Should Your Boyfriend Play Horizon Zero Dawn?

9 mrt. 2019
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Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse. #horizon #gaming #ps4
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  • Knack 2 baby

    Chandler EvansChandler Evans14 uur geleden
  • Tips for the second Horizon game, make it the same but... it's Zelda Breath of the Wild.

    Definitly a humanDefinitly a human17 uur geleden
  • where can I find a gamer girl haha

    S.R. MooreS.R. Moore22 uur geleden
  • I just discovered this channel and I had to binge watch it.. I'm constantly asking myself "How good is this channel?!" I love everything from the editing to the narration/singing ps I love all the witcher references Keep up the good work.

    manofglass _manofglass _Dag geleden
  • I mean I don't understand her questions on the beginning I typically play as female characters when given the option

    Segmented SanctumSegmented SanctumDag geleden
  • I've seen your videos in my feed. This is my first watch. Incredible content

    Matt MirandaMatt MirandaDag geleden
  • Of course gingers have souls. We eat them. That's how we survive

    Will Gallagher SandersonWill Gallagher SandersonDag geleden
  • Horizon also has one of the strongest arcs for its lead character in any open world game. Aloy has a journey, and its progression is surprisingly organic for a genre that's constantly challenged by accidental sequence breaking. The game's overarching story also has clear and strong themes. Hubris, compassion, self sacrifice, acceptance of others. The narrative highly values curiosity and reason, but also emphasizes the values of compassion and empathy as a remedy for narcistic delusion, lacking which you end up with a Ted Faro or a Helis. As for the janky facial animation and voice acting . . . I'm struggling to think of an expansive open world game where facial-ani and supporting voices are considered top class. I think its just one of the accepted trade offs in this type of game.

    Harrison FrossHarrison FrossDag geleden
  • So we know it wont be dawn 2 dusk.

    Jc RoblesJc RoblesDag geleden
  • Dudes dont care what they play as. Just make the game good.

    JasonJason2 dagen geleden
  • Horizon is the first game I've liked just as much as the Zelda series. I cant wait for the next one!

    Michael St. AntoineMichael St. Antoine2 dagen geleden
  • Better question is why do you want your boyfriend to play a female character? Does this somehow make him more of man if he does? Do you secretly want your boyfriend to be a girlfriend instead? I play male characters because I am a male. I have no desire to play a woman and I do like women.

    zuber duberzuber duber3 dagen geleden
  • Kingdom come deliverance?

  • Since I be lookin like Merida: •_• And "stealth archer"... *DID I SEE MY SANITY SKYRIM?!?!*

    Ray DixonRay Dixon4 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait to get Horizon Forbidden West. I want more of Aloy and her world.

    Disco VolanteDisco Volante4 dagen geleden
  • I love Aloy.

    Disco VolanteDisco Volante4 dagen geleden
  • Subnautica?

    Daniel HamvasDaniel Hamvas4 dagen geleden
  • I'm particularly interested in games with a female as the main character. I'm very happy things have changed, there really weren't this amount of female-leading games several years ago, can't see why they didn't make it.

    Narwhal BlastNarwhal Blast5 dagen geleden
  • 𝐛𝐫𝐮𝐡

    Julia :DJulia :D5 dagen geleden
  • First hearing of this channel, clicked on this video ready to be all... "Should your boyfriend, How dare you tell your BF what he cant and cat play. Then give a review but not play the game and probably base it on just having a female protagonist!" Then she went and gave a funny, honest, and good review of how everyone felt of the game when we played it. Chaps to you madam. You have gotten my sub

    D4BigBoiD4BigBoi6 dagen geleden
  • A protagonist of a realistic game being a female that doesn’t wear a weird kinky outfit is really exciting for me even though I’m a boy

    Mateo Gros-SlovinskyMateo Gros-Slovinsky6 dagen geleden
  • Ask him to read books for girls and that will show his true soft side or not????

    Sorrowful sheepSorrowful sheep6 dagen geleden
  • It seems they did not pick-up on all your recommendations for Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. ;-)

    Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs6 dagen geleden
  • Why the FRICK did I never use the rope caster on the storm birds?!

    Missy GibsonMissy Gibson7 dagen geleden
  • Horizon is the best game of all times Of course he should!!!

    Matheus PortugalMatheus Portugal7 dagen geleden
  • Now I wanna play this again!

    Tyler WatersTyler Waters7 dagen geleden
  • Metro Exodus , when?

