Shiba Inu Discovers Strawberries

28 dec. 2020
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  • Snack approved

    Dylan MounseyDylan Mounsey5 uur geleden
  • hes like : how tf do i even eat this

    battle tvbattle tv3 dagen geleden
  • Also great for introducing more color into your carpet.

    meepmeepmeepmeep3 dagen geleden
  • i swear each day i am turning into my asian parents because i audibly gasped when the strawberry landed on the WHITE carpet

    kaijakaija3 dagen geleden
  • Doge, To the Moon 🌚 🌝 🚀🐕🇨🇦

    X l XX l X5 dagen geleden
  • *drama music playing* * half a strawberry falling slowly on the carpet *

    TekpafTekpaf5 dagen geleden
  • Don’t be shy tell me you just pressed the “Most Popular” button on his channel.

    Arpit PachouriArpit Pachouri5 dagen geleden
    • 😂😂

      Arpit PachouriArpit Pachouri4 dagen geleden
    • @some weird kid no u

      Arpit PachouriArpit Pachouri4 dagen geleden
    • *no*

      some weird kidsome weird kid5 dagen geleden
  • to the mooon

    David CartagenaDavid Cartagena5 dagen geleden
  • That's not shiba. That's dogecoin.

    Me KroBarMe KroBar6 dagen geleden
  • Of course he chose to eat it on the carpet, lol

    Fission MailedFission Mailed9 dagen geleden
  • bro strawberries are supposed to be poisonous

    WasobihWasobih9 dagen geleden
    • @Wasobih I knew it, I just had to play along

      every name i make is cringeevery name i make is cringe8 dagen geleden
    • @every name i make is cringe bro im playing 😂

      WasobihWasobih8 dagen geleden
    • @Wasobih no need to get toxic

      every name i make is cringeevery name i make is cringe9 dagen geleden
    • @every name i make is cringe nah bro think ab it red stuff and like yellow is poison unless the color is soft. basically all berries are that color or black cus they grow on trees so they get the colors of their leaves but strawberries grow on ground without no tree relation it's rlly weird. they even got yellow dots on them like spider eyes everything screaming bad and still they're edible cus they decided to become berries so stupid.

      WasobihWasobih9 dagen geleden
    • Your joking

      every name i make is cringeevery name i make is cringe9 dagen geleden
  • for a second in the thumbnail i thought there was a giant strawberry behind kenji

    Mark RiveraMark Rivera9 dagen geleden
  • Kenji is the most Shiba Inu name ever.

    CaelestiiCaelestii9 dagen geleden
  • I love how every owner of a Shiba has to give them some pseudo eastern name

    NeverenCHNeverenCH9 dagen geleden
  • My dog does the same thing with strawberries except she spits it out on the ground

    mdhccccmdhcccc10 dagen geleden
  • Yummy?!

    CinemaOnWaffleCinemaOnWaffle10 dagen geleden
  • Why? Is her mouth too weak to chew this? I don't get it.

    artyom MoXiDartyom MoXiD11 dagen geleden
  • OMG

    Ritza RRitza R11 dagen geleden
  • Good doge

    Kyle KobelKyle Kobel12 dagen geleden
  • British people be like: "Ah dahgs allowed strohbrees"

    WDHAGNWDHAGN12 dagen geleden
  • Got scared when the doggo ate it on the carpet

    Blackdragon 7Blackdragon 712 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful real doge coin

    Programas FullProgramas Full13 dagen geleden
  • This dog would be wise with his bobux lol

    Nicole MacMurrayNicole MacMurray13 dagen geleden
  • you can do be er

    hasan yakupoğluhasan yakupoğlu14 dagen geleden
  • Strawberry (Im doing a challange that i must coment your every video this is #11)

    PomelaQPomelaQ14 dagen geleden
  • I think caption should be: not on the carpet

    kenngykfulkenngykful14 dagen geleden
  • I usually wash them then eat them. Anyone else do that?

