Seth Feroce to Classic? + Eddie VS Thor Big Updates + Blessing's Legs 6 Weeks Out + More!

1 apr. 2021
184 038 Weergaven

#SethFeroce #EddieHall #HafthorBjornsson
0:00 Intro
0:08 Blessing's Legs 6 weeks Out
2:23 Thor Physique Update + Next Opponent
3:54 Eddie Hall Physique Update
4:57 Labrada
5:22 Seth Feroce to Classic?
7:00 Krizo's Wheels!
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  • TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 Blessing's Legs 6 weeks Out 2:23 Thor Physique Update + Next Opponent 3:54 Eddie Hall Physique Update 4:57 Labrada 5:22 Seth Feroce to Classic? 7:00 Krizo's Wheels!

    Nick's Strength and PowerNick's Strength and Power18 dagen geleden
    • Hall knocks out thor in first round

      Wyatt PelletierWyatt Pelletier17 dagen geleden
    • 👉Well done for increasing the dosages lads.👍

      Kieran Murray's Natural Strength and Fitness.Kieran Murray's Natural Strength and Fitness.17 dagen geleden
    • Honestly think Eddy will knock out Thor

      DaeduluusDaeduluus17 dagen geleden
    • Seth looks better there than breon

      Garuda OfficialGaruda Official17 dagen geleden
    • I like both eddie and thor but thor has the ring experience with two fights before fight eddie I think thor will win but eddie could end it early in the first with a puncher chance from the vids we have seen

      Skip HammondSkip Hammond18 dagen geleden
  • Seth looks pretty good.

    Mel PlishkaMel PlishkaDag geleden
  • LOL built to eddie hall no way mate get ur eyes tested

    Dan SDan S2 dagen geleden
  • The amount of steriods these guys take...i gotta say, pretty impressive.

    Bluebyyou BlueBluebyyou Blue3 dagen geleden
  • I think the fight eddie/thor is gonna get ugly. They will probably let out all their personal anger and emotions from previous quarrels and it will be a swinging match that will not look classy. Both of them lack the dicipline and experience of not getting mad when someone strikes them in their face cus anger makes you lose focus.

    Gfors85Gfors857 dagen geleden
  • We will find out in May whether Thor's promoters are engaging in a staged fight. Alex Simon far exceeds Thor's ability and even that of Eddie.

    HawaiiLimeyHawaiiLimey9 dagen geleden
  • Eddie 1st round knockout

    Lance CovingtonLance Covington10 dagen geleden
  • Eddie will dominate Thor!

    Stanislav Earl-IvanovStanislav Earl-Ivanov10 dagen geleden
  • Eddie's entire core is insane it looks like it can take a bullet. Jeez

    Achilles PowerAchilles Power11 dagen geleden
  • Hafthor on points i think Eddie will gass out by the 3rd round

    Classic ChrisClassic Chris12 dagen geleden

    Quest InfinityQuest Infinity13 dagen geleden
  • Eddie Hall is going to fucking destroy that mountain! He’s not gonna climb it he’s going to put a bunch of dynamite in it and blow it out of his way.

    Brad ForesterBrad Forester13 dagen geleden
  • Thor

    Jonathan CupplesJonathan Cupples14 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me...or does Blessing Abadahbu look sickkkkkkkk?

    Travel ReviewTravel Review14 dagen geleden
  • Eddie hall knocks thor out👍

    Jim CornejoJim Cornejo14 dagen geleden
  • Love Seth always. Probably he should complete in natural 😂

    ballistichydrantballistichydrant14 dagen geleden
  • Eddie hall will win. Hope a knockout if so 4th rd

    Donald StacyDonald Stacy14 dagen geleden
  • Eddie hall is built like kong😂😂😂

    Colin the gamerColin the gamer14 dagen geleden
  • Eddie hall will thrash Thor

    Brody StabeBrody Stabe14 dagen geleden
  • i just hope eddie and thor dont gas after the 3rd round. if not its gonna be an instant classic

    MarvinMarvin14 dagen geleden
  • The Eddie and Thor fight I can't wait and I'm going with my man Eddie I believe Eddie will send Thor into orbit

    ROB KROB K14 dagen geleden
  • Saw Hafþór couple a days ago and he looked ripped.

    IronVader75IronVader7514 dagen geleden
  • Eddie Hall has ready said multiple times that he is only showing us what he wants to. So I don't think anyone will get any real insight from watching his videos.