    Hovhannes VardanyanHovhannes Vardanyan7 dagen geleden
  • It plays sooo much better on PC. But it's no surprise, they were really stretching the limits of PS4 with this one.

    Jaan PulleritsJaan Pullerits8 dagen geleden
  • me and many people i know choose female characters in most rpgs.

    xx xxxx xx9 dagen geleden
  • Lol I still play this game soooo much

    Screw FortniteScrew Fortnite10 dagen geleden
  • I loved everything about that game. Can't wait until the sequel

    Adolfo VillarroelAdolfo Villarroel10 dagen geleden
  • I understand you in every point. But you missed the fact that the music is just overwhelming. I love it so freaking much that I- yeah idk

    Miss timefoxhdMiss timefoxhd10 dagen geleden
  • I'm dead f*cking serious, in at least the last half year I didn't laugh this hard as when that part came up with what you boyfriend turns skyrim and crysis into.

    Zoltán NagyZoltán Nagy11 dagen geleden
  • What about ps2's blood rayne, that was a bad ass game .

    Micheal HudsonMicheal Hudson11 dagen geleden
  • Just finished it the other day. It's so good !

    LouisLouis13 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one who watches this video and has no girlfriend?

    Gia Vũ PhanGia Vũ Phan13 dagen geleden
  • Then make your boyfriend play celest, or mirror's edge , or undertale or

    Takla Hiro BUTHANTakla Hiro BUTHAN14 dagen geleden
  • The same thing goes with Control... Redhead!

    FelidaeFelidae15 dagen geleden
  • Samus was such a good and satisfying argument he chose to present lmao

    A bag of chipsA bag of chips15 dagen geleden
  • The best surprise franchise this gen for me. Like gameplay 10/10 when you fight robots. Hadnt so much fun since Dark Souls arrived. Just play Horizon on hard :)

    AlexrigaAlexriga15 dagen geleden
  • its even more pretty on pc.

    matthew keatingmatthew keating17 dagen geleden
  • Why is playing as a female in games weird? Allot of games let you play as an Elf or an Orc or in some cases a piece of bread so why so much stigma towards playing as a girl? Makes no sense to me at all to be honest

    Jibb3rsJibb3rs18 dagen geleden
  • There are tons of female leads....

    Hawker75Hawker7518 dagen geleden
  • forza horizon zero until dawn of war thunder

    MystaHectorMystaHector20 dagen geleden
  • This was the 3rd Strand type game.

    Aaryan BhardwajAaryan Bhardwaj20 dagen geleden
  • HZD is amazing. I love Alloy.

    The JaneThe Jane21 dag geleden
  • I can’t stop playing this game!! For more reasons than the obvious one as you look at my profile pic :P My first run through was like 2 years ago and I still can pick it up whenever and enjoy it so much. I would super love if we could climb anything though. I was trying to Skyrim-level hack jump my way up one of the rock faces near a bandit camp that’s near the spire...wasn’t working :/ it would be cool if there were some Lara Croft type climbing features. And more customizability esp in what she wears. Love this game though. All time favorite game.

    Rebecca FergusonRebecca Ferguson22 dagen geleden
  • OK, first off, "Unrivaled weather and cloud systems"? The planet reverses direction and rotates backwards at night! They apparently can't even fix this? Heh. Yes, they did do a brilliant job with the scenery, despite the little glitches. It's spectacular, I agree! Second, it's 2020, women have been featured protagonists in video games since I was in high school...and I was born in the early sixties. This is not new. What does distinguish HZD is some emotional depth. The story is fantastic, immersive and engrossing right from the first second of the game! Even Square Enix, who frequently manage great storytelling and masterful characterization, could learn a few things from HZD. The player is pulled into the story and into identifying with Aloy from her first seconds on the screen, when the player is shown a scene wherein the player learns that "outcast" infant Aloy may be denied even a name by her tribe. Then, as she grows up, the player is given the opportunity to empathize with Aloy's fierce determination to have answers about who she is and where she comes from, no matter what it costs in grueling training and in pushing herself to survive and master a harsh world. Watching her train, as a child with Rost, her adoptive father, is a brilliant idea to immerse the player in the character's story. As the father of daughters myself, I got engrossed in their complex relationship: Rost can be inflexible and stern, even harsh, apparently hard to approach with emotional directness, but he is dedicated and demonstrates his love for the adoptive daughter in his care in ways he does not affirm in words. After that opening sequence I found myself determined to see Aloy survive her challenges, find the answers she needs, and the acceptance and respect she deserves, and ultimately, save her people. Aloy is not some demigoddess superhero Mary Sue; she is a human being with human frailties and limitations and she has earned her skills and abilities as we all do, through hard work and character. The player, male or female, can really identify with this very human protagonist who exhibits exemplary human virtues, including courage, discipline, determination, fortitude, perseverance, intelligence, and yes, even emotional character virtues like empathy, magnanimity, and humility. This kind of emotional immersion makes HZD not only a fun game to play, but also a great story to experience. Video games that touch the level of good literature/cinema are not common at all, and good writing and story are, in a game like HZD, as crucial to the success of the game as the technical issues and play mechanics, and it is this particular distinction that I believe made HZD such a surprising success in the market.

