Sensible Transfers: Manchester City

14 jan. 2021
180 568 Weergaven

Sensible Transfers: Manchester City
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Manchester City are starting to show form (in January 2021) having stuttered and looked ill-equipped at the start of the season. However they are still blunt in some areas and need to add an edge in attack. Tifo takes a look at the areas of weakness, and suggests solutions in the form of players.
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  • Left back and Defensive Midfield is priority. Aguero, Jesus and Torres could carry the job up until Haaland has the contract clause activated.

    Andi Mohammad ThareqAndi Mohammad Thareq5 uur geleden
  • Lionel Messi!!! Please make this happen!

    Erman ErzurumluogluErman Erzurumluoglu12 uur geleden
  • There is a reasonable chance City could lose the Haaland contest to Chelsea. If they do, it's likely Tammy Abraham will want out of CFC (he has said as much). Tammy Abraham is very much a Guardiola style number 9, with a proven scoring record in the EPL. Stranger things have happened, and Abramavich has given Tuchel a 260m Euro transfer budget for the summer. Could be an interesting summer.

    Brett OrlobBrett Orlob6 dagen geleden
  • It’s funny watching this now with City 10 points clear at the top of the league and a record 19 consecutive wins.

    JurrasicDinoXJurrasicDinoX9 dagen geleden
  • City needs much more a left back than any midfielder

    Pablo TéllezPablo Téllez9 dagen geleden
  • Stop this city already record beating fabulous, not great for us if they take tifo serious, stop it,

    Saddam MallSaddam Mall10 dagen geleden
  • Jj macias wouod be awesome.

    Jorge Garcia OrozcoJorge Garcia Orozco16 dagen geleden
  • Could you imagine Messi playing on the left of that formation with Halaand? My goodness...

    James LeeJames Lee17 dagen geleden
  • If City get Halaand and Auor under Pep, they will win the league for another 2-3 seasons.

    James LeeJames Lee17 dagen geleden
  • 7:33 lol to jsem nečekal

    SebikSebik21 dag geleden
  • Couldn’t agree with your choice, we have quality players like gundo Bernardo foden in the midfield, we don’t need a player like aouar that is not even as skilful as the players I mentioned

    NairdNaird27 dagen geleden
  • I think for the most part city has great players that are yet to hit their prime. In that respect, I agree with most of the options said in the video. Erling Haaland would be a great signing, also his dad played for the club. Imagine De Bruyne curling balls into a striker with the speed, athletism, and height of Haaland. For midfield, City currently has an option in yangel Herrara whos good but hasn't impressed as others have in the last few years. Douglas Luiz is another option city still have a buy-back clause on him with increments each year rising to 45 million. The attacking midfield is a hard position to replace with De Bruyne producing the stats that he is and not relying on his pace, he could hopefully play for another few years. Bernardo and Gundogan have shouldered the attacking duties in his absence.

    Jazib ShamsiJazib Shamsi28 dagen geleden
  • City need a proper left back more than anything. Mendy isn’t good enough, Zinchenko isn’t quite there yet and Cancelo is more effective on the right. Someone like Guirrero from Dortmund could be effective

    Joe BeveridgeJoe BeveridgeMaand geleden
  • 3:29 foden

    akhileshakhileshMaand geleden
  • great video. please do a sensible transfers video for Juventus too.

    Robert MilchisRobert MilchisMaand geleden
  • The fact that you discard Bernardo from city's 11 is Shameless!

    Duarte CunhaDuarte CunhaMaand geleden
  • Man City need a left-back

    Alex RichardsAlex RichardsMaand geleden
  • shush gundogan is doing bits

    Rory ThorntonRory ThorntonMaand geleden
  • Haaland better not commit the mistake of going to Man City

    greatest evergreatest everMaand geleden
    • Haaland would thrive at city

      Florian TöchterleFlorian TöchterleMaand geleden
  • Wonder if Edson Alvarez or Lisandro Martinez may work as DM......