    CJShotsCJShots14 dagen geleden
  • Kenji Lopez alt

    VividLightVividLight15 dagen geleden
  • Dont feed him that over that carpet.

    pallfy20pallfy2016 dagen geleden
  • The faith in Google... he didn't worry about confirming his 1 second research did he? Who wrote that "strawberries are good for dogs" and what are his credentials...?

    Gabriel PazosGabriel Pazos16 dagen geleden
    • He most likely did that to stop people from going into the comments like "bUt sTrAwBerRy baD" event though they didn't do any research. also he most likely looked at other stuff before the vid and he just didn't want to waste too much time.

      Captain SpyCaptain Spy15 dagen geleden
  • Every Doge has its day.

    Mitchell SchoolMitchell School16 dagen geleden
  • Why did you give him the least ripe one, moron?

    Michael MarinucciMichael Marinucci16 dagen geleden
  • Doge

    samuel Ngsamuel Ng16 dagen geleden
  • hi

    tauf450tauf45016 dagen geleden
  • Clever dog knowing how to chew. If it were mine he'd just try to hock the whole thing down in one go and fucking choke.

    fruityrudy21fruityrudy2117 dagen geleden
  • "NOT- oh that's fine. You can have the strawberry" had me dead for ne reason 😭

    ᖇYᑌKՏ ᗩᑭᑭᒪᗴᖇYᑌKՏ ᗩᑭᑭᒪᗴ17 dagen geleden
  • "yu relly shuk at eaten' a shtraberry"

    Denise PereiraDenise Pereira17 dagen geleden
    • @Denise Pereira Maybe you should consult the shitty self-love videos that you watch to make you do it

      GDS2GDS23 dagen geleden
    • @GDS2 make me 😚

      Denise PereiraDenise Pereira4 dagen geleden
    • *typical youtube conversation*

      some weird kidsome weird kid5 dagen geleden
    • @Denise Pereira Stop commenting stupid shit, build a better sense of humor, just some examples

      GDS2GDS25 dagen geleden
    • @GDS2 owww, noo, what am I going to doo? 😩😔😭

      Denise PereiraDenise Pereira5 dagen geleden
  • i love hos the dog is so gentle if i gave my dog a strawberry man would bight of my fingers and sollaw the thing whole

    baby thoefambaby thoefam17 dagen geleden
  • bro if thats sour his face would be swolled

    ur hamsterur hamster17 dagen geleden
  • Gg he ate the strawberry

    DriniYT GamingDriniYT Gaming17 dagen geleden
  • 20% of the video : Shiba inu discover strawberries 80% of the video : Kenji sucks at eating strawberries

    Faqih Shalih AliFaqih Shalih Ali17 dagen geleden
  • That "Yummy?" got me

    CubeGuyCubeGuy17 dagen geleden
  • He looks so soft

    Lgıtd LgxlgxLgıtd Lgxlgx17 dagen geleden
  • did he even washed it owo?

    Ellie raiEllie rai17 dagen geleden
  • Doggie:super crunchie 🙃

    Tigger the tiger u3uTigger the tiger u3u17 dagen geleden
  • Dude not on the rug

    André LimaAndré Lima17 dagen geleden
  • He has to show himself googling it for people not to go off lol

    cantthinkofausername lolcantthinkofausername lol18 dagen geleden
  • This dog has very white teeth

    MaximeMaxime18 dagen geleden
  • Uhhh. I know most people don't realize this, but the entire strawberry is edible. That includes the calyx, epicalyx, and peduncle(all of the green stuff on top of a strawberry). You can just give the whole thing to your dog. It is not harmful and actually has nutritional value. It has no taste, though, and can sometimes be too hard to chew and swallow, though, depending on the freshness of the strawberries.

    Aaron MatthewsAaron Matthews18 dagen geleden
  • My OCD kicked in when I saw that bright red strawberry about to get chomped over your fluffy carpet.

    Ruby iscuteRuby iscute18 dagen geleden
  • YUMMY??!