    deepfriedsammichdeepfriedsammich22 dagen geleden
  • Meanwhile Lara: excuse me?

    DC RenDC Ren23 dagen geleden

    woop woop_10woop woop_1023 dagen geleden
  • 'But he still asked me which I rather see first on 4K HDR on an OLED screen' - How romantic. Todays aquiquallent of him giving her fire in his cave and he hunted down a rabbit instead of a mamooth. Zbunga, her female friend got a freaking raw mamooth from her man, but guess a grilled rabbit will do, since girlfriend-reviews man has already newest technology called fuckin' fire. Now they can throw this piece of previously fast running meat on another stone and showel it into their empty bellys. What an achievement! Many children will be awaited soon!

    Milan BogdanovicMilan Bogdanovic27 dagen geleden
  • Lara Croft: ummmm........ O_O

    pseutubepseutube28 dagen geleden
  • The end of the world is a crooked steel paradise and a lush colorful nightmare.

    kleinbottled79kleinbottled7929 dagen geleden
  • Puh....first world Problems.......*hust*

    01001101001010 010011010101001101001010 0100110101Maand geleden
  • i still didt play it i love bow and arrow style but it looks like its press click shot xD you dont have scope or some headshot animations like in ubisoft or bethesta games if you understand me

    Saša BogdanovićSaša BogdanovićMaand geleden
  • I almost always pick or make girl characters because the dude character almost never looks cool unless Devil May Cry, Ky Kiske GGXrd, Snake MGVTPP, or Vanquish.

    Avarice OneAvarice OneMaand geleden
  • Where are you finding the popin and physics glitches? I'm 15-20 hours in and haven't found any :(

    Ryan MuellerRyan MuellerMaand geleden
  • Did she just miss Tomb Raider?

    brazwenbrazwenMaand geleden
  • This is also one of my favorite games in the Open-World Stealth Archer Somersault Stab Loot and Craft Detective Mode Tower Climb to Reveal Map Then Get Sidequest Fatigue genre. But I think my #1 favorite is still Breath of the Wild.

    HJHJMaand geleden
  • He never played Tomb Raider?

    Thunder LifeThunder LifeMaand geleden
  • ever heard of tomb raider ? like a game around for ages..

    cuneyt oksuzcuneyt oksuzMaand geleden
    • No, who's that Tomb Raider guy? Doesn't sound like a nice dude...

      AdvoAdvo7 dagen geleden
  • By far the most beautiful game I ever played.

    Muhammad MuqtaderMuhammad MuqtaderMaand geleden
  • one thing to add : make glinthawks rideable or any other machine rideable imagine running 'gainst the evils of the eclipse on the bag of "the mighty behemoth" (quote from helis) 😆

    M HM HMaand geleden
  • Is there any boning in the game?

    Jeff DranetzJeff DranetzMaand geleden
    • Lots of dead people, so...

      Kiriha ObinaKiriha Obina21 dag geleden
  • I got this game on PC a few days ago and I haven’t been able to stop playing. Once I got the hang of the combat it was so satisfying to take down huge machines that I would just do it for fun. Can’t wait for the sequel!

    Emily GrieseEmily GrieseMaand geleden
  • This channel copied ranton

  • Considering I didn't speak to anyone for two weeks after I started this game I thought the review would say something like "If you don't want a boyfriend anymore, let him play this"

    Andrei StanciuAndrei StanciuMaand geleden
  • And metorid was truly one of the best and coolest memories growing up knowing thst a protagonist dosent have to be masculine

    Andrew James CoxAndrew James CoxMaand geleden
  • Rescuers down under!!!! Everything you reviewed was on point Wow seriously thank you for this so feeling 2000and late for just finding this but your reviews are terrific As we say here in Oakland Ca straight gangsta keep doing what you doing mama this is awesome

    Andrew James CoxAndrew James CoxMaand geleden
  • didnt they got bought by chinese company?