    Mahen MakmillenMahen MakmillenMaand geleden
  • How are you goint go teave out rodri, that's a violation

    Nisse MichielsNisse MichielsMaand geleden
  • Lukas Nmecha??

    Kyle BeutelsKyle BeutelsMaand geleden
  • Martin Zubimendi didn't come up for the defensive midfielder?

    Mason HerlihyMason HerlihyMaand geleden

    RickcascoRickcascoMaand geleden
  • I just hope they dont take Douglas Luiz back. He's bossing it for Villa atm, class player

    Stalin MaoStalin MaoMaand geleden
  • Add a better lb like grimaldo or Gaya n that could be the greatest ever English team n sweep titles left right center

    Pete16klPete16klMaand geleden
  • I like these videos, but always feel there is a huge imbalance to them. They identify issues within squads that need fixing right now, only to go on and mainly name talents who are still a few years away from playing premier league football. Other than the first picks, it's unrealistic that any of the other players would make an impact at city right at this moment. It's nice for finding out about promising youngsters though!

    Justin CaseJustin CaseMaand geleden
  • Aouar 50m, haaland 90m, zakaria 50m, angelino or taglifico 35m that's 225m and hardly any issue for citys spending

    Aatif fazlanieAatif fazlanieMaand geleden
    • We aren't getting aouar, we aren't interested

      SØBURSØBURMaand geleden
  • Man City don’t need sensible transfers they can buy anyone they want

    AlexisAlexisMaand geleden
    • Well no shit..we've made a billion in prize money over the past 3 tears duh

      SØBURSØBURMaand geleden
  • Left back?

    John SmithJohn SmithMaand geleden
  • Are you planning to make a video about Mesut Özil's transfer to Fenerbahce ?

    DackJanielsDackJanielsMaand geleden
  • I think they need an alternative to De Bruyne, I wouldn't expect someone as good as him but its been a problem for city when he gets injured or tired and the whole team suffers. Also, Jesus is not an option for the atack anymore ?

    Jonny OliveiraJonny OliveiraMaand geleden
  • Unfortunately Stiller is going to leave bayern but we will see him develop at hoffenheim

    Jabril MahmmedJabril MahmmedMaand geleden
  • Vamos Macias

    L DopeL DopeMaand geleden
  • Everything is perfect except for mendy at lb

    Z _Z _Maand geleden
  • The position that needs sorting out the most is left back and you've just completely sacked left back off

    Luke BestLuke BestMaand geleden
  • sensible transfers are all B*S* AND not realistic

    Kennedy kingkenfxKennedy kingkenfxMaand geleden
  • What's the background music?

    Arya GhorbaniArya GhorbaniMaand geleden
  • 3:29 that bernardo silva is bruno fernandes😁

    Arya GhorbaniArya GhorbaniMaand geleden
  • Please do one for Dortmund

    Jardine2207Jardine2207Maand geleden
  • Stiller just moved to Hoffenheim still one too look for in the future.

    E-SheepE-SheepMaand geleden
  • Did Sangare stop sponsoring Tifo?

    Prisly RodriguesPrisly RodriguesMaand geleden
  • Macias oh hell nah chivas fan here but this man has not showed signs of what he did in Leon at Chivas.

    Alan UlloaAlan UlloaMaand geleden
  • JJ Macias a beast watch Chivas but may need more time to develop but would do well

    Franklyn CapolynFranklyn CapolynMaand geleden
  • Really good video.. surprised they didn't mention any left backs which might be city's greatest weakness.

    Kumail SyedKumail SyedMaand geleden
  • Do Barcelona

    El moustava AhmedEl moustava AhmedMaand geleden
  • How about Locatelli in Central Midfielder. Does Man City waching him but Sassuolo doesn't want to sell this season?