    Dj CaldwellDj Caldwell15 dagen geleden
  • Alex is a unit and from the looks of it has great technique and power. If he is nice he will not slaughter Haf.

    freethinker1freethinker115 dagen geleden
  • Thor will Knock Eddie if Eddie fights that is. I suspect Eddie might drop out.

    omegaomega15 dagen geleden
  • Blessing lacks conditioning

    Matt KeatingMatt Keating15 dagen geleden
  • So, Eddie is gonna win. We’ll just have to see how and whenc

    Spencer HardenSpencer Harden16 dagen geleden
  • Gotta get Krizzo to the Pro Leagie!

    Ken WolfKen Wolf16 dagen geleden
  • I am a man and I love women’s bodybuilding bikini physique wellness open class

    jaymwalesjaymwales16 dagen geleden
  • Eddie got the wierdest physique ever. Like flat fish that lives on the bottom of the ocean!

    Calle BergqvistCalle Bergqvist16 dagen geleden
  • Krizo is ridiculous

    aspen 85aspen 8516 dagen geleden
  • I think with super heavyweights like them, its anyone's game IF they land the right shot. IMO You can't workout your chin, that's god given. And I have a feeling it's Eddie in the lead on that one. Short guys with barrel guts and no necks , also tend to have that Butterbean style overhand right that sends people into next week... My $ , The Beast wins, but not without taking a beating.

    LibertyNOTPovertyLibertyNOTPoverty16 dagen geleden
  • Eddie is going to win by knockout

    J.P_500J.P_50016 dagen geleden
  • All Eddy, only a wuss beats a record by 1 kilo.

    Trent DoyleTrent Doyle16 dagen geleden
  • Big first round, gas out in the 2nd. Kimbo dada 5000 remake

    SoulCitySoulCity16 dagen geleden
  • i like that eddie hasnt shown everything as he said in one of his videos he isnt showing everything he is doing because he desnt want to show any sparing properly as thors camp can make a learn any weakness they see..

    HybridsteelHybridsteel16 dagen geleden
  • win on points by Eddie Hall this is simply because of the in depth and detailed information that Eddie Hall has on his training and diet. However I think that Thor will look better in the ring because of his natural height and therefore spaced out muscle mass. The reason I have said that Eddie will win on points is because of his work on endurance and stamina, recently showcasing his routine with daily runs lasting roughly 1 mile. This means he will outlast Thor and crack the mountain⛰️💪

    laMoleMolelaMoleMole16 dagen geleden
    • problem is that swinging those big power punches will drain Eddie's energy very quickly and also weighing just over 160kg isn't good for someone of Eddie's height as that is a lot of mass to keep fuelled with oxygen and energy

      Richard ThomasRichard Thomas16 dagen geleden
  • Eddie The Beast Hall all the way! He'll drop Thor in the 2nd round and knock him out in the 3rd. Thor has been accused of surrounding himself by yes men. If that's true, it's the worst thing you can do in boxing.

    bigmaryhelenbigmaryhelen16 dagen geleden
    • I'd say it's more Eddie who's got the yes men around him - what use is a training partner who doesn't hit back and a coach who's happy to let Eddie just go back and forth in a straight line and doesn't try to arrange some form of exhibition fight or sparring session for him

      Richard ThomasRichard Thomas16 dagen geleden
  • Those legs are the best I have ever seen in the past 20 years. They are freakish. Seems like he has incredible genetics.

    arroz1971arroz197116 dagen geleden
  • If I only had calves like his arms. Kevin from sunny Mexico.

    Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthy16 dagen geleden
  • Big updates in the title.... "brief update" in the video.... not even an update...

    Eddie NerphyEddie Nerphy16 dagen geleden
  • Nick Walker is way bigger than Blessing and all Blessings pics are in perfect lighting. Nick takes pictures in regular lighting and looks better BUT show day is what counts .

    David CranstonDavid Cranston16 dagen geleden
  • Why do you keep hitting at a Seth comeback ? Maybe listen to his podcasts and you will know thats not happening. Seth is participating in the Axe and Sledge body transformation challenge and NOT competing

    David CranstonDavid Cranston16 dagen geleden
  • Blessing needs to get his face on a diet, looking pretty puff .😂😂😂😂

    Mark MarkMark Mark16 dagen geleden
  • If you look at his Instagram the 21th of February he posted a picture of his front body with legs. Scroll don his page a bit and you'll see it ^^ pretty impressive in my humble opinion

    andirindindiandirindindi16 dagen geleden
  • Eddie had 4 years to get shredded, it only took Thor 2 years to get shredded.

    ꧁Ankit꧂꧁Ankit꧂16 dagen geleden
  • Eddie has been weighing 162 since 2019 😂 so basically nothing changed

    Mark DonaldsMark Donalds16 dagen geleden
  • Eddie front double tit lift Hall

    PhilPhil16 dagen geleden
  • I think Eddie will win .. in Points. He has more experience in Fighting, due to his background as a bouncer...

