1 mei. 2021
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    Psycho ApocalypsePsycho Apocalypse27 minuten geleden
  • Him:why you should never where airpods Me with AirPods watching this:👁👄👁

    Twiggy PiggyTwiggy Piggy30 minuten geleden
  • Lol

    Its_VinIts_Vin30 minuten geleden
  • Airpods are safe

    Amazing OrigamiAmazing Origami36 minuten geleden
  • You made a video like this about AirPods Pro as well. This seems kinda sus

    SixSilverStones GamingSixSilverStones Gaming41 minuut geleden
  • I love how he said „true” in the title

    TheOneMackuMTheOneMackuM41 minuut geleden
  • Me whos chilling in my airpods watching this: 👁️👄👁️✋

    •PuffyCloudy Plays••PuffyCloudy Plays•Uur geleden
  • this is why you shouldn't exist. Once there was a person and they existed and then someone murdered them. Dont take chances

    Turtles Are coolTurtles Are coolUur geleden
  • Stop Copying the other guy that did this before you you should at least give them creditEnd it was the same exact story so stop

    Keiano TubeKeiano TubeUur geleden
  • Literally watching this with air pods in

    KatlyynKatlyynUur geleden
  • How did he take the air pod out of his ear if it was in the middle of exploding?!?😂😂😂

    Eziis MEziis MUur geleden
  • This is why you should never be rich A man in his 30s was really rich and died 40 years later

    Macie QuinlanMacie QuinlanUur geleden
  • But what about AirPods Pro or max

    Souleymane DiabySouleymane DiabyUur geleden
  • Me wearing them watching this be like:😳

    Mila GalvinMila GalvinUur geleden
  • I am scared I am using air pods listening to this

    Harley MHA fan!!Harley MHA fan!!Uur geleden
  • Next thing hes gonns tell us not to do is sleeo

    hxneyglowhxneyglowUur geleden
    • I mistyped so much dangit

      hxneyglowhxneyglowUur geleden
  • This is why you should never read There was this girl she loved to read but then one day she read for 4 hours and her brain exploded

    Gamer GirlsGamer GirlsUur geleden
  • Oh my god I am going to throw my air pods in the bin

    CooperCooper2 uur geleden
  • I lost mine ☹️

    SeagullEggsSeagullEggs2 uur geleden
  • I’m wearing AirPods while watching this 😖😐😵

    Silver_ ChanSilver_ Chan2 uur geleden
  • A phone call tho just listening to music it be fine

    Seth PlaysSeth Plays3 uur geleden
  • In wearing them now

    Ryder PercyRyder Percy3 uur geleden
  • He says that while he held EarPods in his hands

    Jonny CoolJonny Cool5 uur geleden
  • When ur speaking about AirPods and there in my ears they coming out straight away lol

    Madison BurdfieldMadison Burdfield7 uur geleden
  • Not me wearing them while watching this

    Someone :pSomeone :p7 uur geleden
  • Fake

    Emilio SantiagoEmilio Santiago7 uur geleden
  • Legit wearing some rn

    Hangin with SamHangin with Sam7 uur geleden
  • This is why you should never sleep Once a 23 year old man slept and he was unconscious but with antibiotics he fully recovered

    Golden galaxyGolden galaxy9 uur geleden
  • I slept with them on in the car,, They didn’t explode this dude probs got them from wish😩 jkjk

    Lara Because I canLara Because I can9 uur geleden
  • A samsung phone can explode while it’s on your ear too? Whats the difference

    DrāçūlāDrāçūlā9 uur geleden
  • This is why you shouldn’t drink water. One day this 37 year old man was drinking water and choked and died.

    kai trudeaukai trudeau9 uur geleden
  • What music you are a bad bad maniac😒

    Susan McewenSusan Mcewen10 uur geleden
  • Apple been real quiet sense he posted this

    Lil deku A.K.A Amelia WatsonLil deku A.K.A Amelia Watson11 uur geleden
  • Him: this is why you should never wear AirPods Me: **sits here wearing AirPods** try me

    It’s Amara’s ChannelIt’s Amara’s Channel13 uur geleden
  • Why are you moving ur hand the same way every time you speak?

