone have recommendations for learning the basics on building. Where do I go, what books do I read etc. This is incredibly helpful and I want to do this but I know 0 about the basics like where would I put the nails, what quality materials would I need etc

    JackalJackalDag geleden
  • 🌲Great show, your grandpa would luv seeing that old saw - for sure! 🪚 sweet! I found show totally inspiring 🙏🏼 thank you, was fun just watching! I like just hearing Hammers Flying - cabin building with your hands, touches the soul! 🌲

    The Moon GoonThe Moon GoonDag geleden
  • what is a 2ft on centre standard lay out? (ive tried google and cant find any clear info.. im not a very handy guy lol) 21:35

    C JC JDag geleden
    • @Bushradical hey thanks so much for the reply. After reading your reply and doing a little more reading i know what it means now. Your videos are amazing by the way and very inspiring. Thanks

      C JC J14 uur geleden
    • Sheet good like plywood and drywall come in 4'x8' you need to use a 12 on center,16" OC or 24" OC layout so that when you nail on plywood the sheet ends in the middle of a framing member and you can continue with another sheet......nailing the edges of two sheets to the same stud or joist

      BushradicalBushradicalDag geleden
  • Great video. Do you ever feel like maybe you should anchor it to the ground to withstand high winds?

    John McHargueJohn McHargueDag geleden
    • Not really.

      BushradicalBushradicalDag geleden
  • How much is the material ONLY to assemble this cabin

    Joseph RikersJoseph RikersDag geleden
  • amazing job, the location reminds me PUBG map :P

    Costas PapachristosCostas PapachristosDag geleden
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    Malcolm BryantMalcolm BryantDag geleden
  • You think like me on that word of a man was designed to build his own house

    Jose HerreraJose Herrera2 dagen geleden
  • The good thing you all work together

    Daisy ButlerDaisy Butler2 dagen geleden
  • Hey friend, how big of a structure can a foundation like that support do you think?

    Max KetchMax Ketch2 dagen geleden
  • Very cool. Even I could afford that. Now I just need a couple hundred thousand dollars for a piece of property, then I can go live off the grid.

    Wayne KelleyWayne Kelley2 dagen geleden
  • "Human beings are creative by design." I love that you said that. We're made in God's image : )

    Andrea CooksAndrea Cooks2 dagen geleden
  • I love how people who know how to do stuff tell you how easy it is and “anyone can do it.” Sorry but we don’t all have a property with the perfect corner to build a cabin on with grandpa’s old saw. Even the simplest construction takes material, know-how and money. So no, not everyone can do it and not everyone can afford. You can.

    dexterdog62dexterdog622 dagen geleden
  • whats with the 2.5 k dislikes??? you ppl lazy ? or what??? lol

    whatIsaywhatIsay2 dagen geleden
  • Lost me immediately at location. I'm sure 98% of other people watching don't have property in their backyard (or any property) for something like this. I'd like a video explaining how to find an affordable lot and how to navigate building codes and legality surrounding this stuff, bc that's the hardest part.

    David GDavid G2 dagen geleden
  • Do you need planning approval? Here in Australia we are not allowed to build any building without local authority approval after formal application. Any dwelling has to meet many regulations, fire rating, energy rating, effluent management (toilet and wastewater), engineering certification etc etc. I own a property in a remote rural area and I can't even add a 'lean-to' on my properly approved and professionaly built shed without further building permits and approvals. I am only allowed to stay a maximum of 3 days of every month on "my" property because there is no house, even if I use a mobile home that contains all waste water produced. What you have built is great but would never be permitted as a habitation. Also any "owner builder" who builds his own structures has to be registered and follow strict guidelines, for instance you would need to restrict access via warning signage and fencing whilst constructing (even in the middle of nowhere). Local authorities actively use satellite imagery, aircraft imagery and even drones to survey properties, so you can't hide your building activities. It's great living in a free western democracy.