    마구와구마구와구Maand geleden

    cıcı kuş inkanalıcıcı kuş inkanalıMaand geleden
  • Nope he shouldn't. It's a beautiful game, just that. Boring repetitive gameplay, lame voices and poor history. Feels like an all-in on visuals rushed game (just enviromental btw). They could've done way more with such a cool idea.

    RyperzRyperzMaand geleden
  • Felt that for Super Metoid! That game is one of my childhood favs!

    Jerol OwensJerol OwensMaand geleden

    vubevubevubevubeMaand geleden
  • Honestly so feminist most guys enjoy playing as girls i tend to be girls when i play a game on that allows me to make a girl

    freedom fighterfreedom fighterMaand geleden
  • I like playing female characters.

    Mark MurexMark MurexMaand geleden
  • This is toxic masculinity related to a false flag.

    That big oneThat big oneMaand geleden
  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey can be played as a girl (woman) character. Lara Croft series?? So nothing new.

    Péter MojzesPéter MojzesMaand geleden
  • My daughter loves Merida. Won’t play Disney’s Brave...will play Horizon Zero Dawn.

    The White WolfThe White WolfMaand geleden
  • Hell why dont you play it yourself

    Brr LegoBrr LegoMaand geleden
  • As a guy I love playing the female characters. If the game gives me a choice, I'll always pick the female. Don't really see the big deal.

    Wade the Slade WilsonWade the Slade WilsonMaand geleden
  • 3:54 Not Ron Swanson but Till Lindeman from Rammstein! 🤣👍

    Allan StrandbergAllan StrandbergMaand geleden
  • Console gaming: Stunting the development of complex PC games for decades

    NorthyNorthyMaand geleden
  • Hmm. The animations and emotional responses all seemed incredibly realistic to me. I'm autistic, though. Maybe games like this are a good way for non-autistic people to see what every day human interactions look like from our perspective? I didn't notice the lip syncs weren't motion captured.

    Mason DeRossMason DeRossMaand geleden
  • Truth be told, I didn’t even think about it while playing as a female character in horizon dawn. just like I don’t think about it when playing as a male character in games. I only think about it when females bring it up. It’s almost as if their creating issues where no issues exist. Can’t say I’ve seen that before. 🤥

    RaptureCalfRaptureCalfMaand geleden
  • No cos boyfriend has crush on aloy

    FishyFishyMaand geleden
  • Aloy... has meddle. See what I did there? It sounds like "metal".

    CW TabletCW TabletMaand geleden
  • I don't understand how there are suddenly so many negative comments under this video??

  • love the game amazing environment stunning visual I would have really missed out if I never play this game and just like you said Horizon forbidden West it's going to kill it and she's a redhead love the girl...😃

    Lisboa LisboaLisboa LisboaMaand geleden
  • cant tell if this is satire

    the green balloonthe green balloonMaand geleden
    • It's pretty obvious.

      Girlfriend ReviewsGirlfriend ReviewsMaand geleden
  • A robot sidekick? That is a great idea. She has the Focus, but that is for sensing and translating things she has already found, not for physical help help in her quests, though sometimes those mounts she can call up can help in fights against the lesser machines and the ability to "override" enemy machines for limited assistance is also useful. A robot hummingbird or something like that for help in finding things and confusing enemies might be a very good idea! Perhaps unnecessary though...

    Nathan OkunNathan OkunMaand geleden
  • Ι dont agree with this. I think a guy (or anyone) can do and play whatever he wants. (Also her name is Aloy)

    ath fereath fereMaand geleden
    • This channel has nothing to do with that.

      Girlfriend ReviewsGirlfriend ReviewsMaand geleden
  • Tomb raider series?

    Nandhagopal SureshNandhagopal SureshMaand geleden
  • this is the most stupid video i'v seen on yt so finger down and block de the channel

    Sebastian WardSebastian WardMaand geleden
  • No, he should play Witcher 3. That's the gold-standard test of if his girlfriend is a needy haranguing harpy.

    Paul O'NeillPaul O'NeillMaand geleden
  • Aloy finna take ya man ladies

    James.T .AdamsJames.T .AdamsMaand geleden
  • Empaths look at your shoes 😉

    Westy DiddlyWesty DiddlyMaand geleden
  • How dare you, let me introduce you to Laura Croft...

    Jacob ObergJacob ObergMaand geleden
  • Rope caster as tight rope and zip line is the best idea.

    sheehan666sheehan666Maand geleden
  • That Crysis joke

    Anders MüllerAnders MüllerMaand geleden