    TayMil HarmbsTayMil Harmbs14 uur geleden
  • What if earphone?

    Ryle GamingPhRyle GamingPh14 uur geleden
  • As he says this in wearing my AirPod pros....

    JPGgamer2010JPGgamer201014 uur geleden
  • Listen, my guy. I spent $140 on these things, I couldn’t care less if they turned into Ted Bundy and stabbed me. I’m gonna keep using em

    Blue Footed BoobieBlue Footed Boobie16 uur geleden
  • Me oppp it was the day after my birthday RIP

    Jigme PaldenJigme Palden17 uur geleden
  • This is why you should never watch tiktoks. A man once watched a tiktok and his iq dropped by 50 points. He never watched a tiktok again and fully recovered

    Tinydicc BanditoTinydicc Bandito20 uur geleden
  • Wow 😳😳😳😳😳😳

    Bishop FamilyBishop Family23 uur geleden
  • “This is why you should never eat grass” once a man ate grass and got hit by a plane then he fully recovered

    Zebra ManZebra Man23 uur geleden
  • This is why you should NEVER play minecraft! Once a man tripped on a minecraft Lego set, but it was a minor inconvenience and I'll was all good!

    Jevil For SmashJevil For SmashDag geleden
  • Me: watching with air pods in* Me: breaks air pods* Me: not today!!! Me: watches end* Me:....orders new AirPods*

    CraftycatCraftycatDag geleden
  • Take a shot every time he shakes his hand

    Miskit BiscuitMiskit BiscuitDag geleden
  • Me wearing AirPods right now

    Alexis RinderAlexis RinderDag geleden
  • me wearing airpods right now: 😦🤭😥

    ᴋaᴡa!1_ʙᴜɴ1!3ꜱ_ʙᴜɴʙᴜɴᴋaᴡa!1_ʙᴜɴ1!3ꜱ_ʙᴜɴʙᴜɴDag geleden
  • Me wearing AirPods while watching this:😃

    •Eliwars••Eliwars•Dag geleden
  • He prob bought it from samasung

    Limey-ishLimey-ishDag geleden
  • He fractured cartilage or whatever Background DNA

    George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonDag geleden
  • I don't believe most of these because he's taking about such gruesome deaths that they would appear on the news. But they didn't 😐

    Jay Why PeeJay Why PeeDag geleden
  • “Likely story”

    Kyler LanceKyler LanceDag geleden
  • "Why you should never blink" Every time you blink someone dies

    Pan YangPan YangDag geleden
  • "This is why you should never watch a vid like this A 18 year old girl was watching this vid and her head exploded of the cringe vid and all of the comments being looking the same after she took antibiotics she fully recovered"

    JoJo •-•JoJo •-•Dag geleden
  • immediatly immediatly - this guy

    Haouam Diaa EddineHaouam Diaa EddineDag geleden
  • So you are steeling lukedavidsons videos again 🤥

    Bert MitalaBert MitalaDag geleden
  • This is why you should never RUN Once there was a 15 years old boy that was running and then he tripped over a rock then he was sent to hospital late and he died

    ItzYuki GachaItzYuki GachaDag geleden
  • Whats next dont have a phone huh

    sunny the deersunny the deerDag geleden
  • Simple just get Airpod pro instead😂

    Tasnuva ZareenTasnuva ZareenDag geleden
  • *u*

    Ivan PeraltaIvan PeraltaDag geleden
  • I have airpods and it's fake

    Ivan PeraltaIvan PeraltaDag geleden
  • No offense bit this guys facial proportions are as bad as his channel

    The orange tunicThe orange tunicDag geleden
  • Good thing I don't have airports

    Luisa KarnoldLuisa KarnoldDag geleden
  • Fakeee

    CursedFlamingoCursedFlamingoDag geleden
  • This is why you should never drive a car : A man once crashed into a tree

    Theresitete T.TTheresitete T.TDag geleden
  • Hey good story... but I’m still gonna wear my AirPods :)

    Mackenzie FultsMackenzie FultsDag geleden
  • Me: Wearing AirPods watching the video AirPods: EXPLODES 🧑‍🦲

  • This happened on my friends bday

    the accurate toy story Collectorthe accurate toy story CollectorDag geleden
  • Sue apple

    Th3DESTROYER 777Th3DESTROYER 777Dag geleden
  • Phones can explode too, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use them.Plus the chances of a device exploding are very low as long as you don't do anything stupid that would cause an explosion.

