Sevilla vs Barcelona [0-2], La Liga 2021 - MATCH REVIEW

27 feb. 2021
140 040 Weergaven

Ousmane Dembélé and Lionel Messi scored for Barça, who secured a much needed win at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan against Sevilla in La Liga - closing the gap at the top of the league to Atlético Madrid. With Ronald Koeman opting to play three centre-backs on the day.
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    TalkFCBTalkFCBMaand geleden
    • i think koeman started watching ur vids

      FM ScoreSkaFM ScoreSkaMaand geleden
    • Nice one

      Ibrahim Ibrahim GaladimaIbrahim Ibrahim GaladimaMaand geleden
    • @Cyber Wick lol

      Sachin jhaSachin jhaMaand geleden
    • When is the election coming up, thanks

      Lionel EliLionel EliMaand geleden
    • @Cyber Wick 😀😀😀hey,calling you a cry baby is just for fun;a's nothing serious. But you take your criticism on dembele a little too far.give the guy some's been back to back injuries on him for all the time his has been in barcelona.he is just enjoying football and a consistent run of games in barcelona now,since he came in.he will discover himself and grow more

      Ikemefula OruntaIkemefula OruntaMaand geleden
  • dembele good game 😁

    Junoir JosephJunoir JosephMaand geleden
  • Damn! just damn! Anyone else had to press pause around 4:13 to 4:21? Look at Dembele's muscles.. how far he has come.. he has really grown from that skinny boy who gets injured all the time to this all muscle and lesser injury man.. And he was our false 9 in that game.. the hunger, the pace.. if we have this version of Dembele in every game, plus Messi really in the mood and hungry, we will rise to the top again.

    Taiwo DamilolaTaiwo DamilolaMaand geleden
  • Just to point out koeman did not change the players he changed the system and the plan. I wonder if griezman could play aling messi in this formation

    HeraclezHeraclezMaand geleden
  • we will see what we are made of with the next two Sevilla and PSG games.

    lifebeyondrepairlifebeyondrepairMaand geleden
  • i still dont understand why people dislike your videos, like if u for some reason hate him, just dont do anything, because this man is a dedicated hardworking beast who deserves alot of credit and love.

    pierre fariedpierre fariedMaand geleden
  • This team makes me happy nd sad but I love them when they get together, I love this club

    Varge NatieVarge NatieMaand geleden
  • Best performance in a long time, but barca intend to buy a player when the asking price is in so many millions why so???

    Dom Ohams MontgomeryDom Ohams MontgomeryMaand geleden
  • Ousman ran circles on Sevilla😂😂😂

    Zwelandile JuquZwelandile JuquMaand geleden
  • When Messi and Dembele are happy and Barca played well that is what happened and you can see that the tactic change helped Barca a lot and Messi can once again enjoyed playing football

    Mohamed Halice LaminaMohamed Halice LaminaMaand geleden
  • i feel like alot of the time a 3 cb formation is more offensive than defensive

    MrOskarlolMrOskarlolMaand geleden

    Ro QisneyRo QisneyMaand geleden
  • Sevilla 0 - 3 FCB 21' Messi 78' messi 83' Trincao FCB 4 - 2 Osasuna 12'Lenglet 7'Calleri 26', 35' Messi 78'rodriguez 80'Dembele

    •human••human•Maand geleden
  • Constant;y trial and error, in the long run will not bear fruit.

    Aneep SanjivaAneep SanjivaMaand geleden
  • this formation is brilliant. it plays to our stregths and it gives alba some cover

    Shine bananaShine bananaMaand geleden
  • Its a very very very rare sight to see Barca completely dominate a very strong team physically !!!

    Ayan AwesomeAyan AwesomeMaand geleden
  • Next Copa del Rey 2 nd leg semifinal is more important than this match

    Zubaer ZahidZubaer ZahidMaand geleden
  • I didn’t watch the game because I thought we’d loose, but I saw this on my suggestion list and I thought wait wait wait wait wait, we actually won! Ronald Koeman came up well!

    Amani GaulaAmani GaulaMaand geleden
  • I always get really worried when Ter Stegen starts playing ball with his feet 😂

    Aksels SuksisAksels SuksisMaand geleden
  • I am very happy for Barca in winning the match But the most important thing was that we kept a clean sheet And also hope we repeat this tactics in the Copa dey rey

    Enock NkumEnock NkumMaand geleden
  • If Barcelona had some1 like Debruyne ....Messi wouod be scoring hatricks every game

    Fadzai ChirigoFadzai ChirigoMaand geleden
  • Did we just lose? ❌ Did we just win? ✅

    aditya gargaditya gargMaand geleden
  • can we talk about how good lenglet was this game

    Markusz BesenyeiMarkusz BesenyeiMaand geleden
  • Jamie, Do you think koeman should stick to the same formation for Wednesday's match V Sevilla or be unpredictable again?