    JakubJakub18 dagen geleden
  • how cute

    ツpepoツpepo18 dagen geleden
  • My dog eats the green part, too. It’s good for them...they eat grass...

    Sharon MartinezSharon Martinez18 dagen geleden
  • For every strawberry doge goes up

    TheMexekingTheMexeking18 dagen geleden
  • “Wow you really suck at eating a strawberry” Kenji has obtained! *depression*

    PikagirlPikagirl18 dagen geleden
  • I appreciate that you googled are strawberries safe no one would comment about it

    FenceyHenFenceyHen19 dagen geleden
  • Why not make it easy and just cut the top off that's what I do anyway when I eat them my dog loves apples and watermelons

    Nabby933Nabby93319 dagen geleden
  • This is gonna be on ur recommended

    GhostyGhosty19 dagen geleden
    • Stfu

      Eliminator 6000Eliminator 60009 dagen geleden
    • Yes it is

      kickTMkickTM10 dagen geleden
    • And it already is.

      Frances SantiagoFrances Santiago10 dagen geleden
    • already is

      NibsinNibsin16 dagen geleden
    • shut up fortnite clickbaiter

      Berlin MappingBerlin Mapping16 dagen geleden
  • To the moon

    - Benja- Benja19 dagen geleden
  • you can do beh ' èhr

    ano kappa kappaano kappa kappa19 dagen geleden
  • Doge to the moon!!

    Jo KangJo Kang19 dagen geleden
  • My older sister has a mix of mostly South Korean Jindo and Shiba Inu, but she (the dog) refuses to eat strawberries. She also refuses to eat anything larger than a tiny bit size. She will take a single piece of kibble from her bowl, carry it out the the living room, place it on the rug, and eat it. Then she goes back to her bowl and grabs another.

    Anonymous AccordionistAnonymous Accordionist19 dagen geleden
  • *Sniff* Hm... smells... planty. I guess I could at least try it *Gnaw* It... you know, this actually is kind of good. Thank you, human! Very sweet!

    Kirbyfreak YTKirbyfreak YT19 dagen geleden
  • No the whole thing... you need it split it into small bits, it's said in that description you googled.

    Dam SenDam Sen19 dagen geleden
  • I would feed my dog all the fruits

    Jocelyn VerasteguiJocelyn Verastegui19 dagen geleden
  • 10/10 three second research. Would poison dog again.

    morti271morti27120 dagen geleden
    • 0/10 comment

      GDS2GDS26 dagen geleden
    • he did that so people like you wouldn't go off on him

      Literally-No-OneLiterally-No-One15 dagen geleden
    • he most likely looked at other articles before the vid but just did that to save time.

      Captain SpyCaptain Spy15 dagen geleden
    • The reason something is them first result on Google is because it’s reliable

      Shawna RothShawna Roth18 dagen geleden
  • Blueberrys are also really good for dogs

    DeadZeus-VIDeadZeus-VI20 dagen geleden
  • This fucka just made me a shit load of money on robinhood. Many thanks to you doge

    Nick FishNick Fish20 dagen geleden
  • There has to be a doge comment somewhere in here...

    Mihad AlzayatMihad Alzayat20 dagen geleden
  • Dogecoin to the moon

    Archith VenkateshArchith Venkatesh20 dagen geleden
  • My old neighbor had a basset hound named scooby doo that howled (happily tho) when we came over and ate strawberries

    NillaWaafersNillaWaafers20 dagen geleden
  • The question is did he like it?

    Ed ParasEd Paras20 dagen geleden
  • I like how you just made sure on Google that dogs can eat strawberries 😂😂

    Ran蘭Ran蘭20 dagen geleden
  • Why the white Carpet? 🤣🤣

    ꧁Eńchantêd ChīckēnEgg꧂꧁Eńchantêd ChīckēnEgg꧂20 dagen geleden
  • dog: eats strawberry almost 2 milion people: intresting

    kinderkinder20 dagen geleden
  • We grow strawberries and my dog eats half of them even knows when theyre ripe.