    Bernhard Michael FuxBernhard Michael Fux16 dagen geleden
  • Petition for the channel name to be changed to: Nick's strength and fury

    VenomShotVenomShot16 dagen geleden
  • With regards to the boxing match between Eddie and Thor.. I reckon no one will get knocked out and it’ll end up being declared a draw so they both get paid but neither of them lose face.

    1robmason1robmason16 dagen geleden
  • Nick finding 15 different ways to say "His legs look good from this angle" to drag a single sentence out for 2 minutes.

    DavidKlausenDavidKlausen16 dagen geleden
  • Thor wins. But referee will be corrupt and drunk with Jack Daniels ofcourse.

    ᄒᄇ네ᅢᅩᄒᄅᄎ호ᄒᄇ네ᅢᅩᄒᄅᄎ호16 dagen geleden
  • Krizos legs are absolutely insane

    Noah SpinnerNoah Spinner16 dagen geleden
  • That leg separation is insane Nick!

    AYCE USMVMCAYCE USMVMC16 dagen geleden
  • Eddie hall for the win

    del boy 79del boy 7916 dagen geleden
  • To be honest, all these bodybuilders are same as 16 yo girls who take photos of themselves in the gym.

    londo0londo016 dagen geleden
  • Has Rogan not seen Thor punch?? Eddie is going to destroy Thor not even getting out of the first round

    Silverbudz ASMRSilverbudz ASMR16 dagen geleden
  • 7.00 greate separation

    DeTuned ArtDeTuned Art16 dagen geleden
  • Blessing looks better than BlockWalkee

    DeTuned ArtDeTuned Art16 dagen geleden
  • Bro that bicep/tricep to shoulder definition is crazy

    Johnny EspinozaJohnny Espinoza16 dagen geleden
  • Eddie's entire life has been about proving people wrong lol

    SporkinstienSporkinstien16 dagen geleden
    • @Sparagmos it's not just the one event that people were questioning, Thor wasn't the only one by the way, it's the fact that the events were changed last minute and it added an extra static event which suited Eddie more and having the head ref as a business partner does raise the question of favouritism. Also Thor didn't go on about Eddie for years, that was just Eddie stoking the argument for his fans, and if Eddie had this video why wait 3 years to release it and choose to release it just after Thor broke his 500kg record.

      Richard ThomasRichard Thomas16 dagen geleden
    • @Sparagmos i complete agree. Hell if you go back and watch the 2017 wsm comp, the majority of thors presses shouldn't have been counted. Hell Best was standing beside him yelling at him to stop double Dippin. I just wish Eddie kept going like he could have instead of stopping at the +1 for the win. He obviously could have kept going but I also don't blame him for stopping. He was told "get this number and you win"and that's what he did.

      SporkinstienSporkinstien16 dagen geleden
    • What gets me about the origins of this fight though is that Eddie shouldn't have to prove that Thor was wrong. Eddie won Strongest Man 2017 no doubt - his lifts were perfect and Thor's were SO CLEARLY not. Eddie is right to be enraged. 😡🤬

      SparagmosSparagmos16 dagen geleden
  • It's going to be a sloppy boxing match with two gassed out giants most likely. However, with two men this strong it could be a first round knockout.

    Ryan WalkerRyan Walker16 dagen geleden
  • Blessing looks the goods. Tiny looking waist 💪

    Garrett DavisGarrett Davis16 dagen geleden
  • Bro If I'm not mistaken, Alex Simon used to be a fighter or at least used to practice muay thai/MMA many years ago. Those kicks are too good for someone who is just coming into the fight game

    Wael BreichWael Breich16 dagen geleden
  • Krizo's wheels looking like mutant meat walnuts!

  • Did Eddie get ab etching ? Sure looks like it

    Joseph DorinoJoseph Dorino17 dagen geleden
  • Seth needs to shave if he wanna compete...

    Makkai SorinMakkai Sorin17 dagen geleden
  • At first i thought Eddie had it. Considering the fact that Eddie in the past has said he used to do some boxing. BUT after seeing him through punches, i dont know anymore lol to be honest. Its just hard to say at this point. And yeah yeah people are quick to say thor duhh, but those are just people that have no knowledge once so ever about fighting or boxing..

    Bryant AlvarezBryant Alvarez17 dagen geleden
  • Hafthor got this!

    Nirmal HettiarachchiNirmal Hettiarachchi17 dagen geleden
  • Blessing calves reminiscent of Lou

    Tony STony S17 dagen geleden
  • i would have liked the video anyway but i also think 1. april fooling is meaningless and annoying

    BetzoliBetzoli17 dagen geleden
  • Eddie Hall won by TKO. They grappled a lot and landed very few punches. This is not a prediction, but a message from the future.