    Klynton BambinoKlynton BambinoMaand geleden
  • I think Sevilla try to injure our good quality players!🙂 When Araujo is on field, you have to face tiger cz Araujo become Tiger. But injury!😥

    S.M MehediS.M MehediMaand geleden
  • Haha win against sevilla and fans are happy again😅 wait till second leg of psg comes or any other good side like real or athletico second leg.

    Faisal KhanFaisal KhanMaand geleden
  • At the last minutes of the game I thought lenglet was going to fluff it

    PS4 PLAYZPS4 PLAYZMaand geleden
  • Messi's passing 100%, Messi's shots 100% on target, everytime. Messi legend and best player, all time

    Cue HarrisCue HarrisMaand geleden
  • Nice to you bro good job

    Alagie BarrowAlagie BarrowMaand geleden
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    Gazmir DedjaGazmir DedjaMaand geleden
  • There was blood coming out of koemen's nose at the prematch pres conference....we can criticise him..but this is not just a job for him...i have my respect for him for what he is doing..

    CuleR FCBCuleR FCBMaand geleden
  • A very important win,a great performance from the team💪🔥

    Mathew GumahMathew GumahMaand geleden
  • Is messi is in mood we win Thats it culers from another culer we r dependant on leo if messi was having a bad day we could have been smashed But forcabarca let get it on cdr

    Mohamed JuniorMohamed JuniorMaand geleden
  • Dest was the key He was completely unmarked

    warious wariouswarious wariousMaand geleden
  • Will we come back against Sevilla??

    Aygul DadasovaAygul DadasovaMaand geleden
  • This game was so physical.

    90's Kid90's KidMaand geleden
  • Can we talk about Dest I think he was phenomenal

    Videos out of orderVideos out of orderMaand geleden
  • OK, but that was not a good finish from Dembele lol.

    Grega KavčičGrega KavčičMaand geleden
  • All around brilliant game from the team! Still gonna be a tough match against Sevilla in midweek, but now we can go in with much more confidence 💪🏽

    Jess ZRJess ZRMaand geleden
  • Let’s win 3-0

    SuperLR 17SportSuperLR 17SportMaand geleden
  • If aruajo is fit when we face pdf match please play him with minueza and umtiti or lenglet.

    Meki LamoMeki LamoMaand geleden
  • The Koeman tactic is good and it helps us to get the 3 points

    Meki LamoMeki LamoMaand geleden
  • Its only one game dont get your hopes up....

    TreningTreningMaand geleden
  • Play against psg like a laliga game, we play like cowards passing backwards and forward in the ucl, shud play like this, the tenacity and the speed of attacks going up ahead shouldn't drop against big teams too

    Mega BoltMega BoltMaand geleden
  • I think Koeman should get more credit. Barca fans should be more realistic. He is building a new barca team. He doing pretty good with the players he got. Young and talented. People expect winning everything. Not going to happen for 2 more years. Steady growing comes with falling down en getting up. That is what im seeing. Changing coach is not going to speed the process up.

    Sjoerd Ber Boike WitteveenSjoerd Ber Boike WitteveenMaand geleden
  • For me it wasn’t just about formation, for it was for our high pressing. If i would be Koeman i would find a way to high press even in 4-3-3 because this is what top top teams do.

    Karan HDKaran HDMaand geleden
  • Koeman done a realy good job WOW

    Radu GrosuRadu GrosuMaand geleden
  • Please review Mingueza performance and other la masia players in the first team.

    shainielh dhanaishainielh dhanaiMaand geleden
  • Very good game

    ten messiten messiMaand geleden
  • Imagine if we didn't squander the Cadiz game

    Brian KerageBrian KerageMaand geleden
  • We have been very gud in away games thus season.. But we mess up the home games

    Tom TysonTom TysonMaand geleden
  • Great game. But Dembele can we see this every game probably not. Griezman Braithwait Dembele not good enough

    Master YodaMaster YodaMaand geleden
  • If griezmann was in the same position where alba missed that cross tap in, could have beeen a goal

    Tom TysonTom TysonMaand geleden
  • Did he just say you can't catch dembele even though you're in a fancy car😂...

    Boruto / NarutoBoruto / NarutoMaand geleden
  • dembele played exactly like his freeze card in fifa 99 pace high shooting full comitment striker.

    sanad awwadsanad awwadMaand geleden
  • doesent mattter honestly. sevilla will find a way to copa del rey final. were done in the champions league. one of the madrid clubs willl win the league. rebuild starts next season with laporta

    Afif DarwishAfif DarwishMaand geleden
  • That work ethic and pressing 🔥🔥🔥

    Devanga PhukanDevanga PhukanMaand geleden
  • Thts finished Messi for u all😁

    Vikrant Jadhav :IT19-1130Vikrant Jadhav :IT19-1130Maand geleden
  • Team showed hunger 😍❤️

    Ambika KaranjitAmbika KaranjitMaand geleden
  • Now our main cb is lenglet let's just hope that we make it through

    Beast NucleoBeast NucleoMaand geleden
  • I think koemann deserves a 2 nd season at Barcelona

    Egan D'SaEgan D'SaMaand geleden
  • Again pique , araujo , pedri injured

    Beast NucleoBeast NucleoMaand geleden
  • The thing i like the most about this guy is in the end that enthusiastic and energetic ""FISHKA""

    Pradatta SharmaPradatta SharmaMaand geleden
  • Hope to see puig since pedri is injured

    maurya goyalmaurya goyalMaand geleden
  • It doesn't natter, we are still gonna lose to Sevilla and PSG in the away games. That's what we seem to be doing nowadays.