    KampretLordzKampretLordzMaand geleden
    • He's too slow, he'd just be another rodri

      SØBURSØBURMaand geleden
  • City need a left back mendy is inconsistent n always injured

    Fabio FernandesFabio FernandesMaand geleden
  • i’m not sure an attacking central midfielder is needed given the presence of foden bernardo gundogan’s new role and mahrez playing on the wing. whilst maybe still an area city need to improve in due time, the left back position is in greater need of improving as ben mendy has never recovered from that injury and zinchenko isn’t a left back

    Louis OddieLouis OddieMaand geleden
  • If city bought aouar itd be a great signing. Martinez is top top class and a guardiola type striker, i think haaland is more of a gamble as i dont like big strikers, id worry hed be a white lukaku. But he does look sensational, has city links and i like a gamble so id try getting him. No idea about zakaria, only know him from gaming, sounds half decent but aouar is world class, martinez is pretty much top notch and haaland has the ceiling to be the greatest striker ever-ish. At least he could add to the debate. Good luck to city. Hope you have a successful year.

    TP 9TP 9Maand geleden
  • no left back? also sterling should be on the right with foden on the left

    SylogicalSylogicalMaand geleden
  • City needs to conquer Europe: Left back: David Alaba CDM: Denis Zakaria CM/CAM: James Madison Striker: Erling Haaland.

    Lwando MadikizelaLwando MadikizelaMaand geleden
  • Manchester City transfers but you don't talk about a left back... How?

    santorfosantorfoMaand geleden
  • danilo wouldnt even get into the ajax team let alone the city team wtf are these picks

    keukkeukMaand geleden
  • Lmao imagine saying City's squad needs improvement

    Matt StittMatt StittMaand geleden
    • We need a left back and a striker

      SØBURSØBURMaand geleden
  • Tifo please isn't grealish a better option than aouar?

    Ifenna AnigboguIfenna AnigboguMaand geleden
  • Hey TIFO, cant wait for Barcelona sensible transfer.

    Xry ProXry ProMaand geleden
  • should start a "Ones to Watch" series

    Harry LumHarry LumMaand geleden

    Pura VidaPura VidaMaand geleden
  • leicester i need help w my career mode

    isidro420isidro420Maand geleden
  • Sensible transfers and man city is a concept I'm sure we all struggle to comprehend

    SMERSHSMERSHMaand geleden
  • What a delightful artistic Interpretation of Guardiola´s contract

    Hannes LeopoldHannes LeopoldMaand geleden
  • Tifo we need a LB too... Mendy is too suspect and limited without Aguero tapping in those crosses.

    Mondli MathonsiMondli MathonsiMaand geleden
  • Surprised not to see a left-back included, honestly.

    Lucas keirLucas keirMaand geleden
  • Theo Hernandez for the left back position

    Sadir OmerSadir OmerMaand geleden
    • Na just another mendy, looks clueless in defense

      SØBURSØBURMaand geleden
  • What if city would have bought frenkie de jong, that would fit them so good

    StoombootStoombootMaand geleden
  • They need lb don't you think

    Luis Messi jrLuis Messi jrMaand geleden
  • KDB is getting tired of carrying the team. Get him some help or he won't renew his contract

    poes lekkerpoes lekkerMaand geleden
    • He doesn't carry our team..we legit won the league with 98 points without him

      SØBURSØBURMaand geleden
  • City just need a striker for January, I would take either tammy abraham, ivan toney or Calvert lewin and in the summer when fernandinho leave without any question we have to sign a cdm, possibly ndidi and I'm happy with zinchenko as left back but pep should try and train ake to be a complete left back.

    destiny freemandestiny freemanMaand geleden
  • I also think we are taking Gabby Jesus for granted, if you watch the matches it is clear that he is incredibly talented, he’s a complete total footballer, remember he’s only 23 I can see him becoming the best striker in the world

    Garry WitowGarry WitowMaand geleden
  • I honestly think we don’t need another cdm stones n Dias have proved that they are capable of proper defending, no more otemendi or mangala we have the best defence in the league. Maybe a back up for Rosi would be nice if Dino leaves.

    Garry WitowGarry WitowMaand geleden
  • Spot on

    Travis TarrTravis TarrMaand geleden
  • I’m glad you mentioned Macias

    DannyDannyMaand geleden
  • Fuck that! Halaand is going to United, end of discussion! 🥵🤞

    -TruthSeekerUK--TruthSeekerUK-Maand geleden
  • if you do inter i’ll find a way for my broke ass to renew my subscription.