    Dale EdwardDale Edward17 dagen geleden
  • Bjor is slow and big eddie is big and fast

    Possibly SomeonePossibly Someone17 dagen geleden
  • I don’t know man...I’m a big fan of Nick but Blessing is bringing the damn heat.

    Jesse RosarioJesse Rosario17 dagen geleden
  • I love them both but Eddies gunna eat the giant in the 3rd round. Thor will still be too slow and will get pummeled. Just my opinion.

    David MetzDavid Metz17 dagen geleden
  • Only weakness I see in blessing is his triceps. Am I wrong on that? Just judging from the side pose.

    David MetzDavid Metz17 dagen geleden
  • i think nick is all size and in my opinion size alone shouldent help you win i think blessing has better conditioning and just is more aesthetically gifted across the board im pretty positive just about everyone would choose to look like blessing over nick

    luke mckeeluke mckee17 dagen geleden
  • Will Thor's transformation equal faster hands? Who will gas out first,, Eddie or Thor?

    Snuffcore9Snuffcore917 dagen geleden
    • I think Eddie could gas out first - swinging those big power punches will drain his energy quickly and also been over 160kg is not going to help his energy supplies.

      Richard ThomasRichard Thomas16 dagen geleden
  • 3:26 rly nice kicks from that guy

    Tim BlackburnTim Blackburn17 dagen geleden
  • I would love to see Krizo in a US IFBB show!

    Bryce Bowman Natural Bodybuilding, Health & FitnessBryce Bowman Natural Bodybuilding, Health & Fitness17 dagen geleden
  • Eddie is going to Thrash Thor!!!!

    Bryce Bowman Natural Bodybuilding, Health & FitnessBryce Bowman Natural Bodybuilding, Health & Fitness17 dagen geleden
  • Glad I'm not the only one that hates April 1st on social media

    matthew renfromatthew renfro17 dagen geleden
  • I really wouldn’t be surprised if Simon knocks out Thor

    Alienated BeingAlienated Being17 dagen geleden
  • Otherwise this dude is impressive

    Cameron SeidenfadenCameron Seidenfaden17 dagen geleden
  • Blessing needs to work on his arms for real. His shoulders overpower his tris and bis

    Cameron SeidenfadenCameron Seidenfaden17 dagen geleden
  • What? Big Ramy and Rielly Winklaar are going to Classic Physique?

    4D bullshit Patroll4D bullshit Patroll17 dagen geleden
  • Both pat out due to exhaustion on the 3rd round

    Fred86Fred8617 dagen geleden
  • No boxing videos of Simon?!... The dude's a beast of a fighter & Powerlifter. I'm worried for Hafthor.

    Kwyat ManKwyat Man17 dagen geleden
  • Thor will get knocked out by the next guy he's fighting and pull out of the Eddie fight

    TruthHurts 18TruthHurts 1817 dagen geleden
  • Imagine a fight between a Hydrated Eddie Hall and Full Thor Bjornson

    Yuvan MarimuthuYuvan Marimuthu17 dagen geleden
    • I get the Full-Thor part, a word play on "Halfthor (half Thor) but what does Hydrated Eddie mean?? Whats the context of that? Haha

      Dharma BodybuildingDharma Bodybuilding16 dagen geleden
  • Blessings look like a baby ronnie 👀 👌🏾

    James The GoatJames The Goat17 dagen geleden
  • Eddie will knock Thor out

    germanJgermanJ17 dagen geleden
  • Eddie should listen to Joe. He is stiff, he should slow everything down and stop trying to throw 100% into each shot every time he throws. Slow down, relax. Technique before power. I honestly think he should slim down too. ( not as much as Thor because obviously Thor is bigger but I think he’d really benefit from being considerably lighter.) PS Love Eddie ! ( just my opinion as some bloke in the comment section of course.)

    Bear SimsyBear Simsy17 dagen geleden
  • In that picture Seth looks like he's about to say "Hey VSauce, Michael here"

    Riccardo SartoriRiccardo Sartori17 dagen geleden
  • Križo v blízkej dobe ešte zamieša kartami na Mr.O

    Robert KučmikRobert Kučmik17 dagen geleden
  • Call the police nick! Someone stole blessings calves!!

    bsmb091011 Bbsmb091011 B17 dagen geleden
  • Real Prediction: Eddie comes out swinging, gases. Thor comes out swinging round 2, games. Pitter patter to the end of the fight and judges. Hopeful: Both their defenses are awful and get caught in the first two rounds.

    PainflyErectPainflyErect17 dagen geleden
  • Blessings hamstrings look non existent imo

    mstar 1234mstar 123417 dagen geleden
  • Blessing has zero tris in the shot

    Chris BuehlerChris Buehler17 dagen geleden