    SudharsanSudharsanMaand geleden
  • I predicted the result, yaaay

  • I wouldn't comment on koeman based on one game...i expect him to be consistent in his job as a coach

    Albert OseiAlbert OseiMaand geleden
  • Very Happy to see this match , n Messi scoring again.. now Barca are back in a form.. Ronald Araujo was not that serious I do pray for his fast recovery..🙏

    Kaulabo ChewangKaulabo ChewangMaand geleden
  • Barca pressed them very well they could not cope with our press which is the best take away from this game for me

    Govind BaliGovind BaliMaand geleden
  • Never thought we would win anything but I'm starting to believe.

    JPJPMaand geleden
  • Barca Barca Barca for live

    Aquila NoordermeerAquila NoordermeerMaand geleden
  • Even though Pique messed up in the Champions league, and Bosquest not been in his form. These old men showed maturity and experience in the game. Pique coordinated the defense well without mistakes, and Bosquest took possession in that midfield. But they still have to give way for younger generation 😉

    Dirani DiranDirani DiranMaand geleden
  • I really dont know about Koeman.

    Rhys SandersRhys SandersMaand geleden
  • Fantastic effort from the entire team, starting with the coach, it looks like everybody is focused, with intense desire to improve, I am so proud of the team. Sevilla had no chances to speak of, only in the second half they were dangerous when Suso came in, so we will need to watch out for that in the next game.

    Tarek AnanTarek AnanMaand geleden
  • Koeman learned to put dembele in this position by seeing Mbappe vs us😁😂

    rifat ahmedrifat ahmedMaand geleden
  • I could do with alot of education on that lineup

    Edwin WejuliEdwin WejuliMaand geleden
  • Finally I can say and that too proudly #tacticalgeniuskoeman

    Atharva PanditAtharva PanditMaand geleden
  • 0:30 Look at those muscular legs. He used to be thin and weak. demebele has worked very hard in past year

    Jobin JoseJobin JoseMaand geleden
  • Jezz, Here we go again! 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄

    Etiandro RosaEtiandro RosaMaand geleden
  • MOTM goes to griezmann for staying the fuck out.

    Catalin RaducanCatalin RaducanMaand geleden
  • All the good games have something in common: no griezshit.

    Catalin RaducanCatalin RaducanMaand geleden

    Trizepticon GamerTrizepticon GamerMaand geleden
  • I have criticized Dembele lately and rightly so but gotta give him the credit where it's due. He was absolutely magnificent last night, this is the Dembele we want to show up week in week out. I hope he stays consistent.

    Mayank BandeMayank BandeMaand geleden
  • We should have won 3-0

    Arik MahmudArik MahmudMaand geleden
  • For most of the crucial time, Barca Had the ball.Things are looking better for this team.

  • Who else thinks that Koeman will repeat the same strategy in the Copa!? 😢

    Stelio HerculanoStelio HerculanoMaand geleden
  • credit for teh win should go to Koeman. good strategy

    Yesudhason XavierYesudhason XavierMaand geleden
  • When Barca doesn’t make individual mistakes and plays with a plan we are the best team on the face of the earth

    Alec CavazosAlec CavazosMaand geleden
  • The defence won us the game. 3 defenders and 2 full backs

    Roy AnachoniRoy AnachoniMaand geleden
  • Moriba is going to be great I think danbele should have name man of the match

  • To all those who doubted koeman for his tactics in this match deserves a bit of silence tbh !!!!....

    RahulRahulMaand geleden
  • It was good but not enough

    erintz noisetteerintz noisetteMaand geleden
  • I hope Koeman keeps using this formation🙏🏾💙❤️

    LorenzoLorenzoMaand geleden
  • It took Sevilla 51 Minutes to take their 1st shot. Now that's an achievement

    AVIRATAVIRATMaand geleden
  • Araujo was injured but he still managed to kick 5 heavy chairs without hurting himself.

    NigelNigelMaand geleden
  • Broke my heart seeing Araujo going out again like this. I was so excited for him

    Ankush SagwalAnkush SagwalMaand geleden
  • BrianBrianMaand geleden
  • Lenglet got bailed out by alba, pique, and mingi on multiple occasions. He's such an incredibly huge liability.

    nikolasthethiefnikolasthethiefMaand geleden
  • The only player whom disappointed me was ter stegen he was the only one to make 2 mistakes he should focus more on the games

    Kevin De BruyneKevin De BruyneMaand geleden
  • I honestly love when koeman give oscar mingueza he always preform hes just so solid he determine for the ball every Barca lose possession I I really like him and he can be the future in the defense partner with Ronald Aroujo

    Kemou murrayKemou murrayMaand geleden