    Wayne McKenzieWayne McKenzie2 dagen geleden
  • This is so killer, thanks for making this! 🍻

    G SG S2 dagen geleden
  • Could u make a video on necessary supplies every off gridian needs and can u make list of the music you use for your videos it is relaxing

    Chandler SomerlotChandler Somerlot2 dagen geleden
  • 2.5 k people disliked this for no reason other than to dismiss the awesome information you've given

    Prime NovusPrime Novus2 dagen geleden
  • Why did you use nails in the floor as opposed to screws?

    Anxious-IvoryAnxious-Ivory2 dagen geleden
  • Would love to have one.

    Gigi LaurentGigi Laurent2 dagen geleden
  • Hello how can I hire you to build my cabin. I love your work and I think you guys are awesome.

    Victor ChandlerVictor Chandler2 dagen geleden
  • The outdoor walls that you used, what were they again?

    Janey McRaeJaney McRae2 dagen geleden
    • @Bushradical thank you! Also.... loved you and Brooke on alone. Cheered hard for you guys, and Brooke again when she came back.

      Janey McRaeJaney McRae2 dagen geleden
    • T111 siding

      BushradicalBushradical2 dagen geleden
  • A mans man will ALWAYS love a woman that can get out there and build something with him or fix something with him. You can't tell me anything different or change my mind.

    Cornelius ShawCornelius Shaw2 dagen geleden
    • well said

      BushradicalBushradical2 dagen geleden
  • I like your hammer

    Jaco CoetzeeJaco Coetzee2 dagen geleden
    • Thanks

      BushradicalBushradical2 dagen geleden
  • Well, I can'tafford it. Now what?

    ThomThom2 dagen geleden
    • watch part 3

      BushradicalBushradical2 dagen geleden
  • Can you use screw instead of nails is it more easier

    Justyns SaganJustyns Sagan2 dagen geleden
    • @Bushradical if you don't see the benefit why is that can you give us ya opinion

      Justyns SaganJustyns Sagan2 dagen geleden
    • I dont see the benefit

      BushradicalBushradical2 dagen geleden
  • wonderful wife who works on this same as husband do and not saying that "this is not a women's business" - I envy you, man ))

    deepV01DdeepV01D2 dagen geleden
    • thanks

      BushradicalBushradical2 dagen geleden
  • great video. sell me that truck.

    Nicholas HarrisNicholas Harris3 dagen geleden
    • LOL Its got 240k on it

      BushradicalBushradical2 dagen geleden
  • where do you get your rough cut lumber?

    Lawrence HopkinsLawrence Hopkins3 dagen geleden
  • Thank's dude

    Ryan KirkerRyan Kirker3 dagen geleden
  • i like how yall did it together.

    max Onthatrackmax Onthatrack3 dagen geleden
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    Quy TuQuy Tu3 dagen geleden
  • Solid work, nice low drama tone, clearly explained. Would have liked to see the siding lap over the deck but a bit of flashing will do the trick after.

    Dark Victory ArmoryDark Victory Armory3 dagen geleden
  • What is the largest cabin that you could build with this design and technique?

    Holden CaulfieldHolden Caulfield3 dagen geleden
  • where do you crap 'n' what do you do with the trash

    Mark PavlowskiMark Pavlowski3 dagen geleden
  • Love this video & ppl have the nerve to dislike FOH

    Robert KingRobert King3 dagen geleden
  • Probably asked a million times. Are there plans available for this?

    George GuldenGeorge Gulden3 dagen geleden
  • Wow, this was awesome. I've always wanted to build something like this but like you said, I never thought I actually knew how. I always assumed it needed to be left to the professionals. I don't know If I'll ever be lucky enough to actually get to do this, but if it ever happens, I'll feel like I actually know where to begin. Thank you guys for sharing this!

    Ninja TonyNinja Tony3 dagen geleden
  • 10 or 12 foot rafters?

    Stanton WebbStanton Webb3 dagen geleden
  • How did power the power tools?🤔

    Givingitashot.Givingitashot.3 dagen geleden
  • i could not do this with the old lady no work would ever get done know what i mean

    jesse jamesjesse james3 dagen geleden
  • My grandpa was a carpenter and builder too. I can really appreciate the way you guys are building this cabin; bet he would have too. Great video. Cheers!

    Tim WilliamsTim Williams3 dagen geleden
  • how much this affordable mini house costs?

