3 jun. 2019
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The Sidemen take on the toughest strength test they've ever had to face, Who do you think is the strongest Sideman?
Shaun Stafford:
City Athletic Gym:
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  • Toby cheated on the plank

    AAUur geleden
  • It would be great if they did it again seen as Ethan has come so far

    Fergal McNamaraFergal McNamara5 uur geleden
  • I’m 13 and I can bench what KSU could in 2016 no cap

    Griffen ZuccoGriffen Zucco11 uur geleden
  • 22:12

    gguuukiegguuukie21 uur geleden
  • 7:24 i'll just leave this here...

    MR. NOOBMR. NOOBDag geleden
  • 70 kg on one hand is piss light work ill start from 140 onwards up to 180 210

    jambo bobjambo bobDag geleden
  • Vik did bad to our Shaun 26:42

    Gurjet SinghGurjet SinghDag geleden
  • Wait, is Shawn secretly Fernando Torres

    T WtT WtDag geleden
  • Everyone, how does KSI weigh 101 pounds, yet Vik weighs 140?!?! That doesn't make sense to me lol.

    Jonah EwaltJonah EwaltDag geleden
    • It's in kilograms. When vik said 140 he actually meant 140-20= 120, 120/2=60kg. KSI weight was 101kg

      Natti HiruyNatti HiruyDag geleden
  • 99.9 mf pounds? How short is he?

    ARGUS_EYED_90ARGUS_EYED_90Dag geleden
    • He meant 100 kg which is about 220 pounds

      CumBlasterCumBlasterDag geleden
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    Jamal JamaJamal JamaDag geleden
  • Miniminter diddent even contest bless him xDD 🤣😂

    FreshiFreshi2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • we want gym challenge

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • wreres the next video of next year

    ihtisham ulhaqihtisham ulhaq2 dagen geleden
  • So unprofessional, no belt on 45 Ibs??? Could’ve done serious injury 😡

    Jake WalkerJake Walker2 dagen geleden
    • It's kg

      CumBlasterCumBlasterDag geleden
  • Who else 15 and can bench 230? Respect to all the football players out there.

    X MappleDee X FieldX MappleDee X Field2 dagen geleden
  • Anyone wanna convert kg into pounds for us?

    X MappleDee X FieldX MappleDee X Field2 dagen geleden
  • 22:08 look at the size of those arms, Jesus

    Sausage ManSausage Man2 dagen geleden
  • 0:05 pause=jj starring into your soul

    gaming 3Dgaming 3D2 dagen geleden
  • It makes me happy to know that im 14 and can lift more Than vik

    ThickAndSlimThickAndSlim2 dagen geleden
  • b4 i even watched the video i just thought "JJ's gonna win"

    I GI G3 dagen geleden
  • Who would've guessed, they skipped squats...

    TubblesTubbles3 dagen geleden
  • 0:55 hee... Heeeeee... HHHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    Saiyan AlmightySaiyan Almighty3 dagen geleden
  • Ksi

    Visual TruVisual Tru3 dagen geleden
    • Same

      Daniel CunninghamDaniel Cunningham3 dagen geleden
  • Next time split the hands when doing planks!

    Erron MehmetiErron Mehmeti3 dagen geleden
  • What happened to the squat ?

    Vale PrinsenVale Prinsen4 dagen geleden
  • Tobs arse is fully in the air

    taylor jonestaylor jones4 dagen geleden
  • JJ had that 120

    taylor jonestaylor jones4 dagen geleden
  • can u do another one this year

    cameron 08cameron 084 dagen geleden
    • That all depends on lockdown

      JellySlopefall 57JellySlopefall 573 dagen geleden
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    Luna MoonLuna Moon4 dagen geleden
  • hi

    legend awaanlegend awaan4 dagen geleden
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    Arthur New AccArthur New Acc4 dagen geleden
  • imagine being in a fight with muscular Vikk...

    DehjkyngDehjkyng4 dagen geleden
  • I haven’t watched the video yet, but I know already vik won

    Izzy _Izzy _4 dagen geleden
  • Ksi is the best part of this

    Louis JeffriesLouis Jeffries4 dagen geleden
  • Those are not 100 kg

    Adhurim EjupiAdhurim Ejupi4 dagen geleden
  • I’m actually surprised as to how strong they are

    James KibaaraJames Kibaara4 dagen geleden
  • Xd really🤐 i do 15 reps ksi do only 9

    Sharu racerSharu racer4 dagen geleden
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    Nowicki DesimoneNowicki Desimone5 dagen geleden
  • The man spotting is fit

    Abbie GrayAbbie Gray5 dagen geleden
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    Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson5 dagen geleden
  • 15:38

    ZaviiiZaviii5 dagen geleden
  • Anyone know what the music is at 21:36??