    Timmy Camilleri.Timmy Camilleri.Maand geleden
  • They absolutely need a left-back, why tifo didn't look for LBs. Ramy Bensebaini for example.

    Bunt und WildBunt und WildMaand geleden
    • We have ake

      SØBURSØBURMaand geleden
  • Was hoping you guys would address left back. Zinchenko has slowly been coming along but it still feels like a weak point

    Joshua JacobsJoshua JacobsMaand geleden
  • Yo who drew Rodri? 😭😭

    angel pelaezangel pelaezMaand geleden
  • Fcb pls

    indian airforceindian airforceMaand geleden
  • I’m a fan of Guadalajara and I think Macias is overhyped, but I respect the shouts as always

    PapaplaysPapaplaysMaand geleden
  • FC Barcelona

    Dorothy AfonsoDorothy AfonsoMaand geleden
    • Fc

      Dorothy AfonsoDorothy AfonsoMaand geleden
  • City need to write a blank check for Haaland

    Magnus BallardMagnus BallardMaand geleden
  • City should sell Mendy and Mahrez

    Pavan kumar DPavan kumar DMaand geleden
  • I signed stiller for free in fm as a belgian midtable side.

    eXistenZ15eXistenZ15Maand geleden
  • Man City can afford ndidi. Zakaria is good but is unproven.

    HairiHairiMaand geleden
  • we cant go back to playing the three in midfield with onndefensive midfielder because we dont have atual wingers anymore(sane on the left , sterling on the right) because mahrez and sterling will invade our midfielders space

    lil kavonlil kavonMaand geleden
  • I don't knw what Pep thinks but a Player like Puig can cause Havoc in Premier league in a suitable system & ik Pep won't go for him but just sayin . That Boy's is something I never saw in other players from a long time .

    Real OGReal OGMaand geleden
  • This is what would be a better team/ things city need to do Get angelino to play left back ( he’s on loan at Leipzig from city) Cancelo at right back Dias and stones at centre back Sell mendy and fernandinho Rodri Bernardo silva and de bruyne midfield Cash in on sterling and sign grealish Haaland upfront with foden or Mahrez or silva to play right wing

    Jake SCOTTJake SCOTTMaand geleden
  • Haaland doesn't fit Man City's style of play

    Jonas RoeleveldJonas RoeleveldMaand geleden
  • Do for Barcelona pls

    Bere ChekwasBere ChekwasMaand geleden
  • I think they shouldn’t get a more attacking midfielder because they already have Foden & Silva. They should get Theo Hernandez at LB. He would be amazing for city

    José Van mourinhoJosé Van mourinhoMaand geleden
  • City should go all out to sign Haaland

    NGNGMaand geleden
  • What did you do to Rodri's eyes hahaha

    The Seedy WaffleThe Seedy WaffleMaand geleden
  • Don't know about Danilo mate. He has scored some goals this season but he is no where near a striker for a top Premier League team

    Timo RossenaarTimo RossenaarMaand geleden

    RamsheyRamsheyMaand geleden
  • Trawnsition, so posh 😆

    Yoiman MusicYoiman MusicMaand geleden
  • Need one for liverpool next

    MashMan KnightzMashMan KnightzMaand geleden
  • Tifo football: we need a player, oke lets talk about Ajax player who is not on the level needed at all. Danilo is not that good but more outreagously the suggestion at the real Madrid video of Alvarez cause no one in the Netherlands thinks hé is special or something more like a failed transfer. (To be fair I am supporter of Feyenoord but still like everyone with knowledge is not very keen on the players mentioned)

    Simon van BeekumSimon van BeekumMaand geleden
  • Tifos artist obviously feels like footballers are the most tired species in the world with those bags under their eyes 😂😂

    James RyanJames RyanMaand geleden
  • That illustration of rodri though... 😂🥴

    Cosmic BaggyCosmic BaggyMaand geleden