    Simon's StuffSimon's Stuff3 dagen geleden
  • Great video. Love listening to Ron Swanson's voice.

    G HG H3 dagen geleden

    Ray MingsRay Mings3 dagen geleden
  • Why no anchoring the post into the concrete?

  • Your grandpa would be proud. Good work you two. I love it.

    Hope FranklinHope Franklin3 dagen geleden
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    Legit PaircaptchaLegit Paircaptcha4 dagen geleden
  • Great video....

    Thunder RoadThunder Road4 dagen geleden
  • Awsome!

    Daniel GrayDaniel Gray4 dagen geleden
  • What’s the largest structure you would put on that type of foundation, i think your cabin is a 10X12 what’s the largest i could go and use the concrete disk.

    Gina WildGina Wild4 dagen geleden
  • I do like nails and hammer for being old school but isn't impact driver/screws just better?

    Peter FREEDIVINGPeter FREEDIVING4 dagen geleden
  • One of the best and most inspirational build series we’ve seen! Really needed the stove info. Thanks guys!

    Chris CoxChris Cox4 dagen geleden
  • I am fascinated by this! I really want a cabin like this. Once I buy land, I want to do this!

    Ryan SchimmingRyan Schimming4 dagen geleden
  • Awesome video brother!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Miguel JuanezMiguel Juanez4 dagen geleden
  • I like the story of Grandpa's saw.

    kebmankebman4 dagen geleden
  • Brooke, are badass! Rock on!

    Squirrel FishSquirrel Fish4 dagen geleden
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    Francisco PortilloFrancisco Portillo4 dagen geleden
  • thank you this was a very easy simple way to build a nice little cabin you two are awesome! I really enjoyed this video! great job! awesome team work. God bless you!!!

    Isabelle AnayaIsabelle Anaya4 dagen geleden
  • Impressive and inspirational. Nicely done.

    Mango BrutusMango Brutus4 dagen geleden
  • lucky guy. my ballbuster wouldn't pick up a hammer, let alone rough it while helping me build a cabin.

    Chris M.Chris M.4 dagen geleden
  • This structure is not secured to the soil. Some shallow flagstones will not protect the building from blowing off. Worst case scenario has it rolling end over end. Yikes!

    Aaron MayerAaron Mayer4 dagen geleden
    • Was scrolling for a comment I was kinda thinking like buckets if cement with posts in it would be more stable

      EE3 dagen geleden
  • Now I just need a septic and water for 1k combined, and I'm all set! Honestly, that's all the home I need!

    KBU SWAVEKBU SWAVE4 dagen geleden
    • @Bushradical Do you bring in water? How do you shower?

      KBU SWAVEKBU SWAVE4 dagen geleden
    • We have an out house...

      BushradicalBushradical4 dagen geleden
  • Budget?

    Antonio DishingtonAntonio Dishington4 dagen geleden
  • 13:55 - 👍🏻

    Владимир ВолодинВладимир Володин4 dagen geleden
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    Head WadeHead Wade4 dagen geleden
  • Im a 20 year professional inner city firefighter and qualified electrician but when i see people wood working here i feel something inside , a kind of calling. I should have been a carpenter like my father. I see a new hobby on the horizon lol

    MR no oneMR no one4 dagen geleden
  • I always found it easier to put the joist hangers on first. Then your cuts don't have to be absolutely perfect. An added benefit it is one person can lay in the joists by themselves so the other person can be doing something else.

    Chris RobbinsChris Robbins5 dagen geleden
  • you changed my life. Thanks!

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name5 dagen geleden
  • This is an overprized & glorified shed. "Anyone can afford" - no. You overbuilt a thing of questionable usability in an expensive way. Wouldn't be livable in colder climate, apart from summer months.

    Gr PwnGr Pwn5 dagen geleden
  • Brooke is more of a man than 99% of the "dudes" walking around today

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    aryan mumbaiaryan mumbai5 dagen geleden
  • 3:53 A cement workers definition of level. lol.

    EwodosEwodos5 dagen geleden
  • So so soothing watching this,thanks guys!

    Ettnoll BajenEttnoll Bajen5 dagen geleden