    Just Me HazzaJust Me Hazza5 dagen geleden
  • The bar does not look like its 180 pounds????

    destroyer806destroyer8065 dagen geleden

    Joe Garza761Joe Garza7615 dagen geleden
  • I knew KSI would win

    DKING MONEYDKING MONEY5 dagen geleden
  • Not gonna lie didn’t think Tobi or Vic was gonna last that long 😂😂😂😂

    DKING MONEYDKING MONEY5 dagen geleden
  • could have gotten the 120 if he used leg drive

    MallhiMallhi5 dagen geleden
  • Only if they knew 😐🙁29:05

    WilFrodoWilFrodo5 dagen geleden
  • 15:38 don’t mind me just a personal timestamp

    John MaxwellreidJohn Maxwellreid5 dagen geleden
  • Tobi and vik may be the weakest physically but not mentally...

    John MaxwellreidJohn Maxwellreid5 dagen geleden
  • LMAO poor shaun or whatever his name is. Vik left him hanging when man just want to give vik some support

    He Turns Himself Into A PickleHe Turns Himself Into A Pickle5 dagen geleden
  • This comment section is ruthless XD

    james Cupidonjames Cupidon6 dagen geleden
  • wait KSI weighs 99.9 or am i missing something

    Eclipz EditzEclipz Editz6 dagen geleden
  • To be fair Ethan would probably be able to do the 100 kg now

    Ghost HyperGhost Hyper6 dagen geleden
  • Should replace 180 for KSI. To 3.14

    Why Not GamezzWhy Not Gamezz6 dagen geleden
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    Lao YnawLao Ynaw6 dagen geleden
  • I’m 14 and I can do 9 chin ups I was surprised how everyone got around 10 ish

    William ScanlonWilliam Scanlon6 dagen geleden
  • Bro that spotter is terrible lowkey

    Nils Stjärnfäldt 9Nils Stjärnfäldt 97 dagen geleden
  • Thumbnail: Watermelon

    ameloskii ™ameloskii ™7 dagen geleden
  • Hernia 😂 I'm waiting

    Tejas PodeTejas Pode7 dagen geleden
  • So what’s in jjs pocket on 70kg

    Matthew HillMatthew Hill7 dagen geleden
  • Harry sounds like Mario 64 Mario when pushing the weights😂

    Higgomark1Higgomark17 dagen geleden
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    RussellkirkyRussellkirky7 dagen geleden
  • I'm pretty happy to say that despite being 160 lbs I'm stronger than all of them except KSI who is just barely stronger than me. But I can do like triple as many pull ups as him and plank way longer lol

    John DoeJohn Doe7 dagen geleden
  • Im 16 and can lift 102 kg😄

    kendalkendal8 dagen geleden
  • 8:40 KSobi

    Akshat AanandAkshat Aanand8 dagen geleden
  • Only few months remaining LADs

    Safwan FarhanSafwan Farhan8 dagen geleden
  • Nobody: Ksi: 👁👄👁

    Euph0ryaEuph0rya8 dagen geleden
  • Gotta say its weak that KSI weight is 99.9 kg, but he can only do 115kg.

    KrillKrill9 dagen geleden
  • Bro ksi is so strong

    Volkan GurVolkan Gur9 dagen geleden
  • To be honest with y'all guys are weak my highest bench in the 340 pounds and deadlift is in 700 pounds squat over 600 pounds

    Tyson Jean PierreTyson Jean Pierre9 dagen geleden
    • no one cares tyson

      Lancer Captain KellsLancer Captain Kells6 dagen geleden
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    Keem BogartKeem Bogart9 dagen geleden
  • If feel like 90% of these numbers are bullshit lmao

    The ServoThe Servo9 dagen geleden
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    lal agunlal agun9 dagen geleden
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    Jonathan WagnerJonathan Wagner9 dagen geleden
  • 4:32 every girl on insta 😘

    ____________9 dagen geleden
  • I'd say based off body weight Toby was the most impressive. Lifting the same as guys who weigh 50% more than him is a very good achievement 👏

    scott sandersscott sanders9 dagen geleden
    • Some of the other's can lift more but Toby's just so disciplined with it, super impressive

      TT4 dagen geleden
  • Ethan: come back next year Covid: 😈 r u sure about that

    Jumal_HJumal_H9 dagen geleden
  • they sould do this video agian, just to se the progresion

    Ted KumaTed Kuma10 dagen geleden
  • 11:20

    Berrima SouhailBerrima Souhail10 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else waiting for an updated version?

    Jason HartJason Hart10 dagen geleden
  • Tobi is weak.

    SSQ_ SkullzSSQ_ Skullz10 dagen geleden

    Lizzy AhmadLizzy Ahmad10 dagen geleden
  • video: sidemen strength challenge simon: i only have 1 arm left so go easy on me

    Shiny the SalesmanShiny the Salesman10 dagen geleden
  • Simon didnt have an injury he just didnt want to do it because hes skinny and not as strong (This is a joke btw)

    Venomous OrangeVenomous Orange10 dagen geleden
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    Ebenezer SamEbenezer Sam10 dagen geleden