    Balistic RenBalistic Ren20 dagen geleden
  • Kenji can't strawberry.

    VileVile20 dagen geleden
  • The strawberry put a commendable fight, but the doge was victorious in the end.

    WarpRulezWarpRulez20 dagen geleden
  • "Yummy?" *Kenji nods*

    Infatuated ZelusInfatuated Zelus20 dagen geleden
  • How cute 😍♥️

    Jennifer VenkatJennifer Venkat20 dagen geleden

    Team CyborgTeam Cyborg20 dagen geleden
  • The doggo ate that pretty well but I know you can do be'ah

    Samuel Barbosa D.Samuel Barbosa D.21 dag geleden
  • Remember they're carnivores and their GI tracts are not suited for chunks of fruit and veggies. In nature they access this type of nutrition by eating the partially digested stomach contents of their prey. It's much better for your dog if you emulate this process with a food processor rather than letting them have large pieces that are hard to digest.

    racebiketunerracebiketuner21 dag geleden
    • ​@Captain Spy Just trying to keep it simple for people who have not studied canine ethology. For anyone who would like to do a deep dive on this topic, I would recommend reading Dog Behavior, Evolution and Cognition by Adam Miklosii.

      racebiketunerracebiketuner15 dagen geleden
    • Well actually, dogs are omnivores but they can digest meat easier.

      Captain SpyCaptain Spy15 dagen geleden
  • The fact you had to Google if it was okay if your dog is hilarious whats even funnier is you just believed the first answer. There is difference between it being good, and them being able to have it.

    UbiquitousUbiquitous21 dag geleden
    • he most likely looked at other articles before the vid but just did that to save time.

      Captain SpyCaptain Spy15 dagen geleden

    Z GordonZ Gordon21 dag geleden
  • doge

    IvelinIvelin21 dag geleden
  • He’s so gentle 🥺

    ii CloudyWasTaken iiii CloudyWasTaken ii21 dag geleden
  • Dodge

    Twan PieterTwan Pieter21 dag geleden
  • My sister fed our bunny a small portion of strawberries and he started sneezing a lot-

    Kimpossible EKimpossible E21 dag geleden
  • SmurgSmurg21 dag geleden
  • R.I.P. strawberry

    Sandy BrownSandy Brown21 dag geleden
  • "Yummy?" *Shmal slurp mlem cronch smoosh monch*

    Les PaceLes Pace21 dag geleden
  • Am I the only one who was thinking about the carpet

    Cooper ShermanCooper Sherman22 dagen geleden
  • What a fucking millennial lol * googles if dogs can eat fruit * hahaha what a fucking tool, I feel bad for the dog

    Will WallaceWill Wallace22 dagen geleden
    • Oh shut the fuck up with your Twitter using ass "what a fucking millennial lol" nobody fucking cares. You're the tool you idiot

      GDS2GDS26 dagen geleden
    • Ok first of all, some fruits are harmful for dogs, grapes for example are like chocolate to them, the dog is most likely fed types of meat dog food. Also calling someone a millennial is quite cringe.

      Captain SpyCaptain Spy15 dagen geleden
    • So? There are fruits that are harmful for dogs.. so research first

      umm ok?umm ok?19 dagen geleden
  • Am eat strawplebury

    AlucardsBizarreAdventureAlucardsBizarreAdventure22 dagen geleden
  • S T R O B B E R I

    HiilaniHiilani22 dagen geleden
  • I don't think he was being cautious with the strawberry, I just believe it was a tad bit cold for his teeth

    KeroSceneKeroScene22 dagen geleden
  • a real life doge wow

    WaxxOnWaxxOn22 dagen geleden
  • I loved how he showed at the beginning of the video that strawberry is not bad for the dog

    JulianaJuliana22 dagen geleden
  • NOT OVER THE RUG!!!!!😳

    AMJH 4LAHAMJH 4LAH22 dagen geleden