    John StaJohn StaDag geleden
  • I’m wearing AirPods right now... (no cap I am actually wearing them lol

    asian pro gamerasian pro gamerDag geleden
  • Me watching with AirPod pros on 😷

    Lyfe_4.Lyfe_4.Dag geleden
  • *the guy breaks his nose* Bling Bling man: shows DNA

    chielchielDag geleden
  • Me using my air pods to listen to this be like-

    AFlowerForYouAFlowerForYouDag geleden
  • שתוק ישמןןן שתוקק

    עידו סוויסהעידו סוויסהDag geleden
  • I’m wearing AirPods as we speak or as I watch the video

    Aldodragon7326Aldodragon7326Dag geleden
  • me wearing airpods rn

    Macy HarperMacy HarperDag geleden
  • That’s fake because my brother has AirPods both of my brothers do and they didn’t explode and so it’s fake You LIAR

    Daisy MendezDaisy MendezDag geleden
  • I feel like I heard this already 😕

    daily memedaily memeDag geleden
  • I don't have air pods but I have something just like them savio or idk now W T F

    Chifo ladyChifo ladyDag geleden
  • Any head phones can do that

    Pokémon GamerPokémon GamerDag geleden
  • he died 2 days before my birthday ☹☹☹

    mini yellowmini yellowDag geleden
  • “This is why you should NEVER look at monkeys” “Once a monkey flipped him off so he couldn’t go to a WWE match. Because of that his toenails exploded.

    Awesome-A007Awesome-A007Dag geleden
  • I’m scared I’m wearing AirPods right now

    CrazyendrCrazyendrDag geleden
  • I heard this story twice now

    Fresh MemesFresh MemesDag geleden
  • i was watching this with airpods >:)

    lwnrlwnrDag geleden
  • Fake

  • That could be because the story is not real dumb guy named “captain bling bling” 🙄

    Ava HullAva HullDag geleden
  • My sister got both of the AirPods and she talk with them all the time tho-

    Mersais MooreMersais MooreDag geleden
  • "He fully recovered" well done on proving urself wrong

    ThatDuckThatDuckDag geleden
  • Cuz his air pods were bad dummy😈

    Jamar FernandesJamar FernandesDag geleden
  • Next: Why you should never live.

    Leon BerghammerLeon BerghammerDag geleden
  • no i’m still warring my airpods

    Pizza Mia PresleyPizza Mia PresleyDag geleden
  • I use the normal type

    Polar Bear 《小白熊》Polar Bear 《小白熊》Dag geleden
  • He says "fully recovered" as if he completely died

    AMZG studio'sAMZG studio'sDag geleden
  • This is why you should never study. Study gives you anxiety and anxiety leads you to death. Stay illiterate

    Sam the SlothSam the SlothDag geleden
  • “This is why you should never exist. Once a man was at home playing kingdom hearts 3. Once he saw time disappear, he made a ✌️and then went into the abysse. Then his family noticed and they were crying. As the man was with the meme god, he ascended and then came back and made a full recovery😮😮

    Casey WedderburnCasey WedderburnDag geleden
  • ThIs Is WhY YOu ShOuLd LiStEn To MusIc. OnCe A 10 YeAr OlD GiRl WAs LiSteN To MuSiC and A MaN CaMe And SaId “NO MUSIC” AnD ShoT HeR 800 TiMeS AND HaD A FuL ReCovEry

    The Afton familyThe Afton familyDag geleden
  • Sooo, you just gon’ blame it on the air pods? u didn’t tell us how they exploded, could’ve been from using it too much causing it to explode due to over heating or sum.

    ♥︎𝙰𝚛𝚒♥︎♥︎𝙰𝚛𝚒♥︎Dag geleden