SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV

22 feb. 2021
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SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" is out!
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01 Don't Call Me
02 Heart Attack
03 Marry You
05 I Really Want You
06 Kiss Kiss
07 Body Rhythm
08 Attention
09 빈칸 (Kind)
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SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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  • i came here because kimbab family 🤗😙

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  • Click the link from kimbab family yt channel so in love how onew and taemin interact with kiddos, shinee samchoon fightinggggg!!

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  • Came here because of KIMBAB FAMILY Btw.. jangan2 ini lagu awalnya buat E

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  • Shinee collecting new fans from different shows. welcome all

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  • I came here because kimbabfamily youtube collaboration with Taemin & Onew Shinee ... and i like this song🤍🤍🤍🤍

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  • I don't know if the woman faces on the roof glass at 1:42 was intentional or just a mere coincidence or I'm just seeing things but it's a genius anyway look so aesthetic

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  • *i honestly feel like I've been kicked jacked thrown into heaven*

  • Guys, what's your favorite song from the Album? For me it's Kiss Kiss, can't stop listening it

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  • Dont Call me

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  • i came here because kimbab family, love it!

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  • Someone please take my phone away. Since 22.feb I'm here all the days!! I addicted to this song!

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  • Is it just me or Key sounds like Baekhyun..... Like, the first note that Key sang.... They sound alike

    Karylle IlasKarylle Ilas4 minuten geleden
    • Kinda... they both have this throaty vocal texture but Baek’s lower register is fuller. Both great vocalists.

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  • Please come to India ❤️ Saranghae

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  • hi shinee. i'm from indonesia. i'm here after watching kimbab family

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  • I really like the content of Taemin and Onew together (Kimbab family) I hope Taemin and Onew can come to the kimbab family house I'm really waiting for the next Taemin and Onew content with the kimbab family

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  • Hi shinee im from imdonesian.ilike👍👍👍👍👍

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  • This is exactly why i pay for internet

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  • SNSD with Gee and SHINee with Ring Ding Dong lead the Kpop Hallyu wave back in 2009 across Asia. It was insane because everyone knew the song and it was many of our first exposures to Kpop ❤️ (this is at least from my experience in Singapore)

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    • @Azila Maiyuni Artika Damanik kita satu piring ngab😂

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  • Lagunya bagus, tarian nya menarik, tadi siang lihat SHINee di IU TV seneng banget liat interaksi mereka dan barusan habis lihat kimbab family ketemu dengan SHINee, seneng banget, enjoy banget lihat video2nya, sukses selalu, bahagia selalu, sehat selalu untuk semua. Selamat untuk SHINee 💎, semangat dan sukses selalu ❤ #SHINee Is Back

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  • I love it so much

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  • Setelah liat collab sama kimbab family jadi di puter2 terus mv nya shinee... Jadi bertambah berkali kali lipat suka nya ..

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  • I watched minho on the return of superman with park family, then watched onew and taemin on kimbab family channel. Shinee is so friendly with kids💕

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  • The album was totally dope and a bop😍🔥

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  • ناس تمسلت تكتبت تعليق من الجزمه الي براسهم

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  • Don't call me Don't call me Don't call me

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